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Mandatory Vaccine Agenda is Step-by-Step Repealing Religious & Philosophical Exemptions

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Mandatory Vaccine Agenda is Step-by-Step Repealing Religious & Philosophical Exemptions

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    The mandatory vaccine agenda is becoming apparent, with many countries and their states passing laws that mandate vaccines for children, and remove medical, religious & philosophical exemptions.


    This is an alarming trend. If we allow this to continue, there will be nowhere to run and hide. Is humanity going to take a stand? Are we going to allow governments to have the power to decide what goes in our bodies?

mandatory vaccine agenda

The Mandatory Vaccine Agenda is gaining speed around the world. There is a deliberate attempt to eliminate medical, religious & philosophical exemptions.

The Mandatory Vaccine Agenda

is a worldwide plan which has been picking up steam lately. Unfortunately for the causes of individual rights, medical autonomy and sovereignty, natural health and freedom in general, many countries and US states have been accelerating the push to force all children to be vaccinated. Last week sometime around August 27th 2019, Hawaii enacted a law (HAR 11-157) for mandatory vaccination of children attending school (all school, including pre-school, kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary [college/university]). On June 13th 2019, New York quickly pushed through a bill (A 2371) in one day to repeal religious exemptions to vaccination. On June 30th 2015, California passed a law (SB 277) forbidding religious and philosophical exemptions and mandating vaccines for any children in daycare, preschool and K-12 schools (which went into effect on July 1st 2016). Clearly, all kinds of exemptions – medical exemptions, religious exemptions and philosophical exemptions – are on the chopping block, no matter where you live. This mandatory vaccine agenda is a worldwide issue. The nets are closing in. It’s time to inform yourself, take a stand and then do what you can to stand up for freedom – unless you want your loved ones to be forcibly injected with a Big Pharma cocktail of proven toxins and carcinogens.

Recent Rollouts of the Mandatory Vaccine Agenda Around the World

In July 2019, Germany passed a law making the measles vaccine compulsory for all children, as well as childminders and staff in day-care centers, schools, medical facilities and communal facilities such as refugee shelters. Many other European nations already have mandatory vaccines on the books, such as Italy, which passed a 2017 law that declared 10 vaccinations were compulsory for children up to age 16. The Italian law carries a €500 noncompliance fine, while the German law carries a €2500 noncompliance fine. The Australian Federal Government passed its infamous No Jab No Pay law in 2015, and some Australian state governments (Victoria, NSW and Queensland) introduced No Jab No Play in 2017, both of which withheld child care benefits and rebates for parents who did not vaccinate their children. The Australian law set fines of up to AUD$30,000 for centers that admit unvaccinated children. Importantly, the Australian Government explicitly took the line that there would be no religious exemptions or philosophical exemptions allowed.

mandatory vaccine agenda childrenThe Implications of US State Laws Repealing Religious and Philosophical Exemptions

Meanwhile, in the USA, the mandatory vaccine agenda is striking on both coasts. The above-mentioned 2015 California law which eliminated religious and philosophical exemptions was actually preceded by a 2011 law (AB 499) which allowed minors 12 years old and older to consent to vaccines (including the HPV vaccine) for sexually transmitted diseases without the knowledge or consent of their parents! The New York law which eliminated the religious exemption has garnered a lot of attention – and a lawsuit. Robert Kennedy Jr. (son of RFK and nephew of JFK), along with civil rights attorney Michael Sussman, filed a suit against the law on behalf of 55 families holding different religious beliefs. Their lawsuit went all the way to the New York State Supreme Court where, unfortunately, it was struck down on August 23rd 2019, by Judge Denise Hartman:

“The lawsuit challenged the constitutionality and legality of the law repealing religious exemption to vaccination based on the First Amendment right to free exercise of religion and the U.S. Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause and, additionally, argued that the new law forces plaintiff’s to either engage in compelled speech or violate New York’s mandatory education laws … In considering the accounts of 330 parents who had submitted sworn affidavits to the court explaining how they planned to leave the state or home-school them rather than vaccinate them, Judge Hartman acknowledged the “magnitude of disruption and potential harm” families may suffer if they are forced to violate their religious beliefs and vaccinate their children, teach them at home or leave the state. However, she wrote, “The Court is hard-pressed to conclude that the plaintiffs have shown that the balance of equities tips decidedly their favor.” … She wrote, “Because plaintiffs have not demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits, the Supreme Court denies the request for a preliminary injunction; the legislative repeal of the religious exemption remains in effect.” She noted that, “For at least a quarter of a century, the courts have repeatedly upheld the states’ compulsory vaccination laws.”

Hartman cited a number of legal precedents in her ruling, one of which is the famous 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts case. In that case, the US Federal Supreme Court ruled to uphold a Massachusetts law allowing the government to use “police power” to “keep in view the welfare, comfort and safety of the many” by mandating smallpox vaccinations for all residents. In other words, collectivism and utilitarianism triumphed over individual rights due to the perceived – because it’s a matter of perception – safety of the community that is supposedly conferred by artificial immunity via vaccination. This 1905 case set an unfortunate precedent; in 1927, the US Supreme Court ruled in Buck v. Bell that states have the constitutional authority to involuntarily sterilize citizens the state considers to be a threat to the public health. Carrie Buck was the first person to be sterilized under the new law that claimed the power to sterilize anyone who was epileptic, feeble-minded or an imbecile. Supreme Court Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes declared:

“The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the fallopian tubes.”

Speaking of vaccines and sterilization, remember how an association of Kenyan Catholic bishops discovered that the WHO (World Health Organization), funded by Bill Gates and part of the Rockefeller UN (United Nations), was caught sterilizing women in Africa by secretly injecting them with a contraceptive hidden in the vaccine? Hmmm … oh yeah, that’s right: it also happened in Asia and Central America:

“Tetanus vaccination resembling the protocol being applied in this WHO/UNICEF campaign has previously been given in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines. The vaccine given in these countries was a fertility regulating vaccine composed of tetanus toxoid as a carrier for the beta subunit of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). Subsequent research amongst those girls and women immunized has been shown to have made them permanently infertile … The development of the fertility regulating vaccines was commissioned and sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1972. By 1992, a vaccine against the hormone of pregnancy called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) using the tetanus vaccine as a carrier had been developed.”

Step-by-Step: Medical Freedom to Medical Fascism

I have covered in other articles how governments take a mile whenever you give them an inch. They don’t need much excuse to carry out all sorts of atrocities against their own citizens, including experimentation.

This is the problem at the heart of the matter: if you grant the State the right to decide what goes into your body what freedom do you have left? Those dedicated to freedom must realize that we cannot allow outside so-called “authorities” to EVER decide that for us, no matter how convincing the appeals to public safety, national security, herd/community immunity, etc. History shows it’s just a small step from mandatory vaccinations to sterilizations to whatever comes next. What could that be? Forced child-rearing by women on behalf of society (for the “greater good” of course)? Forced microchipping? Forced AI nanobots in your blood stream? Forced transhumanist brain hookups to the AI cloud?

US map states medical religious philosophical exemptions

This map of US states shows the current medical, religious & philosophical exemptions as of Sept. 2nd 2019. How long until all of these are restricted, repealed and eliminated as per the agenda? Image credit: National Vaccine Information Center

In the Crosshairs: Medical, Religious and Philosophical Exemptions

The pattern is clear. The mandatory vaccine agenda is marching step-by-step to eliminate all kinds of exemptions: medical, religious and philosophical. The above quoted National Vaccine Information Center article also states the following about New York restricting medical exemptions. The trend is obvious; the State is now turning the tables with the burden of proof, so you have to prove why you don’t get a vaccine, rather than them having to prove why you do get one. Bureaucrats are trying to hold all the power and assess whether you deserve to have any medical freedom or not:

“Six days before Judge Hartman issued her opinion, on Aug. 17, 2019, New York State Department of Health officials issued emergency regulations restricting medical exemptions to vaccination for children attending school or daycare. According to health officials, the new regulations will prevent parents from obtaining medical exemptions for their children for health reasons that public health officials do not consider valid vaccine contraindications qualifying for a medical vaccine exemptions.

The new regulations require doctors granting a child a medical exemption to vaccination to complete a state form specifically outlining medical reasons for why a child cannot receive each state mandated vaccine. If those reasons do not conform to state-approved vaccine contraindication guidelines, the medical exemption will not be accepted by the state and the child cannot attend school or daycare unless all state mandated vaccines are administered.”

By the way, if you think medical exemptions are easy to get, listen to this short compilation of answers from various medical clinics around California who refused to write them, even for children who had anaphylactic reactions after getting a vaccine!

“Sorry, our doctors don’t write medical exemptions.”

mandatory vaccine agenda crosshairs exemptionsVaccines Contain Provably Toxic and Carcinogenic Ingredients

As a recap, remember that vaccines contain known toxins and harmful agents including carcinogens like mercury and formaldehyde. For more detail on this, read Toxic Vaccine Adjuvants & Ingredients: The Top 10. You have to gasp at the sheer amount of doublethink involved when public health officials, doctors or nurses try to claim that taking a particular vaccine saves people from cancer. Logically speaking, how can a vaccine save anyone from cancer when it itself contains cancer-causing ingredients? By the way, not all vaccines are even properly tested, such as the Flumist vaccine, which was not tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic response.

Vaccines Can Cause Disease via Viral Shedding

Yes, it’s the deep dark secret Big Pharma doesn’t want anyone talking about. Do you know what viral shedding is? It is the phenomenon where a live attenuated viral vaccine can cause vaccinated persons to shed the vaccine strain virus for a period of days, weeks or months after they take the vaccine, leading to symptoms of the very disease the vaccine was intended to prevent, and opening up the possibility they could infect others. In the 2017 mumps outbreak, over 90% were vaccinated! Check out this video showing vaccines linked to infections in multiple states across the USA. Some vaccine inserts state that recipients are contagious for 28-42 days after receiving the vaccine!

Yes, Vaccines Do Sometimes Cause Death

Finally, if the gravity of this issue hasn’t grabbed you yet, then take a look at this. Vaccines cause death sometimes, and this is even admitted by Big Pharma and Western Medicine apologists. Of course, there are a lot of disclaimers and propagation of doubt via the insertion of words like “coincidental adverse events”, “temporally associated with vaccination,” and “plausible theoretical risk of death.” Here’s what this 2015 study Deaths following vaccination: What does the evidence show? found:

“Rare cases where a known or plausible theoretical risk of death following vaccination exists include anaphylaxis, vaccine-strain systemic infection after administration of live vaccines to severely immunocompromised persons, intussusception after rotavirus vaccine, Guillain-Barré syndrome after inactivated influenza vaccine, fall-related injuries associated with syncope after vaccination, yellow fever vaccine-associated viscerotropic disease or associated neurologic disease, serious complications from smallpox vaccine including eczema vaccinatum, progressive vaccinia, postvaccinal encephalitis, myocarditis, and dilated cardiomyopathy, and vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis from oral poliovirus vaccine.”

Recall also Bill Gates’ admissions (not admission, but admissions, plural) that vaccines “reduce population growth”

Final Thoughts on the Mandatory Vaccine Agenda

No matter what you think of vaccines, mandatory vaccination is brute medical fascism which denies the universal right of patients to informed consent while assuming that vaccines are ‘safe and effective’, a hackneyed platitude and outrageous piece of disinformation. Vaccines are implicated in numerous instances of seizure, autism, brain damage, paralysis and death. The causal link between vaccines and horrible injury/death has been proven many times in courts all over the world. The timing is rapidly approaching where you will not be able to sit on the fence any more. Even if you are pro-vaccination, you can take a stand against the mandatory vaccine agenda as it removes choice and freedom. Let those who want to have vaccines take them; the vaccine-induced artificial herd immunity argument is pseudoscience and makes no logical sense, since if vaccines really work, then the vaccinated need have no fear of the unvaccinated ‘spreading disease’, since the vaccinated will be protected.

We must never allow the government to tell us what we can or cannot put into our bodies, or we will have descended into slaves. There is already a lot of legal precedent or case law where the US government has granted itself the authority to force-vaccinate people. This indicates the solution may have to be beyond the courts and judicial system, and something more along the lines of a mass awakened movement of civil disobedience. Getting any official, whether a nurse, doctor, school principal, health superintendent, bureaucrat or politician to sign this form making them take personal responsibility could be part of the answer.

If you don’t make your voice heard on this issue, there will be nowhere to run and hide. The mandatory vaccine agenda will soon be arriving at a town or school near you – then what are you going to do?


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com. Makia is on Steemit and FB.



















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