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At the Top, They’re ALL on the SAME SIDE – Part 1 – Video #103

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At the Top, They’re ALL on the SAME SIDE – Part 1 – Video #103

Published 3 months ago on

War is waged by each ruling group primarily against its own subjects, to keep the ruling class powerful and in power, while the lower class remains powerless and out of power. A secret East-West alliance has been in effect since the start of the Cold War, or to put it an other way, there is a dark force controlling both the East and West. Look beyond the veil of illusion.



Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles. He is author of the books Break Your Chains and The International Satanic Network Exposed, the book series Controversial Truths Revealed (Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and 40 Incredible Real Life Alien Abductee and Contactee Experiences) and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com. Makia is on Rumble, BitChute and Odysee.

Makia Freeman

Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles, a long-time truth researcher and a promoter of freedom. He provides insightful, non-partisan, unique and cutting-edge analysis on who's running the world, how they're doing it and what the deeper agenda is – as well as solutions for restoring peace and freedom to the world. He writes articles exposing propaganda and the numerous aspects of the worldwide conspiracy, in addition to geopolitics, sovereignty, health and higher consciousness. His articles are regularly syndicated and featured on sites such as David Icke, Wake Up World, Activist Post, Waking Times, Global Research, The Sleuth Journal and many more.

Friday, July 19, 2024