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9/11 Anniversary #12: Top 12 Loopholes in the Official Narrative

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9/11 Anniversary #12: Top 12 Loopholes in the Official Narrative

Published 11 years ago on
9/11 anniversary

9/11 Anniversary #12 – polls show the public is waking up and questioning the official story. Was the Bill of Rights the real target that day?

Another 9/11 anniversary is upon us

– this time number 12 – so I thought I would put together a list of the top 12 loopholes in the official narrative, framed as questions. Some might wonder what the point is in revisiting the past. However, there is no doubt that 9/11 changed the world, and instilled fear into the minds of many, not just Americans. It was more than an inside job. It was more than a false flag staged terror event. It was a mass ritual, designed to generate a massive amount of intensely negative energy and scare people into giving up their freedom for the illusion of security (a favorite trick of tyrants). It introduced the idea of terrorism and launched the fake war on terror which is still used today as a pretext for war. Maybe this 9/11 anniversary more people will begin to question what really happened that fateful day. Polls from Rethink911 show that indeed this 9/11 anniversary things are turning around.

9/11 Anniversary #12: Top 12 Loopholes

  • Building 7 freefall: many people still do not realize that an entire building collapsed on 9/11 that was never hit by a plane. I refer to building 7, which fell around 5pm that day in a neat, pancake-like fashion. Around 2000 of architects and engineers (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth) have gone on the record to state that NIST’s “office fire” theory defies the laws of physics and could not have caused the fall. They claim that the fall exactly resembled a controlled demolition.
  • Collapse of the twin towers: an analysis shows that the destruction of these towers proceeded through the path of greatest resistance at nearly free-fall acceleration, that there was an improbable symmetry of debris distribution, and an extremely rapid onset of destruction. How can the laws of physics as we know them explain this? Could this fall ever be replicated?
  • Nano thermite: if planes really downed the WTC, why were traces of the explosive thermite found in the debris?
  • Foreknowledge: if 9/11 was really carried out by 19 Arabs with boxcutters, and the US Government knew nothing, why was there foreknowledge of the event? Why did BBC report Building 7 had fallen 30 minutes before it actually did? Why did San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and author Salmon Rushdie both get calls beforehand telling them not to board planes going to NYC?
  • Pull it, Larry!: if 9/11 wasn’t planned, why did owner of the towers Larry Silverstein take out insurance a few months beforehand for the very type of event that happened? Why did he say “pull it!” (a slang reference meaning to begin a controlled demolition)?
  • Bombs in the building: why did eyewitness firefighters on the scene say they heard bombs in the building, especially in the basement and on the lower levels? Why do office workers say the lobby was blown up if the planes hit the towers above the 50th floors?
  • CGI planes: why did the mainstream media use CGIs (computer generated images) to insert fake airplanes into the video shot that could not possibly have been there?
  • Free energy Tesla/Hutchison weapons: how did the building frames get pulverized? Was some kind of free energy weaponry used?
  • First responder testimony: why does first responder William Rodriguez swear he saw, felt, experienced and heard bombs in the basement when he rescued people?
  • NORAD stand-downs: why did NORAD, charged with the duty of defending American skies that day and in general, stand down at key times instead of scrambling fighter jets to intercept the planes? Why did Cheney give the order to stand down?
  • A convenient drill at same time: like other false flag operations, there was a war game drill on at the same time in the same place for the same scenario (hijacked planes going in the WTC) during 9/11, so key personnel were confused about what was mock and what was real. What are the chances of a real event exactly mimicking a drill just coincidentally happening to occur at the same time?
  • Bin Laden bogeymen: if Bin Laden was such a scary terrorist, why did the Bush family trade with him for decades, including the sale of weapons? Why did representatives from both families meet the day before 9/11?

We’re supposed to believe that 19 men working from an underground cave in a 3rd world country had the technological prowess and superiority to outmaneuver the most militarily advanced nation on Earth – whose planes and defense systems are funded by the billions by state of the art computers! And that they had no help from the inside!

Click here for the detailed evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. Keep questioning the world around you. Think critically – don’t let others do your thinking for you on this 9/11 anniversary #12. The truth is out there, and the official narrative does not add up.

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Makia Freeman

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