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Mars Whistleblowers: Captain Kaye the Latest in a Growing List

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Mars Whistleblowers: Captain Kaye the Latest in a Growing List

Published 10 years ago on

Mars whistleblowers are surely but surely stepping forward

and coming to light … and the most recent one (going by the pseudonym Captain Kaye or Captain K) has an astonishing story to tell. Interviewed by Michael Salla of ExoNews.com, Captain Kaye manages to recall a truly astonishing amount of detail over the course of a 5-part interview. He is highly articulate and obviously very intelligent. The sheer amount of information he is able to recall and impart makes his testimony very valuable.

Having listened to or read accounts of Mars whistleblowers over the years, many common themes arise:

  1. Reference to the existence of time travel technology;
  2. Tour of duty for 20 years;
  3. Age regression by 20 years at the end of tour of duty, and reinsertion back into society using time travel technology;
  4. The wiping or blocking of old memories;
  5. The insertion of new fake memories;
  6. Reference to the existence of human and alien bases on the Moon, Mars and other moons of solar system planets (e.g. Titan, Saturn’s largest moon);
  7. Reference to the existence of advanced technology such as Jumprooms which facilitate inter-planetary travel;
  8. Reference to the existence of a human-owned fleet of spacecraft capable of both interstellar (within our Solar System) and intergalactic (outside of our Solar System) travel;
  9. Reference to the existence of other ET (extraterrestrial) species – as many as 54 – such as the Reptilians, Mantids and Greys (the latter of whom Captain Kaye says are actually known as the “Whites”);
  10. Reference to corporations and military agencies already formed to defend, explore and exploit Mars and beyond, such as the EDF (Earth Defence Force) and MCC (Mars Colony Corporation).

Mars Whistleblower Captain Kaye Interview Part 1

Above is part 1 of the 5 part series with Captain Kaye. It is fascinating listening!

Mars whistleblower

Check out Mars whistleblowers Andrew Basiago and Laura Eisenhower.

Other Mars Whistleblowers

Other Mars whistleblowers who have also stepped forward and claimed to have recovered their memories and being to Mars include the following people:

  1. Michael Relfe;
  2. Andrew Basiago;
  3. Arthur Neumann (aka Henry Deacon);
  4. Bernard Mendez;
  5. Michael Prince;
  6. Rayellan Russbacher.

Some of the above have testimonies in the form of a written account, or notes from therapy sessions (e.g. in the case of Michael Relfe), while others have stepped forward in person on video and verbally made their claims in many places (e.g. Arthur Neumann and Andrew Basiago). ToolsForFreedom has a collection of these incredible accounts on paper or DVD, including ones from Andrew Basiago and Laura Eisenhower. Laura Eisenhower did not step foot on Mars, but was targeted to be recruited to travel to Mars, as part of the Secret Space Program.

For more on the topic of Mars whistleblowers, check out the 1977 docu-drama “Alternative 3” (here on DVD). It’s a great watch and many suspect is portraying a deeper truth. Also, whistleblower Gary McKinnon hacked in to the computer system of the US military and found references to “non-terrestrial officers” and spaceships.

Some accounts are obviously more credible than others, and you as the reader will have to use your own judgement to decide. However, this information from these Mars whistleblowers is so mind-blowing, so life-changing, so cutting-edge that it supersedes so much of what we thought we knew about the Solar System, about Mars and about the true state of humanity’s technological evolution.

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