The Attack on Farming Accelerates – Video #86


Whether via the demonization of carbon, or now nitrogren, the worldwide attack on farming continues. Farmers are being forced to stop farming and kicked off their land.



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Sharine Borslien March 20, 2024 - 12:51 am

I grew up on a family farm in Wisconsin from 1968 to 1989, when we sold the farm because my dad got relocated for his job. (Yes, my Norwegian father had a full-time job and still ran a successful, self-sustaining 180-acre ranch with 125 head of Polled Herefords!) It was a wonderful life.

By the early 90s, corporations were buying up family farms throughout the fertile Midwest and turning them into mono-cropped GMO soybean and corn complexes. Families were bought out for pennies on the dollar for what their crops earned. Those who refused to give into to the hardball attorneys often ended up spending their life savings to keep a 2-5-acre plot which was surrounded by what I will describe below. Those folks usually walked away within a year or two because of further harassment. It is actually pharmaceutical companies that now own this land, and they use insane amounts of their special chemicals, such as anhydrous ammonia and liquid nitrogen, on the Franken-crops.

Now, my husband and I travel by RV across the mainland and we see thousands upon thousands of acres of GM soybeans on one side, GM corn on the other, and an occasional GM sorghum field. Pig, chicken, turkey, and cattle farms are kept far from the freeways, so that the untold numbers of travelers do not see (and smell) the horrors of CAFOs: Out of sight, out of mind. Even on the smaller state, county, and municipal roads, we see these former family farms that are all dolled-up with fresh paint on the farmhouse, perfect summer green lawns with flowers and shrubs, and a cute mailbox in the shape of a large-mouth bass or an old barn.

But just beyond that façade are huge industrial buildings, massive silos with commercial scale loading chutes, and rows of semi trucks ready to have their shipping containers filled and driven to industrial “food” manufacturing sites. Also, there are NEVER any people in view. There is a swingset but no kids playing on it. There is a vegetable garden but no one is weeding or harvesting in it. There are no workers in the fields or on the grounds. There are no dogs or cats or horses or goats or chickens.

These are NOT family farms, they are abominations against the Natural Order.

It’s both eery and deeply angering.

Jem Kara March 19, 2024 - 7:53 pm

As is typical….great research

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