MSM Used Journalists Already at the Scene of Hamas Attack – Video #40


At least 4 MSM news outlets (Reuters, AP, CNN and NYT) used journalists at the scene when Hamas attacked Israel. Who really had the foreknowledge?



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Michael November 24, 2023 - 3:50 am

It’s far more likely that Israel, rather than Hamas, tipped off these media outfits about the raid. Of course Israel is expressing surprise at the snappers being on the spot – as unconvincingly as they pretended attack itself took them completely by surprise.
Pull the other one.
Nobody familiar with the sophistication of the hi-tech electronic Israeli border fortifications and the efficiency of their intelligence services is going to swallow such a ludicrously lame line. In any case, it is a matter of public record tha the Zionists were warned of an imminent terrorist breakout THREE DAYS before it actually happened – after which, for some inexplicable reason, IDF forces in the area were suddenly reassigned to new duties in the West Bank.
Of course the US and their Western acolytes are going along with the deception – as, understandably, is the tame mass media. Doubtless they are expecting to benefit when the Palestinians have been driven into thie Sinai and Israel can claim sole rights to exploit the Gaza region’s huge untapped oil and gas deposits.
As usual, follow the money!

Rafiq Esakjee November 24, 2023 - 5:53 pm

Its obvious isreal knew this. I also believe that saudi and the other gulf states also knew. I cant verify this but you being an investigative journalist, maybe you can find out if its true that saudi arabia pulled all its embassy staff from lebanon not long before. The other thing thats been bugging me is that most of the isrealis who died on that day were killed by there own military. Especially in the kibutz and also the festival. Which leads me to believe that isreal expected hamas to come and slaughter everyone but hamas didnt play to the script and only attacked the military and armed settlers who confronted them. Did the high command in the isreali army purposely kill its own citizens to make the attack look more horrific? After all if hamas only killed armed settlers and army personel then it would not look bad enough for isreal to use it as an excuse to commit the genocide it presently comitting!

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