Chinese Government Foreknowledge? Drill for Coronavirus 30 Days Before Wuhan Military Games


Chinese Government foreknowledge? Chinese authorities conducted a drill for a novel coronavirus 30 days before the Wuhan Military Games began. Note from Jennifer Zeng: There is no photo caption in the original report. Could be someone giving a presentation.

Chinese Government foreknowledge

is a now another factor in the mysterious and ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Thanks to the brave reporting of Chinese citizen journalist Jennifer Zeng (and Spiro Skouras for his video interview), we have learnt some shocking information: the Chinese Government ran a drill or exercise on September 18th, 2019, in Wuhan, where they simulated a response for … a novel coronavirus strain! What are the chances of the Chinese authorities randomly choosing to practice for a coronavirus entering their country, given the thousands of pathogens and diseases they could have practiced for? This drill was held exactly 30 days before the key date of October 18th, 2019 – the same date when the Wuhan Military Games began and also the very same date when Event 201 (Big Pharma, Bill Gates, China’s CDC, America’s CDC, etc.) was held in the USA which was also simulating a ‘fictional’ scenario of how to handle a coronavirus epidemic.

Chinese Government Foreknowledge Beyond the Realm of Coincidence

On her site, Zeng posted a English translation of the Chinese article Wuhan Customs Holds 30 Days Countdown to Military Games and Emergency Response Drill at Ports which revealed the drill, which is highly reminiscent of Western (especially USG) false flag operations, which usually contain telltale signs of manipulation such as foreknowledge and ‘coincidental’ drills for an attack or event which later becomes reality. Here are the first 3 paragraphs:

“This afternoon (September 18), an inbound flight from an unknown country arrived at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. All in a sudden, the portal nuclear radiation monitoring system alarmed. Wuhan Tianhe International Airport Customs, subordinate of Wuhan Customs, immediately controlled and reinvestigated the passenger who triggered the alarm and his baggage. It is found that the passenger was carrying a bottle of “Myanmar ore” which seriously exceeded the standard radiation level.

In the meantime, an airline company reported that “A passenger on the inbound flight felt uncomfortable, had trouble breathing, and showed unstable vital signs”. The airport customs immediately initiated the contingency plan and quickly started to transfer the patient, clean the aircraft, and further investigate those who had direct and indirect contacts with the passenger. Two hours later, the Wuhan Emergency Center reported that the patient had been clinically diagnosed as novel coronavirus infection.

This picture shows the scene where the port emergency response drill was held at the Wuhan airport during the day, in response to the 30-day countdown to the 2019 Wuhan Customs Military Games. With the Military Game opening within 30 days, the joint executive committee of the Wuhan Customs and Military Games Commission held this emergency response drill at the Wuhan Tianhe Airport, by the theme of “Safeguarding the Customs and Ensuring the Security of the Military Games.” The purpose of this drill was to enhance risk prevention at the ports, to increase the effectiveness of portal inspections, and to further strengthen the ability of Wuhan Custom to react to urgent incidents, especially in areas of public health …”

The picture referred to is either this one below or the featured image above:

Note from Jennifer Zeng: There is no photo caption in the original report. Could be people attending the drill.


As Zeng says, the average person in China has no idea about the source of the virus, the background to the epidemic and now this new information on Chinese Government foreknowledge. The majority of people there get their information via China’s social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo – which are heavily monitored and censored. In fact, there were draconian new laws just passed in China, which decree that you get 15 years in jail for “spreading rumors” and the death sentence for “purposely spreading (the coronavirus) disease.” So what are the implications of this?

Firstly, it shows that Chinese Government – just like the major Western players, USG, CDC, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and co – are in on it.

Secondly, it potentially weakens the theory that this is a race-based bioweapon. If the Chinese knew this was coming and allowed it (at the very least) or deliberately created and released it (at the very worst), they are shooting themselves in the foot. It is far more likely that if they were going to release it in their own territory, they would create a non-race-based bioweapon. Reports are that deaths have climbed in Iran and are starting to accumulate all over the world, so the jury is still out on this issue. It should be noted that the USG certainly has a long history of experimenting upon its own citizens [e.g. Operation Sea-Spray (1950), Norfolk Naval Supply Center experiments (1951), Operation Big Itch (1954), Project 112 (1962), etc.]. Why assume the Chinese Government is any better?

Is the Chinese Government signing on to the depopulation agenda?

This is yet more evidence of the NWO agendas being rolled out in conjunction with the coronavirus.

There are still many more questions than answers with this coronavirus epidemic, however Chinese Government foreknowledge is a very interesting piece of the puzzle. I will end by linking to another article on Zeng’s website, A State of Torture, which details her extreme suffering at the hands of the brutal Chinese regime which in 1999 turned against Falun Gong practitioners, imprisoning them, torturing them, killing them and even harvesting their organs. Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa) is a modern Chinese spiritual practice that combines meditation and exercises with a morality-focused philosophy on the 3 qualities of truth, compassion and tolerance. It differs from Qi Gong schools in its absence of fees or formal membership and its lack of ritual. It is entirely apolitical! It has been shown time and time again to greatly improve mental and physical health. At one point, 1 in every 12 Chinese people were practicing it. Although it in no way threatened the Chinese Government, officials felt outnumbered and their power threatened, so they destroyed it in a savage and sickening fashion. This is, unfortunately, the kind of darkness we are dealing with when it comes to the Chinese Government.


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Meltonmark February 25, 2020 - 5:25 am

Here’s an article about Bill Gates involvement..

Discuss February 25, 2020 - 5:32 am

“The leaders of China do not view themselves as Chinese. They view themselves as Communists, and communists are internationalists, and they will follow the Communist international agenda, and we also have had a couple from that group in the Chinese Parliament from the beginning, and they have had strong interactions.

So we can assume that all their leadership is compromised just as all our leadership is compromised and they are not pursuing a pro-chinese agenda.

They are pursuing a pro-communist agenda and communism thrives on horror, death, destruction and chaos. … Their motivation is not help the Chinese. Their motivation is to utilize the Chinese as a populace to create havoc around the world.”

— Christopher Jon Bjerknes

“Coronavirus Rising | KMN LIVE feat. Christopher Jon Bjerknes” –

And then imagine there is even no such thing like a virus at all. They have never extracted one single disease causing virus ever! It’s all a big scam from the beginning, it’s openly led warfare on the population.

“Dismantling The virus Theory – The “measles virus” as an example

Why should we doubt the existence of viruses? What are viruses and what are they not? How are viruses being scientifically demonstrated to exist?

…During his experiments, Enders et al. sterilised the tissue cultures in order to exclude the possibility of bacteria killing the cells. What he didn’t take into consideration was that the sterilisation and the treatment of the cell culture when preparing it for the alleged infection was exactly what was killing the cells. Instead, he interpreted the cytopathic effects as the existence and the action of polio viruses, without ever having isolated a single virus and described its biochemistry. The necessary negative control experiments, which would have shown that the sterilisation and the treatment of the cells prior to the “infection” in the test tube was killing the cells, have never been performed. However, for this “performance” Enders received the Nobel prize in 1954.

1954 is also the year in which Enders applied and introduced the same technique in order to allegedly replicate the measles virus. As he had been awarded the Nobel prize for the alleged polio virus the same year, all researchers believed his technique to be scientifically valid. Thus, to date, the entire concept of measles has been based upon this technique. Thus, the measles vaccines do not contain viruses, but particles of dead monkey kidney tissue or human cancer cells. ”

— Dr. Stefan Lanka – “Dismantling The virus Theory” – https://wissenschafftplus . de/uploads/article/Dismantling-the-Virus-Theory.pdf

And then this: The 60 GHz radiation problem: Anyone watch this important video: “The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you’ve heard all month! Kinda.” –

Gary Von Neida February 27, 2020 - 10:29 pm

One must not forget that the 1st thing Communist Controllers due is to attack all and any religions and re-purpose the buildings used by church members to government purposes. Ministries of: health, welfare, housing, food—-You name it GOVERNMENT CONTROL FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE. The New World Order—-or NIGHTMARE.

Needless to say the only news allowed in Communist/Socialist Countries are the outlets of FAKED NEWS.

earmuffs March 19, 2020 - 6:41 am

This is just much BS. The Chinese are the victims, not the perpetrators. Every year millions of Chinese die from various flues, some more deadly than others. SARS was such a corona virus that killed almost exclusively Chinese people in 2003. Do you suppose that after SARS, swine flue, H1N1 etc (all man made) that the Chinese don’t know they are under assault. The chances of another corona virus attack such as SARS is extremely high and it would be idiotic not to plan for it. To extrapolate that the Chinese had pre-knowledge of this bio-weapon and purposefully sacrifice their own people (like in 9-11) tells me that you have an agenda against the Chinese. You conclusion is such a far reach that it is stupid. The USA has 25 bio-weapon labs around the world and have proven that there is no moral person to stop their use. China is beating the US on every front, militarily, economically and geopolitically. USA has the motive, the opportunity and the means to use their bio-weapons. To me that is a slam dunk as to whom is guilty.

Makia Freeman March 19, 2020 - 3:09 pm

Thanks for your comment. Yes, you may be right that the Chinese were targeted by the US (or Israel). Perhaps the Chinese were innocently training or preparing for a bioterror attack leveled against them. However, as I point out in the article, the Chinese Government has treated its own citizens (and still does – Uyghur Muslims) with absolute brutality. There is at least an equally good chance they knew this was coming in advance. The fact is that governments lie to their citizens – everywhere all around the world.

earmuffs March 20, 2020 - 11:15 am

Tks for your reply. I think you should question your facts about what the Chinese are doing to the poor Uyghurs. Have a read from this very respected journalist that actually goes on site to find the truth about what he writes. You have been swallowing some propaganda whole. I can’t blame you. It is a very sophisticated machine,

Makia Freeman March 21, 2020 - 12:36 am

Yes, I read NEO occasionally and have read previous articles from Andre Vitchek. I agree there is no doubt that the West and nations like Turkey are using the Uyghurs for their own geopolitical purposes. However nothing is black and white. It is possible that segment of the Uyghurs are being radicalized and used as Islamic terrorists, while another segment is being oppressed by the Chinese Government.

earmuffs March 21, 2020 - 3:13 am

you are totally correct that nothing is black and white and that the Uyghurs are being oppressed. Interestingly the oppression started at the same time as the Uyghur terrorism started in the early 2000’s. There are only 12m Uyghur in a huge province that looks to be 20% of the country. I would think that China has every right to encourage other Chinese to move there, especially since it is on the Belt and Road project and has lots of room and potential. There’s the rub. The hegemonic USA cannot give up on it world domination ideas and has to stop the Chinese B&R. That is why it uses Turkey, a NATO ally, to encourage Turquick Uyghur terrorism in China. To figure out the truth one has to sometimes ignore the news and focus on the motivation, and who benefits. Why would China benefit in abusing a population it never had any trouble with tin the past.

uncle tungsten April 14, 2020 - 2:24 am

Many leading Chinese scientists have participated in joint research teams from across many nations and in many labs. Some in USA, some in Canada. When they return to China they will be debriefed as to their research. Ditto all the other scientists on their return or completion of a collaboration. Every country does this to ensure they can maximise knowledge transfer and financial benefit. You can be sure China was well aware of the bio-warfare potential of the Coronavirus research across the planet and after the African swine flu and then the Fall Army Worm and then the chicken virus attack, they would be expecting another. When it arrived in Wuhan from the Military Games they were able to jump on it immediately and it is understandable that they held a drill one month prior. Good on you China and congratulations for saving so many lives and jobs.

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