US-Led Western Scheme to Divide & Destroy Syria Revealed in Leaked British Cable


A US-led Western scheme to divide and destroy Syria has been exposed. Leaked British diplomatic cables reveal the existence of the Small American Group on Syria, a group of 5 nations actively conspiring to control the outcome in Syria. Image credit:

Divide and Destroy Syria

is the message of a recent British diplomatic cable which was leaked to the Lebanese media outlet, Al Akhbar. In an article dated February 24th, 2018 (picked up by Iranian media outlet Fars News and later syndicated on sites like Global Research), we learn of a manipulative organization called the Small American Group on Syria. This group – composed of representative diplomats from the US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia and Jordan – had a meeting in Washington on January 11th, 2018 and another in Paris on January 23rd, 2018 where they plotted the US-led Western scheme to divide and destroy Syria. To destroy Syria has been the mission of the US-UK-Israeli New World Order for a long time, so in one sense this cable is unsurprising; however, it is always interesting to catch the schemers and manipulators red-handed and directly observe their machinations. Although the original cable document does not appear to be available online, the Al Akhbar report exposing it is very detailed. Read on to see what was in it.

What the Leaked British Diplomatic Cable Reveals

According to the article, the diplomatic cable, written by Benjamin Norman (a British Ambassador in charge of Middle Eastern Affairs at the US Embassy in Washington DC), spilled the beans on how the US and its allies go about controlling other nations. Here are some of the things the leaked cable tells us or confirms:

– The existence of a small group manipulating affairs behind the scenes (the very essence of conspiracy);

– That the US dominates and controls the foreign policy of many other (Western and GCC) nations;

– Other middle Eastern nations like Saudi Arabia and Jordan are in the pocket of the US;

– Turkey is currently at odds with US (over the US chasing to side with the Kurds) and much trust has been broken;

– The extreme arrogance of the US and these other Western and Arab nations in scheming to divide and destroy Syria, a sovereign nation who has done them no harm;

– That the US will maintain a large military presence in Syria despite its victory over ISIS/Daesh, at a cost of USD$4 billion a year;

– That the main point of the US military presence is to prevent Iran from establishing too much of a foothold in Syria;

– That the US wants to de-emphasize the 2017 Astana Peace Talks and re-emphasize the 2017 Geneva Peace Talks (the US had no role in Astana, but in Geneva it pushed the tired old line that “Assad must go”). The article states “to reinvigorate Geneva so that Sochi becomes irrelevant”; and

– The US is actively conspiring to meddle and interfere in Syria’s election process – you know, the very thing it accuses of Russia of dong without any evidence. US diplomat David Satterfield openly promotes regime change and rigging a foreign election: “Satterfield responded that ‘the goal was to create conditions and institutions that would allow elections that Assad could not win.'” Busted!

The only thing that is surprising in all of this is the overt absence of Israel. However, since the Trump Administration could basically be called “Make Israel Great Again”, it is easy to discern the Zionist influence in all of this, particularly in the above point about the US spending $4 billion of its own money just to stop Iran from expanding its influence in Syria.

Will Syria be partitioned? Yes, if Israel, the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia and others have anything to do with it.

The 3 Main Goals of the Small American Group on Syria

The diplomatic cable was very explicit in stating the objectives of the Small American Group on Syria. It speaks of the need for the US-led West, and its client/puppet Gulf nations, to work towards the “partition of the country [Syria], sabotage of Sochi, framing of Turkey.” Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.

The first phrase refers to the attempt to partition Syria or divide Syria into smaller mini-states along ethnic and religious lines. This is an age-old scheme to weaken an enemy nation by reducing its size; it is far easier to pick off smaller nations than one large united one, particularly if you can get them squabbling and infighting (divide and rule). The Balkanization of Syria, as it has also been called, is part of a long history of Western interference in the Middle East. This goes way back to the heyday of the British Empire. As I discussed in my article Foreign Meddling in Syria: Decades Longer Than You Thought …, the Western colonial powers have tried to arbitrarily slice up the Middle East as they saw fit for over 100 years. In the last few years, Israel has been especially vociferous in its urging for the partitioning of Syria, part of the Yinon plan for Greater Israel.

To divide Syria is to destroy Syria … and the US and Israel well know it.

The second phrase refers to the attempt to sabotage the peace talks that happened at Sochi, Russia, in January 2018 earlier this year. Sochi, which was co-sponsored by Russia, Iran and Turkey, was somewhat of a continuation of the 2017 Astana Peace Talks, which were also co-sponsored by the same 3 countries. According to RT:

“Sochi grew out of the Astana talks – also backed by Moscow, Ankara and Tehran – that began last year, and have managed to achieve piecemeal and transitory results on the ground, including de-escalation zones and ceasefires. While some of the constitutional suggestions have been voiced before, Sochi represents a broader, more ambitious attempt at engagement.”

The US was, of course, unhappy that it was excluded from Astana. How dare affected nations and regional powers have the audacity to try to broker peace and make deals without inviting the world’s super-bully? Accordingly, it has tried to focus the world’s attention, and the UN’s attention, away from Astana and Sochi, and onto the January 2018 Vienna Peace Talks, where the US played a central part. In Astana and Sochi, there was no discussion about removing Assad from power, or diluting his power; whereas in Vienna, the US proposed altering the Syrian political system, giving more powers to the prime minister/parliament than the president, and decentralization, giving more power to regions hostile to Damascus. The US also proposed the UN supervise the elections.

The third phrase refers to the deteriorating relationship between the US and Turkey, despite the fact that both are NATO members. Ever since January this year, when the US decided to mainly use the SDF/Kurds against the Assad government (rather than other terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, etc.), the US has alienated its former ally Turkey. Turkey actually invaded Syria to go after the US-backed Kurds there, despite the fact that the US and Turkey had been working together to destabilize Syria for much for the Syrian War from 2011 onwards. Turkey was busted by Russia for trading with US-created ISIS, in fact. The article suggests that the US is about to turn on its former ally Turkey and frame them for something, or perhaps use them to create more choose inside of Syria.

Final Thoughts: Leaked Cable Does Not Bode Well for Future of Syria

Recent geopolitical developments since the start of 2018 have been disturbing. On February 2nd, 2018, the US released its new Nuclear Posture Review where it lifted restrictions on the use of nuclear weapons, now giving itself permission to use them in retaliation against a conventional (non-nuclear) attack or even a cyber attack. On February 14th and 15th, NATO stated it would be performing an overhaul of its command structures, the largest since the end of the Cold War, according to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. On March 1st, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a State-of-the-Union-like address to the Russian Duma (Parliament) which featured video animation of the latest Russian military hypersonic weapons. A strike on the US (Florida) was simulated. Putin warned that although Russia wanted peace, it would not hesitate to defend itself against any kind of nuclear attack, including medium, small and mini nukes. Meanwhile, Israel has continued to demonstrate its own aggression and disregard of the law by downing a drone in Syrian airspace and claiming it was Iranian.

This cable at least lays bare the true nature of the scheming US and its puppet allies, and its overt attempts to divide and destroy Syria. Please spread the truth far and wide.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance. Makia is on Minds, Steemit and FB.










alan479 March 8, 2018 - 1:55 pm

The U S led cabal behind the destroy Syria machinations, must have a war that can easily be expanded to encompass the world. It is their last chance to retain their dwindling global power.

Freespirit March 10, 2018 - 4:37 pm

ONLY when the Zionist Ashkenazi FAKE Jews in Washington and Tel Aviv FEAR us, will we Freedom and Peace Lovers win

Until then we are slaves waiting for our Slaughter

Therein lies the SOLUTION

bluewater March 9, 2018 - 12:01 am

Israel wants countries such as Syria and Iraq broken up into several small states. They already have stolen the land in the north and are selling it. Expensive Condos and waterfront homes are being sold for the future. Energy which is owned by Cheney,Satanyahu and Murdoch already have been given the right to the Oil in the Mediterranean.
The West is now wrecking various Muslim countries, by causing ethnic and religious conflicts. Same thing they did to Yugoslavia’
Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan…

Serafim March 9, 2018 - 8:54 am


Scott March 9, 2018 - 10:06 am

Pray for the Christians in Syria; for the ancient Churches and holy sites. When is the military going to align with Trump’s stated policy to be out of Syria?

Makia Freeman March 9, 2018 - 9:55 pm

Don’t hold your breath. That was Trump’s “stated policy” before he flipped-flopped yet again. Now the policy is to balkanize and divide Syria on the way to conquering Iran and Russia. The Deep State NWO is in charge.

Freespirit March 10, 2018 - 4:39 pm

Well-stated Makia

TRUTH IS that simple

bluewater March 9, 2018 - 1:41 pm

In this video, the Syrian ambassador says that the funded and well-armed mercenaries in Aleppo are “genetically modified.”

Sakib Ahmad March 9, 2018 - 9:05 pm

Thanks for writing about this illuminating cable. The ultimate enemy remains Russia, which is the biggest stumbling block against balkanisation of Syria. Vladimir Putin is being demonised in multiple ways: the latest attempt is the False Flag in Salisbury where the Russian double agent Sergei Skripal was administered some kind of nerve agent, just 8 miles from the big production facility in Porton Down. Not a word about Porton Down in the criminal mainstream media.

This is what Craig Murray has written:

The news today is the police has been pushed aside and the army has moved in – presumably, to destroy all traces of possible links to Porton Down?

bluewater March 14, 2018 - 11:53 pm


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bluewater March 18, 2018 - 3:20 pm

Some of my sources that were born into the illuminati families but are working for the Light(like Laura Eisenhower)told me they were given OFFERS to go a few months ago.

‘Powerful People Are Scared! Billionaires Run To New Zealand In Mass—What Do They Know That We Don’t?

bluewater March 22, 2018 - 8:16 pm

“FBI opened a case on “Q” today”- Panic! Q Update 3-21-18

bluewater March 22, 2018 - 8:55 pm


– Oligarchs being arrested and neutralized.
-Timeline ..we are in lower 4D now..there is 3 lower and 3 higher 4D
New existence…The Dark Cabal does not have the Umbrella anymore!!
Matrix-Control System Of the Planet.
We are in a new timeline were we can Manifest what we want.
-CERN…The Dark Cabal has tried to use it to escape(Stargates,Worm holes) but it is DONE….out of operation..FORGET IT!!!
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bluewater March 23, 2018 - 8:41 pm

Adronis – Post-Event: Humanity’s 1000 Year Trial

bluewater March 27, 2018 - 3:19 pm
bluewater March 27, 2018 - 8:09 pm


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bluewater March 28, 2018 - 9:12 pm

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We are SAFE at this point till we get to 6D

bluewater March 29, 2018 - 2:33 am

Part II-George Kavassilas: Moving beyond the God Matrix to the Great Change

Starting at 43 mins: The Rothschilds are ruled by six ‘human’ entities which have been around for 14,500 years. They ruled Atlantis. They are now the six wealthiest families on earth.
See the long comment by Arahorn to this video.

bluewater March 31, 2018 - 12:08 am

Comment on George Kavassila video…which is excellent!!!

Alfred, from the way you were speaking about holographic teleportation as ascension, as well as the universe being for soul development and so forth, I have some of my own thoughts along similar lines to your own that I thought might interest you. It’s a bit of an essay however I can’t really communicate my paradigm without a few lines. I’d like to firstly explain how I think the Universe is structured and the multidimensional incarnational process, followed by my reason for the need for undergoing a journey of resistance/compression in the first place. Firstly as an aside, I believe George does understand most of reality from a deep organic perspective, and his book is one of the two best books I’ve ever read. He is one of the very few people who realizes that far. I think he’s right on with pretty much everything except for the organic nature of the ascension process. The nature of the devolutionary process he articulates, which to our physics is the creationary process of the universe, is right on. And there is a maximum compression halfway point where this descension turns upon itself and into ascension. He’s got it all perfect up until that turn around point, then he moves into a synthetic version of the ascension process. It is a high synthetic version of ascension compared to most synthetic astral programs, however still synthetic and vastly different to the organic ascension process. The ETs he communes with post-2003 did indeed assist him into a higher paradigm than his previous ET influences, so he’s right about that. He did go forwards and not backwards like some believe. However what he doesn’t understand is that these beings still are astral beings, even if higher than his previous programmers. Anyway as promised, here is my take on these creationary matters: A human being is one of many tiny shards of one far larger astral being. The astral being consists of dense low-frequency Electromagnetic Energy, size ranging from size of biological being to just below planet-size. In turn, an astral being is one of many tiny shards of a much larger planetary being. A planetary being comprises literally the area of a whole planet as well as it’s atmosphere, and body peaks out at high-frequency Electromagnetic Energy. Multitudinous beings can exist within the same physical planetary space as this EM frequency courtesy of 5D physics. In turn a planetary being is one shard within solar being. The body of Solar Being consists of what we think of as gravitational field/energy. Solar Beings are of course stars, literally the size of a whole solar system, with it’s planetary shards existing within just as bacteria exists within the human. We only know of 9 planets, however there are in fact billions of planetary beings within a solar being, most of them out of our dimensional perception. As well, the body of a star goes outward halfway to the next star. There are billions of planetary beings that are incarnations of the solar being, just as the are billions of biologicals who are incarnations of the planetary being. A solar being is one of many galactic shards, galactic beings the size of whole galaxies. Galactic Beings in turn are but shards within Universal Being. Universal Beings are literally the size and scope of a whole universe, and we all have our source in them, as we do in all these levels in turn. Finally a universal being is but a tiny shard within an Eternal Being. I see it like a hologram within a hologram within a hologram within a hologram within a hologram within a hologram etc. The 3D Human hologram within a 4D Astral hologram within a 5D Planetary hologram within a 6D Solar hologram within a 7D Galactic hologram within an 8D Universal hologram within the completely disincarnate Eternal Self. You could replace “hoiogram” with “incarnation”, “embodiment”, “shard”, or “program”. These are all the levels to our being, and this is the true hierarchy of being for this kind of universe. So when we talk about our soul or spirit, or the “other side”, I do not conceive of that dualistically, but in increasing levels of multidimensionality and subtly, also including the universe we are within and not excluding it as an object or perhaps intelligent but beyond understanding and excluding it in the accounting of life. All the ET and astral beings that humans communicate with are at highest mid-4D. I know many astrals claim that their astral self is more or less universal in scope, however all astral beings are extremely FRACTIONAL to Universality. And while the human functionally operates on all these levels up to Universality, all beings of worship are not higher than mid-4D and are viruses if we are bacterias, believing the human they live within is a dynamic object and they are the intelligent life of the universe. No they are near the bottom rung. Any being the human can see or perceive will be at best 4D, as we cannot perceive any being/intelligence above that just as the bacteria cannot conceive and perceive the human it is within but can if talented conceive and perceive the virus who solicits the bacteria for worship as superior universal or divine intelligences. When I say the human being cannot perceive a being above mid-4D, I mean perceive in the sense of perceiving that whole being as a personality. We can only perceive them as objects at best, however we can actually perceive them in ways more subtle. They are, metaphorically, the ground we walk on, the air we breath, the gravity that sustains us, the intelligence we draw upon. A good example is a planet. It comprises personality far more distinct and sentient than humans’, however we cannot perceive planetary beings’ personality directly but only perceive as object. However because the human hologram is a hologram within the planetary being two deep, we do draw on that part of our being in subtle ways beyond much of our conscious intellectual awareness. We cannot perceive the personality of planetary being, and planetary being is in itself towards the bottom of the Universal Order. Solar being is even more transcendent, galactic again, universal again, and eternal. Just as a human being cannot consciously perceive the personality of a planet, star, galaxy, universal or eternal being, so too cannot a planetary or solar being directly perceive the personality of say the galactic or universal beings. However a solar being will have more direct perception of a galactic being, for example, than a human being. A planet is not so subtle to a human that it cannot perceive it as an object, however to a human shard the star is only perceptible to it as light, and the galaxy is beyond all 5 basic senses to the human shard. However the solar being will be able to perceive galactic beings as tangibly as humans could perhaps perceive a planet. With the universal order I spoke about, I think what happens is we are Eternal Beings who wish to grow, so we need resistance to Eternal Being. So just like putting a plate on the bar at the gym, we project a part of ourselves to create Universal Being. Then if we want another bar on the plate we create a Galactic Embodiment. Then Solar, then Terrestrial, then Astral, then Biological. Each descension is more resistance, more temporary pain for long-term pleasure. And ascension is the process our physics would describe as the destruction of the universe, where it expands to a physical nothingness. At maximum compression (human being), the human species eventually dies (ascends), then the planet, then the star dies, then the galaxy, then the universal matrix. The human being I believe to be max compression where we are basically at the other side of Eternity and forgotten ourselves almost completely and are in max resistance. From there the universe undergoes to bring each level back in, in cycles of ascension. So the space-time creation of the universe is the process of descension and increasing compression, then the process of universal destruction is the process of ascension where each program dies one level at a time over vast tracts of time. So when the 3D shards see through their 3D programming they unite back into their astral shard, then when the astral shards see through their 4D astral programmings they unite back into their terrestrial shard, then the terrestrial shards unite back into their solar shards, solar shards unite back into their galactic shards, galactic into universal, and universal into the real Eternal Being and then the Eternal Being has bigger Eternal Attributes just as a person that goes to the gym has bigger muscles after that workout. With the Universal Shards, I think that just like all other lower levels, Eternal Being projects multiple Universal Shards within a multiverse, so there are many other universes which are incarnations or embodiments of the same being.

bluewater April 2, 2018 - 7:21 pm

Council of the 13 Royal Families

The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the “Pindar”.
The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for “Pinnacle of the Draco”.
Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, expansion, and fear…
The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth.

bluewater April 6, 2018 - 12:39 am

confirms what I have been posting since November


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-STOCK MARKET……Adjusting…..The Old CABAL: is being pushed OUT with their FIAT MONEY!!! to a system which is based on Gold ,Silver and Mineral Backed.
-EQUIFAX sold ALL except HIGH ELITES information and blamed it on a hacker.
-DENVER AIRPORT…. 2 portals above and 1 underground. All Portals have been shut down except for Denver Airport
– Precession of the Equinoxes which is 25,920 years has started. In the Mayan calender this is 2013 and last year was 2012,but since THE CABAL invented the Gregorian calender, which is 5 years OFF..they say we are in 2018. We are entering 4D were many nasty Entities live like greys and Tall greys,can be visible now.
Once we go in higher 4D in a few months then one can be considered for 5D ..which Literally means you become an Angel..Mastering certain things like being able to Manifest,
Seeing Heaven!! There is No must earn it!!!

bluewater April 9, 2018 - 2:00 pm

The Secret Behind Numbers 3, 6, 9 Tesla Code Is Finally REVEALED! (without music)


bluewater April 12, 2018 - 12:22 am


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Another dead body from the Clinton Count in Florida….

-POPE FRANCIS….wants to Cancel the bible and create a new One ( Satanic inclusive of Gaydom,Transgender,Pedophilia like the Jewish Talmud)
New Title can be Pedophilia is Normal ( The Talmud says you can have sex with anyone over 3 years old)
-FLUORIDE..Government now recognizes it as a Poison. IT Calcifies your Pineal Gland ( Hitler used it to DUMB DOWN the JEWS before killing them). In China it is used as a Rat Poison.
PRESCRIPTION DRUGS..also contain FLUORIDE,GLYSOPHATE,AGENT ORANGE…and they are DUMPED in the TOILET BOWL and you are eating them and drinking them thanks to BIG PHARMA….OPIUM PRODUCTION reached highest ever last year….main reason we are in Afghanistan were it is produced and brought in by THE CIA on Military Planes,and used by PERDUE to PUSH LEGAL OXYCODONE by your local DRUG PUSHER called the doctor,all blessed by THE FDA,Congress, BIG PHARMA and WALL STREET….THEY HAD A KILLER YEAR LITERALLY!!!
Government Admits it is a Bio Weapon…STEVIA Whole Leaf KILLS IT!!!!
-CHEMTRAILS are causing RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS..which have sky rocketed the last few years.
– CAN OLA OIL…stands for Canadian Oil with PINE SOL…..causing CANCER..DO NOT USE…
-TRUMP has put into place in THE CDC that you can not be forced to Mandatory Vaccinations. ALL Doctors must show on paper what vaccinations can do and if your child develops Autism they can NOW BE SUED. Contact the FAMILY CENTER AT CDC for papers.
– TRUMP will have a NEW NOTE backed up by GOLD,SILVER to replace the FIAT MONEY, FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE of the ROTHSCHILDS in the next couple of weeks. ELIMINATION OF WEAPON TECHNOLOGIES..Chemtrails,Viruses,EMF frequencies etc will be shut down soon…some have already been shut down.
– Doctors poisoning humans is going to be stopped
-Chemicals used in Syria by THE CIA,ISRAEL
-GMO chemicals in FOOD are not to be consumed by HUMANS.
Sit back because what you are seeing on THE MEDIA is all LIES and you are going to be in for a huge shock THIS YEAR as to what is going to happen and it is not good for the DARK CABAL/Illuminati that run the Planet.

bluewater April 19, 2018 - 8:19 pm

April 18, 2018
Are we seeing the Trump administration in the midst of a military coup to take over the government? One part of our military is clearly not taking orders from Trump. Why do I say that? Because right before the escalation in bombing of Syria, Trump was announcing plans to withdraw troops from Syria.
One can easily envision the attack coming on the heels of false intel going ahead without Trump’s command. And this would put Trump between a rock and a hard place in having to go along otherwise if he exposes the insubordination in the ranks he would be revealing the depth of the true chaos behind the scenes of his government.

Any announcement by the Trump administration that a coup is underway would result in immediate revolution in the streets of America. Yet this revolution is already happening. People are questioning everything our governments are claiming and rightfully so.
Award winning reporter Robert Fisk has revealed the false intelligence used as a basis to escalate the bombing of Syria.
So if, as has been reported, we (the allies) bombed strategic locations where chemical weapons are being produced using false intel to ‘give us an excuse to do so’, then that is one scenario. It has been said that the bombing was fairly insignificant by one news source for example.
Consider if Israel and the US., France and Britain decided that they needed to eliminate chemical weapons plants in Syria (if those plants do exist) then used false intel to carry out their mission this is in keeping with their tactics. However, now that the false intel has been revealed to be just that, we are left with what appears to be an escalation in that area of the world and a heightened push-pull with Russia over influence in the region. This analysis of course is based on recent news and may lack the foresight that involves the alien contingency which is always operational behind the scenes of any world affairs especially those involving war.
We do know that according to Mark Richards the Reptoids have made large incursions underground in Syria and perhaps other locations in the Middle East. This adds more complexity to understanding what is really going on.
EXCERPT FROM INTERVIEW VII with Captain Mark Richards (political prisoner)
I asked him more about status on the Reptoids pushing disclosure, which he had mentioned in my prior interview?
The progress — what are they building near Aleppo? A stargate. To bring troops and craft into this dimension. He says they have aircraft carrier sized craft and can bring 5,000 troops in at a time.
But he also said they can take back 30,000 to 40,000 human prey, dead or alive… He said they trade human slaves to other races — it’s one of their “businesses”.–Captain Mark Richards interview VII
A case in point see this photo showing ISIL super soldiers 8-9 feet tall along with their prisoners…
Photo can be seen on link below…

We also know, of course, the push to further control and destabilize the Middle East has been part of the Illuminati Agenda going back to the Neocons PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY.
Based on the number of visits to Antarctica by the U.S. government we must assume or at the very least wonder whether the policy of the U.S. is being dictated by the Germans who have long held the base at New Berlin and likely commandeered the alien tech left behind by ATLANTIS.
This is where the story goes….
All of the above is an indication that there is much more going on than meets the eye with this latest attack on Syria.
Kerry Cassidy

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listen to the 1 hour podcast before your attacking comments
it is time you learn the truth and not the PROPAGANDA being pushed down your throat!!!

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-THE LIST…..82,000 Names on List of Indictments…SOME WHO YOU THINK ARE DEAD!!!
and are Hiding…Barbara Bush is one. ON THE LIST are
-OUR DEBT in the TRILLIONS will be dumped on THE FEDERAL RESERVE,as will the IRS which sends TAXES to CITY OF LONDON
to ROTHSCHILDS/QUEEN ELIZABETH,they keep 40% and send the 60% to the Vatican ,to THE JESUITS.
– Barbara Bush is hiding in Paraguay,were she is Protected. George W. Bush was given thousands of acres in return when he built a Military/Airport
Base there when he was president. Barbara bush was born EVIL,as the daughter of Alistair Crowley and cousin to Queen Elizabeth,
both members of Rainbow Satanic Witches.
George H Bush has been dead for sometime,what you see is a clone. That leaves HILLARY as the TOP SATANIC WITCH.
There were TWO HITLERS….One (BLUE EYES) that was good 1938 to 1941 and wanted to build Germany and the other (BROWN EYES) 1942 to the END was a walk in of Alistair
– United nations is in charge of CHEMTRAILS..GEOENGINEERING which are dumping Blood,Syphilis,Venereal Warts,Bio Weapon Viruses.Glyphosate herbicide
UN is controlled by FALLEN ANGELS,Draconians.
-FEDERAL RESERVE will have to absorb OUR DEBT and many corporations will go BUST.
-Yahoo to pay 18 BILLION for stealing INFO…GOOGLE,FACEBOOK etc next.
.com .net .org is 5% of the INTERNET,the other 85% is VPN Virtual Private Network…..DARK WEB.
– CANCER is Parasites and FUNGUS,it is in VACCINES.
MATURITY OF WISDOM for SPIRITUAL GROWTH. HUMILITY is ESSENTIAL to leave 3D and ASCEND into 5D otherwise you will have to wait another
26,920 years… The Precession of the Equinoxes
Those who do not want to change(REFUSE) will stay in 3D MATRIX with THEIR ANGER
THEY DO NOT GO WITH because of THE VOID inside them.
USE YOUR HEART as it will never lie to you..YOUR DIVINITY
YOUR MIND will lie to you.

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Interview w/ Classified Scientist Emery Smith – Deep Underground Bases & Examining ET Bodies’

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Antarctica..US and RUSSIA

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ISRAEL….SATANIC RITUALS,raping of children by ELITES.
Mockingbird Agenda brainwashing

Palestine pre-1948, before Zionism/Israel

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MARDUK….NIMROD…Ancient Babylon

The Temple of Ba’ al, Moloch, & Child Sacrifice

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NWO….The Good guys are taking over from the OLD NWO of the Luciferian All SEEING EYE on TOP OF THE PYRAMID on the Dollar as they are Infighting for control of the Planet with their Puppets…THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE is different factions.
The factions are the Rothschilds with Puppets Rockefellers, Soros,Obama,Bush,Clinton,Goldman Sachs,Media,Hollyweird
The Vatican/Jesuits/BLACK NOBILITY FAMILIES going back to Rome,Queen Elizabeth,Pope.
Oriental Elders with TRIADS,gangs.
All control the drug trade…
THE GOOD GUYS are taking over THE WORLD COUNCIL to help humanity,help poor countries,stop KILLING and SUPPRESSING PEOPLE with Equality and Sustainability.
Democrats are fed up with Nancy Pelosi and want her impeachment
POLAND went after SOROS,arrest warrant maybe coming.
OBAMA was born in Kenya and the real birth certificate is in Britain,and can be found on the Internet. Everything he did is NON IN VOID.
The moment of truth is coming for SESSIONS…..REMOVING OF ALL OLIGARCHS. The head of Wyndam Resorts was taken down.

STOCK MARKET..Shakeups you will not believe. The Cabal’s control is being replaced. Eventually they will not have access to their accounts as they will be frozen. With No money..SOROS/ROTHSCHILDS,CLINTON,BUSH etc are Finished!!!

AUSTERITY ON THE GOVERNMENT IS COMING!!! instead of what Goldman Sachs has been doing to countries.
Disinfo agents besides the criminal main stream media.
Alex Jones..Bill Hicks,CIA/MOSSAD AGENT
Jerome Corsi
The real Prince Harry showed up Saturday night at the wedding and was taken to Ireland and killed. like MR and MR OBAMA
Meghan Merkle is a transgender married to a reptilian replacement of Prince Harry.
THE REPTILIAN KING lives in an underground base in Yellowstone.
SATAN which is an OFFICE were different EVIL ENTITIES/ENERGIES dwell in is in a FEMALE ANUNNAKI BODY at the moment…

Royal Reptilian Wedding

Googol Square will give you the number of races in the universe
To understand how many races exist…

A googol is the large number 10100. In decimal notation, it is written as the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeroes: 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

GOLD is being moved

Billions of GOLD are in The GRAND CANYON..which is owned by the government
California also has trillions of GOLD in it’s national parks ,owned by the government

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Kill Cities by Rothschild and Rockefeller
( NEW)

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Why Harry Married Meghan! #AfricaWatch

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BIS owns THE CENTRAL BANKS..Bank Of International Settlements
VATICAN,WALL STREET, THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION,your social security number is traded every day in WALL STREET.
YOUR NAME is in CAPITAL LETTERS on your license,birth certificate,any loan,mortgage,CREDIT CARDS, SUMMONS,TICKET
BY A COP,IN COURT etc because you are collateral on the debt owed to the Rothschilds from 1913. YOU are a TRUST in the

A conversation with ex illuminati insider Ronald Bernard and Sacha Stone

bluewater June 7, 2018 - 1:11 pm

Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse
Former Dutch banker to the elites, Ronald Bernard exploded into the alt media a year ago with the story of his escape from the life of a criminal bankster, after his failure to participate in child sacrifice.
Earlier this week, he gave a heart-rending talk about how he ended up in that world. He was born into an abusive home and acted out at school. At the age of 9, the courts removed him from home and placed him in a Catholic facility, where he endured extreme sexual abuse for two years. In his own words, “They really, really loved children and they didn’t have Vaseline.”
His resulting rage at humankind led him into a life of white collar crime, fronting the offshore accounts of powerful entities, including intelligence agencies and the Church, laundering drug money and counterfeit dollars minted in the Soviet Union. Then, his body broke down. He had a heart attack and went into hiding under a fake identity for 8 years. He studied theology and now describes himself as “healed”, although he remains leery of certain Biblical passages, due to his experiences with the Church.
Having lived in fear for his life and that of his family for many years, Bernard has arrived at a place of wholeness and equanimity. He feels that in the heart of most perpetrators is a wounded child.
Bernard’s presentation was made at the Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), where one can also find testimonies from criminologists, legal specialists, survivors of abuse, as well as from some familiar faces, like Cynthia McKinney, Bill Binney, David Seaman and Robert David Steele.

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On JUNE 11th ..TRUMP SPEECH will announce THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT and what they have been doing all along!!!
HE will do some laundry and then after that THE JUSTICE DEPT will begin ARRESTS and has nothing to do with SESSIONS,JUDGES or LEGAL SYSTEM.
7 million have been assigned to carry this justice out……

CNN..THE CLINTON NEWS NETWORK will be saying he is the new Hitler trying to cover it up.
THEY will not be able to leave the country..if you do not will be destroyed..THE CHARGE IS TREASON against the destruction of THE REPUBLIC
IF YOU TRY TO GO TO UNDERGROUND BASES ( take a look at DULCE ),it has been scorched. The one in the mountain of Hawaii has been closed by LAVA.
TRUMP..his food is tested,he is well protected, 3 times more than usual,they know who the hit man are so they will not be allowed to get close.
BIG PHARMA,IRS will have Major reorganization.
THE GAME IS OVER to anybody who resists.
UK underground bases have been destroyed.
That is why you are seeing species that have not been seen for millions of years,(BIGFOOT)
The countries THE DARK CABAL still control are UK,FRANCE,________……..DUBLIN and CHILE underground bases have been destroyed. In Chile in the mountains,the bases have been blown but is not in the news yet.
JUNE 6,11 and 13th are dates that big things will take place, The 13th could be the RV.
A benevolent System is being implemented now.
Whatever the DARK CABAL tries will not work.
DENVER AIRPORT.has much EVIL underground and will be taken out and a new one is being built now.Other hot spots are Atlanta Airport,Hawaii.
Hawaii is being taken care of with THE LAVA..they can not leave the mountain as the door has been shut with lava.
CHEMTRAIL POWDER will be sprayed to take care of the CHEMTRAIL spraying of Glyphosate,Venereal Disease,Viruses,NANO and HEAVY METALS they have been dumping on the Planet.
There will be introducing of Trees,Flowers,Palm Trees,Bugs to Clean the Planet.
Mars they started the second phase of recolonization.
Banking System will be RESET….RV
DEUTSCHE BANK(VATICAN,ROTHSCHILDS) is the clearing house for THE DARK CABAL GOVERNMENT. When Deutsche goes down the rest will go.
get away from PAPER and hide it in your home. The CIA has 200 SHELL companies on the STOCK MARKET which helps the OLIGARCHS make money.
THAT IS NO MORE..reason many are leaving .

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