Commentary on the Carlson-Putin Interview – Video #70


Tucker Carlson gave an historic interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who gave an insight into how Russia has been treated by the US-led West over the last few decades. But is his multipolarity a genuine alternative to the NWO?



Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles. He is author of the books Break Your Chains and The International Satanic Network Exposed, the book series Controversial Truths Revealed (Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and 40 Incredible Real Life Alien Abductee and Contactee Experiences) and senior researcher at Makia is on Rumble, BitChute and Odysee.


Bill Sanders February 10, 2024 - 2:33 pm

Another excellent summary of a world event meant to push the NWO agenda forward. It never changes. It’s the “uniparty” using the Hegelian dialectic. Wish we could truly “drain the swamp,” but human nature is the swamp. And there is no God coming to save us. Knowledge is power. Thank you for empowering your audience like a good teacher.

Michael February 11, 2024 - 6:57 am

Multipolar and unipolar are two spotty cheeks of the same globalist arse. Putin would like us to forget he is a protege of WEF founder Klaus Schwab. His buddy Xi, a Davos regular, runs a repressive regime which has become the role model for a new globalist world order incorporating the UN Agenda 21/30 and the so-called Great Reset. One can speculate about exactly who is pulling their strings, but if (as widely rumoured) Carlson is controlled celebrity opposition, what does this make Putin and Xi?

Tempest February 28, 2024 - 6:18 am

I agree that Putin could not have got into the position he did without a degree of ruthlessness and that his adherence to multipolarity is not a genuine alternative to the NWO. He may genuinely think it is because of his background and the radical changes he saw in his country in the 90s but I don’t believe it is the answer. However, in some ways he is probably less ruthless than many of the puppet leaders pretending to run their countries in the West.

It’s been said that Putin is/was a Royal Arch Freemason, Russian chapter, during his time in the KGB and that he turned for help to the MI6 Moscow station chief, John Scarlett, when the USSR was collapsing and there was a famine in St. Petersburg where Putin had family. It seems odd to say the least why a KGB agent would ask for help from a MI6 agent unless you take into account that Scarlett was/is also a Royal Arch Freemason and that both were under its mind control, it has been said.

Scarlett (later to become head of MI6) agreed to help by giving Putin another identity in England and setting him up as a teacher of German and his family would follow some time later. At some point along the way it is said, Scarlett reneged on the deal and plotted to have Putin murdered as soon as he got to England. This was said to be an example of the changing priorities of MI6. Through his extensive network of contacts Putin got to hear of the plot, called off the deal and stayed in Russia eventually working his way into the presidency.

After the collapse of the USSR MI6 laptops began disappearing from Russia and other European countries. It was said they contained the code names of all the MI6 agents operating in Russia and Europe, together with the code names of their mind control program and that Putin had them stolen and had people crack the codes so as to use the mind control program against MI6. All of this was said by an ex MI6 agent called Richard Tomlinson who was persecuted by MI6 for years after being fired by them and was forced to move to many countries over the space of a few years, being deported from many of them despite not breaking any laws. He said Putin had broken his mind control during the collapse of the USSR and the Western masonic powers could not tolerate someone being in a powerful position who was no longer under their mind control and that this was the point where the demonization of Putin began. In addition, he said the MI6 training he and other recruits were put through was designed by the Royal Arch Freemasons, basically that they were all put under mind control. Tomlinson also said he was fired shortly after seeing a MI6 plot to assassinate Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia in the 90s and that no clear reason was given for his firing.

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