Israel Infiltrates the MAM (But Loses the Narrative) – Video #90


Israeli infiltration of the MSM is very well known, but what is not as well known is its infiltration of the MAM. Despite all this, it is starting to lose the narrative.



Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles. He is author of the books Break Your Chains and The International Satanic Network Exposed, the book series Controversial Truths Revealed (Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and 40 Incredible Real Life Alien Abductee and Contactee Experiences) and senior researcher at Makia is on Rumble, BitChute and Odysee.

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Shawn March 28, 2024 - 12:33 pm

I was banned from Breitbart likely for using the word Holohoax.

My understanding is that Alex Jones has a Jewish wife.

In spy jargon there is a term called “limited hangout.” It is worth looking up.

Stalin was infamous for unjustly “requiring” the “active affirmation” of those under him. If you didn’t voice support, then you were suspected of “disloyalty.”

The fact is that it is always wrong to lie. Making a “crime” of “failure to voice support” isn’t lawful. There are good reasons why a subordinate might upset a person in power with the truth.

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