Hamas vs. Israel: 5th Generation Warfare Aimed At You! – Video #34


Hamas doesn’t care about its own citizens; the Israeli Government doesn’t care about its own citizens. We are in the era of 4GW and 5GW (4th and 5th generational warfare), where governments control and attack their own citizens.



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Daniel Miner November 15, 2023 - 6:10 pm

Sometime back I asked Delamer Duverus who Gog and Magog were. He told me that I forgot Gagog. I smirked and thought this must be one of His jokes. As I thought about it, my thoughts were that Gog and Magog were evil, I’m not a Bible scholar so I do not know, but who was Gagog? Then this little thought came into my mind about “British Israel”. They must be Gagog. All of them working together through the Alien Mind to bring ruin to our world.

Now, it was Orson Hyde, a Mormon, who went to Israel sometime in the 1800’s to proclaim Jerusalem for the Jews. It is also interesting that Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormons, who, along with the head of the Jehovah Witnesses church, met with the Rothchilds in Europe. I do not know what happened or was said, but I suspect that the Mormon Hierarchy has something to do with it all as they have the largest synedrion in the world, what with a president, 2 helping him, 12 under them and then 70 others. That’s a total of 85 and as a mind cube is always cubed, as is light power, that’s 614,125 minds working together. Bab the prophet had said that the Beast Mind had moved into the US in the 1900’s, from Rome after it had been in Jerusalem before then. I suppose it resides in the Mormon church like it did in the Catholic Church in Rome. A Lamb with Horn, meaning a church which is really a government. He told me that the Mormons gained control of the FBI in 1953. I imagine they control the military, etc. They had a hand in 9-11, what with Gen Scowcroft flying around that day in a plane known to be filled with electronics.

I think you are right about information. I heard Harari say today it was all about information. Delores Cannon who wrote the 3 book series on Nostradamus, said that the anti-christ would come to power through control of the information. Nostradamus said that the anti-christ would rise out of the Arab world. She painted a picture of a man, who had studied under an imam and he used the computer and possibly now AI as we are seeing today. The all-seeing eye. Saudi Arabia has a super computer they call the Beast, if I remember rightly, and their police have an all-seeing eye on their uniform. What is even more interesting, I once found a link that the ruling Saudi family was actually Jewish, well, maybe Jews who say they are Jews, but do lie, and who possibly have taken on the Muslim faith. I have no idea where that research is, but I’ll try to find it.

It is very sad to think that our own government kills just like Hamas and Israel: 9-11, Iraq, Lahaina, covid injection, to name only a few recent examples. When the Alien Mind attacks me, it is all about killing.

stevor November 16, 2023 - 2:30 pm

it’s all a GAME by the globalists who use the CIA as their “muscle'”:
It all comes from the “Synagogue of Satan”, the ashkenazi/khazarian zionists mentioned in Revelation 2:9

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