Geoengineering Methane Crisis: Runaway Levels Threaten All Life on Earth


The geoengineering methane crisis could lead to more extinctions & threaten humanity’s survival. Methane release from the Arctic is occurring at an alarmingly fast rate.

We are in the midst of a geoengineering methane crisis

– one which is already causing a sharp increase in the rate of extinctions on the planet, and which threatens to change the atmosphere on Earth for good, meaning it may be difficult for humanity to survive. Geoengineering, the aerosol spraying of chemtrails and chembombs in the upper atmosphere to manipulate the climate worldwide, is wreaking havoc on the Earth’s environment. To begin with, it disseminates harmful particulates of aluminum, strontium and barium into the air, which poisons animal and plant life below. Further, it releases nanoparticles which could rewrite the genetic code of all life on Earth.

On top of all of that, geoengineering has been steadily shredding the ozone layer, and thus has allowed more sunlight to hit the Arctic ice, which is now rapidly melting and releasing methane. This methane is now being released so rapidly, according to AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group), that it has the potential to drastically change the atmosphere on Earth – resulting in mass extinctions to life here, including mankind itself.

The Geoengineering Methane Feedback Loop

How are the geoengineers proposing we deal with this? The only way they know how: by spraying more and more crap into the air in the hope of blocking out the sun! This is known as SRM (Solar Radiation Management), which is the attempt to reflect the amount and intensity of the sun’s rays hitting Earth. One of the SRM methods is the spraying of sulfuric acid into the atmosphere; others include allowing large ships and factories to emit toxic chemicals into the air which will reflect the sun’s rays. Geoengineering has backed itself into a corner, and now thinks it has to keep spraying in order to cover up and prevent the damage it has already caused.

The geoengineering methane crisis is showing us something very clearly; namely, that the individuals running the planet out mad and out of control. To propose solving a problem by spraying more toxic chemicals which caused the problem in the first place is completely insane.

Will Increased Methane Threaten Our Survival?

With the widespread dissemination of chemtrail particulates, all of life on Earth has been weakened in some form or another. Trees, for instance, shut down and don’t uptake nutrients once they sense bio-available aluminum in the soil, as a survival mechanism to avoid poisoning themselves. (Aluminum itself, of course, constitutes 8% of the Earth’s crust, but it is found naturally bound up in molecules with other elements and is harmless. The problem is unnatural aluminum which is a byproduct of industry and geoengineering.) Once trees shut down, they become susceptible to fungal attacks, which explains why massive swathes of forest, particularly along the west coast of America, are dying right now. Once an organism has been weakened, it becomes unable to fight off invaders as easily. We are already seeing fungi moving in and killing off plants and animals in certain areas. We humans ourselves are also susceptible to this, in the form of candida or other fungal infections.

Will increased methane levels lead to more extinctions (or mass extinctions) and threaten humanity’s survival? Quite likely, the answer is yes. AMEG writes on their website that “if methane release from Arctic sea floor hydrates happens on a large scale — and this year’s reports suggest that it will — then this situation can start an uncontrollable sequence of events that would make world agriculture and civilization unsustainable. It is a responsible alarm, not alarmist, to say that it is a real threat to the survival of humanity and most life on Earth.”

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