What if East vs West Was the Same False Dichotomy as Left vs Right? – Video #99


A lot of people can now recognize the futility of voting in a 2-party system when there is no meaningful difference between the 2 parties. If people can grasp the left-right false dichotomy of politics, why can’t they also grasp the east-west false dichotomy of geopolitics?



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Shawn April 21, 2024 - 8:46 am

Voting isn’t pointless. What is necessary is that voters make their just demands, and that they are unified.

As St. Augustine put it, there are only two different kinds of people. Those a part of the City of Man and those a part of the City of God.

My suspicion is that the Secret Service is treacherous. That way if a president “gets out of line,” he won’t live very long. The Jew-controlled media makes sure that a president or former president won’t do any serious damage.

As an FYI, those in high positions of power ought not to let someone else drive for them. JFK and the heir to the throne whose murder set off WWI both had untrustworthy drivers.

I would like to add some interesting books that I have come across.

One is “Resistance Is Obligatory: Address to the Mannheim District Court”
Another is “The Jewish Hand in the World Wars”

Note that the U.K. despite the lack of a “First Amendment” appears to have less censorship with regards to the Jews.

My understanding is that the Columbine school shooters were Jews. This event and others like it appears to have been apart of the totalitarian push of what has been called safety-ism. This makes use of the slippery slope fallacy.

J pike April 23, 2024 - 4:28 pm

Yes your bang on mate,at the beginning of the uke/ Russia conflict I tried telling people what really went,was going on. These were mainly truthers,but others on fb posts,some of whom got dumped of my fb.Most were pro Russia,mainly because of what they saw with the media during the plandemic.Even people I knew well took some persuading,and what was my source? Myself,I’ve got a ukranian wife,been there 14 times,also been in Russia twice working,and I saw and experienced stuff that has never been mentioned in any media.Putin is a gangster,not a Christian,he liked the old soviet system,and he is surrounded by ogliaracs.The revolution was genuine against corruption,it was a protest against driving fines,the same corruption in every country because of the essence of control.The banksters,globalists had to get the ukes put of maiden Square,so they got putin to Invade,last time I was there in 2014 I was in the square talking to them.When they invaded the donbass,and they were Russian troops all the patriots left for the donbass,the alt media said be over in 4 months,where one of my mates got his info,I told him that was rubbish. The while thing has been used to inflate the prices of everything,certain “people” are making a killing

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