COVID Vaccine Life Form: Polish Doc Finds “The Thing” in Pfizer Comirnaty Shot


Another strange COVID vaccine life form has been discovered under the microscope. It is yet another tentacled creature – and an aluminum-based life form.

Another strange COVID vaccine life form

has been discovered under the microscope, this time made of aluminum and carbon. The discovery was made by a Polish doctor by the name of Dr. Franc Zalewski. Throughout his video presentation, he calls it “the thing.” He found it in the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine shot, in 1 of 3 vials he studied. Dr. Zalewski’s discovery comes on top of the research of many other independent doctors, scientists and researchers (Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Zandre Botha and Dr. John B.) who also found that the COVID vaccine contains all sorts of questionable and outright horrific contents – graphene, nanometals, PEG, parasites, self-propelling creatures with tentacles, synthetic fibers and synthetic self-assembling circular structures.

COVID Vaccine Life Form: “The Thing” of Aluminum, Bromine and Carbon

So what is this thing? Similar to what Madej found under the microscope, it’s some kind of synthetic creature with tentacles. Zalewski compares it to something from a science fiction movie, including The Matrix, which contained an entity which “flies, had tentacles, and attaches itself to other things.” In this case, Zalewski carefully measured “the thing” and discovered the ratio of its head to its legs (a head of 20 microns/micrometers to legs of 2.5 millimeters, which equals a ratio of 1:125). He believes that “the thing” will grow and develop inside people’s bodies, commenting:

“It seems to have a head and 3 legs … It hasn’t been created to just sit there and do nothing … This is a life form … It grew/developed in 4 days … Is this a plant? Dust? ‘A being’ given to people in eggs in a fertile/suitable environment. Somewhere closeby there might be some sort of signal which caused that being to start living. Just as pinecone seeds won’t grow unless they will be in a suitable environment on fertile ground, the same “that thing” seems not to be moving. It may be dormant/sleeping … I hope it won’t be activated.”

Zalewski also points out that he saw more than of these creatures, putting to rest any claims this was just a coincidence. Indeed, with all the discoveries that have been made now, replete with microscopic imagery, could anyone who has looked squarely at the evidence still believe this is some giant coincidence rather than the coldly calculated transhumanistic agenda? Zalewski suggests that graphene in the vaccine acts as a kind of food or catalyst for “the thing” because the vaccine contains the eggs of “the thing” which appear to hatch in the presence of graphene.

Another Video Claims to Show Real-Time Self-Assembling Graphene in Pfizer Vaccine

Independent analysis of the COVID vax continues worldwide. Speaking of Pfizer and graphene, there is another video circulating (with German subtitles) that claims to show the contents of the Pfizer vax under a microscope. The video starts of with lots of tiny white dots or points, and some black ones too. As it progresses, you can see the points slowly connect to make lines, which reinforces a key theme of the synthetic life forms contained within the COVID non-vaccines: self-assembly.

The COVID Vax is a Tool of Bioterrorism and Transhumanism

NWO (New World Order) propaganda promotes the idea that you need to be scared of new threat of bioterrorism and that government will save and protect you. You do need to watch out for bioterrorism but government will be the one perpetrating it, not preventing it. The real bioterrorism is not from some make-believe virus but rather contaminated fake-vaccines with horrific synthetic parasites which, the evidence would suggest, can self-assemble, self-replicate and proliferate inside the human body.

Zalewski comments several times that people have taken the COVID vax voluntarily. Voluntarily. And now many of them will probably harbor aluminum-based life forms inside their bodies. There is so much information now rapidly coming out exposing the COVID vax contents. Hopefully, this information will be shared around the world and will help, by its horrific nature, to put an end to the COVID scamdemic more quickly than it would otherwise have ended. Hopefully, a realization will dawn on those who have been programmed by the mainstream narrative, or who are still on the fence, so they awaken from their slumber and understand what is truly happening here.


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles, author of the book Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and senior researcher at Makia is on Odysee/LBRY and Steemit.









Sharine Borslien October 13, 2021 - 12:50 am

Wow. Just . . . wow. These black magicians and their exotic-technology worshiping pals form an elaborate death-cult worthy of loud ridicule as we boot them back to ENTROPY. For the naive souls who were (and will continue to be) deceived by the ILL-usions, I have little to offer unless they inquire.

As always, thank you, Makia, for your excellent research and your brilliant condensed versions of this high-tech stuff.

elfmom52 October 13, 2021 - 12:31 pm

It seems IMO they have to keep this “demon juice” kept WAY below freezing to keep these creatures dormant until they are injected into a warm host THEN they will grow and multiply.

Makia Freeman October 13, 2021 - 4:04 pm

That is entirely possible.

Lynn October 13, 2021 - 12:37 pm

That does make sense. So grow and multiply into what? Legions of AI nanobots? That do what? Could they affect the mind? Can they spread to the unvaccinated?

It seems every time we learn something more about the vaccines, the questions multiply.

Makia Freeman October 13, 2021 - 4:05 pm

We are just at the beginning of this. Many many more question than answers …

Eva de Richen November 11, 2021 - 10:39 pm

that’s it

Lynn October 13, 2021 - 10:29 am

Eerie music playing in the background. Random objects flying about the screen. Suddenly Rod Serling’s distinctive voice:

“You unlock this door with the vaccine. Beyond it is another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but the loss of your mind. A journey into a horrific land with boundaries known only to the controllers. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone!”

Jefferson Voltaire October 14, 2021 - 1:20 am

Those tendrils will embed themselves in your nervous system & weave themselves into your brain. You will no longer have control of your body, it will. You will be controlled by the “thing” or through the thing, using 5g. Welcome to the nightmare.

Lynn October 14, 2021 - 11:03 am

I know many have conjectured how 5G fits into all this. Is it mere coincidence their mad dash to get *everyone* vaccinated coincides with their mad dash to implement 5G pretty much *everywhere*?

I live in a rural area with various small towns here and there. Now I’m not so concerned about the 5G I see popping up around here. For example, what T-Mobile calls their 5G, or Verizon’s “Nationwide 5G”, or AT&T’s “Mobility 5G”. In reality these are all 4G, and not the millimeter waves associated with true 5G. Don’t get me wrong. All that EMF is likely unhealthy, but it’s not the insidious 5G mmWave technology we’re most concerned about.

I do see Verizon has implemented true 5G in the nearest city about 90 minutes from me. And by Verizon’s coverage map I see it has spread like a disease into many of the outlying suburbs. Now I’m not worried about it getting near me anytime soon (I could be wrong!), but I’m sure it will expand into the local towns I frequent. Ugh.

Fortunately there are 5G shielding products. A tinfoil hat perhaps? LOL!

Lynn October 15, 2021 - 8:53 am

Congratulations, Makia, for HumansAreFree picking up this article. The more people this information gets out to, the better.

Guido October 16, 2021 - 5:30 pm

Seems to me that there just might be a particular race they want to exterminate. Collecting DNA in swabs, which are attached to names, might just tell them which people to give the designated “THING” shot ?? Just a thought.
Of course implementing that would be extremely difficult when you can just roll into a Walgreens and receive an indiscriminate Quaxxine all willy-nilly like.

Unless there is a national database of names that can be accessed on the fly, …. But then what about people with the same names, but who are different races ?
Do they also collect Social Security Numbers when they collect your DNA that is posing as a PCR Covid test ? If so, all they would have to do is punch your SS# into the database and then be told which vial to reach for. Hmmm

BDBinc October 17, 2021 - 9:01 pm

Fearful stuff.” The thing”

Last time I checked aluminum + carbon on its own do not equal life form .
And a polish geologist like this actor would know that is not a life form so forgive me I am skeptical of the man.

No one reading your blog is going to take the injection .This may make them fearful of others( injected) maybe thats its purpose to polarize and create fear.” The thing”

No ones taking the shot “voluntarily” no ones been giving consent as they would need to know whats in it ( and that its unsafe and just a trial)in order to do that .
On a positive note… How about those millions protesting !
The Italians took down the restaurant ban too so they can do it with the papers .

Lynn October 18, 2021 - 9:13 am

I personally have let go of this pattern:

• Read something
• Judge it to be a potential threat to me
• Unconsciously experience “oh no!” feelings
• Allow fear to settle in

Nowadays I enjoy getting information from many sources while maintaining that nothing I hear or read may be true, regardless of whether its MSM, alternative sites like this one, someone’s comment, or from one of my friends I regularly meet to discuss current affairs topics.

Now I do weigh the likelihood. If MSNBC or CNN says something, I take it with a grain of salt that doesn’t fit into the room. I recently watched a video by Dr. Thomas Cowan. I listen to him with a more open mind because of his knowledge, sincerity, and lack of any deceitful agenda.

And true or not, my life is my own regardless. Why allow for a messy future by polluting the present with ugly feelings? I don’t think I’m unique regarding this. I bet most of people reading this article take a similar approach to maintain more desirable frequencies internally.

To sum up, I like to think the readership here has evolved to a level of consciousness that no longer experiences fear from what they read.

BDBinc October 18, 2021 - 11:30 am

I wish that were so Lynn .

Unlike you there are some others that read alt media that experience fear and some of them have put the injected in the ” others” group.

I will explain my concern with this article .

” The Thing” is the title of an old horror movie. The idea that the ” others” are carrying a alien lifeform (when a tiny piece of carbon and aluminum is not a lifeform) is not sound information from the Polish geologist/actor(?) .

Agree Dr Tom Cowan’s information to date resonates.

Lynn October 18, 2021 - 12:04 pm

Dr. Cowan recently made a one hour video on his bit-chute channel addressing the question, “If no pathogenic viruses, why do we get sick?”

I consider it a must watch for anyone who desires greater insight into health, sickness, and what a human body really consists of.

It should not be watched by those who still buy into the virus and virology deception. Like Dr. Cowan says, it will just confuse them.

tomonthebayagain October 18, 2021 - 6:48 pm

Cowan? He had to surrender his license. His claims about viruses are ridiculous and totally false.

patrick October 27, 2021 - 11:48 pm

So you know it all?? I think you have an ulterior agenda and are spouting nonsense. Prove me wrong !

tomonthebayagain October 28, 2021 - 10:39 am

Know it all? Hardly. No these claims are completely bogus? Absolutely. Do you have ANY relevant scientific education. Undoubtedly, no. Prove me wrong.

Anonymous October 19, 2021 - 12:04 am
Lynn October 19, 2021 - 9:00 am

No. I don’t have time to review all his stuff, but I go to his channels when I can.

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