Bankster = Banker + Gangster


Banksters are the new rulers of the world.

Ever wondered why the tallest buildings in pretty much any city or country anywhere in the world are now banks, not temples or churches? The center of power has shifted away from organized religion to banking. They are the new priests of power. Watch the entertaining clip above.

A banker or bankster not only has the power to create and control the supply of currency, and lend it to a government at interest, but also now can get bailed out or bailed in (see the proposed EU law for bank bailins) by the taxpayer via the Government if they make a mistake with the derivatives gambling. Wow! They are protected against losses because “they’re too big too fail”. It’s outrageously criminal. It’s nothing more than convenient capitalism – capitalism when they win, and socialism when they lose. Unlike almost everyone else in the private sector running their own businesses, who would go under if they fail to stay competitive, banks and Government can never lose.

And people still wonder who really rules the world? Rothshcilds, Rockefellers … bankster anyone?

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