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MK Ultra Supersoldier Max Spiers Shares his Mind Control Recovery Process

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MK Ultra Supersoldier Max Spiers Shares his Mind Control Recovery Process

Published 11 years ago on
mind control recovery

MK Ultra supersoldier Max Spiers is brave and wise soul on a mind control recovery process.

MK Ultra supersoldier Max Spiers

has undergone tremendous pain, abuse and torture, like many mind control victims. However, he is the process of mind control recovery, and is step by step regaining memories and fragments of his mind that were previously split off and isolated. In this enlightening in-depth interview, Max shares his struggles in regaining the totality of who he is, and reveals fascinating information about mind control, the New World Order (NWO), transhumanism, Satanism, black magic and the power of the heart over the head.

At Age 31, Max Spiers Awoke, and Began Mind Control Recovery

Max Spiers woke up at age 31 and remembered his mind control conditioning and involvement in MK Ultra programs. He speaks of his sense of betrayal and resentment at those who put him through such abuse. Fortunately, when he reached the 31 (a symbolically powerful number and the inverse of 13), he began to have “bleed through”, where he began to recall and access aspects of his other lives.

The Big Pharma “false memory” foundation

However, in order to prevent mind-controlled victims from waking up and breaking their silence, the Big Pharma/Nazi mind control cartel has created a “false memory” foundation. This includes bogus therapists and psychiatrists who convince mind control victims that they are delusional and are having false memories. Big Pharma and Psychiatry have created fictitious diseases in their bible, the DSM 5, with which they falsely diagnose victims and drug them up. Pharmaceutical drugs are horrendous for the kind of highly sensitive individuals who are selected for MK Ultra, and can prevent mind control victims from ever awakening and breaking their conditioning. There are deep layers involved in mind control recovery.

Mind Control Recovery is for everyone – because the population as a whole is mind controlled

Spiers says there have been around 2 million people involved in MK Ultra programs in America. However, from a broader perspective, we are all mind controlled to some degree. We have all been programmed by TV, falsified history and governmental propaganda. The human race is suffering from collective amnesia; we have forgotten our inherent divinity and power.

People get brainwashed so easily these days. Mass rituals like the JFK and Princess Diana assassinations, and false flag operations like 9/11, act as mass hypnotisers or mass mind control instruments. Mind control is a relevant topic for any aware individual searching for higher consciousness in this lifetime.

Project Monarch: the MK Ultra mind control program to create sex slaves

Project Monarch was a subset of the MK Ultra program that was specifically designed to create sex slaves. Like all mind control techniques, it uses physical and sexual trauma to induce victims to split off, or separate from the body. This is called “disassociation”. It fractures the mind into a honeycomb. Then the mind has fragments or compartments which represent a separate identity or “altar”. The greater the trauma, abuse and psychic split, the more separated the compartments and altars, and the less likely the individual will be able to know and remember what he/she is doing or being used for. Only a knowledgeable handler can bring forth the altars of his victims at will.

Eyes Wide Shut was a ritualistic film done by an insider (Kubrick), who had access to mystery school knowledge and gnosticism. It graphically portrays an example of the sex-and-death filled rituals that go in the mansions of the elite.

Mind Control Recovery is an Arduous, Challenging Process

Spiers points out that, often, when an individual is on the path of mind control recovery and is waking up and starting to find out “too much”, they begin to self-destruct. He has been through that and, due to his strength, come out the other side. Spiers mentions that the mind control handlers deliberately insert a “self-destruct program” into the conditioning of the victim to help prevent them from re-integrating and learning the full truth.

Spiers still has periods of “missing time“. He has woken up to certain triggers – symbols, words and sound frequencies – which no longer work on him. One of the main symbols used with mind control victims is the Monarch butterfly (hence the name Project Monarch).

Mind Control: Nazi, Tavistock Institute and Stanford Research Institute influence

Spiers highlights the fact the Nazis didn’t all get killed or imprisoned after the war. A lot of them went underground and joined forces with Britain and the US (e.g. with the CIA Project Paperclip) and continued their mind control research. The British Tavistock Institute and the American Stanford Research Institute have also heavily been involved with mind control.

Black magicians rule the world

Magic is the conscious manipulation of electromagnetic energy. Black magic is the manipulation of this energy for self-serving purposes, especially ones that harm or kill others. Black magicians are at the top of the NWO pyramid. They use the energy of ritual, sacrifice, sex and death to raise energy, all the time keeping people in the dark about the very existence of magic itself. Black magic was perfected by Aleister Crowley, who realized he could use sexual energy to create whatever reality he wanted.

Spiers alludes to a battle between the priests and the scientists that is taking place right now. He mentions that the scientists are those pursuing technology to enhance themselves and govern mankind through technological power.

Pain is Pleasure, War is Peace

Inversion is the basis of Satanism. Black is white, and white is black. Michael Ellner summed up the state of the world when he said, “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” Orwell put it more simply when he wrote: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

MK Ultra mind control, which is based on Satanism, works by switching around the pain and pleasure centers in its victims. In this way, they encourage the victim to commit self-destruction. Spiers recalls constantly being brainwashed with the following phrase:

“Just remember, pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain.”

The Existence of Reptilians

Science views modern man as a being that has evolved from lower lifeforms. This is reflected in our brain, which has different aspects to it, including a smaller, more core part called the amygdala, and a larger section on top called the neo-cortex. The amygdala is also known as the reptilian brain, is the only brain found in reptiles, and is associated with survival, aggression, territorialness, hierarchy and the fight-or-flight instinct. The neo-cortex on the other hand can be more thought of as mammalian, and is associated with logic and higher thinking.

The existence of two brains within us is the basis for mankind’s inner struggles, the battle we all struggle with inside of ourselves. There is literally a reptile and mammal inside of all of us. We all have both reptilian and mammalian DNA. Every person has a different percentage of each, however. According to Spiers (and many others have witnessed this, or written about it, such as David Icke in “The Reptilian Agenda“), people with more than 50% reptilian DNA have the ability to shapeshift or assume an outer reptilian form.

Spiers has personally seen the aura or energetic body of certain people and felt reptilian energy. He has had images connected to Prince Charles being a reptilian, as well as Jimmy Savile and the Bush family.

PLFs and Clones

PLFs (Programmable Life Forces) and clones are a reality. Spiers mentions that Dolly Pardon was one of the first clones tried out for mass consumption. Spiers thinks when he has been used to do certain things (under a mind control altar), there is a high possibility a cloned version of himself was used to carry out the task.

Spiers states that you’re always connected with your own clones, since it’s like splitting your consciousness among different bodies. The original self feels whatever happens to the clone.

The Transhumanist Agenda

Transhumanism is a big part of the NWO agenda, which seeks to turn man into machine. Transhumanism is an outgrowth of eugenics and is connected to the aforementioned battle between the priests and the scientists.

In a nutshell, the more you separate from your heart (and therefore your divine self), the less strong you are, and the more controllable you are. From an elite perspective, humanity has outgrown its usefulness. They want compliant, machine-like slaves, not free-thinking, empathetic beings.

They are trying to sell the concept of Google or the internet being directly downloaded or injected into your head. With transhumanism, the essence or original consciousness of the person gets eliminated, and a drone gets created, like a bee colony system, with mindless drones serving a Queen Bee. The NWO rulers are trying to create a planetary-wide human hive.

Overpopulation fraud

Spiers thinks that the idea of overpopulation is being pushed by the 4th Reich (especially by Rockefeller-funded institutions), mostly because these elite are obsessed with having more room, e.g. with Hitler’s lebensraum (German for living space). He thinks we are being lied to about the true number of people of the planet, and that in actuality there are probably less than 7 billion people on Earth right now. He thinks there are enough resources to be given to everyone.

The IBIS Project

According to Spiers, the Ibis project began in 1972 and ended in 1980, and was an extension of the Nazi überman project. It aimed to create a perfect race along eugenic lines. It was connected to inner Earth beings. It bred certain children using mothers as carriers; the children were fed intravenously. Spiers was one the children involved.

The Moon, Mars and Saturn connection

Spiers says there are frequencies coming from Saturn (specifically from the rings of Saturn) which are heavily involved in controlling planet Earth. He states that the Moon is amplifying these signals. He confirms there are bases on the Moon. The Moon has connections to the subconscious, the letter “M”, the number 13 and cycles, especially life and death cycles.

Spiers has deep (but not yet clear or specific) memories of traveling to Mars and being there. He says it used to be a thriving planet, and that there still remains a living population above and below the surface there.

DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)

Above ground represents the conscious mind. Below ground represents the subconscious mind. As soon as you go under the ground, you start to enter your subconscious mind. DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) are where most of the programming for mind control stakes place.

Spiers reveals that beneath the entire cities of London and Los Angeles, there are massive, entire underground cities. He says that much of his programming has taken place in these 2 places, as well as Dulce, New Mexico, home to another extensive underground base.

Spiers says that each level of the base has a different symbol. The further you go down, the more you are drawn deeply into your subconscious, as you gradually realize why you are there. He has not often seen these underground base symbols in everyday life.

Symbols rule the world, not rules or laws – Confucius

Symbols speak to the subconscious; words speak to the conscious. It is our subconscious mind which really runs the show. It contains our patterns, habits, belief systems and programming. If we truly want to change, we need to reprogram our subconscious.

Spiers: “I implanted myself, multidimensionally”

Spiers comments that he implanted himself – not physically, but more multidimensionally, to help in his mind control recovery process. He feels in some ways that his life has been scripted. Often he will bump into the just the right person at the just the right time who can help him unravel parts of himself and integrate the fragmented altars.

The Way Forward for Mind Control Recovery #1: Integrating, not Denying, the Reptilian and Dark Parts of the Self

Whatever you deny, you invite to fester and grow in the shadows. Organized religion is based on denial, e.g. the Catholic Church suppression of the sexual desire. If we are to make our way forward individually and collectively, we need to embrace and integrate the darker, reptilian, shadow sides of ourselves. As the saying goes, own your shadow side, or it will own you.

The Way Forward for Mind Control Recovery #2: Healing from the Inside

A natural question for many listening to Max’s story is: does he still feel anger? Does he want revenge or to try to get these beings who are manipulating him? For him, the answer is no. He realizes everyone is being manipulated. The entire planet is under mass hypnosis or mind control to some degree; we’re all suffering from amnesia.

Spiers is focused on healing from the inside. The more he heals on the inside, the more answers he gets on the outside. He cannot control the external world. As he says, “They have control of the game too perfectly on an external level.” The way forward is to heal and integrate so that he will become less susceptible to mind control attacks.

The Way Forward for Mind Control Recovery #3: Living from the Heart, not the Head

Spiers was extremely empathic as a child, but learned it was safer to live in his head not his heart, which suited his reptilian handlers, who knew how to control the intellect. He found that he could only re-integrate the traumatic parts of his history through the heart, not the head. Living from the heart is the key to ending the global conspiracy. Out of all the 7 chakras, the elite cannot understand or control the heart; they have manipulated the other centers including the survival, sexual, power and intellectual centers, but they cannot control something they don’t resonate with. Transhumanism is the final push to destroy heart energy and create drones. Will it succeed? That remains to be seen.

Update July 17th 2016: we have received word that Max passed away. Blessings to him on his journey.


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