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David Icke’s “Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told”: A Book Review

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David Icke’s “Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told”: A Book Review

Published 6 years ago on
Everything You Need To Know David Icke book review

In his latest book Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told, David Icke takes another mind-expanding step deeper down the rabbit hole.

Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told

is the latest David Icke book, published in November 2017. As with all other David Icke books, you don’t need to have read the previous ones to make sense of this. However, it does build on all his other works. David has the great ability to go deeper and deeper into the causes and solutions of the worldwide conspiracy with each successive book he writes. Each book is like a perceptual reboot or update on the conspiracy, written from a fresher, deeper point of view, tracing the origins of the distortion (the Matrix) further and further down into the rabbit hole every time. The Biggest Secret introduced the idea of the Reptilians and shape-shifting royals; The Perception Deception focused on why and how the global conspiracy is a perception conspiracy; Phantom Self introduced the idea of the Archons as a deeper and more fundamental force than the Reptilians; Everything You Need to Know … further expands on the nature of reality, the nature of Who We Are, the Gnostic understanding of how this world (the Matrix) is a “bad copy” and how with the true knowledge of this we can set ourselves free.

Everything You Need To Know Gnostic world bad copy

Everything You Need To Know … highlights the Gnostic theory that we live a world which is a “bad copy” of the original, hence all the fear and suffering.

The Holographic, Quantum Nature of Reality and The Holographic, Quantum Nature of Humanity

While The Perception Deception and Phantom Self talked about the Gnostic understanding of the world (mainly focusing on the manipulating hyperdimensional entities known as the Archons), David goes way deeper with this book. The entirety of chapter 2 is devoted to understanding how this world is an “error”, “bad copy”, “distortion” or “Lower Aeon” of the original world “Upper Aeon.” This sheds great light and understanding on how we came to live in the Matrix. This was known and understood by people living 1500+ years ago! David quotes from several Gnostic texts throughout the chapter. He writes:

“Gnostic texts refer to the ‘Upper Aeons’ and ‘Lower Aeons’ in very different terms and they say that between the two is a curtain, veil or boundary. Upper Aeons are said to emanate directly from the unity of ‘The One’ – All That Is in awareness of itself – … Upper Aeons are described by the Gnostics as ‘The Silence’, ‘the silent Silence’, ‘the living Silence’, with its ‘Watery Light’.”

As an aside, David then writes:

“This is not the same as the light that we perceive in our reality which is a trap that can be likened to energetic flypaper …”

(This is the soul trap which many sources and investigators, old and new, have spoken of, which I talked about in Soul-Catching Net: Are We “Recycled” at Death to Remain in the Matrix?). The Upper Aeon is the place of no-time, where everything exists in the now, where all possibility exists and from which everything is manifested. It is highly interesting that the Gnostics would talk of this as the place of ultimate silence, because that is exactly what it feels like in states of meditation when one goes far past the ramblings of the monkey mind.

David continues in his description of the Lower Aeon:

“A foundation [of] Gnostic belief – their version of ‘The Fall’ – is that what we experience as material reality was created by error. Their texts describe symbolically how an Aeon, an extension of the Father or Infinite Awareness, embarked on its own thought creation without the consent of the Father (or ‘consort’) who has the true power of Creation. They call this Aeon or awareness ‘Sophia’ … what Sophia is said to have brought into manifestation was what has become known as the Devil, Satan and a long list of other names for a disruptive and manipulative force.”

The Gnostics call this force Demiurge or Yaldabaoth; it resembles the wrathful god of the Old Testament (Yahweh or Jehovah) and the God of Freemasonry (Lucifer); but whether you call Devil, Satan or any other name, it appears to be the ‘Lord’ in charge of this world – the same one to whom the insiders of the satanic Secret Societies pray and make sacrifices – and the same one by whom they are possessed.

Everything You Need To Know hologram

Everything You Need To Know … reiterates the point that we live in a sophisticated hologram.

Our Holographic Reality is Actually a Giant Computer Simulation

Chapter 3 of Everything You Need to Know … expands upon the theme of the Gnostic concept of a bad copy. David shows that the simulated holographic world in which we live is the same thing as the Gnostic bad copy.

Our world is a giant computer simulation. There is no “physical”; we are perceivers and decoders; we take waveforms (energy in its most pure state), then decode it into electrical information, then into digital information, then finally into our holographic 3D reality of “matter” which looks and feels solid but which is 99.9999% empty. The same goes for us too; our bodies are no more physical or solid than anything else in the world, because we are all made of the same consciousness, infinite awareness or god-stuff. Drawing from ancient and modern sources (such as the shamanic tradition of Don Juan in the Castaneda series), David defines each person as a “point of attention” within a vast oneness of consciousness. Quantum physics theorists state that we create reality by changing energy (fields of possibility/probablity) into matter by the very act of our observation. This is called collapsing the wave, i.e. collapsing or condensing a wave (energy) into “solid” particles (matter). However, David takes it one step further by emphasizing that we are not just observers but decoders, since the wave information first gets converted into electrical and digital information before becoming “physical information”, i.e. taking on a physical form.

Everything You Need To Know Orion

Orion: a constellation of fascination for many ancient cultures. But is there much more to the story?

The Fall of Man Via the Orion-Saturn-Moon Distortion

Many cultures have described how humanity has fallen from a golden era, often in a catastrophic way. David traces the roots of the modern conspiracy back to the times of Sumer and Babylon, around 4,000 BCE. He expands upon a theme he has written about in previous books – that the manipulation and distortion signal which is being broadcasted to our world (to transform it into a prison planet) comes from the Moon and Saturn. This time around, David traces the signal further back … to Orion. He writes:

“I say after nearly three decades of research, and following synchronistic clues all over the world, that Orion, Saturn and the Moon are part of the information system that generates, communicates and amplifies the information source that humans decode into their sense of visual reality – the simulation at the level we experience it. The prime source would appear to be Orion, with the rings of Saturn (sound/information) acting as a generator of those frequencies and the moon amplifying the Saturnic (Orion) communications and directing them at the human mind.

I have concluded this after decades of connecting the dots and following the clues, which are supported by more and more emerging evidence. There is not one killer piece of information …”

Everything You Need to Know … provides a copious amount of evidence connecting the Moon, Saturn and Orion, showing the vast amount of symbolism from these planets/stars which has filtered into our earthly religions and institutions, including the black cube, all-seeing eye, dot in the center of a circle, hexagon/hexagram/cube, the owl, the bull, the goat, the sigil of Saturn, the black sun and much more. David also mentions CERN and their Large Hadron Collider, which according to researcher Anthony Patch, appears to be trying to construct counter-rotating fields or streams of particles – just as you can see in the swirling hexagon at the north pole of Saturn. Interestingly enough, the Nazis (full of black sun symbolism themselves) had stumbled upon such phenomena and were attempting to weaponize them during the war. For more on this, read Why, Really, the Nazis Won the War and the books of Joseph Farrell.

Everything You Need To Know sabbatean frank

Sabbatean Frankism is covered in “Everything You Need To Know …”. Sabbatean Frankism is based on the lives of “messiahs” Sabbatai Zevi (left) and Jacob Frank (right).

Other Subjects Covered: ETs, Perception Control and Sabbatean Frankism

David briefly goes over some of the subjects he has become famous for, such as ETs (Reptilians, Greys), shapeshifting royals and DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), where he states that the real technology is being developed that is later placed into the public arena at carefully timed intervals. As he does throughout the book, David upgrades the old information with new viewpoints. One point he makes here is that, at a deep enough level, the biological and the technological are identical. To the Controllers, the human body is technological as much as it is biological and therefore subject to the same code, laws and manipulation as a computer program, electronic device or machine is.

He mentions pedophilia, the fake news phenomenon, Trump’s Israel-first Administration, endless war, US as the war machine, the war against Russia, the manmade global warming hoax, the transgender agenda, mind control, perception control, schooling/indoctrination, finance, religion and the “god” program. An important new piece of information in regards to religion and Zionism is his discussion of Sabbatean Frankism, which he claims is the inner Satanic circle of Judaism based on the Luciferian philosophy of “do what thou wilt” and the Satanic inversion of everything (bad is good, wrong is right). Sabbatean Frankism is based on the lives of “messiahs” Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank. It has had a great impact on the inner core of Freemasonry, Zionism, Donmeh Jews (crypto or hidden Jews) and even Islam, via the Saudis and their extremist Wahhabism which is a distortion of Islam.

Everything You Need To Know PC political correctness

What PC or Political Correctness is all about. Straight white males are at the bottom of the PC hierarchy but make no mistake – this is about silencing ALL people ultimately.

PC (Political Correctness) = Psychological Warfare

In some key middle chapters of the book, David takes aim at the latest infectious and censoring cancer spreading across society that is threatening our freedom of speech more than anything … PC (political correctness). David deals with PC in a blunt and very humorous way, calling it out for what it really is: psychological warfare. He details how there exists a PC hierarchy, where straight white men are at the very bottom and are blamed for everything, and at the other end, the smaller the minority, the closer you are to the top. It’s all based on victim identity (how much you identify with being a victim) which fuels identity politics, which is sadly overtaking the political Left in many nations.

At the very apex of the PC hierarchy are the Zionists, who are the ultimate victims always referring back to the Holocaust or crying anti-Semitism to get away with whatever despicable behavior they want. David reveals his own run in with Zionist censors (which cause some of his presentations to be cancelled last year because the owners of the venues were scared off). One of the best parts of this section of Everything You Need to Know … is how David takes a level-headed, rational, non-partisan look at the European migrant crisis. It’s a complicated issue with many shades of grey, and in many ways it’s about numbers not race. Throughout this section and the entire book, David stresses that we need to look way way beyond our “physical identity” – man, woman, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, European, gay, straight, rich, poor – if we want to understand and solve our problems, because identification with these things is leading us down into more fragmentation and division (making it easy for the NWO manipulators to divide and rule). It’s also getting lost in the world of form rather than focusing our attention on what is more real: the fact that we are all one, and are all individuated points of the same infinite awareness.

Everything You Need To Know Borg assimilation

Everything You Need To Know… includes a chapter on the coming AI assimilation, which has been foreshadowed in Sci-Fi, such as with the Borg from Star Trek.

Assimilation: Where It’s Headed If More Don’t Wake Up Fast

Everything You Need to Know … reaches a crescendo when David dissects the most important topic of all (the endgame of the NWO agenda): the planned AI takeover. It’s not some time off in the future – it’s happening now! The book is a wake-up call for those thinking there is spare time to just sit around and ignore this, or imagine we have time to slowly consider it. Humanity is under an accelerating assault by a synthetic force. David remarks that, unfortunately, more people are spending time dissecting terrorist attacks or the latest political situation than focusing on the truly horrific objective of the dark force running our world: to turn humans into robots, drones or synthetic people, with too little (or no) emotion and to little (or no) ability to think freely and independently.

The book goes into many topics related to this synthetic agenda, such as transhumanism, AI (Artificial Intelligence or as David puts it “Archontic Intelligence”), the similarities between the dark force and the Borg from Star Trek, nano probes and nanodust or smart dust, chemtrails, Morgellons, nanobot bioweapons, the disastrous drop in testosterone in people and the lowering of the male sperm rate, the SWS (Sentient World Simulation), the Space Fence and the planned introduction of AI into everything – AI algorithms in the courtroom as judges, AI cops and armies (killer robots) and more. David emphasizes that he is not against technology per se, but rather the use of technology to control and enslave.


Everything You Need to Know … is sprinkled throughout with David’s humor, e.g. when discussing transhumanism poster boy Ray Kurzweil of Google, David remarks “I wouldn’t trust him to tell me the date in a calendar factory” or when discussing the Christian sacrament of the Eucharist (eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ), David remarks that mainstream religion is “Satanism lite.”

Here are 2 key quotes from the book:

“If you want to control the dream you must control the perceptions of the dreamer and that’s the global conspiracy to enslave humanity in a single sentence.”

David uses the same quote from Einstein twice in the book, since it’s so important:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can’t help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Therein lies the grand solution. The solution to all these problems, to the entire New World Order, comes down to some very simple principles. Remember who you are. Identify with the depth of your spirit, not the shallowness of your form. Life is a mirror: whatever you put out, you receive. Change your perception and your change everything. The universe matches your vibration with an experience or situation, so if you change your vibration, you change your experience, and your entire life. If enough of us do it, we change the entire world.

Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told is the kind of book that can change your life. Get a copy, read it, let it inspire you with knowledge and courage, and let the astonishing amount of dot-connecting sink in and give you a perceptual reboot.


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