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Hungary Burns GMO Fields


Hungary Burns GMO Fields

Published 11 years ago on
Hungary Burns GMO

Hungary burns GMO fields (again!). GMOs cause organ damage, cancer and can spread uncontrollably. People and nations alike have the right to protect themselves from GM poison.

Yet again in a 2-3 year period, Hungary has deliberately set fire

to fields containing GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). According to an original Portuguese article translated into English on GMWatch, Hungary burnt 500 acres of fields containing GM corn on May 23, 2013. Earlier in 2011, Hungary destroyed 1,000 acres of GM-contaminated corn. Setting fire to GM crops is an amazingly effective way to get rid of them, so this now raises the question: if Hungary burns GMOs so readily, to clean up its fields and prevent GMO-contamination, then which country will be next? And … would it ever happen in the US?

If Hungary burns GMOs, why it can’t it happen in GMO-land (America) too?

Hungarian leaders have shown both a lot of intelligence and courage in deciding to burn GMOs and follow through with it. It sets a great example of political will used to defend Nature rather than poison her. Of course, countries like Russia, Hungary and others have one big advantage over the US; their leaders are not bribed, blackmailed or bought by big BioTech companies like US leaders are. Monsanto has a stranglehold over the US Government, as seen by the way it dictates US foreign policy and by the fact that former Monsanto employees occupy positions of high power in the US Government.

However, the power in any society ultimately rests with the people, not the politicians. If Hungary burns GMO fields, so can the American people. Would it be the best way to eradicate GMOs entirely? Not if there were still farmers who were brainwashed or financially desperate enough to keep planting them. Ultimately, the issue come down to education. More people need to become aware of the tremendous dangers posed by GMOs, and realize we are reaching the point of no return. If something is not done soon, GMO-contamination of the entire planet may become unavoidable.

So I would suggest the ultimate solution is based on awareness not force or brute power; however I applaud the fact that Hungary burns GMOs and takes a firm stand. The power and right to do that needs to be reserved in cases where evil corporations like Monsanto are so blind in pursuit of profit and power that they are literally threatening the entire Earth ecosystem and environment. Remember, GMOs have been shown to cause insomnia, allergies, organ damage and cancer in animals and humans – and they have been shown to spread uncontrollably by wind and pollination. People and countries have the right to protect themselves. No less than the survival of humanity itself in the years to come is at stake.

Genetic Roulette

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