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ETs Are Real: The True Story of How Eisenhower Wanted to Invade Area 51

ETs, UFOs & Alien Agenda

ETs Are Real: The True Story of How Eisenhower Wanted to Invade Area 51

Published 11 years ago on
ETs are real

ETs are real, and the US Government has known about them (and interacted with them) since at least 1947 with the Roswell UFO crash.

ETs are real, and have been among us on Earth for a long time.

More evidence of the reality of extraterrestrial presence on Earth recently surfaced with the amazing interview above. Richard Dolan interviews a man who chose to remain anonymous, and who was one of the key people at the CIA during the 1950s. He worked on Project Bluebook, the CIA project which collected data on the UFO phenomenon. However, Bluebook was a distraction; it was never intended to tell the full truth and divulge the facts that UFOs and ETs are real. It was only meant to create appearance that the Government was actually doing something and taking an investigation seriously. Sound familiar?

ETs Are Real and Have Been Interacting with the US Military Since the 1950s

According to this man who goes by the name “Anonymous”, at a certain point in the 1950s, then US President Eisenhower had been getting reports about UFOs and ETs and wanted to find out the truth. However, after the Roswell crash of 1947, and with the help of Truman signing new secrecy and security laws, a secret cabal (who called themselves MJ-12 or Majestic 12) took over the UFO and ET issue, and took it underground. It went black. Certain military agencies, unknown even to the President and other intelligence heads, kept the whole thing top secret, keeping the technology to themselves and even cutting deals with some of the aliens.

Eisenhower Wanted to Invade Area 51

Things were out of control and Eisenhower wanted to find out who these black military groups were and what they were doing. When Eisenhower contacted them, MJ-12 replied that they were outside the jurisdiction of the White House and that their material was classified on a “need-to-know” basis – which went above the Presidency. This apparently infuriated Eisenhower, who sent 2 CIA agents (including Anonymous) to tell the head of MJ-12 to report to him within a week – else he would take the 1st army from Colorado and invade Area 51 and S4! Yes, that’s right: Eisenhower actually threatened to invade Area 51 if these rogue military operatives would not surrender control of the UFO and ET issue.

Anonymous Confirms ETs are Real and Sees UFO Wreckage at S4 (near Area 51)

Anonymous saw various flying saucers including the wrecked UFO that crashed at Roswell. He actually came face-to-face with a grey alien and experienced once and for all the truth that we are not alone in the universe and that, indeed, ETs are real. His superior was able to conduct a partial interview with it (see here to learn more about the alien agenda).

From MJ-12’s point of view, the purpose in revealing all this to the 2 CIA agents was to let the gravity of the situation be known to Eisenhower. When they returned to Washington D.C., they briefed Eisenhower, Nixon and Hoover and told them that the US military had actually captured a live alien. Eisenhower was shocked and, apparently for the first time, worried.

The Grand UFO and ET Coverup Begins …

It was at that exact moment, at the fork in the road, that a key decision was made. A timeline of secrecy was chosen. The top brass decided not to go public with the information that ETs are real. Why? Probably because they knew that disclosing the truth of extraterrestrial presence on Earth to the public would inevitably lead to the question: “how can we protect ourselves against possible attacks from this and other ETs?” That is not a question the Government could have answered, being thoroughly unprepared technologically and in other ways to handle this kind of situation. However, admitting as much would have meant a revolution or at the very least that those in power would be overthrown and replaced. And, for the power-hungry type of personality that normally dominates the political spectrum, to willingly choose a path which would lead to a loss of power was simply not an option. According to one story, Eisenhower would later meet the aliens himself and make his own deal with them.

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