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Emergency Powers: Worldwide Governmental Power Grabs Reveal Scripted Agenda

Big Government Bioweapons / Coronavirus NWO

Emergency Powers: Worldwide Governmental Power Grabs Reveal Scripted Agenda

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    Everywhere in the world, governments are using the coronavirus crisis to expand their control, claiming these are only temporary emergency powers.


    Can we trust governments to reliquinish these powers afterwards? Are people so panicked and afraid they will allow their freedom and rights to be stolen due to an invisible virus?

CDC flu stats emergency powers

Across the world, governments are grabbing emergency powers & consolidating frightening amounts of control using the excuse of a virus … yet the CDC’s own stats show in the USA alone as high as 61,000 people die every year from the ordinary flu. Image credit: CDC

Emergency powers

are the name of the game right now as governments around the world are collectively engaging in power grabs – all justified by the convenient coronavirus crisis (the same coronavirus crisis that various countries and groups were actively simulating for before it happened). Virtually every nation on Earth has a COVID-19 case and therefore an excuse to grab emergency powers by claiming they are only doing it for the sake of health, safety and security, which is the typical catchcry of tyrants. According to the latest BBC report, a staggering 1/4 (one quarter) of the world is on lockdown. Misleaders like US President Donald Trump and UK PM Boris Johnson were initially reluctant to respond to the coronavirus, that is before they were told by their dark-suited advisors in the shadows that they better get with the program. For all the hype, panic and fear you see around the world today, you would think we are in the midst of the most lethal killing agent ever, not something which so far has only killed around 20,000 people worldwide after months and months, when in the US alone the seasonal flu kills between 12,000 and 61,000 every year according to CDC stats for the last 10 years. Below is a short list of what governments are doing amidst this fake pandemic.

USA: Let’s Close the Courts and Permanently Detain People Without Trial During Emergencies

Attorney-General William Barr – the same guy who has been pathetically overseeing the Jeffery Epstein case and doing nothing about it, while having connections to Epstein himself – has as DOJ head shown his true tyrannical colors by asking for some extreme emergency powers. The Hill reports:

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) has asked Congress for a slew of new emergency powers … One of the proposed changes would give the attorney general the power to ask top district judges to stop court proceedings “whenever the district court is fully or partially closed by virtue of any natural disaster, civil disobedience, or other emergency situation.” These top judges would also gain the power to the stop court proceedings during a national emergency. In addition, the DOJ has asked for the ability to ask chief judges to permanently detain an individual without trial during emergencies. Another proposal would reportedly waive the statute of limitations for criminal investigations as well as civil trials during an emergency and could last up to “one year following the end of the national emergency.””

This is an outright attack on the 4th Amendment and the right of habeas corpus (Latin for “you have a body”; a recourse in law through which a person can report unlawful detention or imprisonment to a court and ask the court to determine whether the detention is lawful). This is a supremely important right and protection, now flippantly under attack. Zero Hedge reports:

“The proposed changes have raised concerns over the implications for habeas corpus – the right to appear before a judge and seek release. “Not only would it be a violation of that, but it says ‘affecting pre-arrest,” said Normal L. Reimer, who heads up the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. “So that means you could be arrested and never brought before a judge until they decide that the emergency or the civil disobedience is over. I find it absolutely terrifying. Especially in a time of emergency, we should be very careful about granting new powers to the government.” Reimer added that the notion of chief judges suspending court rules during an emergency indefinitely is deeply disturbing.”

We’re getting into highly dangerous territory here: the ability to detain someone without trial is a hallmark of tyranny. Also, if you thought the US was the land of the free where “it would never happen here”, look at what is happening now with paper being required to have their travel papers. Papers, please! Also, check out Whitney Webb’s piece on the long-standing US plans for COG (Continuity of Government) which goes back not to Bush Jr, not to Reagan but actually to Eisenhower and earlier. The idea has been to circumvent the Constitution and Congress/the Legislative Branch by declaring an emergency and installing a new government which vests all its power in the Executive Branch and the Military. COG plans include or included Operation Rex 84, Operation Garden Plot and Main Core (a database made with stolen PROMIS software which is list of Americans whose the USG considers enemies of the state):

“Though Main Core was reportedly in use after September 11 to target “unfriendly” individuals for increased domestic surveillance, concern that COG plans in the age of coronavirus could take a more drastic turn and involve the detention of Americans included in that database now seems more plausible than ever.”

Is COG about to be activated? This news is also just in, from Zero Hedge in another article:

“Earlier, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva ordered all gun stores closed (fearing that too many first-time gun-owners were getting access to weapons), and now LA Mayor EricGarcetti lashed out at non-essential stores that refuse to close, making an ominous threat. After reflecting on the first COVID-19 death of a teenager in L.A. County, he went on to announce actions against nonessential businesses that don’t close. “This behavior is irresponsible and selfish,” he said of those that remain open. He said the Department of Water and Power will shut off water and power for the businesses that don’t comply with the “safer at home” ordinance.”

Are we quarantining the US Constitution? Can an emergency ever give the government the right to suspend the Bill of Rights? NO!

UK: Let’s Detain Someone for Mental Illness Based on 1 Opinion not 3, and Ban Couples who are Dating From Staying at Each Other’s House

The UK has just passed a massive emergency powers bill (Coronavirus Bill 2019-21) which puts into law further restrictions and requirements relating to the isolation of those suspected to be infected with coronavirus and for the detention of people in isolation where the authorities deem it necessary. It allows people to “attend” court using audio and video technology, allows the Government to suspend port operations, relaxes requirements on “cause of death” medical certificates and disapplies the requirement for a jury in relation to inquests into coronavirus deaths. This was after the UK Government already made changes to existing laws, e.g. a change in the mental health laws. It used to take the opinion of 3 unrelated mental health professionals to detain someone due to alleged mental illness, but now it only takes one. Couples are now banned from staying at each other’s houses!! The Daily Mail reports:

“Deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries suggested couples needed to either decide to live together or to remain apart during the crisis as she said that ‘what we do not want is people switching in and out of households’.”

emergency powers

Israel: Let’s Grab Geolocation Data for Surveillance and Consider the Total Suspension of Individual Freedom

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, corrupt to his core, has naturally been using the coronavirus crisis to his advantage. The crisis has allowed him to postpone his corruption trial. As I reported earlier in the article The New War on Bioterror: Everyone is a Suspected or Asymptomatic Carrier, the Israeli Government has also decided to increase their surveillance powers by capturing geolocation data from people’s mobile phones to supposedly halt the spread of the virus. Recently, Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed in their article ‘Total Suspension of Individual Freedom’: Inside Israel’s Secret Coronavirus Debate that “public health services chief tells Knesset intelligence panel that Israel needs to employ a total lockdown and personal monitoring in the struggle to contain the spread of the disease.”

india hand stamp covid-19 coronavirus emergency powers

India is hand stamping due to its COVID-19 coronavirus emergency powers. Image credit: ZeroHedge

India: Let’s Stamp Suspected Carriers with Indelible Ink

India is a massive country of over 1.3 billion people. A significant chunk of the nation is on lockdown. The Indian Government has decided to stamp the hands of people who are suspected – not even confirmed – carriers with indelible ink, as well as track them using their mobile phone and personal data to help enforce quarantines. This Al Jazeera article reports:

“In southern Kerala state, authorities have used telephone call records, CCTV footage and mobile phone GPS systems to track down primary and secondary contacts of coronavirus patients. Officials also published detailed time and date maps of the movement of people who tested positive …“People have been jumping quarantine and it has been a challenge to track them,” said Amar Fettle, who is heading the coronavirus control team in Kerala. “But we have formed hundreds of squads, including policemen to track and ensure people follow the norms.””

Canada: Let’s Fine and Imprison People Who Don’t Do Social Distancing

So you thought the social distancing thing was just a suggestion not a law? Think again. In Canada, they are thinking about fining and imprisoning people who don’t keep enough distance from each other. This article reports that Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu said, “We will use every measure in our toolbox at the federal level to ensure compliance … for me, should we see a reluctance on behalf of the country to pull together, that would be a time when we would require additional measures.” It continues:

“Saskatchewan has used its emergency-broadcast system to reach people on cellphones, telling returning travellers that they can be fined $2,000 if they don’t self-isolate for 14 days. In Quebec City, a woman who was infected with the virus was arrested while out walking. Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil declared a state of emergency on Sunday. It bans gatherings of more than five people. Fines for such things as being at a beach or provincial park are up to $10,000 for individuals and $100,000 for corporations.”

Poland: Take a Selfie … Or Else

Poland is threatening people it has already quarantined that if they don’t download an app adn take selfies to send to the government, they will get a visit from the police plus fines! France24 reports:

“Poland on Friday launched a smartphone app allowing people under a mandatory 14-day quarantine for coronavirus to send selfies to let authorities know they are indeed staying home. “People in quarantine have a choice: either receive unexpected visits from the police, or download this app,” Karol Manys, digital ministry spokesman, told AFP … The app uses geolocation and facial recognition allowing quarantined users to check-in with authorities to confirm they are indeed staying at home as required … The app notifies police if users fail to respond within 20 minutes. Police said on Friday they had slapped a 500-zloty (111-euro, $118) fine on one person who had flouted the mandatory quarantine rules, adding that penalties run as high as 5,000 zlotys.”

Australia: Let’s Suspend State Parliament for 6 Months

The Australian Government has made sweeping changes, including a ban on any non-essential indoor gatherings of more than 100 people and an upgrade in official advice to an unprecedented “Level 4: Do Not Travel” to any country in the world (though this was advice not a ban). In the state of Queensland, more emergency powers were grabbed. The Leader of the House even suggested that Parliament be canceled for 6 months! ABC reports:

“Electoral laws were modified, giving the State Government the authority to suspend the upcoming council elections and state government by-elections if the situation deteriorates … Under the moves, the state’s chief health officer and senior hospital staff were given greater powers to force individuals into isolation and will likely result in large gatherings in pubs, clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues being curbed … During the late-night sitting, Leader of the House Yvette D’Ath moved a motion to suspend Parliament indefinitely for up to six months, giving the Speaker the discretion to reconvene a sitting beforehand if he sees fit.”

Spain: Get out of your Garden, Now!

In Spain, since Sunday March 14th 2020, there has been a curfew in place, enforced by the police and the military. Cyclists and joggers trying to keep fit have been fined. Spaniards are no longer even allowed to walk freely or simply be in the private gardens of their apartment blocks – even if families take turns in using them! People are actually no longer allowed to use their own gardens.

plato quote tyrant appears

Emergency Powers: The Road to Hell and Tyranny

History has shown has time and time again that emergency powers given to governments during a time of crisis and fear are seldom returned. History has also shown that liberty normally dies to thunderous applause and the relief of people that they have found someone to ‘save them’ while they are busy relinquishing their hard-fought freedoms out of fear. As the wise philosopher Plato once wrote, when tyrants first arise, they appear as protectors.

As an important historical reminder, remember how Hitler gained so much power. On February 27th 1933, there was a mysterious fire at the Reichstag (German Parliament) which some say was a false flag operation. On February 28th 1933, President Hindenburg signed the “Emergency Decree for the Protection of the German People” which suspended the democratic aspects of the Weimar Republic, declared a state of emergency and removed basic personal freedoms (freedom of speech, the right to own property and the right to trial before imprisonment). The next year in 1934, Hitler further consolidated his power by merging the presidency and the chancellorship into one office, thereby becoming an absolute autocrat or dictator. Emergency powers are the tyrants’ gateway drug to total power trip intoxication.

Collective Governmental Emergency Powers are Indicative of a Coordinated Plan – A NWO Scripted Agenda

The similar measures being considered and enacted by governments around the world are not just random and coincidental. They are indicative of a global, deeply sinister and coordinating force in the shadows which engineered this crisis and is now reaping the benefits of the hysterical fear it has generated by consolidating its power. This is a scripted agenda. Welcome to the New World Order.

Think about the surveillance aspects alone. Governments are now claiming the right to track, monitor and trace people, with geolocation data, thermal imaging scans and much more – all the name of a very convenient virus that they were simulating and preparing for all along!

If you care about truth and freedom, now is the time to pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to what is happening.


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com. Makia is on Steemit and FB.
























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