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Catholic Church Child Trafficking

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Catholic Church Child Trafficking

Published 12 years ago on
Catholic Church Child Trafficking

The Catholic Church Child Trafficking racket included around 300,000 babies in Spain

The Catholic Church has been caught child trafficking over the years in several countries – Spain, Ireland, Cuba, Canada and Australia to name just a few. And we’re not talking small numbers either: in Spain the number has been estimated at around 300,000 stolen babies!

To those unfamiliar with the staggering history of lies, assassinations, pedophilia, wars, brainwashing and money laundering of the Vatican, this may seem shocking, but it’s nothing really abnormal for an institution which runs on fear and guilt and is rotten to the core. Catholic Church child trafficking may still be continuing to this day in Cuba under guise of “adoption services”, since the Church rarely admits its wrongdoing, but rather goes into damage control mode whenever it is caught. The stench of hypocrisy is foul. Jesus was right – how dark are those who would come after him (Vatican leaders) and use his name for their own selfish purposes!

Makia Freeman

Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles, a long-time truth researcher and a promoter of freedom. He provides insightful, non-partisan, unique and cutting-edge analysis on who's running the world, how they're doing it and what the deeper agenda is – as well as solutions for restoring peace and freedom to the world. He writes articles exposing propaganda and the numerous aspects of the worldwide conspiracy, in addition to geopolitics, sovereignty, health and higher consciousness. His articles are regularly syndicated and featured on sites such as David Icke, Wake Up World, Activist Post, Waking Times, Global Research, The Sleuth Journal and many more.

Sunday, April 14, 2024