The Trump-Putin Summit and the New US-Russia Protectorate


The Trump-Putin Summit was a great move by Trump. US dialogue with Russia can only lead to safer, better world, but the treasonous MSM wants war. The Summit did show the emergence of, essentially, a new US-Russia protectorate – Israel. Image credit: YouTube

The Trump-Putin Summit

was a momentous event. It is said that the only constant thing in the universe is change. This principle definitely applies to the world of geopolitics right now. In the last few weeks, there have been some major geopolitical shifts which will have ramifications for the immediate future of many nations in the Middle East. Trump continues to disrupt, starting trade wars with China, dissing Europe, reaching out to North Korea and Russia, and shunning Iran. Let’s take a look at the latest events, starting with the recent Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki, Finland, on July 16, 2018.

The Trump-Putin Summit

Predictably, the US Establishment (including current military, intelligence and political figures), Think Tanks, the US Congress and Senate, and the MSM heavily criticized Trump for daring to meet Vladimir Putin and – actually – talk about the issues faced by the 2 great nuclear superpowers of the world. As usual, whatever the MSM says, it’s best to reverse it and you’ll get the closest to the truth or closer to the message of freedom.

The sad fact is Russophobia is a 24/7 industry – but it’s an industry based on complete and utter fabrication. As CNN anchors have admitted (caught on secret camera), it’s a big “nothing burger.” It is really quite shocking that the whole fiasco has been dragged on this long with no evidence, but that’s a testament to the corrupt nature of the MSM and the lack of critical thinking offered by the majority of the American public. To give you one example of literally hundreds, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) head Richard Haass said that Russia is a “rogue state” but Russia is only labeled as such since it does not accept Washington’s preeminence and unilateralism.

From a sane and rational perspective, the world is better and safer when there is dialogue and diplomacy between 2 giant nuclear superpowers, not insults, military threats and war. I take an independent, non-partisan view of political and world affairs, because I align myself with principles rather than parties (or cults of personality). I have occasionally praised and often criticized Trump in the past, and it’s all to do with how much he is standing up for truth, freedom and peace, not which tribe he belongs to. However, let’s be clear: in choosing to meet Putin and begin the dialogue of finding common ground and rebuilding trust, Trump displayed his strength and one of his best moments as president. Yet, this very act of reaching out, of diffusing tension and of trying to make an enemy into a friend, was labeled “treasonous” by the MSM, while the truth is they are the traitors who are betraying the national interest of the American public, who would clearly and obviously benefit from peace with Russia, not war.

What follows are some excerpts from the Trump-Putin summit. These quotes are from Trump:

“TRUMP: Our relationship has never been worse than it is now. However, that changed as of about four hours ago. I really believe that. Nothing would be easier politically than to refuse to meet, to refuse to engage … I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics.”


“REPORTER: Mr. President, you tweeted this morning that it’s US Foolishness, stupidity and the Mueller probe that is responsible for the decline in US Relations with Russia. Do you hold Russia at all accountable for anything in particular? If so, what would you consider them that they are responsible for?

TRUMP: Yes, I do. I hold both countries responsibility [responsible – Ed.]. I think the United States has been foolish. I think we have all been foolish. We should have had this dialogue a long time ago, a long time frankly before I got to office. I think we’re all to blame.”

Now that’s quite a humble statement to make for someone who has been so arrogant at other times in his life. It’s quite amazing that he, on behalf of all the many warhawks in the US Establishment, would take responsibility for the part of the US in the deteriorating relations.

Trump, for all his goodwill and strength in Helsinki, faced a barrage upon his return to the USA, and then backtracked on his positions by saying that he misspoke and meant to say that he couldn’t see Russia wouldn’t be responsible for the hacking. This kind of backpedaling and pacification of the rabid Media and Congress is disappointing, however I believe it’s pretty self-evident that Trump’s true opinion on the matter of Russian hacking and Russia collusion were represented by the several times during the summit where he stated he didn’t believe Russia had done it.

Russian hacking and Russian collusion: 2 big fat nothing burgers. It’s incredible the fairy tale is still going on. The subject came up, of course, at the Trump-Putin Summit …

Trump’s Russia Israel Collusion

It is truly ridiculous how the MSM focuses on the supposed Trump-Russia collusion for so many years, when the Trump-Israel collusion is obvious, overwhelming, breathtaking and treasonous in itself, since it is putting the national interests of the Zionist settler state ahead of the national interests of the USA. Trump has openly confessed that he strives to be the most pro-Israel American president ever.

“We have worked with Israel long and hard for many years, many decades. I think we have never, never has any country been closer than we are.”

At the summit, on the topic of Russia collusion, Putin made the great point, as he has in the past, that a few Russian hackers do not represent the Russian state any more than George Soros represents the US Government:

“PUTIN: … then the final conclusion in this kind of dispute can only be delivered by a trial, by the court. Not by the executive, by the law enforcement.

For instance, the concord company that is brought up is being accused, it’s being accused of interference, but this company does not constitute the Russian state. It does not represent the Russian state. And I brought several examples before.

Well, you have a lot of individuals in the United States — take George Soros, for instance, with multibillion capitals, but it doesn’t make him — his position, his posture the posture of the United States. No, it does not. It’s the same case. There is the issue of trying a case in the court and the final say is for the court to deliver.

We are now talking about the individuals and not about particular states.”

Trump has consistently sided with Israel. He has dutifully done their bidding or given them the green light to do whatever they want, including unilaterally pulling the US out of the JCPOA Iran deal (as Netanyahu boasted he told him to) and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, to the chagrin of virtually the entire Arab and Muslim world.

While Trump’s loyalty to Israel is longstanding, what is interesting is Russia’s recent stance on Israel.

Is Israel the new US-Russia protectorate?

Israel, the New Protectorate of Both US and Russia

For much of the Syrian War, there were some clear sides: the US-UK-France-NATO-Turkey-Saudi Arabia on one side (supporting the Syrian rebel groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusrah, White Helmets, etc.) and Russia-Iran-Lebanon (Hezbollah)-China-Syrian Government on the other side (although China was not involved much). Turkey has wavered between leaning towards the US and towards Russia, however what has really changed these strict alliances is Russia’s recent openness to support Israel more than it has in the past.

“TRUMP: President Putin also is helping Israel. We both spoke with Bibi Netanyahu. They would like to do certain things with respect to Syria, having to do with the safety of Israel. In that respect, we absolutely would like to work in order to help Israel … creating safety for Israel is something that both President Putin and I would like to see very much.”

The article It’s Official, “Israel” Is Now A Joint Russian-American Protectorate highlights how Israel seems to have garnered Russia’s sympathy now:

“Beyond any shadow of doubt, the two Great Powers have made “Israel” their joint protectorate, and this surprising state of affairs has far-reaching implications for not just Syria, but the entire Mideast and especially Iran … The only way to sustainably secure “Israel’s” existence from the asymmetrical threat that Iranian forces and their Hezbollah allies pose near the occupied Golan Heights was for Tel Aviv to strike an indirect deal with Damascus through Russian mediation whereby the self-proclaimed “Jewish State” would implicitly recognize the continued leadership of President Assad in the Arab Republic so long as he could guarantee that his sworn enemy’s foes will be kept an uncertain distance away from the de-facto “border”.”

Russia is now positioning itself to be most powerful nation in determining the outcome of the Syria War and Middle Eastern affairs:

“It’s difficult – and for some, almost painful – at first thought to even countenance “Israel” as being anything other than an American protectorate, but the times have surely changed and Russia’s alliance with that entity is more solid than ever, with the strength of their ties now on public display by having the US President himself openly agree to giving his geopolitical “competitor” joint management over his country’s most valuable piece of real estate in the world.”

Conclusion: Trump-Putin Summit Good for Peace, but Are Russia-Israel Relations Good for Peace Too?

There are some good developments and some disturbing developments. Overall, the Trump-Putin Summit is a very positive thing. Trump making overtures to Putin can only be better for world peace. The same thing goes for the Trump-Kim Summit. As a candidate, Trump frequently professed his admiration for Putin and his opinion that it would be far better for the US and Russia to get along than not. It is good to see he has had the conviction to follow his intuition on this, against massive opposition from his own congress, senate and intelligence community (even if his obvious backtracking is disappointing). At the same time, watching Israel, one of the most aggressive and dangerous nations in the world, now gain Russia’s favor to some extent, is a worrying trend. As always in the Middle East, things change rapidly, so we will see what the future brings; things could be very different again in 3-6 months.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance. Makia is on Minds, Steemit and FB.








Rich Buckley July 20, 2018 - 12:24 pm

This is the big gorilla we don’t talk about. Pres. Trump’s Uncle John Trump was a top US scientist and professor of national stature. It was Professor John Trump, Harry Truman called in to examine Tesla’s papers.

There is much to learn about Deep State rouge, secret operations which President Trump is determine to bring back under government oversight. This subject is about many 10’s of trillions of dollars of off-budget, unacknowledged, above top secret spending that has all the alphabet agencies in bed with weapons corporations, and deep-state sycophant legislators both right and left, and controlled mainstream media all raging after Trump. They assassinated JFK, tried the same with Reagan, and are now desperate to get Trump any way possible.

Look into John Trump’s important national defense role, and how he took a youthful nephew (now our President) into his confidence with many Nikola Tesla science secrets.

Journalist, Daniel Liszt, “X- Series” video “TRUMP TESLA & THE X-TECHNOLOGY SECRET!” examines Deep State suppressed X-Technologies. Daniel’s eye-opening video linked here , politely and without rancor illustrates the “why” behind a US Space Force.

The Space Force is a Trump family legacy from deceased Uncle John Trump to help regain oversight by our elected officials, with the backing of our military.

Rudy July 20, 2018 - 12:28 pm

Trump has said, for quite some time now that he feels that Russia had something to do with hacking the election and he just reiterated that again in an interview after his meeting with Putin. He believes the intelligence agency’s evidence on the hacking. This guy will say something one day and something completely different the next.

Makia Freeman July 20, 2018 - 6:31 pm

Yes, Trump does have a habit of speaking like that. I tend to think that he is caving in to domestic pressures to say that. When he was not in the USA, he was emphatic that he ran a brilliant election campaign and won the race on his own merits and that non hacking was involved.

bluewater July 20, 2018 - 12:52 pm

Behind The Scenes:
THE QUEEN /TRUMP..You saw TRUMP walking in Front of the QUEEN..which is not usual protocol.THE QUEEN gave her resignation over to TRUMP who is the Front of the Alliance that is Guiding the Planet and is in Charge. THE QUEEN is the head of the draconuians which includes THE VATICAN and has distanced herself from The Rothschilds.
When PUTIN handed the ball to TRUMP meant
he has passed responsibility over to TRUMP to handle what is coming.
There are rumors that Remagen was Trump’s taster and that he died of poisoning. Given the extremely contemptuous anti-Trump climate following his latest disruptions of the Globalist apple cart, these rumors don’t seem entirely implausible.

However, the official report is that the well-respected 19-year veteran of the US Secret Service was protecting National Security Adviser John Bolton when he suffered a stroke.

While the Mainstream Media was hysterically fulminating and pearl-clutching in faux outrage over all things Trump, he and Melania were at Joint Base Andrews meeting with Remagen’s family.
The issue is that there has been an ongoing orchestrated character assassination and coup d’état against Trump for over two years and it’s not going to stop, because the highly-placed perpetrators are Capital Offenders who have nothing to lose by keeping their Mainstream Media minions dancing to their tune.

Anatomy of a Coup

Confirmed: Putin circumvented U.S intelligence, and gave Trump real intelligence.
Additionally Putin has been reported in Mex Media to be headed to the White House for a second meeting with Trump. Crickets in American media on this topic.
160 terabytes of the truth, while American intelligence did nothing but lie their asses off to Trump would be precisely why there is such an enormous freak out going on in the criminal MSM, criminal intelligence agencies, and criminal left in general. They now know Trump knows EVERYTHING THEY LIED ABOUT and they are scared sh*tless….Jim Stone.

JR July 20, 2018 - 2:53 pm

Not much on freedom here.

elfmom55 July 20, 2018 - 11:22 pm
bluewater July 21, 2018 - 12:15 am


The Pussy Riot girls had friends in high places (with Killary, Image #2 / with Madonna, Image #3).
But a few essential details were deliberately omitted, and continue to be omitted from the popular narrative. You see, Pussy Riot was not actually a “band.” The girls were just a group of NGO-financed agitators who would don bright colored ski masks while strumming on electric guitars which they knew not how to play. Their screaming “songs” consisted of loud obscenities calling for things like “gay rights,” the downfall of Putin, and for Russian housewives to stick their vacuum cleaner hoses up their vaginas.

Pussy Riot is an offshoot of an NGO funded Anarchist “ art collective” known as VOINA
Indeed, only 3 months after Pussy Riot’s release, one of America’s most artificially puffed-up pseudo “journalists” – the oh-so-serious and ever so “thought provoking” Charlie Rose of PBS fame and penis-flashing infamy – debased himself by interviewing two of the deranged subversives at a public forum held in New York in April of 2014.

bluewater July 21, 2018 - 12:58 am

Laura Eisenhower: My Family, Valiant Thor & Your Innate Abilities for Mastering Yourself [CITD 2018]
EGO,service to self is what is keeping us ENSLAVED in THE MATRIX..

Raise your vibration…

Adaline July 21, 2018 - 3:01 am

I find it hard to take anything Trump does or says seriously, or without revulsion at his life and persona, and all of his politics. I am trying to be open-minded, but it is difficult and admittedly I get incensed. He is a hater.

He calls everything ‘fake news’ that is not flattering to him. Fox News is not fake? It is just as fake as any MSM – it’s good that the issue of news is being brought into question, but he corrupts and misses the point.

I am shocked that you legitimize his bigot at all.

Makia Freeman July 23, 2018 - 6:48 pm

There’s a lot about Trump I don’t like, however, to be fair, he chose peace over war in meeting with Kim and Putin, he pulled the US out of the coming TPP and TTIP, and he also pulled the US out of the global warming accord (based on the false manmade global warming theory to usher in a world carbon tax).

Here are some of my articles on Trump, which are definitely critical of him:

Freespirit July 21, 2018 - 6:04 pm

There is no such thing as a “little bit of Evil” and this is evil: ” the two Great Powers have made “Israel” their joint protectorate,”

Israel is a FALSE ENTITY on STOLEN land, stolen by VIOLENCE by those Ashkenazi CONVERTED KHAZARS who have NO LAWFUL or NOR Biblical RIGHT, as proven by DNA analysis, to be in Palestine

No good can come from that “Little Bit of Evil” expressed by TRUMP and Putin, especially when there IS a LAWFUL HOME for those Ashkenazi, created with the help of the USSR, and still in RUSSIA

It is called, The autonomous REPUBLIC of “Birobidjan Yevrei” legally, under Russian Law, having 2 languages-Yiddish and Russian

The FACT of ignoring that TRUTH, in favour of VIOLATING, horrendously, the TRUE SEMITES, the Palestinians, is a bad omen for Humanity

It tells me that a NEW WORLD ORDER worse than the Feudalism of the DARK AGES, is just around the corner and RULED by PSYCHOPATHS

bluewater July 22, 2018 - 6:17 pm

Former Playboy Playmate McDougal BUSTED

Notes about affair with Trump written 10 years later than claimed
Supposedly she penned a story about a relationship with Trump while it was happening in 2006. That’s what everyone remembers, and this is the story that caused Melania to often appear openly pissed at Trump. However, now it has come to light that those notes were written on stationery that was not produced until 10 years later, in 2016, and is still in stores now. This stationery featured art by fashion designer Izak Zenou, whose name appears at the bottom of one of the pages. He got into the business of creating office supplies in 2016, and the notebook was not available for sale on Amazon until March 2016.

Obviously then, the McDougal story is not as implied if these notes were penned over a decade ago, and now, like all the other accusations against Trump, it has fallen apart.
Jim Stone

Jennifer July 23, 2018 - 7:23 pm


Valiant Thor’s name is really Val Thor, and it derives from Valid and Thorough, meaning when he works with humanity in Time, he checks and rechecks to make sure what he does will benefit and build and not weaken.

Delamer Duverus said that initially Val Thor worked with the military mind. My late husband’s friend had an encounter with Val Thor when he got caught up in the military and got deep into the negative stuff. When he thought he wasn’t going to get out and decided to kill himself rather than be a part of it, Val Thor told him to wait a bit. He did and while living in Hawaii he met Val Thor, partied with him, went to his home, and learned from Val Thor, how to solve some of his problems. One day he received a letter from Val Thor saying he had to go. The man went over to Val’s house, but it was boarded up and grown over and he couldn’t believe it. The woman next door told him it hadn’t been lived in for ages. At the pub they use to frequent, the bartender only remembered him being there, not Val. It is amazing what Man can do by Mind. This is how Val Thor got Dr. Stranges into the Pentagon. Maybe Jedi mind trick? Just kidding. the only thing the friend had to prove Val had been there was the letter from Val Thor.

JeSus said He was the Son of Man, so Man must be these guardians of which Laura Eisenhower speaks. Thanks for link.

Just so you know, Delamer Duverus is also a Man, a second out of time, can turn on a dime.

bluewater July 23, 2018 - 7:41 pm

Makia..correct and many simply can not know what is going on behind the scenes watching THE FAKE MSM.
You have NEW ENERGIES coming in July 27th and August 27th so that the sheeple will start seeing the Deception.
Around August 1st the indictments will begin. Trump signed an executive order so that THE ELITES will be COURT MARSHALL and not by THE CORPORATE FREEMASONIC ADMIRALTY LAW with FAKE JUDGES.
IF they are arrested and taken away,many will be destroyed because they are not human but Clones and the only way to do this is to chop their heads off.
Bush,Obummer,Clinton have been taken off and replaced with Clones. The Queen surrendered last week to the alliance,reason you saw Trump walking ahead of the queen ,not protocol and was shown the gaurd which no longer answers to the Queen.

bluewater July 23, 2018 - 8:37 pm

Jennifer…Thanks. I have been corresponding with a few other woman on other sites about Val Thor. So forgive me if my memory is not correct with all my correspondence.
I was privy to talk with a few people who worked with him. One from Europe who worked with him on Mars and underground bases on Earth,along with Elites -Richard Branson and Elon Musk who both work on the Secret Space Program which she also worked on.
One was a commander in the military who was there at the meetings in the Pentagon. According to him the name was Valerium Thor.
He has been here since the time of Christ and never ages and has no fingerprints.
What many never say is the Val Thor came from 5D Venus not 3D Venus, just like many of us will leave the planet to live on a higher earth and those that like their materialism,Hollyweird, and hillary and all the chaos on this earth can stay in 3D.
Just so you know Man has 8 chromosomes that no other BEING has..ETS
That is why they come here because WE ARE SPECIAL..these 8 have Divinity..a spark of the Creator. THE ETS came here and changed HUMANITY by splicing the DNA. These ETS came,coming here and try to make hybrids with HUMANITY.

bluewater July 23, 2018 - 9:10 pm

BY Fall into Winter..there will be a FINANCIAL RESET as I have stated many times in previous posts the last couple of months…
Trump may soon take control of the Federal Reserve
This was on CNBC, so if they are saying it, you know they have to.
“President Donald Trump has multiple reasons as to why he should take control of the Federal Reserve. He will do so both because he can and because his broader policies argue that he should do so. The president is anti-overregulating American industry. The Fed is a leader in pushing stringent regulation on the nation. By raising interest rates and stopping the growth in the money supply it stands in the way of further growth in the American economy.

First, He Can

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is required to have seven members. It has three. Two of the current governors were put into their position by President Trump. Two more have been nominated by the president and are awaiting confirmation by the Senate. After these two are put on the Fed’s board, the president will then nominate two more to follow them. In essence, it is possible that six of the seven Board members will be put in place by Trump.

There is a lot more than this in the CNBC report, which much to my surprise absolutely shreds the Federal Reserve. You can’t expect real reporting from them so this is a real surprise. Perhaps after Lisa Page killed the whole Russian thing, they are scared.
A WORD OF CAUTION HERE: JFK got killed around the time he was doing what Trump plans to do now.
Jim Stone

bluewater July 24, 2018 - 3:09 pm


Part one of two, In this video I will tell you about Val Valiant Thor stranger at the Pentagon

Jennifer July 25, 2018 - 1:24 am

Val Thor and Delamer Duverus are Man, as JeSus said He was the Son of Man. They are of One Mind, the Mind of Man, although they are many. So, we call Delamer Duverus, Father also. You will know them by their fruits.

In the beginning, there was one Man to every 7 humans, and now there is one Man to every 200,000.

DD says we cannot evolve to work with Man, the next step in our evolution, until we are no longer a threat to anyone or anything. “Blessed are the peacemakers.” “Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.”

All this written in “The Golden Reed” which we would be glad to share with anyone.

Our mentor who heard DD’s voice before told us, Makia, that peace is a natural existence until the Alien Mind gets in there to stir things up to create chaos, confuse humanity, so it can get a foothold. He said, also, that we really should be watching when they start talking “peace”, because it is then they will exert more control over us. Thanks for your articles.

bluewater July 25, 2018 - 6:00 pm

Trump To Buy Food Stocks
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
President Trump Set’s aside 12 billion dollars to buy food stocks that producers can’t sell due to tariffs from other countries squeezing profits.
President Trump will authorisze the purchase of un-sold foods and has pledged that surpluses will be sent to US food banks boosting free food for poor Americans.
This so far will be milk, butter, beef, rice and nuts.

Here in Great Britain the embarrassment of food banks admitting that so many people can’t live at the level set by the corporate world – is preventing this collapsing government from following the US lead…Simon Parkes


-Dracos..Elementals..DJINN…/ Reptilians FEED OFF the loosh created by DJINN
On East coast of USA there are many of their ships hiding in Cloud formations (highest concentration of human population is the East coast).
-127 Nephilim are in the USA ( reason so many ET SHIPS in the SKY) Under neath the Appalachian Mountains.Between India and Pakistan also.
Grand Canyon is another hot spot and for some years the gates have been closed to these Caves were they live. Egyptian Hieroglyphics have been found on the WALLS.
– ROTHSCHILDS/CABAL losing their Power..HOUSING IS DOWN and RETAIL SALES are the worst ever!!! AMAZON is a BUBBLE /Jeff Bezos is a fraud just like Einstein and Darwin.
-TRUMP takeover of the FEDERAL RESERVE
57 BILLION taken out of THE ROTHSCHILD UNITED NATIONS. A new one has been built and will be out by FALL.
-400 QUADRILLION in COLLATERAL ACCOUNTS will be opened and used for THE RV.
100 TRILLION is needed to SERVE HUMANITY to have an EQUITY SYSTEM!!!!
The 3 TRUSTS are Rodriquez,St Germain and M______
-Cashless Society..first will be credit cards and then you will have no use for money. Everyone will have a Replicator which is Interdimensional with your DNA for whatever you want. Quantum Computers will be used and not the dinosaur technology you are using now as Israel is releasing a replicator called GENIE at this time.
-August 27th Solar Eclipse will set everything into motion and by Fall much will be seen.
What you are being told on THE CRIMINAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA is LIES!!!

bluewater July 25, 2018 - 8:28 pm

Mueller & Holder Shut Down FBI Investigation of Stolen U.S. Stealth Defense Technology Implicating Lockheed Martin, While Comey Was Lockheed’s Top Lawyer

this is a bombshell ……Yes, that “blood moon” is coming home to roost.

“For nearly four years the FBI investigated the international theft of STEALTH defense technology from a small Florida marine company that invented an ingenious way to help protect Navy ships and nuclear ballistic submarines from being detected on enemy radar and sonar.
And on the eve before the case was go to a Grand Jury, the case was closed by then-FBI Director Robert Mueller and then-Attorney General Eric Holder.
“This was the original pay-to-play scheme and it involves Mueller, Holder, (James) Comey and (Hillary) Clinton,” said Steve Morton, inventor and owner of a rare robotic ship and submarine stealth painting technology that can help make the U.S. Navy’s fleet invisible on radar and sonar. “They allowed my technology to be stolen by European companies partnered with Lockheed Martin and Comey was the top lawyer for Lockheed.
Now my technology is being sold to the Chinese, Russians, and all over the world to enemies of the United States. I wonder how much Hillary Clinton made on this because she was Secretary of State when the probe was shut down.”
Massive allegations against familiar players linked to numerous other FBI, DOJ and government scandals. But this time the stakes are much larger than a Uranium One scandal. That was millions. This is untold billions.
Another FBI cover up, Morton and FBI insiders said.
And Morton should know. He worked as the FBI’s undercover informant on the case for almost four years, wearing a wire. Recording phone calls. Gathering evidence against Fincantieri, the massive Italian shipbuilder who the FBI had all but proven swiped Morton’s Stealth painting technology as well as his company’s computer files.
Comey had left the Justice Department in 2005 to become Lockheed Martin’s top lawyer until 2010, the exact time frame his client was under investigation along with its Italian shipbuilding partner.
Morton and high-ranking FBI sources said Mueller had received pressure from Comey, Lockheed’s high-priced general counsel to squash the case. And then suddenly almost four years of FBI case work spiraled down the drain.
Mueller and Holder shut the entire case down.
Fincantieri and Lockheed Martin are partners in the shipbuilding business for the U.S. Navy and navies in several countries. Heavy partners with billions of U.S. tax dollars alone pouring into the coffers of both massive corporations. In fact, when it comes to building war ships and outfitting them for combat, Lockheed is under an exclusive contract with Fincantieri.
South Florida entrepreneur Morton, however, describes Fincantieri as as greedy foreign defense contractor who conspired with Lockheed to steal his technology and run him out of business. The most important vessel in the US Navy, as far as a weapon platforms, is the nuclear ballistic submarine. It’s common knowledge in the Department of Defense that these submarines have active defense technology such as anti-submarine torpedoes, but the PRIMARY defense of any submarine is STEALTH. Keeping it hidden from enemy sonar.
Fincantieri rakes in $5 Billion annually, while Morton is asking family and friends for loans to help pay his legal fees. And that annual revenue for Fincantieri doesn’t include its numerous spinoffs and subsidiaries that are too vast to list here.
This is a case and a story of the prophetic David vs Goliath.
But in this case, David turned to the FBI to try and take down this gargantuan defense contractor – partnered with Lockheed. And things appeared to be going well until Goliath produced attorney James Comey who was old friends with FBI Director Mueller.
” These bastards took everything I had” Morton said. “And our ships in the Navy still aren’t protected by this technology, while our enemies are protected with it. This is a national disgrace.”
Morton was not the only person angered by the abrupt end of the FBI’s probe into the defense contractors. In 2011, then-Congressman Allen West got involved, trying to nail down why the FBI walked away from a case it had built for almost three years.
“The Federal Bureau of Investigation was investigating this case, (DOJ case number 288A-MM-109951) before Attorney General Eric Holder asked them to end the investigation,” West wrote to House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa. “I am not sure why the Department of Justice would back off a case regarding the theft of US defense technology.”
The correspondences that ensued between the Congressman prompted Issa to jump on the case which set off a a rash of FBI and DOJ lies that stretched from Florida to Washington D.C. to Italy and beyond.
But that is another part of this scandal for another day.
This story is developing.
read MORE…

T July 27, 2018 - 3:59 am

The southern hemisphere and all other countries of the world (exceptiion U.S.A.) will witness the longest Lunar/Blood moon eclipse in 100 years.

Why is America not included? Think about it.

bluewater July 28, 2018 - 12:44 am

Kubrick interpreted – 2001: A Masonic Odyssey

Buzz Aldrin
Friday, July 27, 2018
Just seen interview where Buzz Aldrin at a space convention is asked by an 8 year old girl:

‘why have we not been back to the moon yet?’

Buzz replies ‘WE NEVER WENT’……he also says that he knows why there have been no more moon shots.
Simon Parks

Buzz Aldrin

bluewater July 31, 2018 - 3:36 pm

Antarctica Unveiled
Clif opines that Antarctica was once and may still be a lair of the Anunnaki extraterrestrial creator gods of Sumerian mythology. The two also discuss the Nazi legend of Neu Schwabenland and how 20,000 blonde Ukrainian women went missing during the war, possibly to serve as breeders for Antarctica’s alleged Nazi colony.

many political and religious leaders, some of them quite physically infirm, from Newt Gingrich, to Buzz Aldrin, to Russian Patriarch Kirill, to John Kerry and Barack Obama, all seemingly making holy pilgrimages to Antarctica during a specific time period

bluewater August 1, 2018 - 5:49 pm

TIMELINES ….repaired-Altered ( 11 Matrix at START are ALL Gone!!) the FEAR MONGERING on INTERNET about WW3,ARMAGEDDON WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!
Three types of humans:
1.Those that are AWAKE-Service To Others……
2. Narcissistic service to SELF,materialistic,asleep…..will change and see the light
3.Truly Evil,baby eaters..ELITES,Rothschilds,HOLLYWEIRD….these will be REHABBED All will go thru the Transition in 4D. Anyone above 4D is a VISITOR…before the Golden Age in about 18 Months( Earth years)– 2days (ET TIME)
TRANSITION…Society Norms,Beliefs,Prejudices-WILL CHANGE-will not be the driving Force- CLEAN SLATE Instantaneously.
August 8 ..Lions gate is the Precursor to 6 Weeks of the Transition..Be Prepared
Hollywood Will Change…Disney( MK ULTRA SEX KITTENS)……Spielberg,Tom Hanks have been exposed as Pedophiles
Nuns having deaf children available for Priests. 300 Predatory Priests in Philadelphia identified!! The 5 EYES (LORD OF THE RINGS) is UK,USA,AUSTRALIA,NEW ZEALAND,BRITAIN– All are owned by Lucifer. Their Power is gone as THE ROTHSCHILD MONEY backing them up is GONE!!!! ___________________________________________________

WATERGATE was about covering up the Pedophiles in CONGRESS…CONGRESS STEALS 1 TRILLION $$$$$$ from the people thru Social Security!!!
ROTHSCHILDS had 70% of US LEADERS compromised with child prostitution. CIA investigated but FBI covered it up with Hillary Clinton and THE STATE DEPT!!!. HILLARY has 11 Sealed Indictments against her,along with The Clinton Foundation!! There was 12 Root races brought here to this Planet at the start of the Experiment. Lighting is a Negative Ion while 5G is a positive ion. All disease is positive Ions. Distilled Water is a Negative Ion,as well as fruits and vegetables..LIFE begets LIFE..DEATH begets death. Marijuana Kills Cancer ,now professed by THE CANCER SOCIETY SCAM/MEDICAL MAFIA. Monsanto and Bayer both Luciferian want to jump on the bankwagon $$$$$ and will make Synthetic marijuana which does not work , since they have made a KILLING,excuse the pun, making synthetic heroin by kosher Purdue Big Pharma

bluewater August 2, 2018 - 12:20 am


Who Killed JFK? the same Usual Suspects that want TRUMP destroyed… The Dream team of CIA,FBI,MAFIA,VATICAN,Corrupt Freemason Police and owners of America,Media,Industry sleeping in bed with ROYAL FAMILIES. What the Criminal Media never showed you……THE REAL SHOOTERS and Witnesses of those in THE REAL PLOT!!!! in middle of video. Zapruder film..G Gordon Liddy,LBJ,E Howard Hunt…CIA secrets..Double bodies and leading to WATERGATE!!..////// DISINFO for THE PEOPLE. Think Princess Diana and Marlyn Monroe and Robert Kennedy and JFK JR. to today’s World…Goldman Sachs, Controlled Mainstream Media/PEDOPHILIA /HOLLYWEIRD/GAYDOM/Afghanistan Heroin/ TERRORIST ATTACKS….9 11..IMMIGRANTS/MIDDLE EAST
Diaboli Ordinati Intrepidi

Bob August 3, 2018 - 4:49 am

… And this is how your far offspring will look like when you believe in MSM and support NWO.

(Grey alien picture here,

This is just my opinion, anyway, based on the very little that I have read and understood. I don’t care if you don’t like it.

You have to fulfill their prophecies and nuke the Earth in order to get rid of 90% of mankind and make room for a hybrid race, that, after several more stages of hybridization, will lead to this Grey, slave, radiation/pollution resistant, future race. They call it “Evolution”. Whatever they are, they are not human.

If Trump’s election is finally ratified by the Electoral College, and that is a VERY BIG “if”, then that would represent a step back from the sure way to a nuclear WW3 with Russia that would mean the election of Hillary Clinton.

But this is far beyond that.

Whatever the Mass Media has duped us into believing that is good, it is good for them, because it helps to Mankind’s self-destruction and so it reinforces their future time-line. That includes National Security, Google’s “don’t be evil”, and every other good intentions that pave the way to their hell. And whatever they say that it is bad, it is probably something that supports the survival of the true humanity.

Let’s take Green House Effect and Global Warming, for example. They are an excuse for Geoengineering that, in its purpose, is the opposite of Terraforming, because it is making the world suitable for them, and unsuitable for us. Think about all those pilots who are spraying the skies with poisons, those infamous Chemtrails, just because they obey their orders and make the “right thing to do”.

The same applies to Fracking, the whole oil industry itself, nuclear energy, Big Pharma,GMO, plastics, pesticides, food and water additives, microwaves, etcetera. (See

They promote changes toward their future time-line in every aspect of our lives. (See or

And they have being doing it from the very beginning, since when they created the Humanity. They have been forcing our “evolution” all this time.

Have you ever wondered why our religions, and so our societies, are so much sexophobic? It is because they created those religions too, and they imposed them on our societies, and these Grey beings are sexless. (See
Even more, they are emotionless. So, they are powerless, because emotions are the force that creates, or manifests, our reality, and sexual energy is the ultimate creative force.

Have you ever wondered why our psychopath leaders are so physically/sexually/emotionally abused at childhood? It’s because so the are taught to be psychopaths and to hate the humanity. Do you remember when Great Britain’s Prince Charles’ father said several times that he would wish to be a lethal virus that destroys the mankind?

Have you ever wondered why so many rules, laws and commandments? They created the laws because without them you have nothing to enforce, and you have nothing to watch, so you have no excuse for surveillance. They are the biblical Watchers, and what they watch is us not stepping out of their time-line.

Of course, at the same time, all that prohibitions create the need for secrecy. All those evils can not exist without the coverage of the veil of secrecy.

If you go down enough into the rabbit hole, as David Icke says, if you do your homework when investigating all these evils, if you dig deep enough for their roots, the roots of evil, then you will find these beings.

These Grey beings are the ultimate warrior race, blindly obeying, without free will of their own, and every time that you blindly obey or believe, you get a step closer to them.

They are the only race able to withstand the cosmic radiations and so to perform that kind of brute force, materialistic, technological space travel. But that is not the only way to space travel.

Wherever they travel they will find barren worlds, or else they will make them barren, radioactive, toxic, suitable for them and unsuitable for every other life form.

We are on the verge of a massive shift of consciousness, of a change of paradigm, when we massively opt out from their time-line.

Worldwide media are Grey’s propaganda outlets to persuade us to make the choices that will convert us in them, and our world in theirs.
This goes far beyond Deep State versus American people. This is about the survival of the mankind as we know it.
Owning the media, they own the public opinion, the “common sense”, and so they own the decision making in all the branches of the government, in all levels, worldwide.
Through the Illuminati, the Greys control science, religion, education, the media, banking/finances, and government, worldwide.
They brutalize their children to make them the psychopaths that rule the world, because we allow them to rule, because we choose them. It is our fault if we believe in them, if we trust in them, if we elect them, if we follow them, if we obey them, to self-destroy ourselves and destroy our world, through wars, crime, pollution, etcetera.

Yang G August 3, 2018 - 6:53 am

I believe with winning of mass brainwashed minds deep state future shall bring us light to walk through this dark age to the dawn of humanity.

Yang G August 3, 2018 - 7:05 am

Its our turning point to humanity.

bluewater410 August 5, 2018 - 9:16 pm

anthony bourdain2.jpe

The Weiner Laptop

According to the report of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Peter Strzok’s decision to prioritize the “Russia Investigation” over following-up on investigating Anthony Weiner’s computer was not free from bias.
However, Strzok’s bias or lack thereof is beside the point, as I will explain in a moment.
This video details how in late September 2016, Peter Strzok, then in charge of the FBI’s Clinton email investigation, actively avoided investigating Anthony Weiner’s laptop before the election. The computer had been seized by the FBI’s New York office in a separate investigation into Weiner’s sexting with a minor when 141,000+ emails between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin were discovered in it.
The New York FBI’s search warrant did not cover those emails, requiring an additional warrant from the FBI’s DC office in order to investigate these but the warrant wasn’t issued until a month later on October 30, 2016 – or one week before the election. When asked the reason for the delay, FBI officials, Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page all gave excuses – all of which have been rejected by the Inspector General.
Not that Horowitz is so squeaky-clean, either. The IG’s focus on Strzok’s bias against Trump is just so much obfuscation, in light of the fact that it’s since been discovered that Strzok held a joint CIA/FBI position and answered primarily to former CIA director John Brennan – who clearly has it in for Trump. (One wonders who is pulling Brennan’s chain, with all of his carrying-on as a paid pundit on MSDNC)?
Thus, when Strzok testified that his bias didn’t “impact any official action [he] took,” he wasn’t perjuring himself. Strzok was simply following orders in a covert operation to cover up the crimes of Hillary Clinton and to frame and destroy Trump – an operation which continues to this day.
Further, members of the House Intelligence Committee who questioned Strzok were also careful not blow Strzok’s cover by framing their questions in terms of his “bias”, rather than by asking the questions that would have revealed his role in this very obvious (and treasonous) covert CIA operation.
How many of these people can get away with plausible deniability?

Time for a refresher on pedophile symbolism. It is obvious that through symbols on childrens items they are normalizing the symbolism to prepare kids with familiarity in advance. This pretty much says it all

bluewater August 6, 2018 - 11:41 pm

Very well said Bob…that timeline is no longer operating!!!!
Humanity is on a different Timeline now…
The changes that humanity is currently going through cannot be Reversed…
You must remember that only 95% of the population is AWAKE..the rest are in deep slumber and will have a huge awakening very soon!!!

[MIRROR] The Simulation Theory We Must Take Control – David Icke

Truelight August 7, 2018 - 3:05 am

You are all being lulled, duped; the change only appears to benefit humanity, the end is still the same… the singularity. Technology is Lucifer’s way of leading you all to the super-brain (singularity)humanities final evolution through technology.

bluewater August 8, 2018 - 9:54 pm

8-8-2018 a Rogue Element..a WALK IN….PLAYING 4D CHESS while everyone is playing checkers. There are TWO TRUMPS..The One everyone knows about most of his life..YES he was in THE CABAL,he was in with all of them and so knows everything about them. HE IS FOLLOWING THE SCRIPT. JFK was also born into an illuminati Family but tried to do what was best for humanity by destroying THE CIA,FEDERAL RESERVE,ISRAEL,DARK CABAL/MAFIA and was killed by them. TRUMP is being told what to do so the same does not happen and is being well protected (not by Secret Service) by Special Army/Forces…You must remember that only 5% of the people are AWAKE, the rest so dumbed down with their FALSE BELIEFS and TEACHINGS and MIND PROGRAMMED by Society,Religion,Media,Fake News,Hollywood etc August 8th..LIONS GATE..Alignment Of Planets!! Prepatory To Disclosures, the stage for implementation of
– Disclosure – meeting ET
– Clean Up of Planet …Politics,Banking-Financial System,Environment etc
Timelines Merging….thus the Matrix No Longer Exists…..Main Timeline Re Emerging!!
LOOK INTO THE CREATIVE TABLETS which is more Accurate than the Emerald tablets.
– Certain Individuals/NASTY ONES will not understand any of this PEACE/LOVE/FREEDOM GOLDEN AGE/ Mentality will only have ONE Choice…ELIMINATION!!!
ALTERNATIVE TO WHAT IS GOING ON!!! which is not what you are told on THE NEWS.
CRIME factions/Families/Elements – Rothschild Hillary a Rothschild,Bill Clinton a Rockefeller..Marriage was set up for power. McCain is Hitler’s grandchild
– Vatican,P2 Lodge
– Chinese
– Russian All these Factions had a meeting and came to the decision to go with Trump rather than Hillary. She could not be allowed because she would have been worse than Hitler and could not be trusted!!!
Stomach creates STEM CELLS
You have never been TOLD that there is A1 MILK and A2 MILK. A1 MILK is from BLACK and WHITE COWS which causes Diabetes and you can not digest the meat or it’s products.They are FED GRAINS(GMO) which cause Cholesterol,BONE DENSITY detireation-disease/old age and is POISONING the body. You are eating POISON!!!
A2 MILK comes from BROWN COWS which generates STEM CELLS.They are FED GRASS.. In Ireland( West Virginia) and other countries Cows are GRASS FED. TRUMP is changing THE FARMING INDUSTRY so the SOIL will have THE NUTRIENTS needed for HEALTH which for 50 years has been DEVOID of any NUTRIENTS. _________________________________________________ VATICAN..THE POPE’S LAPTOP was confiscated and it contained Pedophile Rings,Child Trafficking Rings and FREEING Priests with PEDOPHILE CRIMES.
– August 4th….Bill HR 5404 was passed to stop Disclosure of GOLD STANDARD and RV
SECRET ARMY to do Enforcement…
There is over 2 1/2 million sealed Indictments worldwide not ENACTED YET!!!! Australia..PINE GAP were many Nasty Elites like KISSINGER are said to be hiding. Antarctica Stacis room/specific device will be triggered if there is any movement in PINE GAP,so that these criminals can not leave.


bluewater August 9, 2018 - 12:24 pm

World on Fire ~ Greece,Europe,California,Alaska,Northeast,Northwest
and Southwest USA,Africa…. what FAKE NEWS will not tell you


bluewater August 15, 2018 - 6:22 pm

Inner Earth…..there is a tunnel system with doors/apartments on each side that lead to the end to a STARGATE were you can go to Jupiter,Mars,anywhere. It is called Future City were 7 million Friendly Visitors have gone thru. it has been in existence since the first density came into existence. Since the Inuit came out of Inner Earth. Since then 3 civilizations have been destroyed.
Reptilians..not all are bad,there are some good ones. Nasty ones have been separated. Archons…Non Physical,Interdimensional,some are bad,more good than bad.
ELITES-DARK CABAL 60 thousand have been removed..The Extreme evil ones. Clean Up will be with governmental systems.
Genetics for millions of years: Area 51,Area 49 and Area 24 were there has been SPLICING of Pleidians with Reptilians,Draconians,Molechs. Chinese Elders ..part Arcturians/part Anunnaki ROYAL FAMILIES are bringing together different bloodlines.REPTILIAN FAMILIES fighting amongst Themselves!!! THE 5 KINGS..LORD OF THE RINGS JAPAN- Hiroshima -fight over taking the USA
One Reptilian Family trying to dominate the other USING HUMANS to takeover others territory. HIERARCHY
-300 FAMILIES..committee of 300 They will be taken care of by an Economic Collapse were they reside. ETS…95% are good…only 5% are Bad/Nasty/Evil. GRAND EXPERIMENT CALLED 3 D EARTH 22 ET RACES came for this Grand increase the heart frequency. Humans have a 22 strand DNA meaning you are made up of 22 ET RACES. for long time it was downed to 2 strand DNA to keep you in Slavery. as of NOW 3 strand is Materializing which gives you Power,like The Men of Old who could communicate with Animals and Plants,MIND OVER MATTER, THOUGHT IS A TRILLION TIMES FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. When we discovered captured ET CRAFTS we found out that SPACE CRAFTS Operated thru the MIND. and can Bend Time/Space. Can go to the opposite side of the Galaxy in less than 5 mins. TRANSITION- will be bringing some of this. You will be able to Teleport,If you are adept and schooled ( can not travel back in time) There are Limitations…START MANIFESTING NOW!!! with this Plasmic ENERGY begin small…healing yourself!!! DO NO HARM…. creating Happiness,Love,Forgiveness,Abundance,PEACE. Spend time in Nature,grounding and being quiet __________________________________________________ 4 th Reich were banned from the Pleiades…came here and merged with Negative Forces to STOP THE ASCENSION PROCESS. much of this is found in the original GOLD METALLIC SCROLLS(very RARE) and EMERALD TABLETS. WE are in lower 4 D now. END OF 4 D is schooling NOT TO HURT ANYONE…Then you go to 5 D….
3 D WAY is ANGER,EGO…OLD WAYS!!! Raise your Vibration..LOVE IS THE ANSWER!! NEGATIVITY is being taken OFF THE PLANET since August 8 th LIONS GATE THE AIR is cleaner. Clean Up is going thru The End Of The Year. THE MORE YOU THINK HAPPY,the faster the process will be. IF YOU laugh at THE DEVIL (LUCIFER/SATAN) who wants to Consume YOU…it will be taken care of…. NEGATIVE PEOPLE want to Con,Steal,Manipulate….THOSE STUCK on 3D…ANGER,EGO…. 3 D Attitude will bring you down. will not be able to mix with higher levels in 5 D.
On 8-8-2018 FBI,DOJ landed a Boeing 737-223 in Little Rock,Arkansas accompanied by fighter jets and swarms of helicopters from The Marine Intel and confiscated boxes of documents from the Clinton Foundation which the Clinton’s were going to destroy..the reason The Clintons have not been arrested is because they are Sovereign..NOT US CITIZENS. These Cabal will taken down..

RV Neil Keenan made Spiritual Leader,FULL CONTROL OF THE ACCOUNTS,administering of Funds will be happening soon. Funds will be released in such a manner to help those in the most need first.
400 Quadrillion to rebuild. NOT A PENNY TO ANY GOVERNMENT.. All Africa can be helped. All Poor countries can be helped.
Farmers will be able to grow food with no chemicals.
Plastic will cease to be used.
Unnatural chemicals will be banned.
You will have Clean Water,Decent living all over the Planet.
The Oceans will be cleaned including the plastic.
ET will deliver a care package of things you will need and speak in your language..South America,Europe,USA,Asia,Russia etc

bluewater August 16, 2018 - 4:12 pm

Last week in August will bring in a Paradigm Shift!!!
Energy Wave from The Central Sun…
Collapsing Matrix Programs Through Currency & More On Oct Shifts
October 13th

Adaline August 25, 2018 - 1:06 pm

WordPress is now deleting blogger’s accounts!!! Blogs disappearing into thin draconian air…

bluewater August 25, 2018 - 7:46 pm


AT&T/LUCENT technologies…SOROS..KUSHNER property 666 5th AVE

bluewater August 27, 2018 - 5:08 pm

Financial Reset,CABAL is defeated,WARS in IRAN,NK,IRAQ,FALSE FLAGS

bluewater August 30, 2018 - 1:37 am


McCain…..His Girlfriend Lindsey Grayham was devastated. He was told from very High UP Sources,very discreetly that if he TRIED any remedies ,he would be destroyed!!!
5G…is a Massive health Experiment. The TOWERS on the poles are there to accrue access to your brain.
Non Entity in the Mystery Towers is the Evil. 5G just opens the Door.
This is ET Technology they have had 6-7G forever

There are 6 Planets holding the GOLD RESERVES for the FINANCIAL RV. VENUS has always been one
The 4th FINANCIAL RV is ready to go….there were loop holes in the first 3 and had to be reworked. the new Dollar is already and can found on some
Facebook pages.
YOU will not be given MONEY per se,but your mortgage,Debt/INCOME will fade away.
Dracos,Reptilians,Anunnaki Can Not handle the New System .IT will Detect the frequency of the individual and will automatically shut down
for them. Dracos,Reptilians,Anunnaki are trying to get humans to get into it.
ET is working with the 6 th Force OFF PLANET, TRUMP mentioned for about 4 months now,so we can travel the Galaxy .
FARMERS are going to be helped and will be growing heirloom seeds, getting rid of GMO Chemical Plants.
GMO will be destroyed with Lighting.You will see FIELDS on Fire.
The Lame Stream Media…We will No longer be using TV like we have. IT will be INTERNET from OFF PLANET so it Can Not be TAINTED.
COURTS which are under ADMIRALTY LAW will soon go away. Attorneys will show that they are ILLEGAL. ADMIRALTY LAW is illegal and we will go back to Constitutional LAW..COMMON LAW COURTS will be PROLIFIC.
We will revert back to Constitutional Law …..DRIVING being FREE RIGHT TO TRAVEL as long as it it is not commerce.
You will not need a license,plates,registration. YOU will need insurance//.– By beginning of next year.
JAIL..will no longer be privatized ( making $70,000 to $80,000 per person). STATE will have to pay for every person in jail.
INMATES will be schooled to create their own clothes and grow their own food.
RIGHT BRAIN is the power that you have
LEFT BRAIN is the easy part to CONTROL
Left handed are Special and are targeted and eliminated by the elites.
NEW SYSTEM Shutting down the OLD SYSTEM..NWO.
2019 Rolling Out The New System
MUSIC Industry drastically changing.
NEW MATRIX will not support Negative Vibration
Think of being PLACED ON TOP OF THE OCEAN to swim if you are higher vibration and if you are of Lower Vibration then Negativity will be like weights on you and you will sink deeper deeper to the bottom .
Everyone will sink to their own level!!!
New devices so NSA can No LONGER SPY on us will be provided at the right time free.
Everyone will have a black box which will take your radioactive energy and will put into all your devices to protect you from 5G and EMF
ET Changed the Codes to all STARGATES
UNIVERSAL Language is hieroglyphics.
OBAMA told troops to not bother PEDOPHILES
TRUMP meets with Qanon who said democrats run Pedophile Cults
FOUNDATIONS..Ford,Rockefeller etc all are Pedophiles
Vietnam wants Monsanto to pay for Agent Orange health damage.
GERMANY on brink of civil war.
Switzerland were Rothschild are hiding,are not The Head Draco. The Head Draco is in Germany,2nd floor underground in his compound and is a Rothschild who gives the others Orders to what to do.
MRI lawsuits are coming. They are putting Poison into you,causing many health problems.
CANOLA OIL..Can adian oil is making you fat and is carcinogen,linked with Round Up/Monsanto.It is used to FATTEN UP ANIMALS.
SUGAR in milk,cereals etc is killing you
250,000 children taken for sex trade.
SOROS is behind White farmers being ousted in South Africa

bluewater410 September 3, 2018 - 1:01 am

…”Sister Keri Burnor spent many years as a nun serving peacefully within the Catholic Church; that is, until she was sexually assaulted by Church Clergy. After that experience, her search for justice and truth put her face to face with some of the highest powers in the world today, but not necessarily in a good way. Her intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Roman Catholic Church and the evils that are hidden and covered up therein on a regular basis have become the very thing that has caused Burnor’s life to be in jeopardy.”


Before you beLIEve THE VATICAN
before you beLIEve the PRIEST
Before you beLIEve that ONLY a FEW PRIESTS are molesting NUNS and young boys. Go by a NUNNERY and you will see a Cemetery right next to it.That is were they have buried the babies aborted by THE PRIEST who had sex with NUNS,going on for thousands of YEARS!!!!
Before you go to Confession
Before you attend the NEXT SATANIC MASS.
Before you EAT your GMO WHEAT,CORN,SOY,MEAT,CHEESE,MILK LISTEN to this YOUNG WOMAN who was a NUN……who are you going to beLIEve the
KOSHER MEDIA or this Honest woman….absolutely disgusting and THE SHEEPLE are in DEEP SLUMBER with their DumbPhones!!!!
90% of the SHEEPLE that think they have LYME Disease have actually NANO TOXICITY
5G will allow them to be inside your body with THE GMO nano food you are eating and drinking
Dulles brothers/Rockefeller/Rothschild created The FEDERAL RESERVE in 1913
LEO ZAGAMI 33 degree FREEMASON ..P2 LODGE in THE VATICAN is a whistleblower
Before you beLIEve The KOSHER MEDIA about TRUMP…..IT IS TRUMP who protected this woman


bluewater September 6, 2018 - 11:54 pm

Banking System
As long as Rothschilds hold the money,there can be no change.
The New Treasury notes will be released in September which are backed up by Gold.
RED VAMPIRE is the Serpent that gave EVE the Apple. 13 Draconian Owners.
5 Operations were put into Effect. We are Now in LEVEL 3 as signed by TRUMP at 3:00AM Sunday morning.
NOT all can be said as is very Sensitive and do want to catch the Enemy by surprise.
CIA was Infiltrated
MICROSOFT.had to dump their TRANSFORMERS in The Ocean..6 satellites were taken out
FACEBOOK (CIA/Rockefeller),GOOGLE are going to have a visit by armed troops this week into Silicon Valley.
research GOG vs MGOG..that is what is really going on.
Mongolia,Tibet,China vs The West..that is the WAR in SYRIA which is now also in Iraq.

USE and download it to replace FIREFOX and for windows it is 64bit and you will not be tracked or be spied on and will run smooth on your computer.. After you download it REMOVE the old firefox. GOOGLE,YAHOO,WINDOWS are
THE ENEMY do not use..USE DUCK DUCK GO to search but never have GOOGLE CHROME installed in your devices.
GET rid of WiFi which causes Cancer and changes your DNA the future it will be taken away as well as 5G
GET LiFi and you can get internet and your phone with no Luciferian WiFi. Lifi bulbs can be bought on Ebay from $36.00 up
Russia is helping The WHITE FARMERS in South Africa
SOROS is behind the WHITE FARMERS being attacked and their land stolen and thrown out .Blacks ,Africans will not be able to grow food.
The Talmud Kosher Nostra/media is creating genocide in Africa. China will throw money into AFRICA as they know the Blacks will be starving
to death from Lack of Food.
The TALMUD GOLDLESS SYSTEM is being replaced with QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM which has A I and Hercules built in to this
PEPSI backwards means DEAD. PEPSICO /TACO BELL both use aborted fetuses for flavor
CDC is Exposing CORRUPTION- admitting to FRAUD on PHARMA DRUGS— that LIE LIKE A RUG!!!!!
Antibiotic means Anti-LIFE
DRAGONS GATE… 2nd gate of 12 to come thru
Warrior and Dragon. Unless If in your heart you are neutral or Indifferent
Is a Precursor to LIONS GATE… research – Ancient Chinese Mythology. White Dragon Battle from 21,000 B.C.
USING Energies. The Battle will be Red and White Dragon. UNIFICATION OF ALL DRAGON FAMILIES…this
involves Collateral Accounts which is 400 Quadrillion dollars to give to humanity and not have TALMUD SLAVE DEBT SYSTEM any Longer.
Prisons which are PRIVATELY OWNED is Barbaric. They get paid $70,000 to $.80,000 for every inmate . They OWN the JUDGES,
Smoking a Joint ..gets 10 years
Pedophiles gets 10 days
ISRAEL CHANGES COMING /will not allow them to use the money we give them for WHATEVER THEY WANT.
If You Do NOT COMPLY..POLICE,JUDGES etc. For Profit Prisons hiding their money in The Caribbean.
Those in Prisons will be let out..
ARRESTS FOR TREASON are coming Mr. SOROS and Hillary,OBAMA,BUSH, and THE KOSHER MEDIA,HOLLYWOOD CEO’S.Democrats,FBI,CIA DARK CABAL etc. is to get Rid of Mechanics of what MONEY is Suppose to be.
ZOMBIE VOTERS- Dead People…those that Allow it will be going to jail…Hillary,Democrats,UN are DONE!!! are voting for THE PLANTATION
TRUMP wants PEOPLE to WORK!!!!
Illegal Immigrants Can Not Vote to get the Communist Democrats in office
Fun and Games are coming while THE ELITES are very Scared ..reason for all THE BASHING AGAINST TRUMP!!!!! and Promoting EVIL McCAIN.
by The TALMUD MEDIA…Kaepernick is a CRYPTO JEW like OBAMA,BUSH,HILLARY etc being USED for CIVIL WAR.
Johnson & Johnson admitted their BABY products cause Cancer
HEALTH..rebuild your stomach Bacteria..Rebuild your GUT ,Colon,Intestines,Stomach with FERMENTED FOOD.
STORE YOGURT that sits on SHELF for 72 hrs is DEAD make your own,eat kefir,sauerkraut.
in WW 2 were and still used
Bio Weapons,
CHEMTRAILS,- Gassing People
Weather Wars
GOLD from jews that was Stolen went to those THAT MAKE THE MONEY,MAKE THE GUNS,OWN THE PRISONS
New Technologies coming…
NEW COMPUTERS..will be Quantum computers that the Rockefellers,Rothschilds,DARK CABAL can not use and will not work without 4D materials.
POWER SUPPLY unlimited will last 250 years.



CABAL,ROTHSCHILDS,SOROS,HILLARY,OBAMA,COMEY(reason McCain the Insane is gone) etc will be given THE GODFATHER DEAL!!!!

They will be paid a Visit and they will laugh ..Ha Ha ha
They will be told ….
THE MILITARY(Marine Intel) and others WILL DO THIS which are heavily armed
They Will be ARRESTED FOR TREASON against THE REPUBLIC.or they can be shot on site. Many will fight because these PEDO MONSTERS know what is coming, it will not be pretty for THESE SATANIC ANIMALS!!!!!

THE NY TIMES, mouth piece for ROTHSCHILD are DESPERATE now and there will be MANY FALSE FLAGS around 911 ..

bluewater September 9, 2018 - 2:01 pm
bluewater410 September 11, 2018 - 11:57 am

Read The Book Of Enoch to find out who the Fallen Angels are….
Qanon…pay attention to him
Clone…….genetics being done by governments especially USA…HU man responsible are the ones siting on the seven cities in Revelation
What you have they do not which is
A Soul
Third Eye
The GOD gene…knows what is right and wrong
The WAR is for WHO OWNS your SOUL and who OWNS this PLANET!!!!

HAARP has been shut down
Last week 6 satellites were shut down,Chinese,Russian,USA all perplexed
Galactic Federation..Pleidians,Arcturians,Sirians etc but not the Reptilians were part of Creation Experiment.
THE NEW WORLD May 20,2021….even those who do not believe in GOD will be praying.
will not have the EVIL ONES who will be destroyed in the WAR….They will not survive in their underground bunkers,bases


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