Syrian Ground War About to Begin? WW3 Inches Closer


Are Turkey & Saudi Arabia about to join the US-UK-Israeli axis in starting an all-out Syrian ground war, a precursor to WW3?

A Syrian ground war

is being prepared for by at least 2 nations in the last few days. Yesterday, on Thursday Feb. 4th 2016, the Iranian news medium PressTV reported Russia as saying they had detected Turkey preparing itself for a ground incursion into Syria. Meanwhile, on the same day, Saudi Arabia has also declared “The kingdom is ready to participate in any ground operations that the coalition (against Islamic State) may agree to carry out in Syria” meaning it is ready to assist the US-UK-Israeli-Turkey-NATO coalition to ostensibly fight ISIS, with the real target being Bashar Al-Assad, President of Syria. This comes right on top of news that the Pentagon is requesting even more money to fight its imaginary enemies of ISIS, China and Russia. The US already outspends all other countries in the world on military expenditure, while allowing shocking levels of poverty to prevail domestically (with around 50 million Americans or 16% of the population on food stamps or food welfare). Is all this indicative of preparations for a Syrian ground war?

The agenda of the dark forces in power is more war – including a Syrian ground war on the way to World War 3.

Syrian Ground War – The Agenda All Along

None of these geopolitical maneuvers are unexpected if you understand the overall game plan. The New World Order cabal, which is dominated by the US-UK-Israeli axis, wants to take over the whole world, but they have met their match in Russia, China and Iran. The reason Syria has become such a hotbed of activity is because it is a strategic foothold into Eurasia – and a stepping stone to WW3. The US thought it could knock off Syria (just as it had done with Iraq, Libya and many other nations), but Syria has had support from powerful allies – Iran and Russia.

Iran may seem to be a relatively insignificant country, but it has shown tremendous technological and military prowess in recent years. In 2011, Iran brought down the premier spy drone in the US fleet, which crashed into the Iranian countryside. Iran used electronic warfare to bring the plane down by taking control of it mid-flight. Iran actually managed to guide the drone to a peaceful landing inside Iran with the drone “thinking” it was in Afghanistan. Then again in January of this year (2016), Iran captured 2 US Navy boats in Iranian waters by sophisticated electronic jamming. Interestingly, Iranian free energy scientist Mehran Keshe (who now lives in Europe) claims it was his technology that was responsible for the downing of the drone …

Russia, too, has displayed a sophisticated military might in the last few years. According to this article, Russia has superior weaponry to the US, despite being outspent around 7:1.

The Sunni vs Shia division majorly influences the geopolitical alliances. Image credit:

The Stage for WW3 is Already Set with Key Alliances

Unfortunately for those wanting peace, there can be no denying that the stage is already set for a clash of sides. The Middle East is caught up in centuries-old religious infighting, and these old divisions are now part of grander geopolitical alignments. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Sunni-dominated Islamic nations, while Syria and Iran are Shia-dominated Islamic nations. As Eric Zuesse explains in the article America’s Arab Allies Debate Need for Genocide Against ‘Infidels’:

“According to various measures, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have the most oil (and Saudi oil is the world’s cheapest to extract, so it’s far more valuable); and Russia and Iran have the most gas. Qatar is #3 on gas, and Iran is #4 on oil. So: those are the actual giant players. Syria’s Assad blocks the construction of a Qatari gas-pipeline into Europe, and of a Saudi oil-pipeline into Europe; Europe is by far the world’s largest energy-market. So, there’s a Sunni-versus-Shiite war, between Sunni royals and Shiite governments; and Assad also blocks Obama’s plan to replace Russian oil-and-gas sales with Sunni oil-and-gas sales. Militarily, Sunni nations boost sales of U.S. weaponry, whereas Russia is America’s biggest competitor in the weapons-sales markets, and supplies weapons to Shiite countries. So: it’s U.S. and the Sunni royals, versus Russia and the Shiite leaders. If there will be another world war, those are already the principals in it.”

Syria Still Holds the Potential of Breaking Out into WW3

The situation in Syria has been dragging on for years now, during which the population has suffered greatly. However, that doesn’t mean it’s over. The recent preparations for a Syria ground war show that Syria still holds the potential for breaking out into a World War 3 scenario. Watch the news closely in the coming weeks and months. Look at for calls from US and UK politicians for a Syrian ground war. It may be couched in euphemistic language like “the only way we can defeat ISIS [a fabricated enemy] is by bringing in boots on the ground”. If you hear anything like this, you’ll be able to discern the hidden agenda to push the world into WW3 by pretending to fight terrorism (due to the propaganda of the fake war on terror) and battle ISIS.


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Ronald February 6, 2016 - 6:26 pm

The US/UK/Israeli NWO allegiance is evil. It promotes leftist, politically correct, gay loving indoctrination on the masses. They must be stopped.

Makia Freeman February 6, 2016 - 11:53 pm

The school of political correctness is intolerance pretending to be tolerance. It is a form of speech and thought control, coming form the Frankfurt school of the Rothschilds.

However, I do not believe there can be a “gay agenda”, since being gay is an inherent feeling, not a lifestyle choice as some falsely assume. If we want to live in a world without tyranny, with peace and freedom, we need to respect other people, including their sexual orientation:

Don Hank February 8, 2016 - 2:01 am

It is not about respecting THEIR freedom. The freedom to be a Christian is now being squeezed. I may not agree with them, but 2 bakers in Oregon were recently fined $137,000 for not baking a gay wedding cake. How is that freedom? That is more than the life savings of the average couple. You can’t get fined in Russia for refusing that order. Try an experiment: Make a sign saying you believe in the traditional definition of marriage — man and woman. Carry it down Fifth Avenue and see what people say or do to you. Then, in the event you survive, make the same sign in Russian and carry it on Nevsky Prospekt in Moscow. Note carefully the reactions and let us know where you felt more free and secure.

Makia Freeman February 8, 2016 - 5:25 am

I don’t think the Government should have the power to fine anyone for such a thing. I come from a libertarian mindset. If people don’t want to do business with gays, they should’t be forced to. However, at the same time, it would be good if people stopped hiding behind the excuse of “religious beliefs” to justify discrimination, or being non-accepting and judgmental. People are different than you – so what? People have a different sexual orientation than you – so what? We’re all human.

Arizona February 6, 2016 - 11:22 pm

America WANTS nuclear WAR,the goal of america is to destroy the planet,THE LORD says after the war is over PLANET EARTH will be uninhabitable,within a very few years,SO you’ll all be going home,which way will it be,thats the question UP OR DOWN,90% of americans have chosen to go to hell,how about you???

Don Hank February 8, 2016 - 1:54 am

So how is ISIS a fake enemy? It was invented by the US-NATO-Saudis but it is real, a Frankenstein they can no longer control.

Makia Freeman February 8, 2016 - 5:19 am

I think the US-UK-Israeli alliance can control ISIS. Firstly, they are funding it; if they don’t want ISIS to get out of control, they can simply stop allowing them access to oil, money, weapons and Toyota trucks. Secondly, they are choosing not to obliterate it (unlike Russia which has been taking out ISIS’s bases), with reports that the US deliberately didn’t hit ISIS as hard as they could have.

raf February 8, 2016 - 2:55 pm

How are ISIS fake??
First of all the numbers and their strength is exaggerated; and
Secondly all the leaders of isis are actual CIA, MI5 and Mossad agents.

Haven’t you been looking closely at these ISIS photos and videos? Why would most of them have Star of David and USA tattoos?
I think you should type “HUA ASHKENAZI” into your browser and open your eyes.

These western agents have duped young uneducated Muslim men and women into believing that they are the true caliphate. But once they get there and realize that it is all fake it’s too late, they are not allowed to leave, if they try they are killed.

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