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Inner reflection without outer action leads to spiritual escapism; outer action without inner reflection leads to revolutions that don’t change anything and entanglement/entrainment where the people trying to do good are pulled down to the level of the darkness. We need Spiritual Warriors and Enlightened Activism.



Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles. He is author of the books Break Your Chains and The International Satanic Network Exposed, the book series Controversial Truths Revealed (Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and 40 Incredible Real Life Alien Abductee and Contactee Experiences) and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com. Makia is on Rumble, BitChute and Odysee.


Bill Sanders May 11, 2024 - 3:12 pm

As a long time reader of the Freedom Articles, I am well aware of the agenda of Madkind being imposed on Mankind. However, I am very disappointed to see that you are a believer in Eastern religion. Having recently deconverted from Christianity, I am not about to embrace another system of spiritual deception.

The article turns into a church sermon here:

“Highly recommended is also a point during each day when one remembers why one is here, what one’s bigger role is in this life and how one can properly manifest it.”

How should I know why I am here? I never lived before I was born. I didn’t choose to come here, as Eastern believers claim – without a shred of evidence.

Properly manifest it? This assumes that I have God-like powers – which I do not. Our thoughts and intentions do not control the physical universe – at all. This is just wishful thinking (like prayer) and self-delusion.

“Our (human) soul lives forever. Its journey is eternal and the area of travel is infinite.”

Based on what?? How do you know this? This is a bald assertion without any evidence at all.

“But this onward journey into the bosom of creation – and ever closer to the birth place of Life, will not materialise from wishful thinking or from prayer.”

Just more religious dogma. Are the “bosom of creation and the birth place of Life” synonyms for heaven of God? An ephemeral force? What exactly is Julian talking about? Does he even know? I don’t think so. Like every other religion believer, he is parroting what he has been told.

Exposing your religious bias is an important part of standing for truth. I don’t expect you to change, but if you do it would be awesome. Break your chains, Makia.

WildStuff May 12, 2024 - 2:41 pm

Darwin Listening

Shawn May 12, 2024 - 5:04 pm

The thumbnail is immodest. No female should ever wear pants/shorts. Her body position is immodest and would have been regardless of her clothing.

Females must wear an opaque and hole-less dress/skirt that reaches down to below the knees at all times. The top must be loose enough in the chest that the form isn’t obvious. Sleeves must reach to cover at least the elbow. The neckline must be no more than two fingers width below the pit of the throat all the way around.

The article being presented is possibly written by a Jew. I have no evidence with regards to Julian Rose’s religious beliefs, but Rose is a Jewish surname.

Without making a continuous effort for self realisation – and without cultivating the will to direct the fruits of this process towards the manifestation of justice and truth, one commits a form of soul suicide.

Self-realization is self-defeating. No person has the right to do whatever he wants to. One must only do good. The proper phrase isn’t self-realization, but self-perfection. Self-perfection is holiness.

Mental illness is a fraud.

The word “madkind” contributes to the fraud. It looks like it was invented by a probable Jew – Charles Berg. Charles Berg was associated with the Tavistock Clinic. There was a rabbi who had the same name.

wendyw May 15, 2024 - 4:00 am

I’ve been reading what makia has had to say since 2015. I’ve bought a couple of his books & feel that he presents his findings in an honest, open, non-preachy, non-extremist way.
I didn’t interpret the article in the same way you did, bill. Nor did I feel that makia was encouraging his audience to rush on out, get a guru & be all eastern religiousy.
I’ve always believed that being a great researcher entails being open to new possibilities & exploring all ‘points’ of view’. If your own mindset alters a little because of your findings then I call that learning & growing.
Makia presents what he finds in a ‘check it out’ & ‘what do you reckon’ type of format.
I’ve never felt that he was indoctrinated or trying to indoctrinate his readers to any particular religious or political point of view.
I, personally, like to believe that there’s a benevolent ‘something out there’ wishing us all love & luck as we fumble our way through life; and hoping that (at least) some of us will eventually ‘get it’! ….
….. but I have no proof.

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