Sandy Hoodwinked: Sandy Hook 3rd Anniversary – 33 Unanswered Questions


Sandy Hook 3rd Anniversary: this list of 33 unanswered questions indicates Sandy Hook was a false flag op, most likely a false flag hoax where no one died.

As the Sandy Hook 3rd anniversary rolls around

this December 14th, 2015, it is well worth remembering what a strange, unique, manipulated and horrific event occurred on December 14th, 2012. When I say horrific, I am not referring to what you may think was the horrific aspect of the event: the gunning down of 20 innocent children and 6 innocent adults. That is unquestionably horrific, but to date there hasn’t been enough evidence to prove beyond all doubt that actual people were gunned down. The question is whether crisis actors were used partially or entirely. Sandy Hook has become colloquially known as the Sandy Hook Hoax or Sandy Hoax, the first false flag in recent history to be exposed as a fabricated event, replete with a fake setting (a fake school) and fake victims. It marks the first in a series of false flag hoaxes where fake victims and fake victims’ families (crisis actors) have been used. Since the majority of people still cannot fathom that Sandy Hook was a staged event, the template of using crisis actors has been used again and again (e.g. at the Boston Marathon). Now that we are passing the Sandy Hook 3rd anniversary, it’s time to turn back the clock and re-examine some unanswered questions pertaining to the event.

By the way, if you think Sandy Hook no longer matters, ask yourself why Amazon (on behalf of the US Government) felt so scared it had to engage in censorship by trying to ban Jim Fetzer’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (available for free here). Sandy Hook is still very relevant, because it was a scam of massive proportions. Take a look how many false flag mass shootings are still being carried out monthly and even weekly (e.g. Paris, San Bernardino) to terrorize the public, push gun control and achieve other political and geopolitical aims.

Sandy Hook: 33 Unanswered Questions

There are still some who cannot bring themselves to believe that criminal elements within the US Government could pull off a false flag hoax like this. Yet, it must be remembered that in this day and age it is all too easy to fake photographic and video evidence. Photoshop and other software programs allow the user to construct any kind of photo they want. If you want to know some of the truth about what really happened at Sandy Hook, 2 of the best documentaries (out of many) that expose the absurdity of the official narrative and provide alternative theories are We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook (various independent media analysts) and Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions (Sofia Smallstorm). Here is a list of 33 unanswered questions about Sandy Hook:

Google caught evidence of foreknowledge: this United Way charity website page was launched on Dec. 11th, 2012, a full 3 days before the mass shooting at Sandy Hook actually occurred!

Sandy Hook: Foreknowledge and Preparation

1. Why was a FaceBook webpage for the alleged dead teacher Victoria Soto of Sandy Hook Elementary School posted before the event occurred?

2. Why was the United Way charity webpage for Sandy Hook posted before the event occurred?

3. How did the Arlington Red Devils website post the book on Talking With Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting on 12/10/2012 (which was contained in the page url), 4 days before the event occurred? If this were some kind of technical glitch, then how did Google’s bots manage to record a cached page for 12/13/2012, still 1 day before the Sandy Hook shooting happened?

4. How did John Trentacosta (whose house was next to the Lanzas with a lot of activity occurring there at the time), who was CEO of the local Newton bank, start a victims’ fund on the same day so quickly after the event, after receiving in his words “countless requests” to do so? Is it just a coincidence that Trentacosta was also a member of a new council of the New York Federal Reserve, the Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council?

5. According to various researchers, why was the Newtown community seeded with new families in the years leading up to the event?

6. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why were 16 state troopers pre-positioned 45-60 minutes before the alleged shooting?

Sandy Hook 3rd Anniversary: still many unanswered questions.

Sandy Hook: Media Switching Stories

7. Why did the media keep switching its narrative as the story unfolded regarding the actual weapon used? Finally they settled upon a rifle. But how could a rifle kill 26 people in such quick succession?

Sandy Hook: Inconsistencies with Witness Stories

8. Why did known actor and Sandy Hook witness Gene Rosen keep changing his story about how he encountered the 6 kids who allegedly came to him? In different interviews he variously claims he found the kids just after feeding his cats in the loft, just after going to breakfast and just after coming home from breakfast. His testimony completely conflicts with that of the school bus driver and the official report. There is also video of him near the fire house walking around slowly, plus a video of him rehearsing his lines with the cameraman …

Sandy Hook: where on earth were all the 600+ children that day?

Sandy Hook: Lack Of Evidence

9. How was a skinny 19-year-old boy with no military training capable of killing 26 people clean while injuring none? (Trained military veterans have claimed it was highly unlikely or even impossible for someone with the weight of Adam Lanza to execute that many people in so short a time.)

10. Why was there no evidence of blood? A total of 26 fatalities (children and adult) would produce at least at a conservative estimate 20 gallons (75 liters) of blood. Thus would require a concerted blood cleanup (blood is considered a biohazard in this type of situation), yet when Sofia Smallstorm asked who did the cleanup, all the departments were ignorant of it and even claimed that no one did the cleanup.

11. Where are the alleged 600+ children of Sandy Hook Elementary School? Why is there absolutely no photo or video evidence of any dead bodies? Why did coroner and chief medical examiner Wayne Carver say the following?

“Uh, we did not bring the bodies and the families into contact. We took pictures of them, uhm, of their facial features. We have, uh, uh—it’s easier on the families when you do that. Un, there is, uh, a time and place for the up close and personal in the grieving process, but to accomplish this we thought it would be best to do it this way and, uh, you can sort of, uh … You can control a situation depending on the photographer, and I have very good photographers. Uh, but uh—”

12. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why do the records show no social security numbers for the dead students?

13. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why do the records show no report of actual shots fired?

14. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why does the Sandy Hook shooting crime not exist on the FBI 2012 crime report?

15. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why does the tax accessor’s website shows the victims’ families got free houses on Christmas day when all Government offices are closed? This video shows many Sandy Hook “victim’s” families having their mortgages magically paid off on 12/25/2009!

16. Why were all the ambulances parked at the fire house away from the crime scene (except one on Dickinson Dr. which was also too far removed to be helpful)? Why were so few EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) allowed in the school?

The iconic image of Sandy Hook – the evacuation – shows numerous signs of fakery, from Photoshop doctoring to EXIF data.

Sandy Hook: Faked Photos and Evidence of a Drill

17. Why does the iconic image of the teacher leading kids out of school contain evidence of Photoshop doctoring and fakery?

18. Why does the Sandy Hook Timeline of Evacuation not match the video evidence from the trooper’s car stationed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School car park?

19. Why was there a big electronic sign erected at the entrance to the Sandy Hook Elementary school stating “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN” if the event were real and not a drill?

20. Why was there an active shooter drill at around the same place and the same time as the Sandy Hook event? Every recent false flag since at least 9/11 has had this element.

21. Why are people walking around the Sandy Hook fire house in circles like a movie set? Why was there such a lack of urgency in the emergency personnel who were responding for many hours after 10am when people were still unaccounted for (e.g. nurse Sally Cox who claims she hid in a closet for 4 hours until 1:15pm)?

Sandy Hook: If this were a real mass shooting and not a drill, why must everyone check in?

Sandy Hook: Coverup

22. If Sandy Hook Elementary School was a legitimate and operational school at the time of the event, why is there evidence that the school shut in 2009 due to asbestos, was reinspected in 2011, and was flooded again with Hurricanes Irene and Sandy? We know FEMA and the US Federal Government supplied money to Newtown to revitalize it. Why does the local business Apex Glass claim they were using the school premises for their glass business (apologies but the interview revealing this information has been taken down by YouTube [])?

23. Why were the entire school grounds of what we were told was “Sandy Hook Elementary School” demolished and rebuilt? Does this remind you of how the metal scraps from 9/11 were immediately shipped off to China before they could be examined for evidence?

24. Why did Newtown Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia and Connecticut State Attorney Kevin Kane refuse to release the death certificates and the names of the “victims”? Why did Connecticut officials conspire to pass an unprecedented bill banning FOIA requests and access to death certificates and other information, normally part of the public record as a matter of course for centuries? Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed the bill on June 5th, 2013.

25. Why were there so many black and silver (Government-type) cars around the school and fire house in place before the event?

26. According to Sofia Smallstorm, why were the exact number (26) of Christmas trees for the memorial already sitting outside the fire house before the event occurred?

27. Why do so many of the victims’ family members appear to be acting, smirking, giggling, snickering and outright laughing after the event, such as Robbie Parker?

Even Sandy Hook is infected with the ubiquitous one eye Illuminati-Masonic symbolism. Just a coincidence?

Sandy Hook: Strange Comments by Officials

28. How does one explain the highly strange behavior of coroner Wayne Carver? Why did Carver say that “you can control a situation depending on your photographer, and I have very good photographers”? Why did Carver say that “I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their heads later”?

29. Why did Lieutenant Paul Vance threaten to prosecute as a crime anyone who reported information that contradicted the official narrative?

30. Why did the Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy say that “The Lieutenant Governor and I have been spoken to in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state”?

Sandy Hook: Aftermath

31. Why did no one sue the school or the estate of Nancy Lanza?

32. How is it that no parent wanted to see the dead bodies of their children in the school?

33. Why were all the funerals conducted with closed caskets?

Conclusion: Sandy Hook – The Template for the False Flag Hoax

Sandy Hook smells rotten, and just as 9/11 was a template and justification for future transgressions against liberty, so too was Sandy Hook to become the template for the false flag hoax. Let us always remember what happened and continue to investigate it, so that future false flag events, and false flag hoax events, can be quickly spotted.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.




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Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon December 12, 2015 - 8:52 pm

Was the media allowed to enter the building’s specific room, before it was demolished to see the damages to the walls? Probably not.

It is expected that a big banker live in a big luxury house. What kind of house had the other of the killer and how Ms. Lanza paid for it?

Where are her relatives and former husband and father of the killer? The marriage certificates? The school records? Birth records of both?

Federalize the case and get rid of the FOIA state law. Some one can claim to be relative of a killed kid and sue.

Of the 33 it is easy to believe 30 and someone risking 6 month in jail can break into one of the staged tumbs with a ultasound scanner, used now a days in many arqueological investigations.

Grant Short December 12, 2015 - 10:58 pm

Are there any ongoing class action law suits regarding this or 9/11 regarding the investigations?

One of the other upsetting stories is the situation with the lost flight 370 in the Indian Ocean.

Is there no way to spur some action by the government to fess up at some point, or does it all just file under ‘National Security’?

Unable to paste a video from Anonymous as well as another regarding the evidence of landing at Diego Garcia Air base.

Thomas Potter December 14, 2015 - 1:22 pm

Commissioner Dora B. Schriro
Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
P.O. Box 2794,
1111 Country Club Rd.,
Middletown, CT 06457-9294

Dear Commissioner Schriro,

Here is another article that I thought would be of interest to you and all decent, thoughtful, and caring people. ♥

Thomas Potter

What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?

Makia Freeman December 14, 2015 - 8:54 pm

Perhaps the good commissioner could also tell us what kind of person participates in such a massive coverup – someone bent on tyranny or merely too gutless to stand up speak the truth for fear of rocking the boat and losing their career/job? Name-calling, unfortunately for you, can’t change the facts of the case and the HUNDREDS (way more than my list) of anomalies and inconsistencies that are Sandy Hook.

Makia Freeman December 15, 2015 - 9:45 pm

Hey Thomas Potter and Dora Schriro – would you also care to explain how “victim” Noah Pozner died twice?

nubwaxer December 14, 2015 - 7:09 pm

what vile rubbish. why are you gutless, faceless demented people tormenting people who have already been tortured by these real and horrible events? what kind of sick sadists are you? you deserve you’re asses kicked up and down the street daily.

Makia Freeman December 14, 2015 - 8:35 pm

Threatening violence is no way to conduct a discussion or investigation. Those truly interested in freedom and truth are not going to back down amidst the mountain of gaping anomalies and inconsistencies. Provide us real answers to these 33 questions and hundreds others proving this was not a false flag hoax.

Cathy Rooks December 18, 2017 - 11:53 am

“Nubwaxer”= TROLL…and how much are YOU being paid?

LaBrat December 20, 2015 - 12:29 am

The cover story of Noah’s mother(‘Veronique Haller Pozner’)does not check out: the hospital whereby she claims to have been administering radiation treatment to cancer patients at the time of the incident has no record of her)- “However, as some bloggers discovered, there is a Veronique Haller, identified on the website of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce as the Legal Counselor for the Swiss Embassy in Washington, D.C.! Veronique Haller, however, is not on LinkedIn.”

Veronique Haller is an avid anti-gun lobbyist, by yet another coincidence – maybe she’s the mother of the Noah Pozner who ‘died’ in the Pakistan School Massacre (perfectly timed to decide ongoing anti-terrorism death penalty legislation there.)

Joseph Ciolino December 2, 2016 - 6:35 am

How did the Newtown Bee publish an interview with principal Dawn Hochsprung on the evening of the event when she was supposed to have been killed in the shooting?

Who was interviewed? Why did they claim to be Hochsprung? How did the reporter NOT know who it was when she was well known in the community?

John Hamilton July 23, 2017 - 9:00 am

What was the point in faking it and how much would it cost to do something that big and how did they get away with it.

Mw October 7, 2017 - 10:43 am

I have absolutely no problem in believing in false flags in general – potentially even this one – but the question must be asked, simply *why* did they perform this stunt?? Gun control laws just does not cover it in my book. All this just to further gun control laws…. !? No. Also, there is virtually a whole town in on this – not to mention the entire fake school with its students – all those people are required to keep the secret…. no. That said, the conspiracy evidence is compelling.

Cathy Rooks December 18, 2017 - 11:36 am

Increased government SURVEILLANCE of the population
seems to be an important part of the agenda.
House-to-house warrantless SEARCHES by heavily armed
and militarized police also are becoming a staple of some
of these events. Not always shown on the “news”.

Cathy Rooks December 18, 2017 - 11:49 am

A great many of “those people” received free houses.
I’m sure the rest were paid handsomely for their participation. Then there is the strong likelihood of blackmail and torture/death threats over them and their
loved ones, usually AFTER they have committed themselves to the whole charade. By then it is TOO LATE to back out,
unless they are converted to having strong moral principles and a great deal of courage. Not many
are willing to give it a try. Those that show signs of wavering can easily be eliminated (think Navy SEAL
team 6) by an unfortunate accident, “heart attack”,
or apparent suicide. Sounds kind of surrealistic sometimes, but the history is there. (Research CIA
“black ops” in particular.)

bluewater December 18, 2017 - 11:48 pm

The standard payout is $600,000 and if needed to relocate with NEW IDENTITY ,as was done with
United Airlines Flight 93 that SUPPOSEDLY crashed in Pennsylvania on 911..all were given NEW NAMES with ID and are living in some other part of the WORLD.

KEK Freedom Heritage August 3, 2018 - 4:04 pm

It is yet again time that we talk about Sandy Hook event. There is a recent lawsuit based on this event against Alex Jones, and one has to ask, “How will it turn out?” Will the defense team call witnesses like Wolfgang Halbig, Makia Freeman. James Fetzer, Sofia Smallstorm, Peter Klein, or others? What supposedly did Alex Jones say, or ask that was not either opinion or a truth? Can additional answers about the overall event come to light from this recent law suit?

Makia Freeman August 6, 2018 - 7:55 pm

I am not a wintess, and nor are the other people you mention as far as I know. We are independent analysts, journalists, reporters and investigators.

Chris August 9, 2018 - 11:22 pm

I just scanned through this list, it is such a ridiculous compilation of absurdities I almost pulled out my hair. The murders from 12/14/12 are on the FBI report. The incident was not handled by the local Newtown police but by the state LE, so that is who reported the figures and that is where they are found (Table 11, not Table 8). Have any of you thought to check out some tax assessor sites from other parts of the country? There are plenty of $0 sales listings, it does not mean what you were told, and apparently unquestioningly believed, that it means. Nobody received free houses. I could go on. “Crashing down on their heads”…Jesus, look up the comment IN CONTEXT, people!

Stephen Peterson October 27, 2018 - 1:57 pm

The most compelling reason of all to me is the complete lack of evidence that a mass evacuation of the school ever took place. A standard fire drill at a school this size, based on my own experience, takes about 20-30 minutes to conduct. If there were 400 students in the school, and all except the 20 deceased were taken to the fire department, where are the pictures of the 380 kids at the firehouse? No firehouse in a town the size of Newtown would have facilities to accommodate 380 people in it, let along the staff members, which were estimated at an additional 200. Assuming that parents came to the firehouse as well to pick up their children, and even if only 1 parent came per child, that’s another 380 people on top of that. We’re talking 960 people being jammed in there like sardines. Where are the pictures of that?

Kivaari December 19, 2018 - 10:51 pm

The big failure of the hoaxers is none of them will read the report from the states attorney. Pretty much every one of the bogus 33 unanswered questions is addressed in the state report and its appendix. Hoaxers have no shame. They say why did the parents not get to identify their child by looking at the 26 dead bodies. Why did the coroner/ME take pictures of the deceased to look through instead of having all the bodies on display. They question where did the bodies go, not knowing they were first moved to a tent in the parking lot, then to the OCME to a mobile morgue on loan from NYC. They keep claiming Lanza couldn’t carry 120 pounds of gear, when all he had was 30.47 pounds of gear. They claim Lanza weighed 80 pounds, when he weighed 112 pounds. They complain that it took police 28 minutes to arrive when it took 4 minutes. Lanza operated for 11 minutes before killing himself. They claim Lanza’s AR15 was in the trunk of the car when it was an unused shotgun in the trunk. They claim the students and adults were not evacuated from the school, when they were. They claim the school was closed, when it was obviously open. They want video from the school, when the school did not have recording cameras. They want blood and gore photos, even though it is against state law to display the images. All the kids were not stuffed into the fire station. School buses came to take them to another pick up point. THEY are stupid people.

Kivaar December 22, 2018 - 2:39 am

Everyone on Flight 93 was killed. There was no hoax or scam. No payouts, no relocations. It is pathetic that anyone thinks such crazy things.

Mike January 17, 2019 - 5:57 am

Almost every source on this page has been removed. Like literally 90 percent of them at least. That alone creeps the hell out of me.

kitty gersch January 24, 2019 - 7:16 pm

well said

Devak Ananda Das October 25, 2019 - 3:35 am

Why do official records reveal that there was no phone or Internet service at that school in the 4 years preceding the event? It says that the school was closed and was used for the staged event.
Photos of the school reveal that the roof was in disrepair and the walls were in places covered with mold. This is a violation of state safety and sanitation regulations for schools.

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