The Primary Mechanism Of Your Oppression Is Not Hidden At All


The NWO agenda of narrative control (societal mind control, perception control) is a far bigger mechanism of oppression than government secrecy.

The primary mechanism of oppression is out in the open.

I write a lot about government secrecy and the importance of whistleblowers, leakers and leak publishers, and for good reason: governments which can hide their wicked deeds from public accountability will do so whenever possible. It’s impossible for the public to use democracy for ensuring their government behaves in the way they desire if they aren’t allowed to be informed about what that behavior even is.

These things get lots of attention in conspiracy circles and dissident political factions. Quite a few eyes are fixed on the veil of government opacity and the persecution of those brave souls who try to shed light on what’s going on behind it. Not enough eyes, but quite a few.

What gets less attention, much to our detriment, is the fact that the primary mechanism of our oppression and exploitation is happening right out in front of our faces.

The nonstop campaign by bought politicians, owned news outlets, and manipulated social media platforms to control the dominant narratives about what’s going on in the world contribute vastly more to the sickness of our society than government secrecy does. We know this from experience: any time a whistleblower exposes secret information about the malfeasance of powerful governments like NSA surveillance or Collateral Murder, we see not public accountability, nor demands for sweeping systemic changes to prevent such malfeasance from reoccurring, but a bunch of narrative management from the political/media class.

This narrative management is used to shift attention away from the information that was revealed and onto the fact that the person who revealed it broke the law or misbehaved in some way. It’s used to convince people that the revelations aren’t actually a big deal, or that it was already basically public knowledge anyway. And it’s used to manipulate public attention on to the next hot story of the day and memory hole it underneath the white noise of the media news churn. And nothing changes.

We’ve seen it happening over and over and over again. The narrative management machine has gotten so effective and efficient that it’s been able to completely ignore the recent revelation that the US, UK and France almost certainly bombed Syria in 2018 for a completely false reason. A few half-assed Bellingcat spin jobs and an otherwise total media blackout, and it’s like the whole thing never happened.

What this tells us is that our first and foremost problem is not the fact that conspiracies are happening behind a curtain of government secrecy, but that the way people think, act and vote is being actively manipulated right out in the open. Government secrecy is indeed one aspect of establishment narrative control, but controlling the public’s access to information is only one aspect. The bigger part of it is controlling how the public thinks about information.

The reason people never use the power of their superior numbers to force real change, even though they’re being exploited and oppressed in myriad ways by the ruling class, is because they’ve been propagandized into accepting the status quo as desirable (or at least normal). The propaganda of the political/media class is therefore the establishment’s front line of defense. Its most powerful, and essential, weapon.

This is important for dissidents of all stripes to understand, because it means we’re not just passively waiting around for another Manning or Snowden or an Ian Henderson to give us information which we can use to fight the oppression machine. Those individuals have done a great public service, but the battle to awaken human consciousness to what’s really going on in our world is in no way limited to leakers and whistleblowers. It is not at the mercy of government secrecy.

If you are engaged in any type of media, you are engaging the narrative matrix which keeps the public asleep and complacent. It doesn’t matter if you have a Twitter account, a Youtube account, some flyers or a can of spray paint: if you are capable of getting any kind of message out there, you are able to directly influence the mechanism of your oppression. You are able to inform people that they are being lied to, you are able to explain why, and you are able to point them to where they can find more information.

This is extremely empowering. You do not need to wait around hoping that some bombshell piece of information makes it past all the various security checks and spinmeisters and triggers a real social awakening. You can be that information. You can become a catalyst for that awakening.

The key to turning this ship around does not lie hidden somewhere behind a veil of government opacity. It lies in you. It lies in all of us. We can begin awakening our fellow humans right now by attacking the narrative management of the propaganda machine that sits right in front of us, unarmored and unhidden.


Meltonmark February 4, 2020 - 6:21 am

I think it impossible to awaken the pygmies. They are so braindead, so mind-controlled from birth, that even when presented with irrefutable FACTS, if those facts are uncomfortable, they will just look away and move onto something less troublesome. Even the Good Lord called them ‘sheep’. The Matrix moment only happens to maybe 1:100 or even 1:1000. The vast majority, the pygmy class, care about nothing going on in the Universe. As long as they can have their sport on the weekends, some hot chick delivering the daily weather forecast, and have their Chinese or Indian take out on a Saturday night, all is well with the world. Who cares about some village we’ve never heard of, half-way around the planet somewhere, being bombed overnight? They probably deserved it anyway.
Sadly, the ruling elite know this and continue with impunity. One cannot fight a system so wealthy, connected, and powerful. Like MGTOW, we just choose to walk away and live apart from it all as best as we can.

Lakewolf Whitecrow February 6, 2020 - 5:13 am

Here’s the thing, though: it only takes 3.5 % of a population using nonviolent protests. the US population being 329,252,174 [], it would take 11,523,827 Americans to wake everyone up. The problem is that those 11.5 million people must be organized.

Makia Freeman February 6, 2020 - 1:58 pm

Yes you’re right … which is why SO much effort by the Controllers goes into dividing people in any way they can, along classic fault lines like race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, nation, stance on abortion, political party and much more …

binra March 1, 2020 - 12:38 pm

Narrative identity – of invested belief and continuity – works like this as the structural nature of Mind – translated through the filtering and weighting prioritisation of accepted and asserted judgement.
Disclosure of the ‘alien will’ is not the Others – but something active within our own thought that is hidden and protected against exposure. Releasing the ‘alien will’ and its flagging projections of justified dissociation and denial, is a matter of noticing, willingness and grace of the true will, already moving us.

The ability to hide an open secret is the mind’s repackaging of toxic debts into complex instruments of deceit, under which an invested identity clings to and protects.
Uncovering deceit is part of allowing and aligning in its correction by truth, and this always has some realigning of inner and outer facets of reality, and so is never ONLY about changing or fixing or stopping Others.

So we can talk about those who sleep – as if there are no triggerable blind spots in us – and so presume to be ‘awake’ or conscious. The use of a contrasting opposition to generate a narrative is a way to make it seem real. This can be used to illuminate insight, and it can be used to bait or phish for emotional reaction or investment so as to steal an identity – not native or true to you.

Running on lies is fearful, no matter how well concealed, lidded over and bubbled off from. And yet such freedom is supported in our experience to learn from.
We might learn that we WANT truth – even though we are afraid of what we have dissociated from or denied. But while we want only truth we can weaponise or marketise – we make such filtering conditions and distortion as to render our awareness of our own Existence almost incomprehensible. To the lie-in-hiding, this is ‘freedom’ to make its own reality. But once the conflict is revealed within us AS conflict, we can no longer WANT to flag it Out There – so as to identify by attack, but rather, seek resolution within relational being – which is our true Inherence.

And so aligning with a revealed integrity or wholeness of being is witnessing to a true will – which is perhaps safer to call willingness of receptive recognition. In any moment of such, we grow the pathways or channel of its consciousness in place of an ‘alien dictate’ of fear-defined drives and compulsions that we can align in as true or necessary because we haven’t opened the point of perspective from which to evaluate them directly.

Marten March 1, 2020 - 7:57 pm

Wouldn’t it be Heaven on Earth if USSAing sanctioned itself into complete isolation !?!?!?!?!?!

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