Mass Migration to Europe: All in Line with the New World Order


Mass migration to Europe – totally in alignment with the causes and aims of New World Order.

The mass migration to Europe

currently underway is a crisis of epic proportions. It is also totally in alignment with the goals of the New World Order (NWO). It is no coincidence, on many levels, that Europe is being flooded with immigrants. The warmakers could not have expected anything else when they overran a small nation like Syria by funneling weapons into the hands of terrorist groups (ISIS, Al-Nusra, FSA, etc.). There are now at least 10 foreign nations fighting in Syria (US, UK, France, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Russia and China), which has obviously elevated the chances of WW3 breaking out. However, there is more to the story than just Syrian refugees, with evidence indicating a surprising percentage of migrants are not real refugees. Ultimately, the mass migration to Europe is another example of “ordo ab chao” or the order out of chaos motto of the NWO – create confusion and disorder so you can more easily mold your ideal order (worldwide dictatorial fascism/communism).

The mass migration to Europe has already resulted in many riots, especially in Hungary.

Sudden and Uncontrolled Mass Migration to Europe Bound to End in Disaster

It is important to remember, on topics such as this, that political correctness is an invention that came from the Rothschild-funded School of Frankfurt, and that if often is used to suppress truth tellers and, in true Orwellian style, limit that scope of acceptable opinion and speech.

We are witnessing the biggest mass movement of people since the end of WW2 in 1945. It is absolutely uncontrolled. Some people have described this sudden mass migration to Europe of Muslim and Arab refugees as an invasion, while others insist that “no person is illegal” and that it would be better to have a world without borders. It is easy to dismiss those of the former opinion as racist or xenophobic, but consider for a moment: how well would any country or region deal with tens or hundreds of thousands of migrants suddenly arriving at its doorstep demanding assistance? You can imagine that would feel very overwhelming or threatening for the people already living there, even if all the migrants were well-intentioned.

Immigration can work well when the receiving or destination country has time to review exactly who is passing through its gates, and has some say in how many and what type of people. It works out much better when migrants blend in and assimilate to their new nation, by learning the language and adopting some or most of the new culture. If they resist doing this, you end up getting pockets of separate ethnicities and nationalities within a larger country, less social cohesion, and a less connected and integrated society. In worst case scenarios, you end up with massive in-fighting and groups trying to impose their religious, cultural or political beliefs on other groups, by force if necessary.

Mass migration to Europe – an important point to determine is: how many migrants are genuine refugees?

How Many Migrants Are Genuine Refugees?

Of course, when a country is suddenly engulfed in war, or overrun by a brutal dictator who starts killing people, you will have citizens fleeing. If your country was being ravaged by war, wouldn’t you want to run for your life? In such cases there is no time for pleasantries or “ideal migration” where destination countries can carefully screen and choose who they will take in. In such situations, the only compassionate response is to take people in and help them. With the ongoing mass migration to Europe, my heart goes out to those Syrian and other refugees who are running for their lives.

However, a strange element in this whole European refugee crisis is that not all of the migrants are women, children or family men. Indeed, not all appear to be genuine refugees (as Nigel Farage explains in the video embedded above). Many are not from Syria (as much as 45% are not according to these UN stats). There are many young Muslim males among the migrants who appear to be single, without families to support. Some of them are refusing food (here in Hungary and here) – presumably because it is not halal. Would a genuine refugee really refuse food just because his religion tells him it has to be made in a certain way? Some of the migrants are starting riots (e.g. in Lesbos, Greece and many other places in Europe). Why are rich Arab states (like Saudi Arabia) not taking in any refugees? ISIS has even claimed it will use the mass migration to Europe phenomenon to infiltrate European countries with its members!

Clearly, there is whole lot more going on than meets the eye with this crisis. The media is hiding important facts about this mass migration to Europe. Why are EU politicians (like German Chancellor Merkel) pushing for a positive spin on the situation (Merkel was caught talking with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who admitted on a hot mic that FaceBook would be censoring anti-migrant posts)?

Artist David Dees highlights how mass immigration has been a Zionist tactic for some time.

Mass Migration is a Tool of the NWO

The NWO has long included schemes of mass migration (often marketed as multiculturalism) as a way to disturb and dilute the culture of the destination country. With a melting pot of new immigrants, it is far easier for the controllers of that society to push through restrictive legislation, because it is less likely to be opposed by new people who are still familiarizing themselves with the cultural and legal norms of that society. It also provides the controllers with a bigger pool of people likely to vote to increase the size of Government (e.g. for more State welfare) and a bigger pool of cheap labor too. As Jon Rappoport writes:

“The migration of populations is another key part of the overall op. For example, in Europe, the plan involves bringing in, quickly, so many people that communities are overwhelmed, and traditions and customs are swamped and lost. In other words, create a single de facto European population that dissolves all borders and differences.

Of course, this outcome is heralded as the triumph of equality, but that is a sham. That is the cover story. Mass migration has nothing to do with that.”

Think about it – who is in a better position to make change or influence politics: people who have grown up and lived in a country for most or all of their lives (and thus know the traditions, customs and laws), or new immigrants who are just trying to survive and build a new life in a foreign place? Which group is easier to hoodwink or manipulate? It is clear that a society trying to adjust to an influx of new immigrants is more focused on how to deal with the change than watching its leaders closely.

Knowing the character of the NWO manipulators, it seems clear that they are promoting mass migration to Europe as way to create strife, mayhem and division within Europe, so as to better further the power of the fascist European Union structure.

Forced, sudden, uncontrolled mass migration is not a celebration of diversity. It’s a deliberate attempt by world NWO manipulators to undermine certain nations and societies.

Migration only works if those migrating respect and try to adapt to the new culture.

Conclusion: We Can Only Unite if We Respect Our Individual and Cultural Differences

People knowingly and willingly coming together is a wonderful thing – but only if done with free will, in a way that still respects their inherent individual and cultural differences. There is a way the world can unite in respect, with admiration for our differences. The NWO agenda is all about the centralization of peoples and nations – of power – through force and coercion, and in a way which tramples upon and disregards the uniqueness of people and cultures. It is all about smashing down people to a certain level, boxing them into certain rigid beliefs and rules, and standardizing and homogenizing them like little cartons of milk so they are more easy to manage and exploit.

A One World Government based on this kind of coercion and homogenization will never work, because within each person lies the spirit of freedom, which demands to be given free choice, and calls out to be honored and respected for what it is. However, it is up to each of us to fully activate that spirit, because the degree to which we do not is the degree to which we allow worldwide tyranny to flourish.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.














Chana October 4, 2015 - 8:28 am

Nice dogwhistle, Makia. White, male, never left America much?

Let’s decode the messages for those playing at home:
1. You can be a sovereign person with freedom to travel, but only if you are white and wealthy. If you are poor and brown, best stay at home. Those national borders might not be for rich white people, but they sure are for you.
2. You can be a sovereign person and create a new system, just be sure to act white and “blend in”.
3. Real refugees don’t keep halal.
4. Young brown men are not to be trusted. Women and children are more acceptable, because they are no threat to my privileged white male position.
5. Welcome to my country (I’m so magnanimous) but you better act with respect and subservience to my way of life, because I’m in charge over here.
6. White people can be agents of their own destiny, but if a brown person gets up and does something they simply must be dumb instruments of the NWO masters.

Makia Freeman October 4, 2015 - 9:17 am

I have traveled to over 25 countries and lived in many of them for extended periods, learning the language and culture of several. We are all spiritual beings on a human journey, and our gender or the color of our skin is irrelevant to Who We Really Are. It’s just a skin-bag spacesuit we are wearing for the short duration of this lifetime.

1,2. Sovereignty is an inherent state. Every human is their own sovereign being. It has nothing to do with color, gender or any other way of dividing people.
3. My point is the mainstream media are lying about the refugees. As I stated in the article, the only compassionate response to genuine refugees is to provide assistance. Are you saying that real refugees struggling for survival would refuse food because it wasn’t made in a certain kind of way?
4. “Young brown men are not to be trusted”. Never said this, nor do I think it. How could such an absurd and gross generalization ever be true? People in Europe and elsewhere are responding to the behavior of some of the migrants. Have you seen any of the numerous videos of migrants rioting in destination nations like Greece and Hungary?
5. It is perfectly reasonable for a country accepting newcomers to request that they act with respect for the local laws, customs and culture. It’s respect, not subservience. Would you invite a guest to your house and be fine with them disrespecting your house rules?
6. Not sure where you’re getting this idea. Anyone can be the agent of their own destiny. The NWO agenda is a plan to enslave everyone, white, brown or anything else. If we don’t unite against this, we will all be enslaved, no matter what color you are.

By the way, I recognize that Islam being demonized by the West, and have previously written articles defending it:

John C. January 22, 2017 - 10:58 pm

I have spent time in more than twice the number of countries as you have and more than a third of my life outside my country of birth. So f**king what? You are still a lefty imbecile.

Makia Freeman January 23, 2017 - 7:04 am

I am neither left nor right. I don’t choose to box myself into a limited category. My writing has always been beyond the fake left-right paradigm.

BDBinc October 8, 2015 - 3:25 am

Chana that was not the message.

Makia I’d also like to thank you for writing, I enjoy reading your well researched articles which are complete with the deep understanding of what is happening.

Bernie Standiford December 6, 2015 - 11:46 am

I call BS on you, If the brown people was so great they would have a country with power. All of the great nations is ran or run by whites. Russia, USA, etc/ The only reason China is strong because the USA and others have made them strong so you can kiss my ass

Brandon September 20, 2017 - 4:08 am

YOU are Exactly the type of person the NOW loves. You are so locked into race in your every day life that you can’t focus on anything else. This isn’t about race you lunatic it’s about preserving people’s culture and if you are white you aren’t even allowed to talk about preserving yours. You see, if we are talking about race now I’ll tell you why the NWO uses blacks to cause chaos everywhere and are assisted by the media. They HAVE been branding the idea that blacks have been oppressed for years bc they have your mentality down to a science. They know that all they have to do is simply create a false situation that looks like racism and they can have blacks out burning shit down and stealing shit and killing. The NWO is NOT your friend and they know how easdy it is to control blacks by giving them welfare. This comes from tears of observing black actiokns and how they react. They don’t give two shits about whites neither they know we are too smart to be ruled over by welfare and so the only thing they can do is guilt us into interbreedimg and supporting “diversity at every opportunity. It’s all a big game and the worst thing that could happen to them is for us to come together and start looking in their direction and that’s why they and the media they control keeps us fighting. They know by creating one situation that looks like racism it will cause divisive chaos and they can continue implementing their communist control and turn the United States into just another global province.

C October 5, 2015 - 11:48 am


I have been avoiding main stream media because I’m realizing how much they leave out- that can change the whole encounter!
(Obama neglects to mention OR shooter targeting by religion?!)

I want to understand the dynamics of what is *actually* happening. Therefore, I’m seeking out more comprehensive, factual (ideally, with supporting evidence) and respectfully toned sources of information.

I am new to your writing/research.
Thank you for this intelligent piece. It connects the otherwise fragmented facts I was aware of, lending to my better understanding and in turn, more appropriate advocacy.

I’ll be sharing.
Keep up the good work!

Pu May 17, 2016 - 8:38 am

Arreglense ustedes siguen protestando por algo que no tendrían que protestar, specially that one writing the article.

Makia Freeman May 17, 2016 - 9:21 pm

Translation: “Fix yourself, you continue protesting something that should not be protested”. Mass migration is about a deeper agenda of control. This agenda needs to be protested.

IdPnSD May 26, 2016 - 12:43 am

“…because within each person lies the spirit of freedom, which demands to be given free choice…”

No, this is not correct. We do not have any freewill. We are guided by the global destiny. Global destiny is a law of nature. All objects in the universe, living and nonliving, are simultaneously and continuously, interacting with each other for all past present and future times. They are tightly integrated. Imagine this, our earth cannot go anywhere; it must maintain its trajectory correctly in the solar system. Same way our sun also cannot go anywhere but must maintain its position in the galaxy and track its predefined orbit. The galaxy itself is moving in a specific path, thus sun, earth, moon are all moving synchronously, in a coordinated way.

The same is true for all humans and all souls of the universe. Note also that all objects of the universe have their individual souls, just like human souls. Together we create a global plan. And interestingly, this global plan is already written in the memory of the universe. Any high level yogi, with the power of divine vision (third eye), acquired via yogic meditation, will be able to tell us the entire future, and how it will evolve. Take a look at the destiny chapter in the free book on soul theory at

This global destiny can be visualized if you think about a corporation. Every corporation has its own global plan, which is created by its all employees. It is not done by the CEO alone. CEO is working with VPs and they together create the plan. VPs are also supported by other directors, managers etc. Nobody has any freedom to take any action inside a corporation. If you do the entire product will be affected. Besides our freedom is also restricted by money, we may lose our jobs.

The same is true in the NWO plan originated by the central bank, which is also the only source of money and money power. No amount of rebellion will work here. You have seen how Greece failed, how Gandhi failed in India, how Occupy movement failed in USA. NWO may very well be a global plan of cosmic nature.

However, you have the correct sense also. Nothing that is bad for 99% will eventually hold for long time, and very soon will evolve to its next fate. Destiny is continuously evolving with time and space. If we can remove money from the economy and create money-less economy (MLE), then however, all problems will be solved immediately and we will have NWO right now. Take a look at the MLE chapter in the above book.

Brandon September 20, 2017 - 4:15 am

Global govt. Is NOT good and it’s not happening anytimne soon. I am glad the American people haven’t been duped like you have. It’s pretty sad…

IdPnSD November 22, 2017 - 5:10 pm

A very first step of a global plan has already happened in EU. All the nations of Europe have joined a single currency and as a single nation EU. India and China have joined the central bank economy already. Muslim nations are in the process of unification. Most of the dictators there are gone already. Central bank has been installed there too.

Amos April 5, 2017 - 10:11 am

Great article! More government equals less liberty and cultural assimilation works both ways.

Ambrosia November 25, 2017 - 11:20 pm

I just want say thank you,for your hard work and hours of research,it helps a lot.Thanks again!!

henry June 18, 2018 - 11:11 pm

is trump stupid for not knowing his Jews are pushing migrants into Europe because Israel wants them gone to steal more land from Syria? Wars sure do not help but the war mongers make money. Merkel is not running Germany the holocaust is. Blackmail will never stop until the truth comes out. go to to find out for yourself I could hardly believe what I read on what really happen he claims that to be true I don’t know

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