Live Exercise: Pompeo Lets Slip How He Sees the COVID-19 Pandemic


Live Exercise? US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic an exercise. Is this a script and a drill that went live?

We are in the midst of a live exercise

according to US Secretary of State and former CIA head Mike Pompeo, who only a year ago openly boasted that “we lied, cheat and stole.” Pompeo admitted on CNN that “we’re in a live exercise here” when referring to COVID-19 during a press conference. This is yet more evidence that the entire coronavirus crisis has been scripted, planned for and orchestrated. The language that Pompeo used – “live exercise” – is eerily reminiscent of language used in false flag operations when the exercise or drill “went live”, i.e. when the very scenario that the authorities were planning for actually happened (see 9/11, 7/7 and numerous US mass shootings) as they were in the middle of their exercise.

Pompeo Slips Up and Calls the Pandemic a Live Exercise

Here’s the clip. Watch it for yourself. Notice how Trump, who is right by Pompeo’s side, appears to chide his Secretary of State right there and then during the TV performance. Trump says: “You should have let us know.” Does this indicate that Trump was not read in until later, reinforcing the idea that presidents and prime ministers don’t really run their countries, but are rather told what the plan is, and that they’d better get on board?

Implications of Pompeo’s Comment

There are already various clues this whole pandemic – really a fake pandemic – was planned in advance. There is the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation paper which talked about it. There is the Illuminati insider who revealed secret plans to release a bioweapon on the Chinese by saying that “China will catch a cold.” There is the Bill Gates/Big Pharma/CDC Event 201 Simulation. There is possible Chinese Government foreknowledge. There is the simple fact that this pandemic is allowing the social engineers to simultaneously and rapidly roll out almost every conceivable NWO (New World Order) agenda, including censorship, surveillance, quarantine, martial law, the cashless agenda, governmental emergency powers, the 5G rollout, social isolation as the “new normal“, mandatory vaccinations and the human microchipping agenda.

On top of all of that, now we have Pompeo talking of a live exercise and essentially admitting that this is part of a script.

How much more proof will people require to see through this engineered crisis?


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chris March 26, 2020 - 4:51 am

of course its a scripted ,planned exercise , rather a false flag. those of us who have common sense,skepticism and logic saw this farce for what it is when it first began. the msm used to spread fear and panic ,was over the top from day one.

Paul Tye April 3, 2020 - 7:05 am

I don’t find clips like this useful, yes he may have let the truth slip but when getting up and speaking people do sometimes say things that don’t express what they are actually trying to say…. using the word exercise could just be the word that came out amidst a dozen different thoughts that might have been running through the guys head at the time of speaking …..what would have been useful would have been the rest of the clip to see his response after being pulled up on his statement …… yes we might still not believe his explanation of what he’d just said but at least it would put the whole episode in full context giving us the full picture of what happened instead of some 35 second soundbite

Vinnie May 6, 2021 - 11:58 am

Incorrect. This is the ex c*a director that is his native tongue.

Paul Tye May 7, 2021 - 7:42 pm

Native tounge has nothing to do with it , everyone makes a mistake at some point in their life and says the wrong thing or gets someones name mixed up or similar, that’s why there are so many out takes of actors getting a simple line wrong over and over again because sometimes the human brain just doesn’t cooperate with what you are trying to say….and we have no idea about what the guy had been through on the day he made that speech, he could have been distracted by a million other things that might have been going on in his life or for all we know might have only had a few hours sleep that day and not have been fully with it

Annie Jana April 4, 2020 - 9:08 am

Where is the revolution? It will never happen, right?

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