Jesus and Christianity: Two Mutually Exclusive Entities


Jesus and Christianity are two mutually exclusive entities. Jesus was not a Christian. His words have been edited, censored, misinterpreted and deliberately manipulated to suit the agenda of the political Catholic Church that came after him.

Jesus and Christianity are two mutually exclusive entities.

Jesus was not a Christian (and the Buddha was not a Buddhist either)! Most modern forms of Christianity – especially the rotten-to-the-core Catholic Church – have departed so far from the original spirit of Jesus’s life and teachings that they can hardly claim to represent the man and his way. As far as we can ascertain from the Bible (which as biblical scholar Bart Ehrman reveals is a heavily censored and edited document with thousands of discrepancies among manuscripts), Jesus knew full well that people would come after him and miss the point. Not only that, he knew some would come after him and try to capitalize on his life by using him to further their own agenda. According to the Bible, Jesus is supposed to have said, “Many will come using my name. They will say ‘I am the Messiah’ and they will deceive many people.”

Jesus and Christianity are NOT the Same Thing

It’s important to remember that Jesus and Christianity are not synonymous. Jesus was a man. Christianity is an institution. Jesus stood for equality (as seen by his willingness to mingle with prostitutes and tax collectors and treat them as kindly as anyone else). Christianity as represented by the Catholic Church is a hierarchical organization with rigid structure and levels. The Society of Jesus or the Jesuits, which are officially a subset of the Vatican (though some theories like the Jesuit Conspiracy propose they actually control the Vatican), are not a strict hierarchy; they are actually a military organization with a Superior General (the “Black Pope” or Jesuit head)!

Jesus was a Revolutionary

Another aspect in which Jesus and Christianity are strikingly different is in their approach to politics and society. Although Jesus is mostly appreciated for his spiritual mastery (and rightly so), his actions as a revolutionary and whistleblower are often overlooked. Like Socrates before him and many others after him, Jesus dared to tell the truth and speak publicly about the corruption and hypocrisy of the rulers of his time. These were the wealthy Jewish priests and scribes known as Pharisees and Sadducees. Jesus did not mince his words when speaking to these rulers, calling them snakes and hypocrites, an act of truthtelling and courage which made him very unpopular with those in power – and ultimately cost him his life on trumped up charges of heresy and blasphemy.

Jesus and Christianity is Like Oil and Water

Jesus stood for unconditional love, and reminded us that each are gods and divine beings in our own right. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, teaches us that we are all guilty little sinners from the moment we are born through their dogma of “Original Sin“. Jesus overcame his attachment to material possessions; the Vatican hoards golds in its vaults and makes money off laundering drug and weapon money through its bank, the IOR. Jesus reminded us to look to children to remember the qualities of gentleness and love; the Catholic Church has engaged in (and probably still engages in) countless examples of child trafficking in numerous countries, as well as widespread pedophilia and making money off pornography.

Jesus and Christianity – two mutually exclusive entities. Just make sure you remember which is which!

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Andrea Psoras April 8, 2013 - 1:00 am

This is an interesting observation from people of the world. It is true that believers in the Lord are not called to be Christians, nor was the Lord a Christian. Christian is used only 3 times in the new Testament. In each use, there isn’t when one carefully understands those references, there is nothing except a misunderstanding of the text and properly discerning it that gets ‘Christian’. And worse, although the article above speaks of Catholicism as if that’s Christianity, Rome actually around 2000 began co-opting the term to obscure it’s craven and corrupt self interest to attempt to meld ecumenism into the Christian tradition. Rome always has done that and for thousands of years made its way by ‘adopting’ the local gods in order to further the empire of that heathen state. Worse, the US had under Reagan gone into a concordat with the Catican. Nothing about the Lord is reflected in Catholicism. And the Lord gave me a discernment: the crucifix is the demon of violence in the roman catholic church that gloats over having been able to do violence to the Lord and glories in that … and in their idolatry keeps the Lord on their cross … meanwhile He’s both risen and seated at the right had of the Father. There is NO reference in Acts or the epistles that Paul and the others at all had a cross or crucifix. Nothing nor such a reference. There is nothing about Rome’s/Vatican’s corruption and abomination nor of its co-opting of the ‘protestant’ denominations, nor of the groups like the World Council of Churches and their inclusion of wicca, that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ and his Beauty.

Tools for Freedom April 10, 2013 - 9:21 pm

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Tim December 4, 2014 - 11:33 pm

The gospel of the Lord Jesus should not be watered down in this way, and He should not be spoken of as if He were merely Someone Who stood for unconditional love.
This is a saccharine Christianity, and a very manifestation of the spirit of antichrist, which goes out into all the world, and which leaves an equally bitter taste in the mouth.
“For the Lord is a God of Judgement; blessed are all they that wait for Him”.
“Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, saith the Lord”.
He excoriated the damnable swine who opposed Him, and He made it very clear that they would have their part in the Lake of Fire.
Contrariwise, the RCC is merely recapitulating God’s own word when it states, as Paul did, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”.
We are sinners; this is why the Lord Jesus came to earth, to die that we might live.
We are neither gods nor divine beings, as this wretched writer states; she is repeating the original lie in so doing; and she will pay the price for her foolishness in due course.

Cons February 5, 2020 - 10:02 am

I am often interested in the materials you publish, but I am very sorry to tell you that this one (about Jesus “vs” Christianity) is not at all free of prejudice, misinformation and partisan.
Bart Erhman is an atheist partisan “biblical scholar” that is not even original. “His” theses were known by the Primitive Church, coming from gnostic circles and were condemned in 180 AD by the Bishop Irenee of Lyon.
Before coting Erhman as a real, unbiased specialist in Christianity I politely invite you to have a look at this book ( »The case for Jesus » by Prof. Brant Pitre) that refutes in a very scientific and researched way all this nonsense.
I sincerely hope that your other publications are not as poorly documented as this one.
Thank you,

Bill Sterling October 18, 2021 - 9:30 am

The problem here is that the Protestant Church, spawned by the Reformers, is NOT the faith of Jesus Christ.
Since actually reading the New Testament today is by-passed instead by indoctrination of a man-made religion,
whoever wishes to understand what God has done and seeks to fulfill through his Son will remain a secret.
This is NOT unintentional. Satan discovered that killing Jesus was an enormous error! His counter-measure
became the infiltration of the new Church (Acts 20.18-38) with false doctrines and with false believers (the wheat and the tares.) The Roman Church has absolutely NO characteristic of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Next, the Protestant Church began in error with Luther. Only churchmen had access to the scriptures, and Luther read into PAUL something that simply was NOT there. Jesus required repentance and submission to the Father, just like Jesus did at HIS own baptism, the abandonment of “the old man” through baptism and taking on the new eternal life life of the Son of God through receiving the Holy Spirit.

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