Iraq-Raping Neocon Upset That People Keep Bringing Up The Iraq Thing


Iraq-raping neocon & PNAC member Max Boot is annoyed people keep bringing up the Iraq thing – the MILLION people killed due to his advocacy of that war.

Iraq-raping neocon and PNAC member Max Boot

wants to just admit he wrong was advocating a war that killed 1,000,000 people – and be done with it. There’s so much going on in US politics right now that it’s hard to know what to write about. With all the shouting about the election, impeachment, Trump’s bogus Palestine “deal” and so many other important political issues competing for airtime with Kobe Bryant’s death and coronavirus fear porn, it feels like we’re already at white noise information saturation, and it’s not even February yet. Things are going to get a whole lot noisier next month when the Democratic presidential primaries (and all the establishment manipulations that will necessarily accompany them) get underway, and Julian Assange’s extradition trial begins.

One of the many interesting developments that I can pluck out of this cacophony to earn my keep here has been the hysterical response to Bernie Sanders’ polling bump from the Bush-era neoconservatives who’ve been rehabilitated by a weird new alliance with the Democratic Party in the age of Trump. In just the last few days we’ve seen a deluge of smear pieces against Sanders published in mainstream news outlets by virulent “never-Trump” neocons Bret “Bedbug” StephensDavid “Axis of Evil” FrumJennifer “John McCain is too dovish” Rubin, and Max “The Case for American Empire” Boot.

Which has turned out to be a good thing so far, for two reasons. Firstly it has ripped off the mask of woke progressivism that these neoconservative war whores slapped on their faces three years ago to promote mass murder within the Democratic establishment’s astroturf “Resistance” to Trump. Secondly it has educated an entire new generation of young voters about the evils of the Iraq invasion, and who helped facilitate it.

It is always a good sign when a bunch of pundits who push for increased military aggression at every opportunity are upset about the same thing, but I’m going to single out Max Boot here because his Bernie tantrum has been especially hilarious to watch.

In an article for The Washington Post titled “Bernie Sanders is ‘insanely consistent.’ That’s nothing to brag about.“, Boot bizarrely decided to attack Sanders on the fact that he hasn’t often had to admit that he’s been wrong about things.

“But it is true that I’ve rethought my views on some important matters, such as the Iraq War, and started speaking out on issues such global warming, gun control and white privilege where reality conflicts with conservative dogma,” Boot writes, adding that he can be trusted now “precisely because I have changed my mind. Don’t trust anyone who hasn’t.”

It is fascinating that Boot should choose consistency as a line of attack against Sanders, because he himself has been remarkably consistent throughout his entire career. He’s just been consistent in the other direction.

Promoting fiendishly aggressive interventionist agendas everywhere from Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya to Syria to Iran to Russia, the former PNAC member Boot has been a leading narrative manager for some of the most catastrophically disastrous military interventions in living memory. He has not just promoted imperialist agendas which destroyed the lives of untold millions of human beings, but has also consistently promoted the pernicious underpinning philosophy of that imperialism as in his 2001 masterpiece “The Case for American Empire“.

And that is the one and only reason Boot remains gainfully employed as a famous and widely circulated mainstream foreign policy analyst. He has no redeeming characteristics. He is not smart. He is not charming. He is never, ever right about anything. He simply advocates for the deployment of expensive military equipment consistently and reliably. The oligarchic media love that in a guy.

Iraq-raping neocon Boot, who has been giddy with excitement that his fellow traveller John Bolton has entered his side of the impeachment debate, wrapped up his unintentional self-parody by cheerleading Trump’s regime change interventionism in Venezuela and the right-wing military coup in Bolivia. After its publication he quickly found himself under fire on Twitter by the Sanders campaign’s David Sirota, who rightly criticized his forceful promotion of the Iraq invasion. Boot responded by whining that the “Bernie Bro” should accept his admission that Iraq was a mistake and forget about the whole thing.

“Me: I was wrong and I admit it, but I learned from it. Bernie should too. He’s been wrong about some stuff. Bernie Bro: You were wrong. Why should we listen to you?”, Boot tweeted.

“LOL. Exactly,” Jennifer Rubin responded.

And that just says so much about the coddled, insulated, completely unchallenged life that these mass media pundits are accustomed to, right there. To believe that you can help pave the way for a war that kills a million people based on lies and then years later say “Oh yeah I made an oopsie with that one, I need a do-over” requires an unbelievable amount of entitlement and privilege, let alone to be able to self-righteously hold that admission up as some kind of superior virtue that is worthy of praise and deference.

You don’t get to help murder a million human beings and then act indignant when people bring it up. That is not a thing. Your admission of wrongdoing does not undo the wrong that you did, and only someone who has been raised in a consequence-free environment their entire life could possibly believe that it would.

Hey Max? If you ever get tired of being completely wrong about everything, here’s a hot tip for you: maybe start with crossing off the idea that murdering a bunch of people is an ideal solution to every problem. Normal people don’t think that way. That’s why you’re wrong more often than any normal person. It really is that simple.

Nobody who promoted the unforgivable Iraq invasion should ever be listened to about anything for as long as they live. They certainly should not be elevated in prominent slots on mainstream news outlets. They should not even be able to find employment anywhere more glamorous than a McDonald’s.

It is good that these people are exposing themselves, and it is good that more people are learning about the Iraq invasion. Nothing has ever been done to make right the unfathomable evils which were inflicted upon our species by that one horrific act, let alone the many other disastrous interventions which have been endorsed by Max Boot.

Let’s all hope for a sane world where mass military slaughter is seen for what it is, and where war whores like Iraq-raping neocon Max Boot are seen for what they are, and where both of these things fade into obsolescence forever.


Dennis O'Neill January 31, 2020 - 8:38 am

We are so fortunate that the American electorate chose Donald Trump as our leader.

Trump was opposed by the entire criminal establishment like phony historian and neoconartist Max Boot and his nut job friend Bill Kristol; the Bush Crime Family led at the time by the closeted homosexual and pedophile crack cocaine dealer, GHW Bush, whose half wit son GW developed, ironically enough, a coke habit at the time his fascist daddy was overseeing the Iran Contra coke rings from the White House; the Clinton Crime Family who set up the Arkansas Finance Development Authority to launder Iran Contra coke money and provided an airport in Mena, AK to which to fly the coke for Iran Contra; tho closeted homosexual Indonesian Muslim non-natural born U.S. citizen and CIA stooge, Barry Sotero, Crime Family; Magic underwear wearing deviant and criminal thug Mittens the moronic Mormon Romney, McNasty McStain and his obese porcine faced daughter, and so many other feral government teat suckers. All were opposed to Trump’s election.

Trump learned so much about how the world really works from his brilliant uncle John who managed all the covert actions around Tesla’s discoveries and other advanced technology for his friend Vannevar Bush; and from his good friend Richard Nixon who the CIA overthrew in a coup like it’s trying to do with Trump because Nixon intended to disclose Tesla’s discoveries. Nixon wrote Trump a letter in 1987 urging Trump to run for president and then moved to NYC to raise money for Trump and to educate him about deep state politics. Trump also learned about how the Kosher Nostra works from his friend Roy Cohn and all about how decent people act from his friend Brooke Astor. JJ Astor was a big investor in Tesla’s work but the fat pig JP Morgan, who scammed Tesla, had Astor and a few other American patriots opposed to the creation of the criminal banking cartel known as the FED murdered by sinking a ship that was mis named the Titanic.

Trump’s Middle East policies are sheer genius. He’s playing the criminal thug Nuttyyahoo and American neoconartist Zionist terrorist state of Israel supporters like Max Boot brilliantly. Firing by Tweet the sexual deviant and sociopath John Bolton, a Zionist terrorist state of Israel supporter, on 9/11 was absolute symbolic genius.

JohnF January 31, 2020 - 3:18 pm

Permanent War Mode

“Initiated with the 9-11 attacks.”

The PNAC ‘New Pearl Harbor’ Staged 911 Event was brought to you by the Bush’s from the ‘Skull N Bones’ Secret Society of War & Death.

The Swamp (Zionists, SkullNBones, FreeMasons, Jesuits, Etc) got their ‘100 Year War of Terror’ that we are 18 years into – On the Way to Armageddon!!!!!

President John F. Kennedy warned us about the danger posed by tolerating excessive Secrecy, and permitting members of “Secret Societies” and the Military-Industrial(-Intelligence-Media-Political) Complex to slowly covertly subvert our Constitutional Republic …

JohnF January 31, 2020 - 3:28 pm

The Biden Story is not the only Story happening in the Ukraine. The Obama Coup that he pulled off in Ukraine in 2014 to shut down the Russian Oil Port in Crimea to destroy the Russian Economy.!!!!!

Putin warned everyone that it was leading to WW3 – He would not let the West destroy Russia’s Economy Again like in 1989.!!!!!

Russia’s other Oil Port is in Syria.!!!!!

American’s need to wake up, the rest of the world has been warning them for a decade that if they don’t get their warmongering politicians under control that they will have no choice but to release their missile systems against us.

Dennis O'Neill February 2, 2020 - 11:32 am

There will be no countries attacking the U.S. with missiles. The Zionist terrorist state of Israel and its sociopathic predecessors have been attacking Russia since before the Revolution and attacking America since nearly the creation of the terrorist state of Israel with a series of attacks the most regent being 9/11. What is happening is that Russia, China, Iran, India, Venezuela, Brazil and others are gutting the phony petro dollar created by the criminal banking cartel in conjunction with the Anglo American Zionist terrorist empires’s Middle East client states, Saudi Arabia being primary.

JohnF February 3, 2020 - 10:09 am

“Russia, China, Iran, India, Venezuela, Brazil and others are gutting the phony petro dollar”

And when that finally happens the ‘Everything Bubble’ will Pop & America will descend into Chaos & Civil War – Then they will send their Missiles too finish us off.!!!!!

After all, America’s top banks fined Hundreds of Millions to Billions of Dollars for Fraud, Corruption & Manipulation of the Financial Markets after 08/09 Financial Collapse.

Nobody Goes to Jail – FED Refuses to be Audited.

Bill Sanders February 1, 2020 - 12:00 am

“You don’t get to help murder a million human beings and then act indignant when people bring it up. That is not a thing. Your admission of wrongdoing does not undo the wrong that you did, and only someone who has been raised in a consequence-free environment their entire life could possibly believe that it would.”

This reminds me of women – and other protected classes – in Western Marxist (Progressive) society. But the invasion and genocide thing definitely reminds me of Israel. Remove the Zionist invaders from Palestine and provide reparations now. That is what Trump should be doing. That would end all the wars associated with the Greater Israel Project. Let the Shias and Sunnis fight amongst themselves.

Wayne M March 19, 2020 - 11:57 am

Like your site as a first time visitor but those social media logos to the left in middle of the screen (on a phone) is annoying as hell

Makia Freeman March 19, 2020 - 3:09 pm

Hi Wayne, Sorry to hear that … actually a previous visitor asked us to have some options so they could easily share articles. One way to get rid of them is to widen the browser/screen (if you are on a desktop).

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