How You Can Be 100% Certain That QAnon Is Bullshit


[This is a May 2019 article from Caitlin, still very relevant today – Ed.]

No matter what, the Q-Anon cult always excuses Trump’s actions and can never sufficiently prove or validate Q’s drops, quite a few of which have turned out to false predictions.

President Trump has yet again

advanced an evil longstanding agenda of America’s depraved intelligence and defense agencies, so as usual the Q-Anon or QAnon cult is out in force telling everyone not to worry because this is all part of the plan. Ever since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was slammed by Trump’s Justice Department with a mountain of espionage chargescarrying a possible sentence of 175 years in prison, QAnon acolytes have been showing up in my social media mentions with screenshots of a new post from the mysterious 8chan anon assuring us all that Assange is actually being protected by Trump.

The post reads in the typical QAnon cryptic word salad style that its adherents often annoyingly imitate when normal people try to engage them in an adult conversation:

“Under protection.
Threat is real.
Key to DNC ‘source’ ‘hack’ ‘187’.

I find this subject very tedious, and my regular readers aren’t generally the types to fall for this sort of toxic propaganda construct, but I’m putting this information out there anyway as a public service since many people are being deluded by it.

If you’re one of those fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with the QAnon phenomenon, in October of 2017 odd posts began appearing on the anonymous message board 4chan, which is wildly popular with trolls, incels and racists. Those posts ceased appearing on 4chan and moved to a related site, 8chan, where they continue appearing to this day. The poster purports to have insider knowledge of a secret, silent and invisible war that President Trump has been waging against the Deep State with the help of the US military and various “white hats” within the US government, and shares snippets about this war with 8chan users in extremely vague and garbled posts.

Here are three reasons you can be absolutely, 100 percent certain that it’s bullshit:

1. The Q-Anon Cult always, always, always excuses Trump’s facilitation of evil deep state agendas.

I don’t generally use the term “deep state” anymore, mainly because its proper meaning has been distorted by right-wingers and Qultists to mean basically “Democrats and Never-Trumpers”, and by mainstream liberals to mean something like “a right-wing conspiracy theory about a secretive cabal of Jews who rule the world”. But originally the term simply referred to a concept used for political analysis to describe the undeniable fact that plutocrats and intelligence/defense agencies tend to form relationships with each other in a way that persists amid the comings and goings of the official elected government.

This alliance has certain agendas that it has consistently pushed for, many of them involving the advancement of wars which financially benefit the plutocrats and which secure geostrategic dominance for the intelligence/defence agencies. Trump has been advancing these longstanding agendas with his administration’s regime change interventionism against Iran and Venezuela, world-threatening new cold war escalations against Russia, military expansionism, continuing and expanding of all of Bushbama’s warmongering and Orwellian surveillance programs, the campaign to destroy WikiLeaks and imprison Julian Assange for life, and many other actions which benefit the agenda of global hegemony and the profit margins of war plutocrats.

Every single time Trump advances one of these depraved agendas and I speak out against it, I begin getting angry social media responses from QAnon cultists telling me to calm down and relax, that this is all part of the plan, and that Trump is actually doing the exact opposite of what he appears to be doing. And when I say “every single time”, I mean exactly that, without a single, solitary exception.

QAnon cultists do this every single time because they have been propagandized into doing so, both by the 8chan anon they follow and by the herd mentality of the community that it has fostered. They begin with the baseless premise that Trump is a righteous warrior against corruption, conclude that everything he does must therefore be a righteous maneuver against Deep State corruption, then apply their hive mind to coming up with reasons to believe this. Then they show up in my mentions telling me I’m crazy for believing Trump is doing the things that he is very plainly and obviously doing.

You don’t need to take my word for this. As of this writing right now you can go to the Twitter search bar and type in the words “Assange” and “QAnon” and you’ll get a bunch of posts explaining that Assange is “under protection”, and that imprisoning a longtime target of the CIA and the Pentagon is actually a devastating blow to the Deep State. You can continue to repeat this exact same experiment every single time Trump advances a disgusting warmongering deep state agenda, and every single time you’ll get the exact same results.

This to me is reason enough to be absolutely certain that QAnon and the credulous cult which has sprouted up around it is crap. US presidents are reliably corrupt warmongers and CIA cronies, so the current president acting like one is not surprising or extraordinary. Trying to justify a US president doing the sort of thing that all US presidents always do as a total deviation from the norm for US presidents would be a ridiculous thing to do even one time. Doing it every single time is fully discrediting.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you could maybe be excused if you mistook it for a rabbit after one quick glance, but continuing to stare directly at a duck and saying “Yeah that’s definitely a rabbit, look at the long ears” over an extended period of time would mean you’re a bullshitter.

2. The Q-Anon Cult always, always, always refuses to prove the validity of their position.

A year ago I tweeted out that I was thinking of writing an article about QAnon and asked its adherents for their very best links/screenshots proving its legitimacy. Go ahead and have a read of the kinds of responses I got by clicking this hyperlink if you’re curious. No one came remotely close to providing anything like the evidence I’d asked for, with most responses falling along the lines of “You kind of have to just immerse yourself in it over an extended period of time and marinate in it until you believe,” which is the same sort of response you’ll get if you ask a religious proselytizer to prove the legitimacy of their religion. I shared the thread again yesterdayand got the same response, with one QAnon promoter with a fairly large following telling me, “No amount of evidence can be seen by one choosing to stay blind.”

This is completely different from standard conspiracy theories. If you ask a 9/11 truther to prove the legitimacy of their position, they’ll instantly be able to produce clear and concise videos and articles for you, and if they’ve actually done their homework they’ll be able to regale you with information about physics, forensics, architecture, chemistry, and plot holes in the official narrative. If you ask someone who’s got theories about the JFK assassination you’ll get a comparable amount of lucidity. Ask a QAnon cultist for the same level of intellectual transparency and you’ll get a bunch of mealy-mouthed gibberish which will quickly turn into accusations that you are lazy for refusing to do your own research if you keep pressing.

This is because there is no actual, tangible factual basis for the belief system which has sprouted up around QAnon. It begins, just like any other religion, as a premise of faith, and then the adherents to that faith pool their intellectual resources into the task of finding reasons to legitimize that premise. They begin with the premise that Trump is a good and noble savior who is uprooting the source of all of America’s problems with strategic maneuvers which are so brilliant that they look like the exact opposite of what they are, then they let confirmation bias and other cognitive biases do the rest of the work for them.

Again, you don’t need to take my word for this; you can repeat this experiment for yourself. Whenever you encounter a QAnon adherent, either by chance or by seeking them out deliberately, simply ask them to prove the legitimacy of their position. You might get links to sources which attempt to prove that QAnon is connected to the Trump administration (as though that would somehow counter the idea that it’s a pro-Trump propaganda construct), you might get links to the mountain of cryptic word salads that QAnon has posted and told to comb through them yourself, but you won’t ever get anything resembling an attempt to clearly prove that QAnon is the thing that it purports to be. If you keep pushing you’ll encounter nothing but anger as you run into a wall of cognitive dissonance.

This proves that QAnon is not even a proper conspiracy theory, as we’ve come to understand that term. Conspiracy theories, per definition, consist of some sort of concrete theory. QAnon, like Russiagate, consists of nothing other than something that people desperately want to believe and then seek out excuses which allow them to feel comfortable believing it. This makes it far more akin to a religion or a cult than a conspiracy theory.

If QAnon were legitimate, it would be easy for its followers to demonstrate that legitimacy in a clear and simple way. They never can.

3. Q made many bogus claims and inaccurate predictions.

I’m putting this one last instead of first because the appeal of QAnon has very little to do with facts and evidence; if you show these to a Q cultist they’ll typically just say “Oh Q didn’t really mean that” or “That one wasn’t the real Q” or even “Disinformation is necessary” (a John Bolton doctrinewhich QAnon itself has proclaimed on multiple occasions), but for anyone who’s kind of on the fence about the whole thing you should be aware that the QAnon phenomenon has been rife with demonstrable inaccuracies. Personally I prefer to focus on the behaviors of the QAnon cultists themselves, since they’re the ones interpreting the cryptic word salads and circulating those interpretations online. They behave as cheerleaders for their government’s most depraved agendas; it doesn’t really matter what they are being told to believe to get them to behave that way.

This recent Reddit post on r/conspiracy breaks down many of the bogus claims, inaccurate predictions and deceitful manipulations that the QAnon construct has made since its inception. They include claiming in October 2017 that Hillary Clinton had been arrested and to expect mass rioting in response, posting and then deleting a fake Podesta email, posting multiple photoshopped images as though they were real, posting a bogus photo suggesting that the operator of the account was on Airforce One, and posting bogus “codes” that are demonstrably nothing other than gibberish.

I don’t claim to know everything about this QAnon thing or who exactly is behind it, but these three points I just outlined in my opinion kill all doubt that it’s not what it purports to be. For anyone looking at them with intellectual honesty rather than the same way a creationist or cult member might look at something which challenges their faith, anyway.

It is not good that a vocal and enthusiastic part of Trump’s largely anti-interventionist, pro-WikiLeaks base has been propagandized into consistently stumping for longtime agendas of the CIA and the Pentagon. Someone’s benefiting from this, and it isn’t you.


chris September 14, 2020 - 4:45 am

q-anon is just another disinfo patsy much like ASSange ,who DID NOT found wikileaks.

Adaline September 14, 2020 - 8:42 am

would like to hear evidence of Assange not founding wikileaks.

chris September 14, 2020 - 2:38 pm

look it up. its available. it was created by a group in iceland called the ‘sunshine press”. ASSange became the “public face of it.

Adaline September 15, 2020 - 2:38 pm


chris September 16, 2020 - 2:42 am

welcome. ASSange ,snowden cia patsies.

chris September 18, 2020 - 5:28 am

LMAO uh oh, another loser. lol and how would you know those were “factual pieces”? because the msm said so? lol lol i doubt you use your brain cells much ,which explains the atrophy you exhibit

Todd Burgess September 14, 2020 - 5:45 am

Right after 9/11, the “White Hats” were going to systematically dismantle the war machine, president Bush and his minions and restore our country to it’s righteous position of freedom’s beacon.
Crickets, ever since then.
Q is no different. Hopetopia is the verbiage that explains it succinctly.

Anonymous September 17, 2020 - 9:45 am
jeannonkralj September 14, 2020 - 8:42 am

Those of us who have been searching for facts and evidence and quality data on a large number of false events of the last half-century plus are long past needing an article about Q. I rely on The Freedom Articles to supply me with facts and quality data about the false event referred to as the “pandemic” and “COVID-19 positive.”

I think The Freedom Articles should provide a place where we can ask questions about the Plandemic so that we can further build our case for the truth about that false event.

It is what Caitlin Johnstone will not cite in her articles that cause me deep concern as to her messages, messages that APPEAR so full of good reasoning and truth.

Adaline September 14, 2020 - 8:42 am

I lost a friend of 48 years to her drinking the Trump/Qanon koolaid. I can not tolerate her spewing the cult narrative.
Heartbreaking. These people are insane.

Pam Cooper September 15, 2020 - 10:23 am

If that’s all it took to send her over the edge . . . your friend had more problems than just a ‘news’ platform.

Adaline September 15, 2020 - 2:25 pm

It’s true Pam. She had always been of the, ‘I’m *going to* start doing this or that’ way, and would never do what she said she was going to do. Like Qanon. She never knew anything about politics, much about the news or about the military. She actually liked ‘The Apprentice’. Then they got wireless internet in their home. I’m not saying that is the cause, but it didn’t help. But she definitely had more problems than just a news platform. Doesn’t make it suck any less.

Dennis ONeill September 14, 2020 - 11:20 am

I long ago stopped reading Caitlin’s sometimes intriguing but mostly fairly shallow and uninformed rantings having read her regularly for a year.

When the Bush Crime Family, the Clinton Crime Family and Obama, the most criminally corrupt president in US history, or perhaps tied with half wit GW Bush, came out against Trump in 2015/’16 I knew he’d be a great leader.

I don’t believe Assange is in any danger and I don’t believe he will be convicted of any crime. It was quite obvious the guy dragged out of the embassy in London was not Assange.

Time will shortly tell both about Assange and Q and Caitlin adds nothing illuminating whatsoever on either subject, and never has. Her rantings about Assange have been sophomoric and laughable. He is a psyop and a very sophisticated one, as is Q. Snowden is a traitor and if apprehended will be extradited or perhaps subject to rendition, tried and executed.

It’s trivial to verify through numerous rigorous Q researchers that Q is a psyop, although a beneficial one, that is connected to the Trump Admin and the President. It is the antithesis of what is outlined in the recent documentary ShadowGate.

Trump is ending the bipartisan MIC wars in the Middle East; he has brokered a spreading ME peace deal which includes, among many other very positive things, a temporary halt, likely to become permanent, to the Zionist terrorist state of Israel’s settlements of the illegally occupied territories; he has reduced prescription drug prices to “best price” which is huge for millions of seniors and which will drive other PBM prices downward for younger people; he has secured our southern border and made stopping human trafficking one of his top, if not foremost, goals which has already had numerous positive impacts in thousands of lives; he has moved the FED into Treasury and is working on a new asset-backed world financial system called QFS for quantum financial system; he brokered the historic Serbia-Kosovo deal; he has allowed numerous leftist fascist governors and mayors and some Democrats in Congress to expose themselves as the totalitarian hypocrites they are; his executive orders have resulted in a record number of trash in both parties resigning their seats in Congress, most at the height of their career. There has also been a record number of C level corporate resignations under Trump and a huge record number of sealed federal indictments under the Trump Admin.

Bobby English September 25, 2020 - 5:36 am

Hi Dennis,
AMAZING POLLY on You Tube is worth looking up!

Sharine Borslien September 14, 2020 - 12:06 pm

In the above thread that Caitlyn linked to, you can scroll down a bit and expand threads to see that user CarlAntoine on April 15, 2018 embedded a photo of Putin and Trump, in which Trump is making a downward pointing triangle with his hands. He does this ALL THE TIME in photos and videos.

This symbol has been used for millennia by dark occult groups to refer to the feminine principle of water: It could refer to the overt sexual nature of these groups (hence, seeing sexualized Hollywood artists making the symbol all the time, everywhere) and/or to its element, water, and occulted uses of this element. Either way, the person making the symbol—in this case, Trump—is doing it deliberately, consistently, and flagrantly, which is standard for dark occultists who must “show who they are and/or what they are doing” in order to float above detection by already uninformed, mind-controlled masses and thus above the power of Natural Law.

So my point is that CarlAntoine is a Qultist who proved Caitlyn’s point for her, that Trump and therefore Q are not here to help humanity.

Dennis ONeill September 14, 2020 - 2:18 pm

That’s idiotic nonsense. The upside down triangle is a reversal of the dark occult symbol, there’s one on our currency, and Trump does it to communicate that the Trump Admin is reversing all the negative things the dark occult powers have put in place over millennia which he is.

Trump is ending the bipartisan MIC wars in the Middle East; he has brokered a spreading ME peace deal which includes, among many other very positive things, a temporary halt, likely to become permanent, to the Zionist terrorist state of Israel’s settlements of the illegally occupied territories; he has reduced prescription drug prices to “best price” which is huge for millions of seniors and which will drive other PBM prices downward for younger people; he has secured our southern border and made stopping human trafficking one of his top, if not foremost, goals which has already had numerous positive impacts in thousands of lives; he has moved the FED into Treasury and is working on a new asset-backed world financial system called QFS for quantum financial system; he brokered the historic Serbia-Kosovo deal; he has allowed numerous leftist fascist governors and mayors and some Democrats in Congress to expose themselves as the totalitarian hypocrites they are; his executive orders have resulted in a record number of trash in both parties resigning their seats in Congress, most at the height of their career. There has also been a record number of C level corporate resignations under Trump and a huge record number of sealed federal indictments under the Trump Admin.

Daniel Miner September 14, 2020 - 7:43 am

I, too, could find no truth in QAnon but was confused when so many evangelicals liked Trump so much when he had done a dozen things which actually worsened the lives of the middle class, which they say he is now trying to coddle. Take Operation Warp Speed and vaccines. To make policy to give toxic vaccines to the public is committing the great and grievous crime of “Thou shall not commit adultery” in its wider understanding, which is adultering anything, our environment, our bodies, our minds and even our spirituality. As I understand it this is why we lost God’s blessing in 2003 for dropping 300 tonnes of Depleted Uranium on Iraq in Bush’s “Shock and Awe”. It caused mutations in the unborn and is still causing cancer in everyone.

Still I asked of God for an understanding and, lo and behold, I ran across an interview Jack Mullen had with Dr. Chuck Baldwin and Dr. Baldwin said that the reason they put Trump in office and want to keep him there, possibly, is because if this corona virus plandemic came down on Hillary’s watch, then we would know for sure it was a scam. Oh, did that make sense.

Then you have another saying that Trump is bringing home the troops so that he will have them at his beck and call for delivering our nation from whatever the left is going to throw at us after the election. They aren’t here to give us vaccines. Well, we will see. I don’t trust any of them, but I do trust in Our Father in Heaven and ask of Him for guidance and understanding. He has always delivered, albeit in His own time. We trust. God’s will be done!

Patsy DeCline May 20, 2021 - 3:25 pm

I do believe in Q but as with all good things in America, we get the eventual psyop to spread disinfo and take away credence. takes discernment – when you have a spiritual life, you can tell which is what. MAGA

Meltonmark September 14, 2020 - 9:20 am

Incels..? Racist..? Oh, you mean the white males that create everything useful in America?

chris September 14, 2020 - 12:18 pm

The facts speak for themselves: economy ruined, entire areas devastated, if not by riots than by geoengineering producing fires, society divided, psychologically ruined, not even able to go on streets and say a word, lies upon lies in terms of covid facts never exposed, with one exception: hydroxyquinone, still linked to pharma though, list of executive orders should be the accompanying proof of what’s behind the curtain.
The movie about Quanon starts so impressive and true that one can cry for joy, and after showing in all negativity all the previous presidents and then the sudden jump with the 2016 election, it simply ‘somehow’ becomes questionable, like it always was, with great promises before the election and a total turn around after (moving into the ‘white house’).. 4 years is a long time, and what was done is out there, that’s the only proof of whats going on. Surely the ‘Operation’ for a global vaccination will be the turning and wakening point for everyone this time.

Dennis ONeill September 14, 2020 - 2:18 pm

The economy is doing exceptionally well under Trump even though the leftist fascists unleashed a bioweapon/psyop on the world to stop Trump’s unprecedented progress. The red states are really doing well while the blue states run by racist, fascist leftist totalitarian are up in flames and ruined by leftist violent riots.

Trump is ending the bipartisan MIC wars in the Middle East; he has brokered a spreading ME peace deal which includes, among many other very positive things, a temporary halt, likely to become permanent, to the Zionist terrorist state of Israel’s settlements of the illegally occupied territories; he has reduced prescription drug prices to “best price” which is huge for millions of seniors and which will drive other PBM prices downward for younger people; he has secured our southern border and made stopping human trafficking one of his top, if not foremost, goals which has already had numerous positive impacts in thousands of lives; he has moved the FED into Treasury and is working on a new asset-backed world financial system called QFS for quantum financial system; he brokered the historic Serbia-Kosovo deal; he has allowed numerous leftist fascist governors and mayors and some Democrats in Congress to expose themselves as the totalitarian hypocrites they are; his executive orders have resulted in a record number of trash in both parties resigning their seats in Congress, most at the height of their career. There has also been a record number of C level corporate resignations under Trump and a huge record number of sealed federal indictments under the Trump Admin.

chris September 14, 2020 - 2:28 pm

are you Qannon? a friend of the other troll tomonthebay? Strange, that nobody here gave any positive opinion about Q (because of such a twist between the facts), but only 2 get negative points by always the same troll? Is it all CIA made targeting? Btw. look at unemployment rates (DO NOT INCLUDE COVID TRACERS, which is not a job but CIA extension) and then tell me all is so great.., look at closed small businesses since 2020 and then speak, look at numbers of suicides, and then speak.. Please, look at the facts, but not the fact checkers, which is the opposite.
I wish to be wrong and believe in justice and in a new, non-criminal, peaceful, healthy normal, without ANY vaccines, but while being old, it is really hard to erase all the bad experiences and get hope again in ‘government’.
Sure, one can change anything only while being alive, and that’s the biggest pro Q actually..

Dennis ONeill September 14, 2020 - 2:28 pm

The economy is doing exceptionally well but the fascist leftist terrorists did ruin some small businesses with their COVID19 psyop, all in blue shit hole cities where the scum governors and mayors closed them down and then some white puke loser suburbanites paid by Antifa and BLM burned a bunch of black small businesses down, killed a bunch of people and are now starting fires but many good people in those shit hole blue states and cities are moving by the tens of thousands per week to red states and during Trump’s 2nd term he’ll restore his record of the best economy in decades that he built before the violent leftists unleashed their violence.

chris September 14, 2020 - 9:03 pm

lets hope one more time for the best then. Just learned to all what you said also:
which was CENSORED…Do you happen to know when that idiotic criminal lockdown is over and one can find a job WITHOUT THE SATANIC MASK??????????????????????

Dennis ONeill September 15, 2020 - 2:36 am

It’s up to individual governors and mayors to end the lockdowns. Red states are almost all open and have been for a long time. Some like South Dakota never closed and are doing great. S. Dakota has hardly any cases of the COVID19 psyop. It’s not a serious illness. It’s like the flu and HCQ is a super safe, effective treatment. I know 2 people who got COVID19. They sat in a sauna and got rid of it that day. Heat kills it.

Trump is letting the country see that insane fascist leftists are hypocrites and super destructive. Michigan Gov Whitmer was caught after she issued her lockdown going to her summer home of course wearing no mask, Insane Nancy Pelosi went to a hair salon wearing no mask then ruined the hair salon owners business. Other insane leftist govs and mayors have been filmed at places not warring masks they order everyone else to wear. Chicago Mayor Lori Lighfoot who is a lesbian had a bunch of gay people having a small outdoor gathering near her home hassled by police while she did nothing about Antifa and BLM terrorists destroying about a billion dollars worth of businesses.

One of my brothers is a Chicago Police officer and the cops are all voting for Trump as is my whole family which used to be Dems. None of the terrorists the Chicago Police arrested were from Chicago and my brother said Lightfoot is incompetent. I left Chicago because Lightfoot is running it into the ground. I don’t wear a mask anywhere and don’t get hassled. I wouldn’t work at or patronize a business that required anyone to wear a mask. It’s painful but Trump is allowing the country to see that leftists are evil fascist, violent racists who support looting, murder, and arson destroying tens of millions of acres of fires killing people and wildlife. Many are Lucifer worshippers who sexually abuse children. Charles Wade who helped start the terrorist org BLM is in prison for human trafficking young girls.

Bill Sanders September 14, 2020 - 11:42 pm

I love Freedom Articles – except for Caitlin Johnstone’s. She is a leftist and always sees reality thru jaundiced lenses. I listen to Dave @ X22 Report every day and he provides so much insight into what is going on behind the scenes. I served in the US Navy and understand compartmentalization, need to know and now irregular warfare. As Alex Jones said, we live on a Prison Planet and are in an Infowar. Trump (and the white hat patriots) is far and away the best hope for our nation. Why is Caitlin Johnstone allowed on this platform?

Adaline September 15, 2020 - 2:44 pm

It’s delusional propaganda to say that the economy is doing well now. The restaurant, airline, travel and hospitality industries are decimated. The big box walmarts stores continue to thrive while mom & pops and entrepreneurs are closing up shop, worse now than ever. Disaster capitalists are thriving, the ultra rich elite and big pharma. The stock market only serves the ultra rich and is a terrible way to judge the health of the economy. The vast majority are suffering and losing their livelihoods and homes. Mortgages are going into default.

From what I have been able to stomach reading about Q, all I see is about what Drumpf is ‘going to’ do to take down the cabal (of which he is a part of) and eradicating child trafficking. Nothing has been done. Where is the proof? Proof does not exist. Corruption runs rampant, escalating. Trump is Putin’s fool.
Absolutely right that Q is crap and Trump is cabal.

Adaline September 18, 2020 - 8:21 am

Drumpf was the German family name before they came to the States and changed it to Trump. He is no victim. He is a pedophile on top of being intensely corrupt and racist. He is a fascist. Don’t tell anyone what to do, better to lead by example.

James Williams September 24, 2020 - 2:01 am

Trump was never a politician before he became president. The campaign against him by the brainwashed and corrupt is unprecedented. Have you studied or read his book? What he is saying and doing now was what he was saying 30 years ago. You have been taken over. Only you can get yourself out of the mind control you are under. Start by ditching the TV and not buying newspapers. Find your path out of the lies you have had implanted in you.

Adaline September 16, 2020 - 12:36 am

unbelievable! September 23, 2020 - 4:23 am

Wow, what dumb and poorly researched piece. Good try. I will never read this “writer” again. You cannot be a simpleton to follow C_ ue. You must be patient, have discernment, and above all do your own research, and not just believe C_ue or anyone else. You draw your own dots, find unrelated corroborations, etc. It’s work, but necessary. the C_ue movement is the TOTAL opposite of a cult, or whatever you are trying to say here.

James Williams September 24, 2020 - 2:01 am

Is Caitlin a feminist? I don’t know, but from all my many dealings with feminists, pathological lying and bigotry are significant traits.

AFEKT MEDIA October 27, 2020 - 2:13 am

Q was a counter Information Operation that was most likley launched early on as a counter IO using a gamification type algorithm to help disseminate white hat intelligence leaks, whom see all the corruption and crimes against humanity that American Government and parasite class state commit..

I would also say this very sites main menu of subjects hit upon most if not all what Q has disseminated over the last few years. So an article like this is strikingly odd. As the saying goes, it is like the ‘Pot Calling the Kettle Black’.

I don’t want to give away too much of the show, but Q did achieve some marvelous feats. I’ll list a few here and if one cares to read more I’ll explain some context.
1. Q created a very large mass of people to become immune to the very powerful IO ( info operation warfare) algorithms that were weaponized to manipulate perceptions of reality.
2. It countered the criminal and obfuscated Social Media contagions of breaking the worlds attention. This is social engineering and becomes psychological terror when they achieved to disrupt people’s sense making abilities.
3. With Americans having very little knowledge or worse any interest about geo-politics, fiat monetary systems and inner workings of propaganda- Q was able to get a group community conversation and consciousness to become researchers which takes alot of time amd attention to matters. You now have housewives explaining how fiat currency works and what a fraud it is. ( this would have never happened before)
4. It eased cognitive dissonance ( which is very unpleasant btw) into subjects that would normally keep your average Joe far from looking or making time to understand how ones own perceptions if reality has been completely manipulated by a parasite class of elites.
5. Because Q uses an algorithm ( its not calling its followers digital soldiers for nothing) and does in fact have access to intelligence, the algorithm would know ahead of time of an outcome. This is important to serve in helping people keep their attention by giving them an opportunity to ‘feel’ like they discovered something ( a ha moment) and pay off for the time playing the game.
6. Baking in a gamification api using some quasi numerology and conspiracy spirituality speak( great awakening). Although knowing that you can drop a chan post on date before hand and then using the post number to follow up in future on that future date for the reveal. This builds more group consciousness and community without the cultish mojo.
7. Look into 528Hz there is real science there and Q understands we are already in the age of the brain and at the gates of human 2.0 Many Q all relate to when discovering a drop gives them ability for more sense making and immunity to cog dissonance around dark subjects like Human Traffic and Pedo rings.
8. Most if not all Q understand Q is not a real person, is a cult or worse a dangerous mentality. Q has always used positivity, unity and non partisan ideas that transcended USA. Just watch some if the Fandom Q. Videoa that promotes unity and peace and tolerance.
9. QANON is not Q ( dis info algorithms have also inflatrated the interwebs) mostly are understood to be the IO trying to stop Q turning over more minds into curiosity to put more attention into the vast criminal activities that are otherwise ignored. I’ll point that this very excellent website here to the subjects I am sure has gotten an uptick in traffic due to Q. I found this website via a Q Digital Soldier recommendation.
10. Censorship- Q knew it would end this way and therefore could start with memetic type coms in the beginning and then when SHTF there would be millions already tuned into the show. The Scamdemic is breaking apart because they are now immune to propaganda.
11. Trump is just another player for Q the parasite class needed a villain( Orange Man Bad) the villain to work their divide and conquers receipt and (chaos to order routine) but there is a thing we call flipping the script in Hollywood. The twist. In this case Q may have very well used Trump to turn millions of conspiracists into tomorrow’s critical thinkers. And that is a good thing.
12. Hunter laptop and Biden /China /Russian collusion happened long before Trump escalator ride. The fact many in intel understanding Trump knew how to play the central bank fiat ponzie scheme the best would scare the hell out of the parasite class if he decided to flip it back to a gold standard and end the fed. They know you can’t bullshit a bullshitter.
13. Q was correct on the most important drop- there will be no more wars when there is no more central banks psychopaths control.
14. Q called it before Trump called Woohoo a Hoax . This cemented millions of international citizens to get behind Trump.

Many whom write algorithms in the IT industries have been very concerned about the Information Operations warfare big tech is participating in. We are all very familiar what military Information Operations and algorithms look like.

The Col and offshore think tanks who are running the manufactured color revolution and IO don’t care about politics. They care about the contract. One thing us algorithm coders understand is ‘The first rule of Information Operations is to stop information-fratricide from happening.’

Q not only created info fratricide it is causing the real storm- look at how Q has been wiped from internet .

Qanon would know gamification is a good vector. ( why do you think newspapers still give up valuable resource space to crossword puzzles? ) and now has become a threat (information franticile) to the parasite class, because Q followers are now immune to the Technocracy’s Info Operation warfare and perception manipulation. The Qanon algorithms must have been a success to wake a sleeping giant under the noses of these powerful AI IO psychological warfare operations taking place in big tech.

It requires you understood how military memetic warfare works which can be summed up as- deception and reality hacking.

Our brains do not have firewalls.

Many citizens have been under the manipulation of their entire lives. This is called brainwashed and social engineering . And to un wash perceptions of masses in a non-threatening way, it would require a game like ( virtual) and a quasi spiritual tone while providing the values of group unity ( #WWG1WGA Where We Go One We Go All) to feel connected to a community. This would be a good way to ease people’s perceptions into stark realities that are not always pleasant.

I’ll end this long rant with another story, that I believe many of the editors here will understand to be true.


When the few tyrants attempt to play God without permission; we understand it to be an abomination.

As a programmer and computer engineer who writes code and algorithms, I am very concerned that we have zero accountability, of how dangerous it can be when these parasites have the ability to rule over our own bodies by algorithms.

Last week I had another disconcerting conversation with one of my colleagues who is an Artificial Intelligence programmer and works as a sub-contractor over at the IOTA Global think tank, and he commented on how,
” It’s now all about hacking the human brains, man. That’s all they fucking want now.
It’s starting to wear on me, writing code for their RNA transfections. That’s our biological bodies! “
I never saw him this lucid before, outside of our few DMT breakthroughs we shared in our history together. But I could see how powerful he felt to have some control over these parasites.

“ Dude, they are fucking addicts! “
Oh, I should mention that he is 24 years old. So don’t assume he understands much history about these technocrat’s desire to control.

He continued, “ They are so obsessed.” He jokingly complained about how he feels like a drug dealer now, ” You know, our algorithms are light years beyond predictive behavior. Once they realized this it became like an insatiable drug they fiend for.
Now we sell them the perfect drug. Invisible power to control.”

This is a world you are never allowed to see, let alone would be able to perceive.
It’s where the shadow brokers and contractors have become the drug dealers for the cabal of elites. Providing the technocrats dazzling code for push-button control.
This is where medicine is now. You will hear more. Look at those runs on biotech stocks.

Then there are the engineers and Commanders of [io] social engineering, deception psyops. These work underline items as Info Operations [io], [iia] Internet Interactivity Activities, the more polite acronyms for reality hacking. They just let the algorithm rule us now.

The problem is there are not many familiar with how far advanced AI, machine learning, data collection, biotech, analytics, nanotech, and much darker brain technology ( already developed by outfits such as DARPA) have become. It will enable these corrupt technocrats to usher in a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution.’

A revolution that will forever change what it is to be human. A near-future where the promise of human 2.0 is only reserved for this parasite class, while the rest of humanity suffers as our own bodies and brains become the raw resource of energy to exploit.

Climate change. Sustainability. Kidding right.? D.E.W. ( I can say this- without ridicule – now that Trump cornered the DOD at The Pentagon to admit DEW is a thing on live TV )

Another problem. They are about to reboot our biological OS. And Fuck! We have Bill Gates! The man who gave us Vista! , he was responsible for god damn Vista!

Regardless of your political opinions of Gen Flynn he certainty has credibility and not a crackpot, along with the obvious evidence of his unjust entrapment and violation of his civil rights- so when he confirms his association with Q ( taking the oath is a Q IO) tells me that Q is no longer has to use this Q moniker to engage a very large portion of now awake citizens capable of handling the truth.

As far as Assange. A Free Assange must happen or the empire administration will have millions of digital soldiers to answer to. I believe the current POTUS understands this clearly.

For the rest of non Digital Soldiers, I would refer to this famous moment in movie history.

Anonymous November 28, 2020 - 8:43 am

This article was ok but there are a few problems. (I am not a Q follower, I just believe more analysis needs to be available) Caitlin seems to hold hatred against Trump and that has seeped into this article and her research which means that no/little opposing opinions/facts were discussed so it creates bias when a true journalist uses an objective viewpoint. Also, she sees things in a very 3D materialistic way as variables are constantly changing and timelines do not obey rigid laws- I am not saying that Q’s predictions are 100% correct but that we need to see things from a higher perspective. Also we need to separate Q from Q’s followers as the followers are usually the ones distorting and misinterpreting what Q says and become cult-like which leads to others to generalising Q into an evil entity. There are many other points and evidence to be made but its better for you research yourself. A good place to start: . I understand that Q could also be a massive psyop which is why we need to discuss it properly without bias to reveal the truth.

Adaline November 29, 2020 - 5:26 pm

QAnon Is Supposed to Be All About Protecting Kids. Its Primary Enabler Appears to Have Hosted Child Porn Domains.
Jim Watkins’ links to domains suggestive of underage sexual material.
AJ Vicens and Ali Breland, Oct. 29, 2020, Mother Jones

Steve Aldridge December 5, 2020 - 4:39 pm

I am a conservative. Q Anon is a wacko cult!

BDBinc February 17, 2021 - 11:52 am

Of course most have worked out Q anon is a mind program, sorry but “Caitlin Johnson” is a controlled opposition narrative designed for PC people that think themselves woke. CJ feeds her readers the same old alt right woke memes .

Melanie May 4, 2021 - 8:11 am

Great article! Wish I’d seen it over a year ago.
Perfect description of the great psyop!

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