GM Crops Torched in Oregon, America


Were GM crops torched in Oregon recently? Yes. Around 40 tons of GM sugar beets (2 fields of crops) were burnt, showing that the public is rising up, tired of toxic GMOs polluting the planet.

Were GM crops torched in America

around June 22nd, 2013? According to this source and this source, yes! The authors report that 40 tons of GM sugar beets in Oregon – 2 full fields of crops – were torched by activists. The evidence suggests that the 6,500 GM plants were destroyed by hand, one at a time, which means a lot of people were involved. There has been a deliberate media blackout to hide the fact this has happened from the American public. Think about it – GM crops torched, and successfully too, means a massive victory for pure food activists tired of GMOs causing sickness in those who ingest them and spreading uncontrollably around the planet. If the activists who did this get away with it, it means people in the US now have a very effective way that works of fighting back against Monsanto and Big Biotech.

Will torching GM crops become more popular as a tool for US activists to fight back?

I reported earlier that other countries in Europe (most recently Hungary) have long resorted to burning GM fields to rid their country of the presence of GMOs. It hasn’t happened much in the US yet, but that may start to change, given that widespread genetic contamination of crops has begun, following the news that Monsanto’s unapproved GM wheat was found in an Oregon field last month. People are fed up with the fact that Monsanto owns the US Government and that bribed US politicians will do anything for the Biotech industry, even it means destroying the entire environment and planet to make more money.

Of course, many elected officials are grossly unaware of the true dangers of GMOs and the fact that eating them either increases your risk or outright leads to organ damage, diabetes, infertility, autism and cancer. Oregon Department of Agriculture Director Katy Coba said in her statement about the incident that “to my knowledge, this is the first time someone has deliberately taken the cowardly step of uprooting high value plants growing in our state. Regardless of how one feels about biotechnology, there is no justification for committing these crimes …”, showing her lack of understanding of the big picture. Officials love their rules and regulations, their policies and procedures, but there is a higher law: a moral law. It does not matter if something is technically legal if it harms people, the land and the planet. Corrupt politicians write laws all the time to legalize their criminality. Corrupt laws need to be broken; we have no obligation to obey them. GM crops torched just shows it.

For more information on the danger of GMOs and the truth about their side effects, we recommend this DVD, Genetic Roulette. Essential viewing!

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Cesarin Sosa June 28, 2013 - 2:45 am

I think it’s a good start.. & finally people are wake up..

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