Get Ready to Fight Israel’s Next War


If things continue as is, Israel’s next war (against Iran and those nations/groups Iran is aiding) will be fought by the US, which has been Zionized.

Get ready to fight Israel’s next war.

It will be up to the clueless American citizen to fight and pay for Israel’s war against its neighbors. This coming war was announced this week by Aviv Kochavi, the Israel Defense Force chief of staff.

Max Blumenthal distills Kochavi’s threat.

Kochavi’s “lecture at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya seemed to be aimed at both the ears of Israeli citizens and the ears of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas,” reports Ynet, the online outlet for Yedioth Ahronot propaganda.

Kochavi “sought to adjust the public’s expectations, while simultaneously sending a message of deterrence to the enemy,” the newspaper continues.

This was an attempt to convey to the Israeli public that the home front will come under intense fire and the army will suffer great losses.

All of this plays an important part in preparing for a wide-scale military conflict. It’s important to remember, however, one of the vital parts in waging a military conflict is setting clear and achievable goals, and that is the job of the IDF and the political echelon.

In other words, the IDF has told the Israeli public to prepare for the destruction if its civilian infrastructure in response to the IDF destroying the civilian infrastructure in Iran, Syria, and Iraq (the latter two underwent the systematic destruction of civilian infrastructure and the murder of millions of innocent people; Iraq was destroyed at the behest of Israel-first neocons in the Bush administration, not because it posed a threat to America, but rather Israel).

Part of the current propaganda effort is to prepare the Israeli people to live in bomb shelters while their homes, schools, and hospitals are bombed—little different than what Israel has done in Gaza and did in the past to Lebanon—and “allocate hundreds of millions of shekels to obtain air defense systems that are able to thwart any potential missile attack Iran may launch at Israel.” The track record on the effectiveness of these so-called defense systems is dismal.

Last year, Israel’s David’s Sling missile defense system failed stupendously to intercept missiles fired from Syria, a neighbor obsessively bombed by Israel over the last few years. “This has been a recurring problem for nations with substantial investments in interceptor missiles. The costly missiles have tended to perform poorly in even the most favorable tests, and using them against perceived threats, as today, risks very public failures,” writes Jason Ditz.

So, basically, Kochavi has told the Israeli people they will suffer inestimable losses in human life and property and their children will be conscripted to fight and die in order to pound Iran to dust, something the little country of Israel—which would not exist without American largess dispensed under what amounts to a voodoo trance—is unable to do on its own.

US Obliged to Fight Israel’s Next War (against Iran)

This means, of course, the US military will be obliged to finish what Israel has long itched to start—a regional war to reduce Iran, Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon to smoldering ruins similar to those created by the psychopathic “creative destruction” neocons during the years of Bush the Lesser.

Kochavi played fast and loose with the lives of Israeli citizens, who are as brainwashed and oblivious to their destruction as millions of Americans.

“Although such actions could lead to an escalation in violence and casualties, they put Israel back in the driver’s seat and allow it to redirect the dynamics in the needed direction [in the direction of Zionist domination of the region and the continued dispossession of the Palestinian people],” Kochavi summarized.

The willingness to act sends a message to the enemy that contrary to Israel’s image as a country that only launches airstrikes and is not prepared to absorb casualties, the willingness to exert force and risk that price to ensure peace for its citizens, reinforces Israel’s deterrence and may delay a major confrontation, or alternatively allow us to control one when it finally happens.

This message—prepare for immense suffering, standby and witness your relatives and friends blown to bloody pieces in the name of Zionist domination—is not simply intended for the fat and happy living in the racist and ethnic cleansing state of Israel. It is, as well, a message to the American people—you will be required to fight the Zionist war of domination, a war Israel knows it cannot win, never mind the fantasy Israel will win any contest due to its “skilled and deadly ground forces.”

Congress has repeatedly, over successive decades, promised that it will not only subsidize Israel, but fight its wars as well. This would be impossible if not for endless propaganda portraying tiny Israel locked in an existential battle with a world of antisemites.

The United States Government and Military Have Become Zionist Institutions

“Indeed, one might argue that there is a tendency in Washington to see the world and even domestic policies through Israel’s eyes,” writes Philip Giraldi. “One might even suggest that the United States government is being progressively Zionized because of the free hand that Israel and its supporters have, which gives them the ability to seek benefits for Israel that they would be unlikely to pursue for the United States.”

The remarks of Colonel Pat Lang, a former special ops officer and head of the Defense HUMINT Service, are worth quoting at length.

“It’s an open question but I think the answer is probably yes. The U.S. military now seems to be totally focused on Israeli policy goals in Iran, Syria and Iraq… Israel wants Iran neutered and eliminated as a power rival in the Middle East. The putative Iranian nuclear weapons program is just one target of Israeli policy toward Iran. To reach the goal of Morgenthau-style comfort with regard to Iran, Israel wants to destroy Syria and Hizbullah as allies of Iran… The process of conditioning American officers to make them Zionists has been ongoing for a long time… Americans are mentally driven by aggressive sports analogies and Israel was a winner [of the 1967 “Six Day War”]. That made a big difference in spite of the repeated day long attacks by the Israeli air force and navy against U.S.S. Liberty, an American SIGINT collector positioned off the Egyptian coast…  The indoctrination and conditioning program described by Shoshana Bryen began in earnest after that and has carried through to the present under the umbrella of AIPAC and its galaxy of linked organizations especially JINSA. This program has been wildly, incredibly successful. As a result, there is an unthinking willingness among senior, and not so senior American officers to support Israeli policy in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and now Saudi Arabia. The handful of M[iddle] E[ast] trained and educated U.S. officers are ignored, treated as technical experts or shoved out the door when they speak up.”

This control of the US military by a foreign power was admitted by Shoshana Bryen. She is an ardent neocon involved in the indoctrination of US military personnel, a former director of the Jewish Policy Center, and a senior director of Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. “The United States military… is a Zionist institution,” she said, according to Pat Lang.

This means that a fight initiated by Israel against Iran and its “proxies” will certainly involve the US military. Criticism of this war by the people who will pay and die for it will be censored, denounced as antisemitism, and declared to be treason (recall the corporate media talking heads excoriating antiwar activists during Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, most notably Bill O’Reilly at Fox News).

I hate to end this post on a sour note, but there really is no other choice. Israel has long prepared to attack Iran—and Hezbollah in Lebanon (the 2006 effort failed)—and has demanded the US do the dirty work despite the fact there is no chance Iran will bomb the US with its intermediate missiles. Chants of “Death to America” are rhetorical and hardly a threat.

But then, as the arch neocon above admitted, the Pentagon is Zionist occupied territory. Add to this the unswerving support of Congress for Israel’s crimes against humanity—and its tireless effort to shut down any opposition to the endless violence of Zionists (including subverting what is left of the Bill of Rights)—and you can bet your bottom dollar we will be sucked into another catastrophic war.


nick quinlan December 31, 2019 - 6:24 pm

The traitors in the US government that swear their alliance to the apartheid state of israel disgust me. Every single one of them should be on trial for treason, and the guilty receive the penalty for this crime, which is death.

The Zionists in our government, and israel are responsible for 9/11, the evidence for this is over whelming.
That started the war OF terror in the middle east, and only serves israel, as we fight their enemies for them.
As was quoted in this article, the Pentagon is israeli occupied territory, and so is our Congress. Trump is probably the most Pro-israel president since LBJ.
It appears our government has been hijacked, along with our money printing and banking system, the latter since 1913.

Alexander Jacques January 1, 2020 - 5:44 am

MY FATHER AND HIS 3 BROTHERS SERVED IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR. One was killed ,one was injured and my father served again in the second world war, My sister and brother served in the second world war. He was killed and is buried in Holland, my sisters husband was prisoner of war in Japan for 4 or 5 years. I joined the navy and got out after 3 months, Just could not take the brainwashing system involved.I asked my father one time ,Why were you all involved in these wars, He said,, We have no choice We must kill them, end of story.

Eileen Kuch January 1, 2020 - 1:04 pm

You have quite a valid point here Nick, and I fully agree with you. Our nation’s Founders are certainly spinning in their graves .. And, in his Farewell Address in 1797, George Washington warned the then fledgling nation against entangling alliances which mean fighting wars in Europe.
Yes, the traitors in the USG that swear their allegiance to the apartheid state of Israel disgust me, too. Every single one of them should be on trial for treason, and the guilty receive the penalty for this heinous crime, which is death.
The Zionists in our gov’t and Israel are responsible for 9/11; the evidence is overwhelming. That started the war OF terror in the Middle East, and only serves Israel, as we fight their enemies for them. As was also quoted in this article, the Pentagon’s Israeli occupied territory, and so is our Congress. DJT’s probably the most pro-Israel president since LBJ (LBJ recalled US fighter-jets that were coming to the aid of the crew of the USS Liberty, which was under heavy attack by IDF jets and boats, and 34 crewmen were killed and 171 others badly injured).
It certainly appears our gov’t’s been hijacked, along with our money printing and banking systems, the latter since 1913.

Fr McGrier December 31, 2019 - 2:47 pm

It’s time the world taught these counterfeit jews a lesson.

A lesson they won’t forget in a hurry.

Guy December 31, 2019 - 5:40 pm

The IDF military can huff , gesticulate and make threats all they want . Events don’t always turn out as intended.
Remember 2006 is all I have to say.

0censor January 1, 2020 - 6:13 am

Ah yes, where Hezbollah started off the war by attacking a Israeli patrol, killed all but one, took the one as prisoner. When Israel went in after him Gaza started screaming to the UN and EU to stop the war, they were being destroyed. In the whole conflict they destroyed 3 tanks, this was with Kornet missiles, something Israel now can easily defend against with its Trophy system, did so in Gaza where they fired dozens of them at Merkava tanks without achieving one strike.
In the end Israel lost 128 men to over 600 Hezbollah fighters, over 1000 Lebanese, yep they did a wonderful job, Israel kicked their butts, then withdrew, next time hope they finish the job.

Ewan January 2, 2020 - 1:52 am

Are you a Redneck, brainwashed hick (then your stupidity is excused) or just plain stupid? There are NO military assessments of the 2006 Lebanon war that Gel with the BS you just posted. Israel LOST a war it was 100% prepared for – down to the baiting of hezballah with a lone, unprotected patrol. It wanted to destroy Hezballah, Capture terrirtory upto the Litani river and annex it for its dire water needs. It achieved NON of its goals but was humiliated with a bloody nose from a 2000 strong militia that had NO Navy, AIRFORCE, Satellite reconnaissance help and every available EW and strategic assistance from the US, The only global superpower of the day – despite the fact that it fielded and mobilised upwards of 60 000 troops. Israel lost close to 100 Merkavas but admitted to around losses of 50 – where do you get your BS from ? Even the Pentagon knew the Zionist cowards were in trouble when they were begging for GBU bunker busters to flatten civilian infrastructure and kill civilians to “teach” the Lebanese a lesson for supporting Hezballah – in the final hours of the war. There are far more credible accounts of this war than your Hasbara inspired BS – like this, written by an ex- UK MI5 operative like Alastair Crooke and Mark Perry, and even US military assessments of the conflict agree that Israel lost the 2006 war – THATS why it has NEVER Scr@wed with Hezballah for 13 years since – a record for the belligerent European settler colonial apartheid state. Hence it needs the US to fight its next battle for it. If you are interested in a scholarly analysis, then educate yourself here:

or here

Here is a pro-israeli account on wikipedia – even this paints a grim picture of IDF capabilities – Despite their massive mobilisation, they couldnt enter a town barely 5 km from the border:

and here for Israels consistent lies and double speak in the face of deliberate civilian targetting whilst lying to the world that it lost the war because it had to restrain itself :

0censor January 3, 2020 - 8:01 am

This is too funny, I am a historian, write on history for news. So let’s get into your claims.
Israel went into Lebanon in 2006 after Hezbollah attacked a IDF patrol, killed all but one, this one they kidnapped. I helped write this article, if you wish, please bring proof to the opposite, we both know you can’t.

So let’s break down this conflict.
On July 2006 Hezbollah conducted a raid on Israeli soil (, Israel responded by going into Lebanon to try to retrieve their soldiesr. This raid was named by Hezbollah “Operation Truthful Promise”.
Israel declared this a act of war, went into Lebanon to clear Hezbollah away from its border and try to recover its soldier (
To stop reinforcements from coming, Israel destroyed Five bridges across the Litani and Zahrani rivers, move that Europeans went to the UN over, they and the UN tried to contain this conflict, asked for assurances that Israel would not attack beyond the Rivers, something Israel gave assurances of until Hezbollah attacked their ship past these rivers.
It was from the beginning that Hezbollah went to the Europeans, used Iran and Russia, along with other Arab nations to try to put sanctions on Israel, thankfully the US vetoed all of this (
I could go on, but in the end Hezbollah lost 500 with 1500 wounded , Lebanon lost 1,191 people, of those 30% were children under 13, this was due to Hezbollah using civilians as human shields, something these cowards are great at, Lebanon also lost between 1,123—37 soldiers and policeofficers (
Israel lost a total of 3 Mervava Mark 2, and Mark 3 tanks, 121 IDF soldiers were killed and
44 civilians were killed from Hezbollah rocket attacks. (
And counter punch is not speaking for US policy you moron.

derickwrite January 3, 2020 - 12:54 pm

You, a Historian?? The kind that swallows all the Zionist propaganda and pass one or two, or even more, exams to have some or other Bullshit certificate or degree. Man, I’ve seen them all, heard them all in the past 82 years. What you are repeating here is all Israeli propaganda financed by the US tax payer and the blood-sweat of the German worker. I wil be buried shortly, but still do not understand how people like you keep on purveying the bullshit you do. May God, if He is real, forgive our stupidity.

0censor January 6, 2020 - 12:59 pm

Love, yet here you are, like the rest of the morons, can’t produce a shred of evidence to counter what I stated.

derickwrite January 6, 2020 - 10:17 pm

If all you can do is insult someone because your facts absolutely stink, then I can only guess that you are one of the paid Hasbara trolls. I suggest you start to read on a much wider front than you do at present. Israel is a bloodsucker of US taxpayers and innocent German workers. They live on stolen land which is supported by stupid Goy that believes that these criminals are seed of Abraham. The Hebrew University says that 90% of them are Khazars and not descendants of Abraham. Start reading, fellow, you are wasting everybodies time. Further: Resign from your profitable Troll job.

0censor January 1, 2020 - 6:06 am

This is just stupidity.
First, Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government, unlike last time, where Israel was under pressure from the US, the UN and the EU to not attack Lebanese infrastructure, they at that time were not allied with Hezbollah, they are this time. In a event of a war, this is what you do in a war.
As for Syria, they still are technically in a state of war with Israel, if war breaks out, it is just a continuation of the wars they have been in a state of since 1948, once more, this is what you do.
Iraq had little to do with Israel, but it sure tried to suck it into the war by firing scuds at them. The war was to do what Bush’s father should have finished, but did not.
And no, any war between Israel and Iran, or its proxies will not involve the US military, the only way they would get involved is if China or Russia got involved, which I highly doubt. There has never been one US boot on the ground in any Israeli war, this is nothing but FAKE NEWS.

Russ January 3, 2020 - 11:11 pm

Care to adjust your BS predictions at all, in light of recent events?

0censor January 6, 2020 - 12:58 pm

No, it does not change the facts, suggest you pull your head out of your ass.

WhiteEagle January 8, 2020 - 5:22 pm

Seven countries in Five Years. We are already fighting Israel’s wars for them. That is exactly what the assassination of the Iranian General and associate(s) was as well…Mossad had been trying to get him earlier. Mossad may end up plunging us all into Albert Pike’s WWIII. It seems to be a well planned for goal.

derickwrite January 2, 2020 - 4:18 am

Tne Zionists being over confident of being assisted by the USA, will start WW3. They will overstep the line at some point due political zeal. Somebody, either Turkey or Iran (maybe even Syria) will shoot back. The British will join the fray as they have been under Jewish control for the past 400 years. So, in a cowardly way, like against Lybia’s Ghadaffi, they will join in. They will have the southern part of their Island totally destroyed and at the same time invaded by hungry Africans; thus no more GB. The usa will be plagued by a vast number of domestic problems (earth quakes, civil disturbance etc) and will therefore lose the war. In the negotiations at the end of the war, the US will have extremely little influence. The counties of the middle east plus Russia will be far more humane than the Jews were with Germany, and the US will not be subjected to brutal punishment. The US will also divide into three different nations. The Khazarian Magog will also be obllterated. The Levant will experience peace for a long time with Magog having been destroyed.

Jerry Wayne Carver January 2, 2020 - 8:30 am

This is similar to what Texxe Marrs figured.

derickwrite January 2, 2020 - 10:00 am

Thanks Jerry. This is really heartening. I hope others will also follow your link. For a long time I thought I was the only lonely voice in the desert. The Lord God has been warning Israel & Juda all along to avoid false prophets. There is a little summary of most Old testament as well as New Testament warnings at this link:
The good Jewish people, of which there are many, only needs to heed the warnings in the Old Testament. God does not want to kill anybody. However, those who do not heed the warnings, will perish. Satan must evtually be destroyed. Those who follow him at that time, will unfortunately, suffer Satan’s fate.

jrs1947 January 5, 2020 - 8:28 am


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