Fukushima Radiation Solutions


Nuclear ionizing radiation (damaging DNA and causing cancer) is still spewing out of Japan. Learn the best Fukushima radiation solutions to protect yourself.

Fukushima radiation solutions are needed big time,

and this has again been reinforced by the recent admission from the Japanese Government. They have admitted that not only is the spill not contained (and spewing out 300 tons of radioactive water daily into the Pacific), but also that they don’t know how to contain it. This is huge news! We have a disaster of truly epic proportions going on here. It has been estimated that around 1 million people were killed from Chernobyl radiation; how many will be killed by Fukushima radiation? One study showed that 14,000 babies already had been by the end of 2011. If there was ever a time for a Fukushima radiation solution or two, that time is now.

We at Tools For Freedom sounded the alert in March 2011 when this first happened. We knew how big this disaster was, despite the mainstream media and EPA downplaying the danger, and the Japanese and US Governments denying the the threat. However, with Fukushima radiation again entering the news, it’s time for us all to face up to the facts: massive, never-before-leaked levels of nuclear radiation are gushing out into the water and air and making their way first to the US West Coast, then ultimately all over the US and the Northern Hemisphere, and the world. And, in case you didn’t realize, nuclear radiation is the deadliest form of radiation there is. It’s called ionizing radiation, and it damages DNA, causes cells to prematurely age and die, and often results cancer and death in those it infects.

Fukushima radiation solution #1: Zeolite

Fukushima radiation solution #1: Liquid Zeolite

The situation is precarious but luckily there are natural, tried-and-tested radiation solutions. At the top of the list come Liquid Zeolite, an incredible and rare supplement which actually removes radioactive particles from your body! Zeolite has a honeycomb, cage-like structure, and a strong negative charge, which allows it to attract and trap radiation in the body and take it safely out. The Russians successfully used zeolite after Chernobyl to decontaminate the water. They also fed it to cows (to prevent the milk from being radioactive) and put it in human food to help clean up the radiation from the bodies of those consuming it.

Fukushima radiation solution #2: Nascent Iodine

Fukushima radiation solution #2: Nascent Iodine

You may have heard people taking precautions to protect their throats from nuclear fallout. The reason is because nuclear accidents often leak I-131, a radioactive isotope of iodine. If you are iodine deficient (and 74%-99% of people are) then your body will take in radioactive iodine instead of normal iodine, and concentrate itself in your throat – giving you thyroid cancer. The way to protect yourself is to boost your iodine levels by taking the amazing supplement Nascent Iodine, which is safe to take daily on a long term basis. Iodine also kills parasites in your body.

Fukushima radiation solution #3: Radiation Detox Sacred Clay

Fukushima radiation solution #3: Radiation Detox Sacred Clay

Clay is a substance that has long been known to have special properties, and like zeolite, can absorb radioactive particles. This Radiation Detox Sacred Clay is especially powerful at combating radiation, and can be used both internally and externally to ensure you are protected from exposure to nuclear fallout, whether it’s in the air, water or food.

Fukushima radiation solution #4: Modifilan

Fukushima radiation solution #4: Modifilan

Modifilan is another supplement that was used by the Russians after Chernobyl to clean up the nuclear radiation. It is a raw, alive brown seaweed extract. It was specifically developed to counter radiation; the formulators tested many seaweed varieties and chose only the most beneficial strains to human health. It is harvested off Patagonia, far away from Fukushima.

Fukushima radiation solution #5: Ormus Supergreens

Fukushima radiation solution #5: Ormus Supergreens

I include this outstanding supplement Ormus Supergreens on the list because of its high nutrient density and its chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll is the life blood of plants, and is one of the greatest detoxing agents on the planet. It detoxifies radiation from the body exceptionally well.

Finally, there is one other Fukushima radiation solution worthy of a mention, and that is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). Sulfur has been shown to be effective at fighting and blocking radiation (see Dr. Mark Sircus’ radiation protocol here). This particular brand of Opti-MSM sulfur flakes is the best on the market, because it is distilled not crystallized.

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Richard Bailey October 23, 2013 - 3:13 am

The Modifilan (Biolfilam) sounds miraculous, but it’s harvested in the Northern Pacific which is now contaminated. Wouldn’t that mean that product is now toxic and could do more damage then good?

Makia Freeman October 31, 2013 - 9:31 pm

I just spoke to the owner and creator of Modifilan, Sergei Zimin. He states that it is now harvested off the Coast of Patagonia (southern Chile and Argentina). Each batch is tested by free radicals and other substances caused by radiation, and there has been no noticeable spike since Fukushima. So, I would say that the benefits of taking this product definitely outweigh any risk.

L, Monte Cook III November 8, 2018 - 3:00 pm

We are on a mission to inform the World on the Fukushima disaster, a Extinction Level Event which most are not aware of.
We would like to invite your spokesperson to be interviewed by us on our show entitled Help Dr. Fantastic and Thunder save the Planet. We have access to A list celebrities, scientists and multi billionaires we are inviting to join our mission. In phase one it is educating people, phase two is identifying solutions and phase three funding and implementing solutions. Please call me at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment. We would also like to carry your product as an affiliate.

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