Ferguson Social Engineering


Ferguson social engineering: the Ferguson protests are being “managed” by the elite to divide & distract, and incite violence to justify the Police State.

Ferguson social engineering has broken out!

The social engineers have chosen Ferguson, Missouri as a place to test their latest distraction and “divide-and-conquer” techniques. Sadly, Ferguson erupted into riots, fires and violence after the public announcement last Monday night that the jury had decided policeman Darren Wilson would not be charged with manslaughter relating to the killing of black teenager Michael Brown. The whole town has slipped into lawlessness and violent chaos, with police warning residents that they (the police) would not be able to protect them, and advising citizens to buy guns to defend themselves. As much as I can understand people’s desire to stop all forms of oppression (whether it be racism or police brutality), this whole situation is being manipulated to make people’s attempts to get real change as ineffective as possible. It’s setting people against each other and making everyone in the town feel unsafe. It’s redirecting people’s rightful rage in a way that will only get themselves or other innocent people hurt, without correcting any real injustice.

The Ferguson Riots May Be More Aptly Named Ferguson Social Engineering

This whole phenomenon is Ferguson social engineering. Consider the following:

  1. Police Brutality and the Militarization of the Police: if people are really concerned about the rising prevalence of police brutality, where trigger-happy cops are instantly resorting to force – sometimes lethal force – then why protest violently and set police cars on fire? If the issue is really the militarization of the police, then why attack the police with violence? It will only trigger more force, which is the opposite effect of what the protestors supposedly want.
  2. Agent Provocateurs in the Peaceful Protest Crowd: The above point on police brutality is of course based on the assumption that all the violence is being initiated by the protestors – which of course is not fully the case. Governments have been exposed time and time again for their underhanded tactic of inserting agent provocateurs into peaceful crowds, whose job it is to stir up rage and incite violence, thus giving the protest a bad reputation and giving the police the excuse to arrest people and disband the protest. People have been catching these double agents red-handed at Ferguson, e.g. this clip of a guy throwing a brick at the police, accounts of paid rioters and DHS agents posing as members of New Black Panthers.
  3. Looting of Innocent Small Businesses: how does destroying the storefront of and looting small businesses help achieve less racism and police brutality? It doesn’t. Interviews of local business owners suggest that the looting is attributable to outsiders [paid provocateurs].
  4. What’s More Important: Black vs. White, or Controllers vs. Slaves?: Ferguson is another case of race-baiting. Surely the key issue here is how freely, abundantly and peacefully we can all live. If the police state grows, and if we allow cops to get away with brutality and militarize themselves, we all have to live under that regime, no matter what our skin color or race.
  5. What About All the Other Tragic Deaths Every Day, Including the Death of Blacks?: Ferguson is about 1 death. Yes, it is tragic, and yes, every person counts, but why do we always give so much attention to cases like this and ignore larger patterns and trends, e.g. the fact that Western medicine and its Big Pharma drugs kills 225,00 people per year (according to the Starfield study), many of whom are black? Or the fact that psychiatric drugs are contributing to a suicide epidemic in the military, at the rate of 22 suicides per day (again, with many victims being black)? Are those deaths somehow less important because they are not as sensational?

Ferguson was clearly chosen as a way to divide the nation further, and as an excuse to bring in the police state. It’s a deliberate gray area (we don’t know all the facts, especially whether it was genuine self-defense or not). It’s a topic where both sides feel justified and right (like abortion), so it is being exploited by the elite to set people against each other. Be aware of the whole Ferguson social engineering phenomenon.

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Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com, writing on many aspects of the the global conspiracy, from vaccines to Zionism to false flag operations and more, and also including info on natural health, sovereignty and higher consciousness.