Fake ISIS Beheadings: Playing the Public Like a Fiddle


Fake ISIS beheadings are the latest gruesome hoax used by the psychopathic elite to play the public like a fiddle, and induce the reaction they want to go to war.

Fake ISIS beheadings are the latest technique

that the psychopathic ruling elite – power-crazed and unable to feel empathy – are trying against the awakening masses. These controllers are very well versed in human psychology, and know how war-weary people have become. Thus, in order to garner enough public support in America, Britain and elsewhere for their planned WW3, they are not only resorting to fear (an age old tactic), but in addition to that, they are resorting to horror and revulsion. They are trying to be as gruesome as possible, so just in case the public are not quite scared enough by the new bogeyman ISIL/ISIS/IS, then they will be so emotionally disgusted with the fake ISIS beheadings that they will support a Western invasion of Syria and Iraq (again).

It’s trauma based mind control – but for mass public consumption. Like the JFK assassination and the 9/11 false flag operation, it’s orchestrated horror to psychologically disrupt people’s sense of the inherent kind nature of humanity.

Nice technique … from an evil genius point of view. Problem is, I’m not buying it, and many people aren’t either. These productions are just too fake! None of them have the actual alleged moment of killing. They all just fade to black at that point. Why would ISIS, renowned for its brutality and with videos elsewhere of its agents doing real beheading, suddenly stop short and censor themselves on these ones? Answer: they wouldn’t, and they didn’t, because the whole thing is faked.

Fake ISIS Beheading #1: James Foley

There are many giveaways about this one, showing that is definitely a fake ISIS beheading. Consider that:

The pattern continues for the next one …

Fake ISIS Beheading #2: Steven Sotloff

As with the fake Foley beheading, evidence shows this is fake:

  • Sotloff is dead calm and emotionless before his supposed execution;
  • There is absolutely nothing in the background apart from sand and blueness;
  • Why is the video so polished?
  • Why did his supposed mother give this bizarre plea?
  • The Israeli organization SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) were the first to come up with the video (as their co-founder Rita Katz let slip)! How? Because they produced it! Isn’t it funny how secret Israel organizations seem to always be behind the constant Islamophobia we see in the West?

Fake ISIS Beheading #3: David Haines

Another one, this time with an Englishman. How many more fake ISIS beheadings await us?

  • Haines, again, is unbelievably calm and devoid of emotion for someone about to be beheaded;
  • Like Sotloff, there is absolutely nothing in the background apart from sand and blueness;
  • The video from SITE again;
  • The video uses the “cliff effect” to trick people.

Playing the Public Like a Fiddle

This is a psychological operation to induce the public into supporting yet another invasion in multiple countries. Are people going to fall for it?

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Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com, writing on many aspects of the the global conspiracy, from vaccines to Zionism to false flag operations and more, and also including info on natural health, sovereignty and higher consciousness.


pasha latif October 4, 2014 - 3:33 pm

Interesting to know about this site from an indian newspaper

John October 5, 2014 - 6:17 am

You mentioned these particular ISIS killings were fake, and your argument does convince me they could be, but what about the other *real ISIS killings? ..

Either way it doesn’t matter – ISIS consists of brutal killers that should be dealt with.

That Other Fool November 14, 2015 - 7:31 pm

So does the U.S Government.
Start in DC.

Ali3N March 31, 2016 - 10:10 pm

Hello John. Let me help you a little about ISIS/ISIL.
First you must understand a bit of history of the Middle East nations. These are our originating lands. Not Africa as believed. Their way of life there is lived much closer to their God(Allah). No no Muslims like to go around beheading people. This is the Media portrayal or as I and many call it Propaganda and as I am sure you are aware there are many ways to accomplish this e.g. Movies, music, t.v shows even commercials. Google operation sedgewick. That should be more detailed. So 2. Isreal and the USA have been wreaking havoc in the east since at least 1948. If not before in other commercial ways. Most of us think that this warring is because of black gold(oil) or religion or greed. I assure you it has absolutely nothing to do with any of those reasons. The agenda seems to be gaining control of a nations economy and banking system therfore controlling the populace. Please I encourage you to research this. Because shouldnt start a sentence with that. The Elite bankers and high level givernments are going to depopulate the whole world by at the very least 97% of its people. The Georgia Guidestones erected in around summer/fall of 1982 staes ten new commandments(who but god has authority to change that) hmmm the book of revelations comes to mind. Check it out. The 1st com. On the stones state “to maintain the population at 500,000,000 or less in perpetual balance with nature. (I love numbers, for this to be true we would need minimum 37 billion and change alive on the earth.) we only at 7 long way to go, lol. Any ways John the combination of governments and elite banking few are planning and have been for, you would not believe how long. Lets just say these type of people are not trying to reap the benifits of their plans. Think about this you and I like most plan in days and weeks sometimes more. Never really a reason to go any longer but these folks plan and live by hundres of years ahead been doing this for over seven thousand years. Rothschild is an ancient bloodline as well as the royals and yes the Bushes. I did these tree searchs myself and found all to be conclusive. So back to Isis and who they really are. Just paid militants of their respective countries that accept the highest payroll just to make money like the mafia used to. They are educated trained and armed and funded this all very well documented, by the good ole USA and yes Isreal. The purpose is to create false flag terrorist attacks planned by CIA and MOSSAD. Also to try to oust foreign leadership so the real terrorists (USA high level government and the Mossad). They need to control every nation before a certain celestial object flies by the earth either this year or next. USA will start ww3 by nuclear bomb on Russia and China simultaneously. That is terrorism right there. John I know it is a bit choppy of info but i did that so you can get more and I can type less, lol. Have a great day friend and stay frosty keep your eyes on the skies.

Ron June 15, 2016 - 10:44 pm

These videos all emanate from SITE Productions, and many were first uploaded from there, before ISIS channels posted their versions. This should make us highly suspicious. SITE is run by a Mossad asset, Rita Katz, Zionist, islamophobe.
A SITE Productions studio in Los Angeles was busted by the FBI — why, I am not sure. But leaked video from a laptop stolen from one of Senator John McCain’s staffers illustrates the making of a beheading video, from the other end of the studio, using a ”green screen” to project a desert background and also to super-impose the head of the victim. It is almost as if someone is making a GENERIC video, onto which various handy victims’ heads could be painted!
Copious evidence points to a Mossad source of ISIS, along with the ”brainwash” of the future (now deceased) leader Baghdaadi in a Mossad unit. ISIS is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

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