Fabricating Reality: The Phantasmic Phenomena of ISIS and Ebola


The phantasmic phenomena of ISIS and Ebola are examples of the mainstream media and its elite owners fabricating reality. Take a closer look!

Fabricating reality is the job

of the mainstream media complex, whose owners and directors sit at the top of the military industrial complex and web of secret societies that rule the world from the shadows. For such a tiny minority to retain control over such a large majority, brute force can not effectively do the job, so deceptive propaganda must be used. Each piece of the propaganda puzzle must be formulated and executed with finesse, so it achieves its aim of confusing people, dividing people or distracting people. You can see these fiendish techniques of fabricating reality at play with the manufactured phenomena of ISIS and ebola.

The video clip above shows how many stories in the media go through their “product life cycle” or “boom-bust cycle” before fizzling out. But was any of it even real?

Fabricating Reality

I call both ISIS and ebola “phenomena” because that is largely what they are: generated situations. They are mirages, phantasms; and they are being used to escort the herd in a certain direction.

This is not to say they do not exist at all; there is actually a group called ISIS (although with all its name changes I guess the propagandists couldn’t settle on the most effective PR branding) and there is actually a virus called ebola. However in both cases the fear and hype surrounding these supposed threats is so invented, and/or far out of proportion to the reality of the danger, that it falls apart under closer scrutiny.

Besides, even if ISIS were really a threat in any sense of the word to a nation like the US or UK (a laughable idea), and even if ebola were also really a deadly epidemic threat, these two things are creations of the Anglo-American elite. ISIS is a recycled Al-Qaeda that has been funded from the start by the US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia and a couple of other nations tagging along. Ebola is a recycled virus that was already concocted by the US military decades ago in their bioweapons labs.

Like any master-slave or creator-creation relationship, if the subject, slave or creation gets too unruly or out of hand, the master will step in and exert domination over it, until the subject is under control again. It would be a simple matter with ISIS: cutting off all supplies (including weapons, vehicles, food, water) and technological assistance. With ebola, I would not at all be surprised if there is already a known cure locked up in a vault somewhere, which will be accessible of course only to the elite. Remember the recollections of Dr. Dunegan from listening to the mind-blowing presentation of Dr. Richard Day (a director of Planned Parenthood) in 1969:

We can cure almost every cancer right now. Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute, if it’s ever decided that it should be released. But consider – if people stop dying of cancer, how rapidly we would become overpopulated. You may as well die of cancer as something else.

I would suggest the situation is exactly the same with ebola.

The Phantasmic Phenomenon of ISIS

So let’s take a closer look at the latest Islamic bogeyman, ISIS.  The Zionist driven US and UK and their media outlets have put a lot of energy into fabricating reality and crafting the ISIS brand, capitalizing on the Islamophobia they have been instilling into Western populations chiefly since 9/11. Yet a lot of things about the group are hard to believe and inexplicable, starting with their rise to fame out of the blue. Here is a small list of questions about ISIS I would like to hear some answers on:

  1. Is it just a coincidence that ISIS, one of the group’s chief names, is also the name of the main goddess of the Babylonian tradition, whose deities are still worshipped by the secret societies running the world today? Or that ISIS is an acronym for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service?
  2. If ISIS is not crafted by the Zionist influence, then why has ISIS made no attempt to attack Israel, the biggest threat to the entire Arab Muslim world?
  3. If ISIS is not a creation of Western-Zionist military intelligence, then why has its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi been exposed as an Israeli Mossad spy?
  4. Why are the much publicized ISIS beheadings so utterly fake?
  5. How is a group of Islamic terrorists, supposedly without any Western help, getting all their supplies, from weapons to vehicles to food to water, and not running out?
  6. How does a group of Islamic terrorists possess the IT, camera, video and computer knowhow to shoot professional video clips?
  7. How does ISIS have such advanced social media skills to spread their propaganda so far and wide?
  8. How is ISIS managing to still exist and recruit new fighters to its cause when facing the US and its allies, the greatest superpower the world has ever known?
  9. How are they managing to expand their operations and just pick up all of a sudden new military skills like flying planes?

ISIS™ was created for many purposes, chief among them being to get citizens scared in the West, while providing a controlled opponent in the Middle East with which to create havoc, divide and conquer, and allow the US-led military forces the perfect excuse to invade and overtake areas like Syria that they have been wanting to enter for years.

The Phantasmic Phenomenon of Ebola

ISIS is Al-Qaeda rebranded, with a touch of PR flourish and finesse, but ebola has actually been around awhile – since 1976 to be precise, when it was first “discovered” (i.e. concocted) in Zaire, Africa. You can read some of Len Horowitz’s research for the background to this. Ebola is just the latest in a long list of diseases that have been engineered in US military labs all over the world.

The interesting thing about fabricating reality as it pertains to ebola is that all it takes is a few media stories, repeated endlessly across all the main channels, and people begin to get swept up in the narrative. They forget that the whole thing relies on a few key presumptions – but once those presumptions are explored, the whole things falls apart like a house of cards. Specifically, we need to ask:

1. Is there is an outbreak?

Remember, the only way we supposedly “know” there’s an outbreak is because the media has told us, the corrupt WHO trots out and quotes us figures in the thousands, and we see pictures of people allegedly dying. Some of these pictures are outright fake and clearly of paid actors. Besides, how do the media and “experts” distinguish between the normal, background level of sickness and death in an area, and the new supposedly increased level?

2. Is the outbreak solely due to a single cause?

Even if you grant the above assumption, how can you possibly know if the outbreak is due to a single cause? Many parts of Africa have very low standards of living and live in poor conditions, suffering from malnutrition, inadequate food and water, poor sanitation and many other things. A woman form Sierra Leone, Zainab Koroma, was quoted as saying, “When you get sick of cholera, they say it is Ebola. When your body temperature rises, they say it is Ebola. So I honestly don’t believe Ebola exists. There could be a lot of other diseases killing people.”

3. Is the single cause ebola?

Even if you could definitively establish that there was an outbreak and it was due to a single cause, how do you know it’s the ebola virus? Has the ebola virus been isolated in all or an overwhelmingly majority of victims, and positively identified with lab testing? No. As Jon Rapport reported earlier, the diagnostic test for ebola is utterly unreliable, as admitted by the founder of the PCR method, since it only tests if a virus is present, not if there is sufficient strength, quantity or virulence of that virus to actually be the cause of disease.

Fabricating reality. It’s the job of the mainstream media at the behest of its owners, who want to hijack your imagination to help them implement their vision of the New World Order. Watch out for it.

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Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com, writing on many aspects of the the global conspiracy, from vaccines to Zionism to false flag operations and more, and also including info on natural health, sovereignty and higher consciousness.