Definite Evidence (and Maybe even Proof) of Reincarnation


Many people refuse to believe reincarnation is possible. These 3 cases (out of thousands) are hard to explain, offering evidence that reincarnation is real.

Reincarnation is

frequently rejected as impossible by those who worship at the altar of rational materialism and mainstream science. Yet, for those with an open mind who realize that logic and reason cannot possibly grasp and account for all the phenomena existing in the Universe, it is amusing to see how perplexed those with “scientific minds” are when presented with information which is beyond rational explanation. Beliefs in reincarnation have been around a long time; reincarnation is still widely regarded as real in Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism, and even the Catholic Church held reincarnation as true before the 4th century AD (when its doctrines become standardized at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD).

Evidence of Reincarnation

Reincarnation researchers such as Dr. Ian Stevenson (3000 cases) and Carol Bowman (1000 cases) have collected impressive (at the very least) evidence of reincarnation, if not outright proof of reincarnation by compiling thousands of cases of children who have demonstrated accurate past life recall. The accounts are truly incredible. Many of them have similar themes, such as children being able to fluently speak other languages (which they never learnt in this life) and describing how they died in graphic detail (e.g. being injured or shot in a certain part of the body, and then synchronistically having an ailment in that exact part of their body in this life). In some cases their stories can be proven in black-and-white: some children even remember the military colleagues they served with, whose names match those on veterans’ lists.

Below is a selection of 3 cases of modern-day reincarnation, out of literally thousands that have been recorded, documented and compiled.

Cameron Macauley: the boy who apparently found a portal and got born again through the womb of another mother.

Reincarnation Case #1: Cameron Macauley

Cameron Macauley’s case is quite startling. Cameron was born in Glasgow, Scotland, to his mother Norma. Ever since he was 2 years old and first started talking, Cameron told his parents, relatives, friends and neighbors – anyone who would listen – the story of his other life in Barra (a tiny island in the northwest of Scotland). At first his mother just thought he was making it all up, but as Cameron got older, the story didn’t change – and he was able to fill it in with more detail. He talked about living in a white house with 3 toilets, seeing airplanes fly out his window and having a mother with long brown hair. Cameron even described the way his father died while crossing the road: “He didn’t look both ways”.

The weird thing was that Norma had never been to Barra. Cameron’s desire to visit Barra and to see his former mother grew more and more persistent. One day he even told Norma that he wanted his “Barra mum (mother)”, and not her, to pick him up from kindergarten or school. Eventually the family went to Barra and found the white house just as Cameron had described.

Cameron’s case is impressive evidence for reincarnation and past-life recall. What makes the whole thing especially fascinating is that he actually described the way in which he left his old family and was born into his new one. It appears as if he found some kind of magic portal that transported him through space and time, out of one body and into the body of a fetus in his new mother’s womb:

“Norma: ‘How did you get here to me?’

Cameron: ‘I fell through, and went into your tummy’.”

Reincarnation? James Leininger recalls the exact details of being James Huston (WW2 veteran) Credit:

Reincarnation Case #2: James Leininger

The story of James Leininger is no less amazing. At the age of 2, James started telling his parents stories of not being able to escape from something. He was having nightmares about it. His parents Andrea and Bruce Leininger tell the story in his book Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot. What made James’ parents take him more seriously was when James produced 3 pieces of information which could be verified – the name of the boat he flew his final mission from (Natoma), the name of another pilot he flew with (Jack Larson) and the name of the place where he died (Iwo Jima).

Although just a toddler, James drew numerous pictures of planes being gunned down in flames, signing his name as “James 3.” When his parents asked why he was putting a “3” after his name, James replied that he was the “third James”.

Bruce called a veterans’ organization to check James’ information and it checked out. They were able to verify everything he said. James went on to divulge various names of WWII fighter pilots and more. Eventually after years of research, Bruce and Andrea tracked down the family of James Huston, who was indeed killed in a plane crash while on a mission near Japan.

The question is: did the spirit of James Huston somehow jump into the body of newly born James Leininger, carrying with it all the memories and trauma it had just experienced?

Shanti Devi as an adult.

Reincarnation Case #3: Shanti Devi

This case happened in the 1930s. Shanti Devi was born in India in 1926, and like many of these cases, started speaking about a previous life in great and vivid detail at the age of 4. She kept going on about her previous husband (a man named Kedarnath), son (named Navneet) and house which she said was located in another state in a village called Mathura. explains:

“By this time Shanti Devi was six years old, and her parents were perplexed and worried by such statements. The girl even gave a detailed account of her death following childbirth. They consulted their family physician, who was amazed how a little girl narrated so many details of the complicated surgical procedures … As the girl grew older, she persisted in asking her parents to be taken to Mathura … A meeting with Kanjimal was arranged, during which Shanti Devi recognized him as her husband’s cousin. She gave some details about her house in Mathura and informed him of the location where she had buried some money … Kanjimal was so impressed that he went to Mathura to persuade Kedarnath to visit Delhi. Kedarnath came to Delhi on November 12, 1935, with Lugdi’s son Navneet Lal and his present wife. They went to Rang Bahadur’s house the next day. To mislead Shanti Devi, Kanjimal introduced Kedarnath as the latter’s elder brother. Shanti Devi blushed and stood on one side. Someone asked why she was blushing in front of her husband’s elder brother. Shanti said in a low firm voice, “No, he is not my husband’s brother. He is my husband himself.” Then she addressed her mother, “Didn’t I tell you that he is fair and he has a wart on the left side cheek near his ear?”

Shanti was emotionally overwhelmed on seeing Navneet, the son in her previous life. Tears welled in her eyes when she hugged him. She asked her mother to bring all her toys and give them to Navneet. But she was too excited to wait for her mother to act and ran to bring them. Kedarnath asked her how she had recognized Navneet as her son, when she had seen him only once as an infant before she died. Shanti explained that her son was a part of her soul and the soul is able to easily recognize this fact.”

The account includes a reference to Shanti Devi even chiding her former husband for remarrying. In front of his current wife, she asked him, “Had we not decided that you will not remarry?”

The Phoenix, the bird that perpetually rises from the ashes and is forever reincarnated. Just a myth from ancient Greece, or something deeper?

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Consider the reverence with which reincarnation is held in other cultures and spiritual traditions, especially Tibetan Buddhism. Brian Stalin explains (by the way, lama = Tibetan priest or monk):

“By the Himalayan tradition, the discipline that transfers the mindstream to the intended body is known as phowa. Upon the death of the Dalai Lama and consultation with the Nechung Oracle, a search for the Lama’s reincarnation is conducted. Traditionally it has been the responsibility of the High Lamas of the Gelugpa Tradition and the Tibetan government to find his reincarnation. The process can take around two or three years to identify the Dalai Lama, and for the 14th, Tenzin Gyatso it was four years before he was found.

The High Lamas used several ways in which they can increase the chances of finding the reincarnation. High Lamas often visit the holy lake, called Lhamo La-tso, in central Tibet and watch for a sign from the lake itself. This may be either a vision or some indication of the direction in which to search and this was how Tenzin Gyatso was found.

The search party went to Lhamo’s home and observed him for some time without revealing the purpose of their mission. They came back a few days later to perform the final test to confirm whether or not the child was the reincarnated Dalai Lama. They presented an assortment of objects to the child, including a rosary and a bell that belonged to the deceased 13th Dalai Lama. Lhamo instantly identified the items, shouting, “It’s mine, it’s mine!””

However just because a newborn baby or toddler remembers details from another life does not necessarily mean they are the direct and exact reincarnation of that person, according to Brian:

“Using simple but direct techniques to access higher consciousness, I have concluded that children displaying past life memories are not actually the direct reincarnation of the people whose memories they seem to share.

This is puzzling and rather illogical. However, there always seems to be a soul group connection, leading me to consider the possibility that our spiritual guides are souls we have been the closest to in our past lives. Furthermore, these guides may observe and even experience by proxy many of our thoughts and actions upon the Earth Plane …”

Reincarnation is still one of life’s grand mysteries, and while we gather more information about it, we must remain open to many possible explanations for it, if we are genuinely interested in discovering the true nature of reality.


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Susan Allred February 14, 2017 - 1:06 pm

The Bible gives another credible explanation for all of the supposed evidence for reincarnation. It explains that the fallen angels have inhabited this earth for thousands of years and they can enter into people, be channeled through people , pretend to be ascended masters, pretend to be the voice or spirit of your relatives, and they can easily pretend to be a reincarnated being. They were there, they know all of the details of the lives and deaths of the people who came before us. They can use those details to deceive humanity. Their leader is called the father of lies. He has used reincarnation to keep humans focused on themselves and on the belief that they can and are evolving and that there is no God. Every one reading this should understand that these fallen ones will do anything to keep people from finding the truth, and the truth is found in the God of the Bible. I encourage you to read the New Testament, especially the words of Jesus and decide for yourself. Also pick up Aliens & Fallen Angels by Stephen Quayle for a great introduction to who the fallen Angels are and their history.They invented reincarnation to lead people away from God and make us believe that we are becoming gods. ” and ye shall be as gods” Genesis 3:5

bluewater February 15, 2017 - 1:32 am

With all respect to your beliefs there is a difference with THE HISTORICAL FACTS and what you have been taught about THE BIBLE. Great researchers like Joseph Campbell and Acharya S/D.M. Murdock! have spend their lives researching the TRUTH which THE VATICAN has hidden.
The Bible that you speak of was written 70 years after the death of Christ and is written by MAN and not by GOD.
The so called GOD of the BIBLE is not the GOD that created us.In fact the GOD of the bible is an angry,jealous being. Use your brain for a minute please..would a Loving God ask someone to sacrifice his son to him..THAT IS SATANIC.
THE GOD THAT CREATED EVERYTHING IS A LOVING GOD and it sure does not seem like the same one in the bible. The bible you are referring to is not the original bible.The original BIBLE was written in Aramaic and then translated to your KINGS JAMES BIBLE and was changed. One example is in the Aramaic language which was the language of Jesus, he is mentioned as THE SUN OF THE WORLD and in your KING JAMES BIBLE which all bibles come from it was changed THE SON OF THE WORLD.
There are many bibles which tell the TRUTH like THE BOOK OF ENOCH,GNOSTIC BIBLES and many others which the VATICAN has hidden in the VATICAN VAULT. Our dear friend DAVID ROCKEFELLER (cough) who owns the DEAD SEA SCROLLS since he owns the MUSEUM OF JERUSALEM and THE UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM has complete control of them since he bought them in the 60’s and you can not see all of them which tell a very different story that you have been told!!
Stephen Quayle has done a great amount of research and some of it is excellent especially about THE GIANTS and yes many ETS and ALIENS are FALLEN ANGELS…NOT ALL OF THEM, but NOBODY knows EVERYTHING and like so many out there like Alex Jones and Veterans Today et al are giving you some truths with MUCH DISINFO in order to control the masses and sent them on the wrong road which THE CIA does very well!!!

Jackie Myers February 5, 2018 - 2:17 am

I have done so much searching myself.I come to find out in my encyclopedia book. I was reading how Christ is not the name of an individual,but of an office,Lord Maitreya and has been in office 2,600 years. I also read the only reason they had Christopher Columbus, discovered America is because it had to do with the Catholic Church. I also read King James whom wrote some of the bible was sadistic,loved to torture,and preferred little boys..All this is in my encyclopedia’s.

S. Kuhn February 16, 2017 - 5:48 pm

Before “judging” the veracity of something, you might want to do some research OUTSIDE of a single source, and also consider opening your mind to some possibilities that might be confronting to your “Bible based” education…

There is more than ample documentation OUTSIDE of the “Bible” referring to Yeshuah bar Yosef referring to “living another life”…however, since this is not in your “Bible”, you might not be so “trusting” of it’s message.

As well, you might want to dig into N.D.E.’s and their experiences (very documented); please keep in mind that “early Christianity” did believe in reincarnation prior to the “official start” of the “Holy Roman Empire”…

Peace and blessings.

Grinling Gibbons February 14, 2017 - 2:39 pm

I firmly believe in Reincarnation & aleays feel that i have lived many many times before, hence my intrest in so many things plus i believe having a birthday with the same date may also be a common denominator of perhaps some way of why we do act or think about many things in our life today & past, it is now in the 21,st Century that we have started to wake up & really look at consciousness & many other forms in life, i also believe we will be seeing & hearing a lot more about this & other things that have been laughed at in the past due to man,s ignorance to how life & the Universe Really Works.

bluewater February 14, 2017 - 2:56 pm

Reincarnation is real!!!
All the POPES taught it until one decided not to anymore.
It is taught in the mystery schools going back to Egypt with Ra-Ta which was Egyptian Mysticism and later became Jewish Mysticism.
We come here to this school to evolve Our Soul. DEJAVU is because you remember from another LIFE and since PAST,PRESENT and FUTURE are happening all at the same time,you are living all 12 lives at the same time. Here is a little secret in Astrology which was taught in the Vatican and to the secret societies…Your SOUTH NODE is your past life and your NORTH NODE is what you should be doing in this PRESENT REINCARNATION. The majority of your famous people seem to always follow their SOUTH NODE though. Many people also marry their south nodes(or Saturn connection) which means they already knew each other in a past life. If you follow your NORTH NODE which means what you should be doing in this life will have done what you were meant to be.
FOR INSTANCE..if you have a South Node in Libra,it means that in your past life you were a LIBRAN and you had to ask everyone for their advise( Low self esteem). Now in this Life you have a NORTH NODE in ARIES..meaning that you should not ask anyone for their advise. By doing this everything will work out for the best. If you go back with any man or any job,it will not are intended to always PUSH AHEAD and everything will work for you.

charles breaux February 16, 2017 - 2:45 pm

As a person who has researched past lives for over 50 as a psychic, past life therapist, seminar leader, and published author on the subject, I strongly suggest that gaining access to one’s past lives is a key factor in your evolution of consciousness and understanding of the process of spiritual transformation.
At you can view my books on related issues:

In my book The Way of Karma, I present my “working hypothesis” concerning: What is karma? How does it work, and can we work with it? Many think that karma is a cosmic form of punishment founded on a simplistic eye-for-an-eye morality. Multifaceted as the psyche itself, karma is both a web of self-related psychic forces — the fabric of our veil of individuality — and the guiding hand that provides the lessons pointing the way beyond the illusion that binds us to a self that suffers. Charles Breaux demonstrates the dynamics of karma in many case studies. Included are past life readings demonstrating the myriad ways behavioral and psychological aberrations are developed and carried over from life to life. Then, examples of past life therapy sessions and day-to-day “be here now” methods for unraveling one’s web of karma are also presented.

gunvor b larsen February 24, 2017 - 8:54 pm

I do not belive that reincarnation is common. It do not add up. Where do the 7 billion spirits come from? Hinduism is a religion with hundred thousands of gods. 100 of the main gods have to be worshiped to avoid curses, bad weather and all sorts of violence against women are allowed, due to this belif system. Hiduism answer this moral dilemma with their belifs in cruelty done in past lifetimes makes you not worthy to receive any empaty or help. also the cast system enslaves humans in their missery of extreme powerty. The so called buddist belif system that back up the hindi tradiotions is really an irony. the man who started that religion was in oppsition to hinduism because of the dark side of hinduism. he wanted to get rid of religion, but got worhshiped after his death

alex jacques March 9, 2017 - 3:57 pm

I do not know if reincarnation is a fact or not but I sure am not fussy about coming back to this planet in any other shape or form. NO Thanks.

Carolyn March 11, 2017 - 10:10 pm

Alex, Like your comment.

bluewater March 31, 2017 - 6:10 pm

CORRECTED because it did not come out properly before:

Here is how you can cancel your contracts.


KG April 18, 2017 - 7:00 am

The concept of reincarnation has been in India for thousands and thousands of years ( am not going to use the term -Hinduism since there is NO such term in our vedas – it was given by later invaders). What people practice in India is called “sanadhana dharma (am no expert in our spiritual practices). But, there have been great sages who realized where souls go etc and came up with the great concepts of Karma and Reincarnation –which makes lot of sense!
Not only these three, there many sages/gurus (real ones) who achieve Great Powers (that most people in western nations will dismiss as hogwash) by doing intense Tapas (meditation taken to the highest form) and gain knowledge that traverses time! Yes, in Indian spiritual texts, it was well known that time was a dimension long before the world knew it!
In my life, I have seen two sages/gurus that had this type of power – they rarely spoke and most of the time they were in Tapas! But there are hundreds of instances they have helped their followers from major calamities because those followers had absolute faith in them!

bluewater April 19, 2017 - 12:08 am

It was ETS that brought THE CASTE SYSTEM TO INDIA as well as the teachings of Reincarnation and the many religions on this planet which are FREEMASONIC TEACHINGS……Hebrew,Hindu,Islam,Christian,Mormons,Scientology,Mayan,Inca and so on. They also gave us THE MICRO CHIP,STEALTH TECHNOLOGY,ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,and many other gifts that you will not believe like THE DOLPHIN,THE number ZERO..we only had 1 thru 9.
Centuries-old documents in Sanskrit (the classical language of India and Hinduism) prove that aliens from outer space visited This nation over 4,000 years to 5,000 years ago.

“There is a just a mass of fascinating information about flying machines, even fantastic science fiction weapons, that can be found in translations of the Vedas (scriptures), Indian epics, and other ancient Sanskrit text”.

In the Mahabharata (writings), there is notion of divine lighting and ray weapons, even a kind of hypnotic weapon.

And in the Ramayana (writings), there is a description of Vimanas, or flying machines, that navigated at great heights with the aid of quicksilver and a great propulsive wind.

“These were space vehicles similar to the so-called flying saucers reported throughout the world today. The Ramayana even describes a beautiful chariot which ‘arrived shining, a wonderful divine car that sped through the air’. In another passage, there is mention of a chariot being seen ‘sailing overhead like a moon’ “.

Petronella April 19, 2017 - 10:02 pm

Sai Ram,
From my inner awareness I know that everything you write is true. There is much more to come to the surface of this planet. We are not alone and have never been. Reincarnation is hidden from mankind to suppress them and control them. Time will change. We are in the time of the revelations and that will not stop anymore. Once the things are rolling they keep rolling. Everything will come to the open. It is an exiting time to live in. Politics may try to control the physical plane, but they can never control your thought’s.
Hallelujah, hallelujah. Keep marching on.
With kind regards, Petronella

David April 28, 2017 - 6:37 am

The answer to all of this may be quite simple, really. Consider the following. A study of human beings and human nature reveals that we are the same flawed creatures that have always existed. That is, the Romans, Greeks, and all cultures and civilizations throughout history have had to deal with the same flaws of human nature. Consider also that all of us (even atheists and agnostics) have wrestled with the concepts of the soul, afterlife, and reincarnation. So there is something in our conscious or unconscious mind that recognizes these possibilities. It didn’t have to be this way, so the fact that we do consider them leaves open the notion that they may be true. Consider also that our scientific explanations are limited by, among many other things, our sensory capabilities, our ability to measure that which we can perceive (which is itself limited), and our technology. If, after all these millennia and all the various forms of government that have tried to perfect human nature, we are still the same creatures, and if the soul and the spirit inhabit a reality we can’t perceive, it seems a simple conclusion that we are all just “recycled” and reincarnated souls that keep making the same mistakes and keep having the same basic human nature that we have always had. Note that there is nothing that says that one previous life or soul only gets one reincarnated life or soul. There is nothing that says that lives and souls can’t be divided many times and inhabit many individuals at any one time. So the objection that reincarnation is impossible because there are so many more people today is unfounded; we’re all simply reincarnations of one or more previous souls that are infinitely divisible. So this may be a simple answer to a question that seems complex.

Abhijit April 29, 2017 - 3:43 pm

@Bluewater……luks lik u didn’t know much about RAMAYANA & MAHABHARAT…..U said all the technology used in these events were alien given technology….so wat u have to say about wright brothers who invented aeroplane and all the works scientist like newton einstein .were those also given by aliens?…it would nt amaze me if u should say yes…u watch a lot of ancient aliens i think!….those aliens things have no proof..those are not facts.COZ FACTS LEAVE NO ROOM FOR DOUBTS..#BLUEWATER

bluewater August 1, 2017 - 2:06 am

Newton was a FREEMASON
Einstein was a fraud..NIKOLA TESLA disproved many of his theories and it was Tesla that was the genius but since your ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA is DAVID ROCKEFELLER and wiki-pedia and other sources are all JEWISH CONTROLLED…you are not getting the TRUTH!!!
can you tell me who invented the MICRO CHIP or STEALTH TECHNOLOGY or the AI when you talk to it on your phone.
YOU will believe whatever you want to believe…
Do you know that the majority of the people a mind control ?
1% Control The World

4% are sellout PUPPETS




Brian May 7, 2017 - 4:43 am

It is time to wake up and accept that all the so called divinly inspired texts like the bible, quaran/koran, etc. etc. are nothing but hateful nonesense written by humans. There is no god, no angels, no devil…….. get over it people. You are deluded. Be open to the possibilities, read “God is not great” “The end of faith” “Letter to a christian nation”. That is a good start for you. Once you’ve read them, let’s chat.

Thomas J. Dobson July 31, 2017 - 7:05 pm

I am very interested in reincarnation esp. since I lost my wife of 60 years. I for one am beginning to believe I am incapable of going on without her presence. I want to join her but do not want to upset my Grandchildren. Meanwhile I read physics esp. articles by Robert Lanza and Tom Campbell. They seem to have a Biblical attachment so I guess Jesus was also a Grand Physicist. In any event, I hold on to reincarnation, release of the consciousness or whatever the definition, as my way of holding on to some sense of sanity.

bluewater August 1, 2017 - 1:51 am

We all reincarnate and you knew your wife in another past life and came here to resolve things. You have not lost her. She is around you but can not speak to you.Talk to her and ask her to come into your dreams and give you advise. It is your life to live….
I am not telling you what to do…but think and not be selfish. move on with your life..THAT IS WHAT SHE WOULD WANT YOU TO DO!!!!
You have wisdom and experience that you can pass on to your grandchildren. Spend quality time with them and be of service to them and not of service to you.
Love is the answer..fill that emptiness with LOVE …give your grandchildren Love and the LOVE you will get in return will soothe your SOUL!!!

Mike Alcantara November 11, 2017 - 4:10 am

God (electromagnetic life force in all living things even plants) sent Jesus to help us learn what we have to do to escape this “level” or “martix” and “level up” to higher consciousness. What is required is living the “law of love”. Forget dogma. It has been compromised to include hate. Hake keeps you here in this matrix. You will come back what you hate.

Tim Kennedy May 16, 2020 - 4:12 pm

Reincarnation is a scam by the ego. It’s a ridiculous idea,, the ego uses fear and guilt against us when we’re unaware or believing the illusion is real.

This world is not of God’s Creation,, it’s not worth clinging to…. it’s a deception… Jesus beat it, and we are like him. Exactly like him in every way. In fact,, any of God’s Creation–Spirit– can say I Am The Sinless and Guiltless Son of GOD, I Am As God Created Me,, Forever.
The Son is the totality of GOD’S Infinite Creation, LOVE SPIRIT ALIVE. I Am not a body. This is blasphemy to the ego,, and it’s religion of fear , guilt, and judgement.

GOD Knows The REAL. The Real Never Dies.

Infinite Love Is The Only Truth. Anything else is illusion.

Tim Kennedy May 16, 2020 - 4:25 pm

Just look at so-called “nature” here,,, kill and destroy other life to “survive”,, spiders, woodticks,, leeches,, predators and parasites,, lack, loss, sickness, death,, abuse,, lies,, this is NEVER NEVER LAND,, Enter Sandman,, The Twilight Zone by Golden Earring,, Momma Told Me not to come,, silly human, silly human race…
It’s blatantly obvious this is satan’s world–hell. Duuuhhh… the ego is satan. Agent Smith in our heads. Hell happens when communication-awareness with/of Source{GOD} is interupted…

All is innocent. Anything else is illusion, hallucination

The Way “back” is Truth(we’ve never really left “heaven,, we’re just dreaming up something of it’s opposite,, the opposite of Reality. What does that make it then? Nothing-nowhere-delusion

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