Early Diagnosis: Does it Really Help, or is it a Big Pharma Money-Making Scam?


Early diagnosis is a Big Pharma scam. Mammograms often produce false positive and false negative results; cumulative ionizing radiation destroys your health and increases your cancer risk.

Early diagnosis: do radiation-emitting medical devices

really help reduce your risk of cancer in the long term, or do they increase it? Is it a Big Pharma money-making scam? We’ve all heard the propaganda, repeated incessantly by groups like the American Cancer Society, that early diagnosis saves lives. Yet the fact is that modern western medical devices (such as the x-ray machines used for mammography) emit low doses of ionizing radiation.
In the past, mammographic technology produced around 5 to 10 rads (radiation-absorbed doses) per screening. The number is now around 1 rad with current screening methods. However, former director of the NCI (National Cancer Institute), Dr. Frank Rauscher, estimated that each rad of exposure increased the risk of breast cancer by 1% a year. Another great doctor in the natural health field, Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, wrote that according to one estimate, annual radiological breast exams increase the risk of breast cancer by 2% a year. And then we have Dr. John W. Gofman, an expert on the health effects caused by ionizing radiation, who estimates that 75% of breast cancer could be avoided by minimizing exposure to ionizing radiation – which includes mammography, x-rays and other medical and dental sources. Numerous other qualified doctors have also stated that early diagnosis is increasing, not decreasing, your risk of cancer.

All in all, the evidence points to the idea that mammography causes cancer, not prevents it. So why would the medical industry support and endorse something which harms people and causes cancer? Money. Profit. Big Pharma, the conglomerate of multinational corporations who make billions from pushing prescriptions pills, toxic vaccines, chemical drugs and psychotropic meds, is much more concerned with their bottom line than with the actual health of its customers. A patient cured is a customer lost to Big Pharma. So beware: whenever you hear the “early diagnosis” propaganda, remember that the only true way to remain healthy and avoid cancer (or defeat it once you have it) is to eat a alkaline diet high in raw, organic fruits, vegetables and healthy fats, and to look at natural cancer remedies (suppressed cures). Carefully evaluate your options: early diagnosis may just be a scam designed to trick you out of your money for a false sense of security.