Don’t Believe Something Just Because You Were Told It’s True – Interview with Crrow777


We are dissolving the old description of reality.

Your description of reality

is the way you see the world. Many people tend to think of reality as something solid, immutable and outside of them, but the truth is, you are constructing or decoding your reality as you go along living your life. You create your reality with your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and when you die, your world dies with you, too. The modern group of shamans described in the books of Carlos Castaneda were constantly striving to better themselves along the path of the (spiritual) warrior, and in doing so, were able to change their description of reality and do things others would consider “impossible”. The exciting thing about living today is that we are in the “Age of Breaking Boundaries”, as Crrow777 put it. We have the chance to dissolve a fake, false, fraudulent, outdated and old description of reality and replace it with a new and improved description of reality which can better serve the whole of humanity.

Crrow’s Primary Rule: Don’t Believe Something Because You Were Told It Is True

In my recent interview (in the video embedded above) with Crrow, we touched on a number of topics, but to better understand the entirety of the interview, it is crucial to keep in mind Crrow’s primary rule: don’t believe something (just) because you were told it is true. A report, a claim, an event or a pattern may be true, or it may not be, but you are not going to know until you research it for yourself. Until you have really looked deeply into things such as the nature of reality, you are going to be operating on faith, and unfortunately, there are too many would-be manipulators out there who are happy to pounce upon your lack of knowledge by declaring themselves as authority figures. You may not be able to know all the answers, but that’s okay; the point is to open your mind and investigate, rather than having an unquestioning obedience to authority.

Many people have now caught the mysterious lunar wave on film.

Lunar Wave Still the Strongest Piece of Evidence the Moon is Not What We Think

In the interview, Crrow states that he still believes the lunar wave he captured on film in 2012 remains the best piece of evidence when it comes to dissolving the old description of reality concerning the Moon, i.e. that the Moon is a natural, non-artificial, solid object made of rock. Crrow has already made the case as to why the lunar wave is local to the Moon and cannot be due to equipment malfunction, and now many others have joined Crrow in capturing the lunar wave on film (watch 10 lunar waves captured by others here).

The lunar wave is one of the most exciting and compelling clues yet that we may living in a hologram – a simulated reality.

What Does the Lunar Wave Mean? A Moon Surface Cover-up, a Holographic Moon or Some Other Possibility?

Since Crrow took his first lunar wave footage in 2012, he has had 3 years to deeply consider the significance of it. He mentions in the interview that “it is entirely possible that the thing we see and call the Moon may be covering something else behind it – a control center or Lord only knows what.” He states that he believes the best word to describe the phenomenon is a “facade” rather than a hologram. Crrow also alludes to the mysterious fact that the Moon looks like it was in a shooting gallery, peppered with holes, and yet no one has ever seen as asteroid or meteor hit it. Another disturbing aspect of the Moon is that, according to Crrow and other researchers he knows, the Moon may be emanating its own light, which has a distinctive character to it that separates it from sunlight. If the Moon is generating its own light, it puts a further hole in the standard physics theory that the Moon is merely reflecting the light of the Sun.

At this stage, it seems no one can say for sure what the lunar wave really proves – however it remains a fascinating phenomenon that is eerily reminiscent of a computer rebooting or reloading itself, which gives credence to the idea that we are living in a holographic universe or some kind of simulated reality.

What is the moon? Not what you think. There is a cover up of gigantic proportions going on.

What is the Moon? The Research of Russian Scientist Hatybov

Crrow points to the research of Russian scientist Alexander Khatib (also known as Hatybow or Hatybov), and recommends SageSigma as the best English-speaking translation and analysis of Hatybov’s work. For those unfamiliar with his work, Hatybov theorized that not only the Moon, but also the Sun, the planets and indeed the entire Solar System, were an artificial construction. Hatybov’s worked is summed up by SageSgima as follows:

– The Moon is not a natural satellite; it was brought to our Solar System; the Earth previously existed without its influence;
– The Moon appears as a sphere to the observer on planet Earth;
– The Moon contains two surfaces and is twisted about its center of gravity. The outer surface faces Earth and gives the appearance of a sphere; the inner surface is not visible to observation on Earth and exists “inside” the outer surface;
– The Moon’s inner surface holds 4 complexes with a set of pyramids on each complex, and each pyramid generates or is tune with unique Octaves;
– The Moon provides life support functions to the Earth through radiation power;
– The Lunar Moon’s “illumination” is created by frequencies generated by the Earth, the Sun and the position of the Earth to the Moon;
– Should the gravitation tube between the Earth and the Moon cease, life support functions on Earth would also cease.

Interestingly, SageSigma also touches on the Flat Earth (FE) movement:

“What if, he proposed, the Earth was indeed flat before the beginning of the Ebrov Intervention? Upon Ebrov influence, the Earth became spherical from the observer’s standpoint due to the parameters of the Ebrov system?  If such a thing were to have happened, this could account for “circumstances” that allow for both the Flat Earth perspective and the Spherical Earth perspective.”

In an earlier article on flat earth I touched upon this exact idea (as did Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot) that the resolution between the 2 viewpoints could come by realizing that both perspectives could be true depending upon the viewpoint and perception of the observer (as quantum physics and the holographic universe theory would dictate).

Will the flat earth model provide us with a better description of reality?

Will the Flat Earth Movement Provide a Better Description of Reality?

The FE or Flat Earth movement has been spreading far and wide recently, and has done some great work in exposing the absolute and utter fakery of NASA and the world’s other space agencies. It has also blown some holes in what people assumed were watertight theories of physics, and posed some challenging questions that are very difficult for mainstream science to answer, such as those regarding the supposed curvature of the “globe”, gravity as a force, the fakery of satellites and the mystery surrounding Antarctica.

However, does a flat earth actually provide a better description of reality than our current model? For Crrow, the answer is no. He praises individuals working within that movement for the fantastic information they have brought forth, but he believes in people working freely and independently to uncover the truth, rather than in joining organizations and movements which tend, inevitably, to be infiltrated and subverted. Crrow states, “The minute you join a group, you have already undermined what you are trying to accomplish” and that “it’s critical that new fantasies are not created” as humanity continues its search for a truer description of reality.

There is evidence of as yet undiscovered land masses on Earth.

Undiscovered Land Masses on Earth: The Real Reason for Chemtrails / Geoengineering?

Many researchers struggle with the question: Why are the elite poisoning the planet? Crrow’s contention is that “there is real reason to consider that there are land masses here, on this world, that we are unaware of” – such as an undiscovered land mass within or beyond Antarctica. Veteran expeditioner and explorer Admiral Byrd confirmed as much in this interview, saying that “there is left in the world today [1947] … an area as big as the United States, that’s never been seen by a human being, beyond the pole on the other side of the South Pole.” Crrow mentions that numerous skywatchers in the Himalayas have told him how, after they have studied the sky there for years, there are no chemtrails. Why? When geoengineering occurs almost daily in so many countries, why are some areas apparently exempt? Are the NWO conspirators saving these areas as escape zones after they trash and depopulate the rest of the planet?

(I agree with Crrow that there may be undiscovered land masses on Earth; however I would suggest a better theory to explain geoengineering and the poisoning of the planet is that those doing it are demonically possessed and are unconsciously making this world more in line with their hidden controllers, the Archons).

The path of the sun has been the heart of secret societies throughout the ages.

The Path of the Sun = Control of Time

Crrow’s more recent work focuses on what he calls the Path of the Sun (see one of his videos here). It is his contention that all the secret societies “are encoding the path of the Sun”, meaning they have all throughout the ages recorded the sun’s yearly journey through solstices and equinoxes (Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn), and held that Zodiacal information as sacred and essential. After all, sun worship is the basis of many modern religions like Christianity. At the same time, through the control of the media, they have demonized knowledge of the Zodiac and astrology as pseudo-science. Why?

It comes down to control of time. Part of the control grid relies binding people to time – to past and future – and preventing them from accessing the present moment of now, which is all that really exists anyway. From an energetic or spiritual perspective, remember that the mind/ego complex (the false self) only exists in time, and can’t exist without it, whereas the eternal being (the real self) has to be accessed through the present moment of being, as opposed to thinking and doing.

Break through the boundaries of your old belief system!

The Age of Breaking Boundaries

Welcome to the Age of the Individual and to the Age of Breaking Boundaries. Whistleblowers, investigators, citizen journalists, alternative researchers and anyone else interested in the truth can contribute to dissolve the old description of reality, and help to create a better one. A hat tip to Crrow777 and all others who are dedicating their lives to this most important work.


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