The Disempowering Beliefs of Mainstream Christianity


Disempowering beliefs are rife throughout organized religion. Mainstream Christianity has many beliefs which remove self-responsibility and power. Be aware of them!

Disempowering beliefs infect a lot of organized religion,

because religion is by definition an attempt to box God and spirituality into set limits and parameters. By doing so it distorts the purity of the original message. If you grew up in the West, it is probably easy for you to see this, for example, in Islam. Islamic teachings put the responsibility on the woman to uncomfortably cover herself up from head to toe (in some of the hottest countries in the world) rather than on the man to control his sexual energy. The underlying belief behind this is that the woman is a temptress and has all the power, while the man is a poor victim who can’t control his own urges. While we in the West may easily be able to spot this disempowering belief in Islam, we are sometime immune, numb or blind to the disempowering beliefs of mainstream Christianity, which are equally flagrant in my opinion. (Note: I am here referring to the larger sects of Christianity, such as Catholicism and the traditional Protestant ones, and not to more enlightened Christian sects such as Christian Science.)

Karl Marx wrote that “religion is the opium of the masses”, and Thomas Paine wrote that “of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, the tyranny of religion is the worst.” As much as I respect people’s desire to go beyond meaningless materialism and consumerism and find a deeper meaning, organized religion is just another box to jump into, or another set of limitations with which to enslave yourself. Consider how the following beliefs subtly or in an outright manner remove your power and responsibility.

Disempowering Belief #1: We Are All Sinners

Sooner or later, discussions between “believers” and “non-believers” seem to boil down to this point: we are all sinners, thanks to the actions of a mythical Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden who disobeyed God’s instructions and ate the apple. There is no evidence that Adam or Eve ever existed, yet even if they did, we are told that we are inherently “bad” or “sinful” because of the purported actions of alleged figures in a supposed garden.

What a story!

When is humanity going to grow up and stop feeding itself these kind of disempowering stories? We tell them to our kids, and they tell them to their kids, and on it goes, with each generation infecting the next with limiting ideas about Who We Are. The metaphysical text “A Course in Miracles” described the opposite of love not as fear, as you might imagine, but rather as guilt. I think that is a highly accurate and perceptive observation. If God and love are synonymous – if God is love – then anything which is promoting guilt is going in the opposite direction. Guilt is the feeling of unworthiness. It leads to self-hatred, lack of confidence and many other dysfunctional psychological states.

Christian apologists defend the disempowering belief of us all being sinners by claiming it explains man’s tendency to act selfishly. Sure, that aspect to humanity is definitely real and present, however it is not going to be transformed and healed by layering more guilt on top of it. That will only make healing even harder. There are ways to embrace and change this side of ourselves without resorting to fanciful tales that merely make us feel bad about ourselves.

Have you ever stared into the eyes of a newborn? It is a magical experience where Life creates itself anew. Why taint that with the limiting notion that every newborn is somehow a sinner?

Disempowering Belief #2: Don’t Seek to Know; Just Be Satisfied with “Faith”

In the funny and perceptive quote above, Frank Zappa describes Christianity as the absolute anti-intellectual religion. When the questions get too hard to answer, religion likes to resort to faith. It likes to fall back on the idea that, well, the universe is a mystery and we will never understand it. So stop trying to know it all, you arrogant mortal!

Yet curiosity is a part of ourselves. Has it not been wired into us to drive us forward?

The idea that all the troubles of Adam and Eve, or that all the troubles of humanity, stem from our desire to know, is another incredibly disempowering belief. It’s also a very useful belief for rulers to instill in the minds of the sheeple, for it can easily be used by any would-be tyrant to discourage critical thinking and the challenging of authority. It can easily be used by elite manipulators to get the poor and middle class to stop protesting, accept their “lot” and acquiesce to their enslavement.

Disempowering Belief #3: Just “Believe” and You Will Be “Saved”

One of the strangest disempowering beliefs of mainstream Christianity is the idea that you don’t need to do anything to be “saved” (whatever that means). Of course, this presupposes the idea that there is such a thing as heaven and hell, that there is a judgmental and punishing God, etc. But for argument’s sake let’s pretend that’s all true (a big stretch I know). The teaching is that no matter how bad your actions and intentions are, as long as you believe in the official doctrine (i.e. that Jesus is God who dies for your sins) then you will be “saved” and go to heaven. That’s it. No benevolent intent or action required.

Talk about an abdication of responsibility!

Of course, this disempowering belief is a continuation of the last. It’s all about the praise and promotion of “faith” and “belief” over knowledge and experience. Ask yourself: what’s more useful and ultimately more real – believing something or knowing something because you’ve experienced it?

Disempowering Belief #4: God Will Judge and Possibly Punish You (If Need Be) … But He Loves You

Another glaring contradiction and disempowering belief in mainstream Christianity involves the invention of an angry, vengeful, punishing and judgmental God. Of course, Christianity is not the only religion to have such a god, and certainly not the first. The ancient Romans had their own pantheon of gods, as did the Greeks, as did the Egyptians, as did the Babylonians. Many of these “gods” are incredibly imperfect characters; you can read with amusement the tales of the king of the “gods”, Jupiter/Zeus, womanizer-in-chief. Modern Christians may think they are all above that, but in reality, the same kind of obvious anthropomorphism is at play with the Christian “God” as with the earlier Roman “gods”.

You don’t need a degree in psychology to understand the idea of projection, and that we unconsciously project traits within ourselves (within our shadow side) onto things outside of ourselves. The Christian “God” is a reflection of this.

George Carlin did a brilliant and extremely funny stand-up routine (the video above) where he describes the Christian narrative: God will send you to a place of eternal damnation, replete with fire and brimstone, if you don’t follow his 10 guidelines. But … he loves you!

Is God making man or man making God here?

Disempowering Belief #5: Being Gay is Unholy and Sinful

I am truly tired of the argument trotted out even by intelligent Christians that being gay is somehow wrong, bad, sinful, wicked or <insert your judgmental word of choice here>. I am a heterosexual man who sees absolutely no problem with someone’s sexual orientation. Why does it matter if some men are sexually attracted to other men, and some women are sexually attracted to other women? We get bombarded with the idea that sexual orientation is a choice, but overall, I disagree. It is largely an innate thing rather than a choice or lifestyle. Love is love. To all those whose harbor homophobic feelings: stop condemning others from loving who they want just because you’re scared and intolerant. Take a look at why you have such a reaction to it. Who knows – maybe you’ll actually learn something about yourself in the process.

Disempowering Belief #6: God is a Man

Here we go again: masculine anthropomorphism to the rescue! Why is the mainstream Christian God male? Simple: because a patriarchic hierarchy invented “Him”. If God is the philosophical “first cause” and the source of the universe, why would it have any gender? Why would it not include both genders? All of life has a masculine and feminine aspect encoded within it. Plants have stamens (masculine) and petals (feminine). Every man has a feminine side, and every woman has a masculine side. The Chinese Taoist symbol of yin/yang symbolizes this basic truth excellently.

So why do we keep referring to God as a man? It’s another disempowering belief, one which anchors us in to the patriarchic paradigm.

Disempowering Belief #7: Humans Are Not God or Part of God

Finally, I am going to end with a huge heresy, a blasphemy that could well get me burning in hell for eternity.

We are all “God”. I am God. You are God.

God is the Sum of All That Is. You are part of All That Is.

Therefore, simple logic will tell you that you must be God.

Every “thing” in existence is God, or more accurately, everything is “Godding”, in the process of being and becoming God, because God is truly a verb not a noun.

However, this is not all of it. I think “God” is best described as an intent and a power, half of which is present throughout the Universe as a force to be called upon and used, and the other half of which is split up into a zilllion individualized pieces, which are the soul/energetic field that animates every living being.

If you actually realize that you are a part of God, and can therefore never be separate from God, it turns the table on organized religion. There is no longer a need for a spiritual middleman. There is no longer a need to buy into disempowering beliefs about Who and What You Are.

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Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of the the global conspiracy, from vaccines to Zionism to false flag operations and more, and also including info on natural health, sovereignty and higher consciousness.


Brad July 10, 2015 - 10:14 am

Disempowering Belief #1: We Are All Sinners
The opposite of love is hate. I think that is pretty obvious to everyone. Most people understand they are not perfect and we all routinely cause ourselves and others harm. Saying we are sinners is simply acknowledging something everyone knows about ourselves and as we know recognizing a problem is the first step to change. Even atheists agree on this. Knowing that God has made a way past this, is not guilt.
Disempowering Belief #2: Don’t Seek to Know; Just Be Satisfied with “Faith”
The Bible says God reveals all things… All the troubles in the world did not stem from man wanting to know things… that’s the way man is designed. It stems from rejecting God and wanting to be his own god. Much like a child rejects the counsel and wisdom of a parent to his own hardship.
Disempowering Belief #3: Just “Believe” and You Will Be “Saved”
Not sure what flavor lollipop Christian faith you have been sucking on, but you need to wean yourself bigtime.
WE accept Christ and turn from the actions of our past. Those that continue to live in the flesh as they did in the past shouldn’t have bothered. Those that live by the spirit are transformed continually and their new nature is revealed more and more. The spirit born life is full of experiences.
Disempowering Belief #4: God Will Judge and Possibly Punish You (If Need Be) … But He Loves You
George Carlin is an ass and knows nothing of which he speaks. What amazes me is that people live and believe one thing, but when it comes to God they expect an entirely different set of rules.
Man separates himself from God by rejecting God. He reaps the consequences of his own actions. The consequences of living without God is hell and that is man’s choice. If you tell a child you love, “if you cross this road without looking you will be injured,” and the child ignores you and is injured can he rightly turn around and so what a contradicting parent. “My parent loves me but I get injured in the road.”
Disempowering Belief #5: Being Gay is Unholy and Sinful
And if a 45 year old man loves a 12 year boy is that also love? If they both agree to a sexual relationship is that also ok? And if not why not? And if a person kills someone were they not born that way as well? Its pathetic to take away decision making from people and somehow say they are not accountable for their decisions. Most gay people are damaged people and there is a history that impacts their decisions- many did not fit into society growing up. They are generally sensitive, creative and out of the box type of people that go through great hardship fitting in as they grow up. As a result they experience rejection which alters perceptions and they end up searching for love through sex. Abuse, imbalance of parenting and others reasons lead to homosexuality, but always there is a background.
Disempowering Belief #6: God is a Man
An irrelevant argument
Disempowering Belief #7: Humans Are Not God or Part of God
Humans are gods. The same story from the beginning. We are gods, so we don’t need God. Just step outside your back door to see how untrue that is

Makia Freeman July 14, 2015 - 12:17 am

#1: Acknowledgement is fine, but a strong thread of guilt has through mainstream Christianity ever since its inception.
#2: A parent brings up a child to be independent. A child is only dependent temporarily until he/she grows up and becomes independent. Thus the God-human relationship you propose is very different to the parent-child, since you are suggesting that our troubles come from wanting to be independent or “god-like”.
#3: Glad to hear your religion is alive for you … however the basis is not good or moral action, but merely whether you “believe” or not. Why is belief rather than action/knowledge the basis of being “saved”?
#4: A parent may disapprove of a child’a actions … but sending them to eternal damnation for disobedience? Severe punishment is not love.
#5: Why do so many Christians confuse homosexuality with pedophilia? They are 2 completely different things. Also, why do you feel the need to judge what you don’t understand? Why can’t people naturally feel attraction for the same sex? Why is that so threatening to you?
#6: God is made in man’s image, especially the “God” of Christianity.
#7: We are one with God; there is no separation. We are God and at the same time we are imperfect.

Christianthinker August 29, 2015 - 1:38 am

1.)We are all sinners
reality shows that the distribution of
humans are neutral and NOT sinners nor saints.
psych argument AGAINST your perspective is labeling a negative or weakness leads to
greater efforts.

2.)Be satisfied with faith
Using Kuhn’s Scientifc Method of ‘paradigm shifts’ perhaps science consensus
at its extreme is LEAP of FAITH?
2a.)critical thinking and challenging of authority. aka Catholic Inquisition
Catholic religion is based NOT upon
bible or book or written words like Constitution. It’s based on ‘secret elected’
to be fair, it’s done a ?? amount of good.

3.)Believe and You will be saved
Here you are WRONG in terms of practical
no statistics, however Italy is 95% Catholic.
Yet, one of higher amounts of abortions/etc.
Protestants believe in faith AND action.
Catholics believe mostly in faith.
It’s an extreme situation, however
YOU ARE RIGHT. An multiple ax murderer can
simply repent on deathbed fictional scenario…

4.)God Judge and Punishes
Unlike the prison system, there is no
parole for Catholics??
insert various St. Peter and catholic jokes.
the joke is that Saint Peter was a
simple fisherman. It’s obvious that his
IQ and judgment abilities were relatively LOW. even bible scholars say this.
So, why is he making witty jokes and
convoluted logic questions in order to determine the fate of the soul?

5.)Gay is sinful
What was missing is Catholic/Christian
association statistically with poverty,
malnourished large families due to no birth
control, etc.

6.)God is a Man
from physics viewpoint, of course
YOU ARE RIGHT. in the universe, matter is
balanced by anti-matter or is it?

the social worldview is inconsistent by
1.)patriarchy – male domination
2.)God – Jesus as G-d-Man identifies with
the poor; so many of the ‘religious’ including
priests are rich.

RoseGold February 13, 2016 - 7:28 pm

Love how you use the “wisdom” at least two CIA MKULTRA products: A Course in Miracles, Frank Zappa. You enjoy a little poison with your kool-aid?

Oh, and your pro-faggot agenda makes me gag. All decent self-respecting societies put limits on sexuality, homosexuality is realized to be profoundly destructive to community and is righteously forbidden.

Makia Freeman February 14, 2016 - 1:36 am

Zappa was a very perceptive guy. I have listened to him defending free speech and many other things.

He knew what was going on. Sorry, but I don’t think he can just be written off as “MKUltra”. Ditto for a Course in Miracles, which contains lots of wisdom. Where is your proof either of these are “MKUltra projects”?

As for your comments about gays – it must be quite a burden carrying around that kind of hate. Have you ever done any internal spiritual work to uncover why you have to judge and hate someone else just because of their sexual orientation?

Stephen T. McCarthy March 30, 2016 - 8:02 pm

The less I say about George Carlin and Frank Zappa the better. (Loud-mouthed people with partial knowledge can be very dangerous, even if they’re entertaining at times.)

‘A COURSE IN MIRACLES’… That is bad news. It’s a mixture of Spiritual Truth and spiritual poison. I know of what I speak because I read the book and the Manual For Teachers 5 times in 5 years and I completed the entire course 2.5 times.

It is so diabolically deceptive that it takes a person (even one who’s smarter’n the average bear) awhile, through intense study of the details, to begin seeing the inconsistencies in the material.

Once I began noticing the inconsistencies and became concerned about them, I wrote letters to some of the publicly acknowledged experts in ACIM. Their answers did not satisfy me and ease that nagging doubt that was still increasing in my mind.

FINALLY, I did what I should have done right from the start: I began to earnestly pray to Christ Yeshua, asking Him to tell me if ACIM was really a Divinely-inspired teaching that I should continue working with.

On a very significant day in August of 2001, after waiting an entire month, the answer came from Yeshua in a miraculous way. He told me in no uncertain terms that ‘A COURSE IN MIRACLES’ is a demonic deception.

Someday I may write extensively about this episode because it is one astounding story which ends with a display of creative communication from Jesus (Yeshua) that should impress any intellectually-honest person. I’ve had many interactions with Christ, but this particular one even knocked MY socks off!

I feel bad for anyone who gets hooked and reeled into dangerously false supernatural teachings when the Truth can be learned simply by praying to the REAL Messiah and to His Father, God, and through the practice of proper, protected meditation and Bible study.

~ D-FensDogG
‘Loyal American Underground’

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