COVID-19: Martial Law, Digital Currency and World Government


The NWO controllers are criminally exploiting the COVID-19 coronavirus (so far no more dangerous than seasonal flu) to shove their one world agenda down our throats.

COVID-19 is being used to usher in everything – even suggestions of a World Government.

I certainly don’t claim to be a financial wizard. In fact, at best, I have a rudimentary understanding of how the convoluted funny money economy works. However, you don’t need to fully comprehend the ins-and-outs of rigged monetary system to understand we’re in for big trouble and the coronavirus “pandemic” is not only accelerating the fall but will make the outcome far, far worse. 

For more detail on the financial end of this disaster, read Mike Whitney’s Why Washington’s COVID-19 Relief Package Must Be Stopped!

No chance, however. As I write this, Congress passed a pork-laden“stimulus” bill. 

If we can believe numbers put out by the CDC, as of Friday, March 27 there were 1,246 deaths in the US attributed to the virus. Compare this with the 1968 H3N2 “Hong Kong Flu.” It reportedly killed 100,000 people in the US and around a million around the world. 

At the time, the response was not to lock down the country and destroy the livelihood of millions of Americans and usher in the severe violations of the Constitution we are now witnessing.

Short of COVID-19 numbers shooting into the stratosphere in the long run, the death rate will be nowhere near those of the H3N2 pandemic. After the virus is put down by warm temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, jobless and impoverished Americans will scratch their heads in wonderment at the overreaction by government. 

Back in 1968, the US economy was doing fairly well. It was the economic powerhouse of the world. The economy began the slow process of engineered deterioration after the so-called “Nixon shock” imposed wage and price freezes in response to Federal Reserve manufactured inflation and the direct international convertibility of the dollar to gold in 1971. 

10% inflation in the 1970s was “the result of the honest mistakes of a well-meaning central bank (sic),” according to the Fed.

The former Fed boss, Ben Bernanke, said in 2002 “honest mistakes” were also responsible for the stock market crash in 1929 and the Great Depression that followed (see Jerry Mazza’s How the FED engineered the Great Depression; for historical comparison of the current economic trauma prior to COVID-19, see Doug Casey: Comparing the 1930s and Today). 

Is the current corporate propaganda media-generated hysteria over what appears thus far to be a normal influenza virus happenstance? 

I argue the pandemic was planned or conveniently exploited, if not beforehand then in its early stage as it swept China. I am convinced the virus was arranged or exploited to make an excuse for a coming and unavoidable Greater Depression, a historically unmatched depression as a direct result of the fraud, manipulation, and gambling debts of the financial class. Blame for the pinpricks deflating absurdly enlarged and distorted asset bubbles horrendously crashing the economy will be laid at President Donald Trump’s door. 

Moreover, the crash and its enforced misery—only now beginning to gain fatal momentum—will be used by the ruling elite to demand several drastic “reforms,” beginning with a call for a centralized world government. This globalist scheme, long in the planning, will be rolled out “temporarily” to confront the virus. 

From The Guardian on March 27:

Brown’s “executive power” will become permanent after the virus has subsided. It will be the foundation for a global government after the world economy finally falls off a cliff—possibly weeks or months away—and the desperate masses begin rioting in the streets over food shortages and the inevitable institution of martial law (or something similar without the namesake in an end-run around the Constitution, which does not explicitly grant emergency powers to a president). 

Prior to Gordon Brown’s demand, bankers and establishment economists began a heightened call for “a digital alternative to paper money” to stop the spread of the virus and “helping improve financial inclusion by addressing the needs of millions of Americans that remain unbanked, according to the FDIC.” 

In January, the elite at Davos was way ahead of the curve on the effort to dispose of paper money and replace it with a digital financial and societal control mechanism. 

“Users of the U.S. dollar are ‘underserved by an analogue currency in a digital world,’ Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), said during an event in Davos,” CNBC reported. 

It would also make tracking and surveilling citizens far easier and more efficient. “There are two kinds of economic surveillance to take note of. One is surveillance by companies, the other is by the state,” writes Melissa Twigg. 

There appears to be no end to the manufacture of state and media-generated hysteria.

ABC News notes that a “Department of Homeland Security memo sent to law enforcement officials around the country warns that violent extremists could seek to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic by carrying out attacks against the U.S… The memo, which was circulated on Monday, comes after assurances from FBI Director Chris Wray in a video message that agents would be even more vigilant in monitoring threats to the U.S. as the virus spreads.” 

Last August the FBI “for the first time has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat,” according to a memo circulated at the FBI’s Phoenix office. 

For those who pay attention, there is ample evidence the FBI arranges terrorist plots and has done so at least since the agency ran its unconstitutional COINTELPRO takedown of numerous political opponents beginning in the 1950s. 

Both the FBI and DHS may begin categorizing those of us who differ with the state and its media on the origin and impact of the coronavirus as “domestic extremists” bent on destroying the nation. 

The real destroyers and psychopathic misanthropes, however, are in high places. They are cynically and criminally exploiting the coronavirus—so far no more dangerous than seasonal flu—to shove their one-world agenda down our throats as easily frightened Americans run around like Chicken Little, begging the state to take care of us before the sky falls.


Bill Sanders March 28, 2020 - 1:24 am

all true, but does not take into account what Trump and the military are currently doing behind the scenes – defeating the Deep State and nationalizing the FED. Stay tuned. It will become apparent by Easter Sunday.

Amanda March 28, 2020 - 6:27 am

Stop falling for that Q psyop non-sense out of Dave @X22

Listen to Greg Mannarino on y/t who says the Fed is now more powerful than ever. It’s the most powerful institution on earth. It gets it’s power from the issuance of debt, and now it’s issuing more than ever, it’s buying up the world with dollars and setting us up for hyperinflation.

We are being destroyed!! The MSM and US govt are waging psychological and economic warfare on we the people. They are terrorizing the masses with this virus psyop, and while everyone is distracted, they are ROBBING US BLIND!!! And they are setting us up for hyperinflation, and eventually the central bankers will bring in their new digital currency, along with Agenda ID2020.

Trump is NOT going after the Deep State–he’s a FRAUD, he and the rest of them has SOLD US OUT!! They are setting up the middle class for destruction!!

Why Washington’s COVID-19 Relief Package Must Be Stopped!

Authored by Mike Whitney via The Unz Review,

The Senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package is not fiscal stimulus and it’s not a lifeline for the tens of millions of working people who have suddenly lost their jobs. It’s a fundamental restructuring of the US economy designed to strengthen the grip of the corrupt corporate-banking oligarchy while creating a permanent underclass that will be forced to work for slave wages. This isn’t stimulus, it’s shock therapy….

There it is: Credit risk, credit risk, credit risk. Who assumes the credit risk for this $4.5 trillion dollar giveaway??

The American taxpayer. Look: The Fed has always had the ability to print as much money as it chooses.
(Remember: “Unlimited QE”??) So why did the Fed need to link-up with the Treasury for this operation?

Because the Fed is unwilling to accept the credit risk. Who will ultimately be accountable for all the bad bets and worthless bonds that are being downgraded as we speak? Who is going to mop up the trillions in red ink created by crooked, scheming, cutthroat corporations (and their financial counter-party accomplices) who plundered their companies for the sole objective of enriching themselves and their shareholders? Who?

The US Treasury backed by the American taxpayer.

This is really the endgame. Wall Street has subsumed the US Treasury and turned it into a massively leveraged hedge fund that is controlled by an unscrupulous charlatan who made his bones
evicting families from their homes during the worse economic slump since the Great Depression.

We’re truly fu**ed.

That Orange fucker isn’t draining the Swamp, he’s making them ALL richer beyond their wildest dreams!

Andre Mathieux March 28, 2020 - 8:35 am

after reading your comment, I am never sure about Trump.
I have seen hundreds of videos, the best for me on the “virus” I found is
and the best for what they want to do is


Bill Sanders March 29, 2020 - 11:28 pm

Amanda – Thank you for sharing all that. You may be right – and were it not for Dave @ X22 Report – i would would agree with you 100%. However, what if Dave and Q are right. What if, secretly, Trump is using this Covid-19 psyop – that was meant to destroy him and us – to destroy the Deep State? It’s possible. Just wait a few weeks and see what happens. Hopefully, you will be wrong and very happy about it.

Amanda April 1, 2020 - 12:03 pm

The only people being destroyed are the American people–we’ve lost our rights and our freedom, and pople are losing their jobs and their businesses. This is psychological and economic warfare on the people under the guise of the criminal government pretending to “take care of us” and protect us from the fake virus (and of course this criminal govt. does not care about we the people–they lie us into war and let young men get slaughtered). This virus was never about “destroying” Trump-it’s about accelerating the destruction of the global economy (its a war on humanity), so the central bankers can bring in their new digital financial system and Agenda ID2020.(See Lynnette Zang Bankers New SDR crypto blockchain will enslave humanity).

Trump works for the bankers–it’s more than obvious (and I say this as someone who supported him through the Russia hoax and the Ukraine hoax). He is clearly a puppet–he hasn’t done anything for the people. Phase 1 on the China deal (which isn’t even enforceable) was a total WIN for the bankers. On the campaign trail, Trump was against TPP, but now 57% of the TPP is in the USMCA (bait and switch). Foreign policy hasn’t changed. And this latest bailout of corporations and banks, while throwing crumbs to the sheep, tells you all you need to know about who he works for!!

Trump signed into law a $2.2 trillion corporate, hedge fund and bank bailout fiscal spending package, Coronavirus stimulus package to exceed $6T, Larry Kudlow says So, the total package here comes to roughly $6 trillion — $2 trillion direct assistance, roughly $4 trillion in Federal Reserve lending power.”

…and a few others who are expressing outrage at the unprecedented “unlimited liquidity” fascist bailout. At a minimum every US taxpayer is paying $18K for bailouts (to rise exponentially probably), gets $1200 Trumpbux back, thus pays net $16,800. IOW the ordinary American gets screwed bigtime.

Thomas Massie@RepThomasMassie – The stimulus package that just passed is the biggest wealth transfer from common folks to the super-rich (Wall Street and bankers) in the history of mankind. Done in the name of a virus with $1200 checks as the cheese in the trap. This will be obvious in short order

The Senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package is not fiscal stimulus and it’s not a
lifeline for the tens of millions of working people who have suddenly lost their jobs. It’s a fundamental restructuring of the US economy designed to strengthen the grip of the corrupt corporate-banking oligarchy while creating a permanent underclass that will be forced to
work for slave wages. This isn’t stimulus, it’s shock therapy.

James Maher April 1, 2020 - 11:04 am

Good Post! You are on it. The Q psyop is for the fearful seeking comfort. It is sad. Trump is neck deep in Chabbad Lubavitch. Don’t know why my Trump friends refuse to acknowledge all the facts, history and data I’ve provided them. Brains are now unplugged from fear I guess.

Amanda April 1, 2020 - 12:08 pm

Yes, impossible to wake them up!! I’ve tried. I listen to Greg Mannarino (financial expert who warns about what the central bankers are up to), and he says Trump is the best friend the bankers ever had (Trump has been colluding with the central bankers on inflating the stock market by calling for zero to negative rates), which means they will give him another four years. And all along I assumed the Dems were throwing the election for Trump.

Andre Mathieux March 28, 2020 - 8:09 am

I hope Bill that there is a twist to all this. To overtake the Deep State looks tough but it is the ONLY thing that can save everyone. hope the indictments are all true and enforced shortly. he said this will end by Easter, I am not religious but for those who are, can this be when He comes back to save us ? another food for thought!

Bill Sanders March 29, 2020 - 11:33 pm

Trump says that the takedown of the Deep State and all the Satanist child molesters worldwide will be Biblical. Some say it will usher in 1000 years of peace. But he is not prophesying the return of Christ. The Bible clearly states that no one knows that time. He will come like a thief in the night. Maybe even tonight…

btw, Q says this operation will be the most significant victory of good over evil our nation has ever seen. More than WW1 or WW2. If fact, this could be called WW3.

Amanda March 28, 2020 - 6:27 am

Yes, Kurt Nimmo is 100% correct!!

IMO, corona is a global psyop, and the virus is being used as cover for the central bankers (owners of the Federal Reserve, the hidden oligarchy that prints money out of thin air) to bring in the NWO, with a new digital financial system and a forced vaccine with a nanochip used to create a “digital identity” (see Agenda ID2020)

*** And if you think this is a “conspiracy theory” look at this:

Greg Mannarino warning about central bankers NWO, digital, cashless society

“Look around you. A world in lock down. Cities, states, nations shutting down. Markets in free-fall. Moreover, NOTHING you are seeing is by accident! Something I have been telling you for YEARS. Understand.. A deliberate global meltdown is occurring by design. A second Great Depression is being THRUST upon us, yes thrust. Many, many people are going do die. For how many years my EXACT words have been “It Will Be Biblical.” This is all being done to bring about a NEW financial system.. and methods of control over the remaining population beyond your wildest nightmares are going to occur… what we are seeing now is JUST THE BEGINNING…. GM

– IMO this is a DELIBERATE meltdown of the world economic and financial systems. The New America is now the epicenter of a new order which will sweep the globe, quickly. I also believe it is by design that The Fed. is flooding the world with dollars now in order to usher in a one world ALL digital currency…GM” (Please listen to GM on y/t, while the MSM and US govt have been terrorizing the American people with fear porn, GM has been warning about what the bankers have been up to and how we the people are being ROBBED!!!)

The virus will be used as a cover story for the central bankers bringing in their new world digital currency (cashless society). The MSM is already floating stories about “dirty money and coins” and that they could have the so-called virus on them.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020” -Peter Koenig (former World Bank economist)
What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.
(please read entire article)

Мила March 30, 2020 - 6:24 am

That’s it!
Fake pandemic = fake news = fake journalism… we live in a ”post-truth period”

Мила March 30, 2020 - 6:24 am

That’s it!
Fake pandemic = fake news = fake journalism… we live in a ”post-truth period”

Amanda April 1, 2020 - 12:15 pm

IMO the govt is not waging war on the “virus,” they are waging psychological and economic warfare on we the people with the virus as the cover. Although the MSM and US govt have been telling us we are in a medical crisis, that hospitals are overflowing, bodies are piling up, medical workers are overwhelmed, etc. that’s not what citizen journalists are finding when they take their cameras to their local hospitals. They are finding empty hospitals, empty waiting rooms, lots and lots of ambulances parked and doing nothing, EMTs just hanging out and playing with their phones, no crisis and no emergency to be seen, no sirens, and no ambulance racing in with patients.

I’m compiling a master list of citizen videos (updated daily) showing the empty hospitals here:

Heroic Citizens Going to Local Hospitals and Fact-Checking the LYING MSM

Please share the link, email it out and wake up the sheep!!

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