Are You a Terrorist? US Government Frames Ordinary People As Domestic Terrorists


Are you a terrorist? The US Government probably thinks so, as it tries to cunningly frame ordinary people, especially patriots and dissidents, as domestic terrorists.

Are you a terrorist?

According to the US Government, you may well be. For decades now, and especially since the false flag attack on 9/11, the Government has been using its intelligence agencies (the CIA, FBI, NSA and others) to compile, through unlawful surveillance, a massive list of US citizens who it claims are “domestic terrorists”. This list of so-called terrorists is known as Main Core, and even back in 2008 was reported by independent investigative journalist Christopher Ketcham to contain 8 million names. You can only imagine how many names are on this watchlist now! Are you a terrorist (or a domestic extremist) on this list?

Government: Magnet for Control Freaks and Sociopaths

You see, the Government is run by insane individuals, and contains a higher percentage of control freaks, sociopaths and psychopaths than you find in general in society, the reason being that these kind of people always gravitate towards power. The psychological profile of a psychopath is someone who outwardly displays confidence and charm, but in private is ruthless and coldhearted. Not only that, but psychopaths are very insecure. They’re afraid someone will discover their true nature at any time and dethrone them from power.

So Government as a whole is afraid of its citizens, who it fears may revolt and overthrow it if they knew the truth about it. Therefore, as we have seen throughout history, Government keeps a list of its political opponents, those dissidents and activists who challenge tyranny. It spies on them and harasses them. This is clearly unconstitutional and unlawful, but technically not always illegal, because Government writes and passes laws to codify its coercive behavior and make it okay – in other words, it legalizes its own criminality. An example of this is the warrantless wiretapping act (FISA) signed into law during the Bush era.

The Cover Story: Terrorism and the Fake War on Terror

Government knows it can’t get away with this kind of behavior if it is fully open and transparent to the public, so it always creates a sugar-coated PR (Public Relations) explanation for its manipulation. In this case, the pretext is terrorism. There’s a war on terror. There’s evil terrorists that hate our freedom, and you need to be scared, very, very scared. Or at least, that’s how the story goes.

Of course, to anyone thinking critically about this cover story, the explanation is ludicrous. How can you have a war on terror? Terror is a consequence of war. How can you have a war on something which war produces? Equally ridiculous is the idea that Arab or Muslim terrorists hate our freedom. They don’t hate America’s freedom. They hate the fact the US has been meddling in the Middle East for decades, overthrowing legitimate governments, installing puppet dictators, spreading depleted uranium (nuclear) weapons, stealing their oil, gas, opium and natural resources, as well as killing innocent people, especially women and children, all the while pretending that it’s doing these countries a favor. Anyone in their shoes would feel just as angry and violated.

From Foreign Terrorists to Domestic Terrorists

After introducing the fake war on terror chronicle, the US Government has proceeded after some years to shift the focus away from foreign terrorists to domestic terrorists. Foreign terrorists justify endless wars for imperialism and corporate gain abroad; domestic terrorists justify endless snooping and surveillance at home. In an effort to collect as much information as it can about any true patriot who opposes its corruption and manipulation, the Government has embarked on a strategy to brand ordinary, everyday, average Americans as terrorists.

So, Are You a Terrorist?

To this end, various Government agents and spokespeople have been caught on record admitting that the Government now spies on people and considers as potential domestic terrorists anyone who is suspicious of centralized federal authority, reverent of individual liberty, pays for things with large sums of cash or pays for things frequently with cash! It also treats libertarians and patriots as domestic terrorists, as well as those who put political stickers in public bathrooms, displays bumper stickers on their car, take photos or videos of police or Government agents in public, homeschool their children, own a gun, speak out in support of the 2nd Amendment, Bill of Rights or Constitution, support Ron Paul, own gold or even who fly a US flag!

So, are you are a terrorist? Chances are you are, at least according to the US Government. Things have reached such a level of absurdity in America that everyday people partaking in normal, peaceful activities are now being framed as terrorists – and this has some serious ramifications.

Terrorism: the Cunning Scheme to Bypass the Constitution and Rule of Law

By inventing the whole concept of a war on terror, the Government has been able to sneakily bypass the Constitution and invoke the idea of terrorism (as well as the old excuse, “national security”) to monitor, harass and even murder US citizens, both in America and overseas. Obama has his own “Kill List” and has been overseeing the deployment of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) in Yemen and Pakistan. These drones have killed countless women and children, and have also murdered at least 3 US citizens abroad – all without charge, trial or due process. If you get called a terrorist or accused of being a threat to national security, suddenly all bets are off, you lose your Bill of Rights and are denied any freedom guaranteed to you by the Constitution.

With typical cunning, the Government has intentionally left the terms terrorist and national security as vague and undefined as possible, so then it can point the finger at anyone it dislikes and start name-calling. However, a generally-agreed upon legal definition of terrorism is the use of violence for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause, including putting the public in fear and involving acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States. By that definition, the US Government is hands down the biggest terrorist in the world! Who else has staged so many wars, assassinations, drone killings, overthrow of foreign governments? Who else has consistently put their public in so much fear through propaganda and so many false flag operations? Who else has such a monopoly on violence that it daily coerces its citizens into line with threats and tyrannical laws? And, there is no doubt the US Government has its own ideological cause: power, power and more power, no matter what the cost to the environment or human life.

Connecting the Dots: False Flag Operations, the War on Terror and Surveillance

It is important to remember the connections among false flag operations, the war on terror and surveillance. The false flag attack on 9/11 resulted in the war on terror and the Patriot Act, and brought about a lot of focus being placed upon terrorists. This in turn has led to ordinary people being branded as domestic terrorists. This has subsequently given the Government an excuse to subject everyone to massive surveillance programs, such as Operation Prism (recently exposed by courageous whistleblower Edward Snowden, who leaked NSA documents to the press proving the massive extent to which data is collected). Prism is a gigantic surveillance network which intercepts, monitors and stores every email, text message and phone call you initiate or receive. The ramifications of this are stunning: the Government is now able to access everything about your life – your purchases, your reading history, your web browsing history and your conversations with friends dating back years and years. With unfettered access to such a massive amount of information about anyone, the Government is now in a position to easily use that against any person, by blackmailing or framing them, for instance. Sad to say, Big Brother from 1984 isn’t coming; he’s already here.

In many ways all of this began or greatly accelerated with 9/11 (although there have been many false flag events since then). That’s why it is so important to understand what a false flag operation is, and how you can look through Government propaganda and see such an event as it unfolds, so you’re not tricked.

Whistleblowers Stepping Forth Everywhere

However, just as oppression and tyranny grow, so do the desire in the general population for truth and freedom. Whistleblowers are stepping forward everywhere, tired of political corruption and deception, and setting the record straight. A recent forum was held called “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” right down the road from the White House and Congress. It brought together a large and intelligent group of ex-military and high level politicians – including the former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer – all of whom went on public record to testify that ETs (extraterrestrials) do in fact exist, and are already here in secret underground military bases, working with the US military (and most likely the military of other nations too).

This forum was exceptional because the people testifying were all sane, rational and level-headed individuals, many with decorated and prestigious careers, all saying the same thing: there are aliens among us and we need to come to terms with the implications of this, not pretend that we are the only intelligent species in the Universe – an absurd notion given the size of the Cosmos! See “ETs, UFOs and the Alien Agenda” for excellent information on this fascinating topic. Once the truth of an ET presence becomes more broadly accepted, the next question will be “how did they get here and what is their technology?” The elite are afraid of that, because a disclosure of free energy propulsion technology would spell the end of the oil, coal and gas industries.

Are You a Terrorist Just for Criticizing your Government? No Way!

Are you a terrorist just for speaking out against those in power? No! Are you a terrorist just for owning gold or silver? No! Are you a terrorist just for homeschooling your kids? No!

Thomas Jefferson said that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Be aware of the Government’s deception. Be conscious that it is using false flags ops and domestic terrorism as excuses to monitor everyone and frame dissidents and patriots. Remember, the New World Order can only succeed if we continue to be ignorant about the real state of affairs. Spread the truth. Tell everyone you know. Unite with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Refuse to live in fear. Don’t let the Government convince you that your neighbor may be a domestic terrorist. The true terrorists occupy the highest echelons of power in politics, banking and business. Together, united and aware, we will not fall for their propaganda.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.



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