Antibodies Don’t Equal Immunity: Busting the Antibody-Protection Paradigm


Big Pharma wants you to believe in the antibody-protection paradigm, so you buy into their COVID serological/antibody tests & coming COVID vaccine. However the truth is clear: antibodies don’t equal immunity.

The topic of antibodies is becoming more important

again due to the manufactured COVID crisis. It is important that you grasp the nature and function of antibodies, as well as their limitations, since the New World Order (NWO) manipulators orchestrating Operation Coronavirus are counting on your ignorance as they continue to roll out their tyrannical agenda. Specifically, they are counting on most of the public buying into the antibody-protection paradigm. What does this mean? By that term, I mean that they want you to believe that if you have certain antibodies, or a certain amount of antibodies (measured by titer), that you will be safe and protected from a certain disease. This plays out in 2 ways: firstly, they want you to trust the accuracy and authority of COVID antibody tests (even though there are many flaws, at least 5 as I touched upon in this article), but secondly and more importantly, they want you to trust the pending COVID vaccine (and all vaccines), since the efficacy of every single vaccine is predicated on the idea that it induces antibodies and therefore immunity. This is the key assumption – and it is patently false. Antibodies do not equal immunity; they are merely one part of a complex system that we don’t fully understand. Immunity is far more broad, deep, holistic and mysterious than simply the presence of antibodies. If you buy into the idea that antibodies make you immune, for instance that if you have COVID antibodies you will be immune to COVID, you will be playing right into the hands of those running this despicable “live exercise.”

First Things First: The 3 Layers of the Human Immune System

Before we get into what an antibody is and what it can do, let’s revisit the human immune system. Did you know that, anatomically speaking, there is no separate and distinct ‘immune system’ as such (unlike other systems such as the circulatory system or the respiratory system)? Instead, there are several systems that possess immune function, the most important of which is the digestive system, as it is home to our microbiome or 2nd brain. Cell by cell, we have 10 times more bacterial than human cells in our body, and these bacteria live in symbiosis with us, helping to keep us healthy and prevent disease. The immune system has 2 parts (innate or non-specific immunity and acquired or specific immunity), and at least 3 layers that operate in a very specific order. I will quote from Peter Tocci’s wonderful article OK, Let’s Talk Immunity:

“The [immune] ‘system’ exists only in the wondrous cross-communication and coordination among immunity components of the various anatomical systems … There are two major phases of immune function: 1) “Innate,” and 2) “Humoral.” Innate immune function consists of two “layers” considered to be the first and second ‘lines of defense’. The first layer is physical and chemical barriers. The second layer of defense is called cell-mediated or non-specific resistance. Cells in the intestinal wall (protected by bacteria) thwart germs by signaling to innate cells, leading to the activation of white blood cells and release of protective chemicals. Humoral immunity (antibody-mediated), also called specific resistance and “acquired immunity,” is the third line of defense. Vaccine doctrine says it’s first, which is a ploy on behalf of artificial ‘immunity’. Specific proteins called antigens exist on the membranes of germs. Once the antigen/organism is identified as foreign, plasma cells make antigen-specific proteins called antibodies that attach to and deactivate them. Vaccines target humoral/antibody function. As physiology texts say, however, the first time immune function sees an antigen/pathogen, antibody response is comparatively mild, as innate immunity takes the lead.”

Innate Immunity Leads While the Acquired Specific Immunity of Antibodies Only Comes Later

So when the body recognizes something foreign inside itself, it will activate its innate immunity (including white blood cells) first. If that doesn’t work sufficiently, then the body will activate the 3rd layer of defense, specific immunity. Here’s where antibodies come into the picture. What is an antibody? The textbook definition is a protein (also known as an immunoglobulin) made by the body and produced mainly by plasma cells to combine chemically with (and neutralize) possible pathogens such as foreign substances and bacteria. The antibody recognizes a unique molecule of the pathogen, called an antigen, to which it binds.

Here’s the problem: the Medical Industry, driven by the dangerous half truth of Pasteur’s germ theory and driven by the extremely reductionist mindset of materialistic science (‘everything must be measured’), has propagated the false notion that antibodies can be stimulated and measured, and therefore can be equated to immunity. Perhaps this is because antibodies were the only part of the mysterious immune system that could be quantified, but whatever the reason, this false idea ignores the fact that many healthy people do not contract a disease even if they have low antibody titers, and conversely, there are people with high antibody titers who still get sick. In other words, a low antibody or titer count does not indicate susceptibility to a disease just as a high antibody or titer count does not confer immunity to a particular disease.

Antibodies Not Required for Immunity

This point was rammed home in a 2012 study entitled Antibodies are not required for immunity against some viruses. The study analyzed mice infected with vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) and found that survival after VSV exposure did not require antibodies. They found the mice used their “adaptive immunity” (specific or acquired immunity), including antibody-producing B cells, but they didn’t actually need to produce any antibodies as such:

“A new study turns the well established theory that antibodies are required for antiviral immunity upside down and reveals that an unexpected partnership between the specific and non-specific divisions of the immune system is critical for fighting some types of viral infections … The research team studied VSV infection in mice that had B cells but did not produce antibodies. Unexpectedly, although the B cells themselves were essential, survival after VSV exposure did not require antibodies or other aspects of traditional adaptive immunity. “We determined that the B cells produced a chemical needed to maintain innate immune cells called macrophages.”Taken together, the results show that the essential role of B cells against VSV does not require adaptive mechanisms, but is instead directly linked with the innate immune system. “Our findings contradict the current view that antibodies are absolutely required to survive infection with viruses like VSV …”

Total Body Health is the Only True Immunity

We have to understand that true health is an all encompassing-matter. They are few shortcuts. We need to patiently build our microbiome, inner terrain and blood alkalinity levels by eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle. Cultivating this will sharpen our innate and specific immune systems, while simultaneously making us less susceptible to disease, because pathogens won’t be able to effectively invade or gain a foothold when our inner ecology is strong. The article Antibody titers and immunity: Are they related? posted on Vaccine Liberation ( emphasizes the importance of memory cells rather than antibodies, but even memory cells are not the true measure of immunity. Total body health is. Here is a quote:

The most important factor in a fully-effective immune response is general good health characterized by a clean bloodstream coupled with a nutrient-rich diet. Immunity to pathogens is dependent upon a complex response of the body’s cells which may—or may not —include the production of antibodies. A titer test typically measures only one aspect of the immune system’s response. Considered essential for viral disease immunity are memory cells for specific viruses. There is no test for qualitative measuring of these memory cells. Memory cells are what prompt the immune system to create antibodies that are dispatched to an infection associated with the pathogen it “remembers.” Memory cells don’t need reminders in the form of re-vaccination to keep producing antibodies … It is clear that immunity does not come from antibodies or even ‘memory cells’, although memory cells may play a small part in the much larger processes of protecting health. If a person is healthy, first time natural exposure to a virus does not necessarily result in disease. In fact, the majority of first time exposures result in no symptoms but do result in ‘antibodies’ which ‘prove the exposure’ but also prove that immunity was present before the exposure.

Vaccines Are Solely Based on Artificially Stimulating Antibody Production

It would be a disaster for Big Pharma if more people knew the truth that antibody counts had nothing to do with true immunity. After all, Big Pharma vaccines are solely based on artificially stimulating an immune response (particularly with toxic adjuvants like aluminum) by inducing the body to make antibodies. Then they turn around and say, “Look, we made you produce the antibodies to this disease, so now you are protected.” But if antibodies are no real measure of immunity, the artificial production of antibodies is irrelevant. Here are some more quotes from the VacLib article above:

“Dr. John March, a developer of animal vaccines, wrote, “Particularly for viral diseases, the ‘cellular’immune response is all important, and antibody levels and protection are totally unconnected.”

Dr. Glenn Dettman stated the following in an interview with Jay Patrick: “Just because you give somebody a vaccine, and perhaps get an antibody reaction, doesn’t mean a thing. The only true antibodies, of course, are those you get naturally. What we’re doing [when we inject vaccines] is interfering with a very delicate mechanism that does its own thing. If nutrition is correct, it does it in the right way. Now if you insult a person in this way and try to trigger off something that nature looks after, you’re asking for all sorts of trouble, and we don’t believe it works.” [“The Great American Deception,” Let’s Live, December 1976, p. 57]

Raymond Obomsawin, PHD wrote the following in his book, Universal Immunization: Medical Miracle or Masterful Mirage?:  “[W]e find that upon investigating unexpected and unexplainable outbreaks of acute infection among ‘immunized’ persons, mainstream scientists have begun to seriously question whether their understanding of what constitutes reliable immunity is in fact valid. For example, a team of scientists writing in the New England Journal of Medicine provide evidence for the position that immunity to disease is a broader bio-ecological question than the factors of artificial immunization or serology. They summarily concluded: ‘It is important to stress that immunity (or its absence) cannot be determined reliable on the basis of history of the disease, history of immunization, or even history of prior serologic determination.’

“Despite these significant shifts in scientific thinking, there has unfortunately been little actual progress made in terms of undertaking systematically broad research on the multiple factors which undergird human immunity to disease, and in turn building a system of prevention that is squarely based upon such findings. It seems ironic that ….[we] must still raise the following basic questions: Why doesn’t medical research focus on what factors in our environment and in our lives weaken the immune system? Is this too simple? too ordinary? too undramatic? Or does it threaten too many vested interests?”

Brandon Turbeville writes:

“With all of the evidence such as that compiled in this article, the underlying foundation of claims by the medical and pharmaceutical industries regarding vaccine effectiveness is clearly a shaky one. The evidence that vaccines work – without even taking into account the many studies which have demonstrated that they do not – is thus wholly unreliable even when demonstrating the “proof” claimed by the researchers. In short, neither vaccination nor antibody response equals immunity.”


This topic ties together many fascinating threads: germ theory, materialistic reductionist science, Big Pharma, vaccines, COVID, antibody tests and a lack of appreciation for the holistic and energetic nature of the human body and its immune system. There are clearly many many more factors at play in determining an individual’s immunity than just counting that person’s antibodies. We need to fully comprehend this, because in the months to come, you can be sure there there will be some governments that will bait their citizens with a ‘return to normalcy’ if they just take the COVID serological or antibody test, despite the fact that a result of COVID-antibody positive can be interpreted any which way, and is scientifically meaningless when it comes to determining actual immunity. Next, of course, the authorities will pitch the COVID vaccine™ that produces COVID antibodies™ as the only way to participate fully in society again, a la Mark of the Beast. This article has pierced that line of reasoning. Spread this far and wide.


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles, author of Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and senior researcher at Makia is on Steemit and Parler.











Lynn August 14, 2020 - 6:48 am

They’re fighting to keep a lid on the truth you’re sharing here. They have a big advantage with their control of the vast majority of the medical establishment, along with our political system and media. However, truth by its very nature has a stubborn way of finding its way into the light. This article is evidence of that.

PRINCE August 14, 2020 - 10:47 am

I just can’t wait to be injected with aborted babies fetal cells!

Bill Sanders August 14, 2020 - 11:17 am

You are not funny.

Bill Sanders August 14, 2020 - 11:29 am

Outstanding article. Thank you! This should be part of every high school and college biology curriculum.

Dennis ONeill August 14, 2020 - 7:39 am

I worked for years for the world’s 2nd largest drug company, GSK, and for a legacy company that made Pfizer number 1 in the world. Big Pharma is a total scam. GSK knowingly, and criminally with held information about the dangers of Avandia essentially murdering 400,000 people with that drug. Do everything in your power to stay out of the deadly U.S. healthcare system. It is a very dangerous, expensive, and corrupt system.

I was involved in a Political Action Committee as well for a drug company. The drug industry buys physicians with legal bribes called big honoraria to deliver 1 hr. canned commercials to other doctors for the drugs it pushes. Many physicians are known as industry whores.

We also owned Congress and wrote the entire Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) rammed through Congress by serial sexual abuser of boys, Denny Hastert, the coke head, alcoholic half wit,GW Bush, and sleazy Louisiana swamp scum flip flopper Billy Tauzin. The MMA was a huge give away to the drug companies, and the largest expansion of the federal government into health care since the creation of Medicare.

Years later, Barry Sotero, a closeted homosexual pedo who flew to Mosad scumbags Epstein/Maxwell Island, passed the Affordable Care Act which was an even bigger give away written by PhRMA, and the insurance industry. Sotero was not born in America, and was not eligible to be president but he’s a CIA stooge. Scum bag criminal John Brennan was his CIA handler. Sotero never organized one community in Chicago, and most of his bio is a lie made up by Chicago Kosher Nostra billionaires who backed his rise to power, some of whom have family ties to the CIA murder of JFK.

Tauzin retired immediately after the MMA was passed to collect his legal bribe of a $1 million salary as CEO of PhRMA. Hastert was a creepy high school teacher/ wrestling coach who was married with children before the deep state, which knew all about his sexual abuse of boys, blackmailed Congress into making Hastert the longest serving House Speaker in history even though he had zero legislative accomplishments. Hastert protected Florida Congressman Foley and others who were sexually abusing Congressional paiges. GW Bush remains a moron as is Jeb. Both are subnormal drooling mouth breather dumb.

The reason PhRMA bought blanket immunity in the 1980’s for all vaccine liability from Congress, which it owns, is because vaccines are super dangerous and don’t really even work very well. There’s ZERO evidence vaccines are responsible for preventing outbreaks of diseases.

Christian Lords July 7, 2021 - 5:08 am

sounds reasonable to me.

Gary Brown August 31, 2020 - 7:32 pm

Aug 29 2020 Covid-Gate, The Political Virus – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Ermanno April 15, 2021 - 8:55 am

seguo con molto interesse da tempo Makia Freeman, ma trovo oramai superfluo continuare a parlare di queste mutevoli elocubrazioni paranoiche dedicate a questa falsa narrazione virale, anche continuare a spiegare tutte queste nuove evoluzioni anche in senso critico, non capisco di cosa vogliamo ancora parlare di cosa……quando sappiamo tutti che nessuno al mondo ha portato una sola prova scientifica dell’esistenza di questa malattia virale naturale. ( che non scrivo più nemmeno il nome) cosa serve continuare a scrivere anche questo articolo se pur valido non ha più senso….. Gli anticorpi non sono uguali all’immunità: distruggere il paradigma della protezione dagli anticorpi basta per favore.. sono un risvegliato e a conoscenza di questa materia.PASTEUR è stato il primo impostore ravvedutosi in punto di morte, dicendo che in effetti è “il terreno del sistema immunitario la cosa più inportante il virus non è niente”, basta questo principio altro non serve…… cordiali saluti.

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