Silicon Valley Algorithm Manipulation Is The Only Thing Keeping Mainstream Media Alive


The algorithm manipulation performed by Silicon Valley or Big Tech is what is keeping the outdated, dinosaur MSM alive.

Algorithm Manipulation

is how Big Tech operates. The emergence of the internet was met with hope and enthusiasm by people who understood that the plutocrat-controlled mainstream media were manipulating public opinion to manufacture consent for the status quo. The democratization of information-sharing was going to give rise to a public consciousness that is emancipated from the domination of plutocratic narrative control, thereby opening up the possibility of revolutionary change to our society’s corrupt systems.

But it never happened. Internet use has become commonplace around the world and humanity is able to network and share information like never before, yet we remain firmly under the thumb of the same power structures we’ve been ruled by for generations, both politically and psychologically. Even the dominant media institutions are somehow still the same.

So what went wrong? Nobody’s buying newspapers anymore, and the audiences for television and radio are dwindling. How is it possible that those same imperialist oligarchic institutions are still controlling the way most people think about their world?

The answer is algorithm manipulation.

Last month a very informative interview saw the CEO of YouTube, which is owned by Google, candidly discussing the way the platform uses algorithms to elevate mainstream news outlets and suppress independent content.

At the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Technology Governance Summit, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told Atlantic CEO Nicholas Thompson that while the platform still allows arts and entertainment videos an equal shot at going viral and getting lots of views and subscribers, on important areas like news media it artificially elevates “authoritative sources”.

“What we’ve done is really fine-tune our algorithms to be able to make sure that we are still giving the new creators the ability to be found when it comes to music or humor or something funny,” Wojcicki said. “But when we’re dealing with sensitive areas, we really need to take a different approach.”

Wojcicki said in addition to banning content deemed harmful, YouTube has also created a category labeled “borderline content” which it algorithmically de-boosts so that it won’t show up as a recommended video to viewers who are interested in that topic:

“When we deal with information, we want to make sure that the sources that we’re recommending are authoritative news, medical science, et cetera. And we also have created a category of more borderline content where sometimes we’ll see people looking at content that’s lower quality and borderline. And so we want to be careful about not over-recommending that. So that’s a content that stays on the platform but is not something that we’re going to recommend. And so our algorithms have definitely evolved in terms of handling all these different content types.”

Progressive commentator Kyle Kulinski has a good video out reacting to Wojcicki’s comments, saying he believes his (entirely harmless) channel has been grouped in the “borderline” category because his views and new subscribers suddenly took a dramatic and inexplicable plunge. Kulinski reports that overnight he went from getting tens of thousands of new subscriptions per month to maybe a thousand.

“People went to YouTube to escape the mainstream nonsense that they see on cable news and on TV, and now YouTube just wants to become cable news and TV,” Kulinski says. “People are coming here to escape that and you’re gonna force-feed them the stuff they’re escaping like CNN and MSNBC and Fox News.”

It is not terribly surprising to hear Susan Wojcicki admit to elevating the media of the oligarchic empire to the CEO of a neoconservative publication at the World Economic Forum. She comes from the same elite empire management background as all the empire managers who’ve been placed in charge of mainstream media outlets by their plutocratic owners, having gone to Harvard after being literally raised on the campus of Stanford University as a child. Her sister Anne is the founder of the genetic-testing company 23andMe and was married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Google itself also uses algorithms to artificially boost empire media in its searches. In 2017 World Socialist Website (WSWS) began documenting the fact that it, along with other leftist and antiwar outlets, had suddenly experienced a dramatic drop in traffic from Google searches. In 2019 the Wall Street Journal confirmed WSWS claims, reporting that “Despite publicly denying doing so, Google keeps blacklists to remove certain sites or prevent others from surfacing in certain types of results.” In 2020 the CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet admitted to censoring WSWS at a Senate hearing in response to one senator’s suggestion that Google only censors right wing content.

Google, for the record, has been financially intertwined with US intelligence agencies since its very inception when it received research grants from the CIA and NSA. It pours massive amounts of money into federal lobbying and DC think tanks, has a cozy relationship with the NSA, and has been a military-intelligence contractor from the beginning.

Then you’ve got Facebook, where a third of Americans regularly get their news. Facebook is a bit less evasive about its status quo-enforcing censorship practices, openly enlisting the government-and-plutocrat-funded imperialist narrative management firm The Atlantic Council to help it determine what content to censor and what to boost. Facebook has stated that if its “fact checkers” like The Atlantic Council deem a page or domain guilty of spreading false information, it will “dramatically reduce the distribution of all of their Page-level or domain-level content on Facebook.”

All the algorithm stacking by the dominant news distribution giants Google and Facebook also ensures that mainstream platforms and reporters will have far more followers than indie media on platforms like Twitter, since an article that has been artificially amplified will receive far more views and therefore far more clicks on their social media information. Mass media employees tend to clique up and amplify each other on Twitter, further exacerbating the divide. Meanwhile left and antiwar voices, including myself, have been complaining for years that Twitter artificially throttles their follower count.

If not for these deliberate acts of sabotage and manipulation by Silicon Valley megacorporations, the mainstream media which have deceived us into war after war and which manufacture consent for an oppressive status quo would have been replaced by independent media years ago. These tech giants are the life support system of corporate media propaganda.


Lynn May 5, 2021 - 12:33 pm

Anyone that uses any of the major search engines figured this all out a long time ago. Try googling flat earth. Try searching COVID, virus, or vaccination. To get past the mainstream establishment’s narrative propaganda, you’ll have to either click through endless pages, or come up with some creative search terms to narrow your results.

Speaking of directing and managing content, although Caitlin Johnstone is a prolific writer on the various injustices in this world, she has refused to comment on the worldwide oppression going on right now. So far she’s decided the crimes behind this plan-demic, fake virus, masking, lockdowns, compliant media, and now the horrifying injections are not injustices worth addressing. I was banned from Caitlin’s platforms a while ago for pressing those topics, so if she has commented since, I both applaud her for that, and I apologize to her for my statement here.

Lynn May 13, 2021 - 6:39 pm

The problem is all the major search engines bias toward mainstream media and establishment sources. So a search on vaccination is just going to give a bunch of pro-vaccination and other establishment propaganda – unless you restrict the search to certain sites. (I do that a lot.) I’ve played around with some of the more obscure engines, but they either result in the same biases as the major search engines, or they suck in other ways.

Occasionally I’ve used Good Gopher, which has an Independent Media option to filter out mainstream media. But often the site is down or claiming to be busy. Good Gopher was founded by Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) who I have no doubt is controlled opposition, along with his buddy Alex Jones. (Adams often subs for Jones on his show.) So I don’t have a lot of confidence with it.

I’m not much help. All I can say is experiment for yourself. Happy hunting.

Bill Sanders May 5, 2021 - 2:44 pm

Good article, although marred by the author’s Marxist worldview.

Lynn May 5, 2021 - 3:14 pm

Caitlin likes to point out hypocrisies in our society, but ironically she’s curiously selective on which ones merit her attention. (See my earlier comment.)

She regularly writes articles criticizing the “US empire” for its world domination, endless wars, and constant antagonizing of Russia and China — referencing nations as if they were sovereign states operating independently. Yet in other articles she complains about the “oligarchs and imperialists” who really run the nations of our world (although she refuses to get into specifics, like who they might be). So which is it?

Caitlin’s a great writer, but she’s frustrating to follow.

elfmom52 May 5, 2021 - 8:58 pm

I unsubbed from her close to a year ago.

BDBinc May 11, 2021 - 12:53 am

Yip the author is a controlled opposition ( alt right) msm.
Same memes mind programs spread. Anti America, Pro Russia, Free cia agent assange,”anti capitalism”( we don’t have capitalism when private orgs can create money from debt in our names we have banksterism)all the same alt right stuff with a woke pseudo spiritualism.

Junious Ricardo Stanton May 5, 2021 - 4:35 pm

What most people don’t realize is the tech giants were all funded and backed by the CIA’s proprietary venture capital firm In-Q-Tel as well as the NSA and the Defense Department’s hi tech research/funding arm Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). No need to wonder if they are in cahoots with the oligarchs and their global agenda, because they are lock stock and barrel. .

Shawn May 5, 2021 - 11:00 am

The big problem is that the Internet, while enable alternative viewpoints, doesn’t have the power that comes from simultaneous one-way broadcasting that occurs with mainstream media. Everything is fragmented and the true enemies are hidden behind all of the “enemies” (e.g. Democrats, Republicans, progressives, the Right, etc.) that exist on the Internet.

“What You Need To Know About Google” (

Ruth Porat – Jew – Google CFO

“How To Spot A Nasty JewTuber” (

Susan Wojcicki – Jew – YouTube CEO

“Zuckerberg Won’t Go To Jail” (

Mark Zuckerberg – Jew – Facebook CEO

However, the truth is that even given the above Jews aren’t the principle enemy. The invisible enemy is Satan (The Jews are just his minions), and public enemy #1 is Antipope Francis

elfmom52 May 5, 2021 - 8:56 pm

They are not even Jews and say so themselves! There is a reason they are called Synagogue of Satan in Revelation 2 and 3.

Could part of the reason for the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East be found in the following?

“Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.’” (Richard Siegel and Carl Rheins, eds., “Identity Crisis,” The Jewish Almanac, (New York, NY: Bantam Books, 1980) p. 3.)

That sentence is the opening sentence of the First Chapter entitled “IDENTITY CRISIS” of the 1980 Jewish Almanac. That today’s Jews are not genetic Israelites is also admitted in “The Jewish Encyclopedia,”
the “Enyclopedia Judaica,” “The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia,” “The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia,” and by many of their historians.

According to three Jewish encyclopedias and Flavius Josephus, the entire Edomite nation was forced into converting to Judaism and became known as Judahites at the time of the high priest John Hyrcanus (Maccabaeus):

“…in the days of John Hyrcanus (end of the second century B.C.E.) … the Edomites became a section of the Jewish people.” (“Edom,” Encyclopaedia Judaica (Jerusalem, Israel: Encyclopaedia Judaica Company, 1971) Volume 6, p. 378.)

“They were then incorporated with the Jewish nation….” (“Edom, Idumea,” The Jewish Encyclopedia (New York & London: Funk and Wagnalls Company, 1904) Volume V, p. 41.)

“…from then on they constituted a part of the Jewish people, Herod [King of Judea] being one of their descendants.” (Cecil Roth and Geoffrey Wigoden, “Edom (Idumea),” The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1977) p. 589.

“…they submitted to the use of circumcision, and the rest of the Jewish ways of living; at which time … they were hereafter no other than Jews.” (Flavius Josephus, “The Antiquities of the Jews,” Josephus, (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 1960) Book XIII, Chapter IX, Verse 1, p. 279.)

We keep hearing that if we don’t bless the modern State of Israel (which America has been doing since at least 1948) that we will be cursed. However, it seems it’s been just the opposite, Since 1948, you name it, and there’s not an area in America wherein she hasn’t become worse off. Could the reason have something to do with the fact we’ve identified the wrong people as being Israel. See Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

Today’s non-Israelite Jews are not the only one with an identity problem. See free online book “The Mystery of the Gentiles: Where Are They and Where Are They Now?” at

Shawn May 5, 2021 - 9:55 pm

Israel was created by the Rothschilds. THAT is why there is conflict there.

I do appreciate the information, however, the Edomites aren’t significant. Even the Khazars aren’t significant outside of the fact that Jews wouldn’t be where they are today in terms of numbers and influence.

What matters ultimately is the false religion of those who call themselves Jews. You are correct that those who call themselves Jews aren’t all descended from Israelites, but it is the FALSE religion which identifies them. The fact is that Judaism is NOT the old true religion of the Old Testament, but is descended from pagan Babylon and is a – perhaps explicitly – Satanic “religion.” It would be more accurate to call the Jews – except for a few sects – Talmudists. There is a book which can be found online written by a Catholic priest called, “The Talmud Unmasked.” You can also check out the work Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit

elfmom52 May 6, 2021 - 10:46 pm

Thank you Shawn! Talmud Unmasked sounds familiar. I’m wondering if I have it. I’ll check tomorrow.

Dimitri Ledkovsky September 6, 2021 - 12:00 pm

Shawn et alii, – The kernel of the technique that is (still) in force was laid out in plain language in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Who cares who created this document? It doesn’t matter. What matters is what it says. Bernays sharpened the methodology a bit thirty years after the Protocols with his “Propaganda”. Main points made were that the goys are going to get it between the eyes one way or another and We the Chosen People are going to triumph. All these Brins and Zuckerbergs and Wojcickis and Bezoses self-assume to have been hand picked by God to govern planet Earth and the Universe. Now that’s (in their own word) chutzpah! And this is not said in a friendly way. Whilst we all post on Disqus we should be aware that even Disqus is a Jewish operation run out of Israel.

Shawn September 7, 2021 - 11:13 am

It matters who wrote it because it is easier to identify the enemy if reasonable suspicion can be cast on a person because of his false religion.

To a certain extent you are correct. If there are immoral mechanisms which are used by the powerful and malicious, all that is necessary is to identify and destroy them (i.e. with strictly and impartially enforced laws). The problem is that one needs to know whom to trust. There are traitors which must be taken into account. It is easily possible for controlled opposition or dissension to be created by double agents.

I haven’t seen any evidence concerning your statement regarding Disqus. However, Zeta Global which acquired Disqus in 2017 appears to be run by a Jew. That would be confirmation enough that you might be correct.

If your real name is being used as your screen name here, then you are not above any reasonable suspicion yourself. Many Jews came from Russia because that was once a part of Khazaria.

BDBinc May 11, 2021 - 12:49 am

Caitlin “Johnson” still sounds like “alt right msm” controlled opposition.
Now she/hes on about blaming a loose concept like ” Big tech” Silicon Valley as the “key bad guys” the funders and owners of media .They are not.

Its not the algorithms/ or Big Tech keeping msm funded.

Its the banksters that own and fund the msm media monopoly pushing the UN’s political narrative through increased censorship.

At the end of the day its us , our inner state that is co creating the world, a world that is not objective . That we see through the filter of our minds.

The media induced hysteria, fear and ignorance is through our thoughts and feelings reflecting this unconsciousness creating the outer=chaos.

Thus the primary importance of inner knowledge, self mastery, freedom from the conditioned mind which the media effortlessly programs and controls.

BDBinc May 11, 2021 - 12:55 am

Wokers love and are addicted to msm ( fear, outrage, ego food) thats is what keeps it going and this includes CJs alt right stuff.

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