These 3 Groups Are Responsible for 9/11 and the Fake ‘War on Terror’

On the 15th anniversary of the 911 attacks (the grandest false flag op in known history), remember that 3 guilty groups pulled it off.


The 911 attacks that happened in the USA

on September 11th, 2001, did indeed change the world in a way that hardly any other event has. As we arrive at the 15th anniversary of the grandest and most daring false flag operation in the known history of the world, it is important to remember that numerous aspects of the 911 attacks still remain shrouded in secrecy.

Despite this secrecy, we know enough to say there were 3 guilty groups involved in the operation on that fateful day.

These groups (2 of them nations) are still around today, exerting influence and wreaking havoc, especially in the war in Syria in the Middle East. This article takes a closer look at the evidence of these groups’ involvement in a conspiracy of epic proportions, whose effect still reverberates and can be tangibly felt around the word today.

911 Guilty Group #1: Saudi Arabia

We’ll begin with the most obvious group: the nation of Saudi Arabia, which is really the private kingdom of the House of Saud, the oil-rich, Bush-and-Clinton-funding, citizen-beheading, human right-destroying tyrannical regime that lashes bloggers for writing against them and forbids women from driving cars.

Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the 911 attacks is obvious, since right after the attacks the FBI named 15 (out of 19) hijackers of Saudi nationality.

However, it’s important not to just stop here (as the conspirators want you to) because you’ll miss the deeper forces orchestrating the attacks. They want Islamophobia.

They want the public to hate Islam and Islamic terrorism, to be afraid of US-Israeli creations like ISIS, and to view all Muslims as the new enemy. Despite what you may think, Saudi Arabia and Israel have a cosy relationship which was an important element of the 911 attacks.

Representatives of the Bush and Bin Laden family met the day before the 911 attacks. Things are not always what they seem …

Earlier this year, when Congress was discussing the possibility of releasing the infamous 28 pages, Saudi Arabia got so riled up they blackmailed the US by threatening to sell $750 billion in US treasuries to collapse the US dollar!

Eventually the 28 pages were released, showing how Saudi Arabia used spies to launder money to the 911 hijackers.

They provided the cash, the spies and the operatives. The American public knew all about it right from the start – yet funnily enough, Saudi Arabia never got attacked for their part, despite the fact that fellow Muslim nations did, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya and Syria just name a few.

Four-star General Wesley Clark exposing the US plan of invading seven countries in five years:

A passage from the 28 pages reads:

“Discussion: One reason for the limited understanding is that it was only after September 11 that the U.S. Government began to aggressively investigate this issue. Prior to September 11th, the FBI apparently did not focus investigative resources on ——– —————— Saudi nationals in the United States due to Saudi Arabia’s status as an American “ally.””

Both the released 28 pages themselves, and the idea that Saudi Arabia was wholly responsible for the 911 attacks, are examples of a limited hangout.

Former CIA asset Osama bin Laden was fingered to take the fall, and made a great new bogeyman with a long scary beard and turban.

The brilliant patriot and researcher Bill Cooper predicted the 911 attacks in June 2001! Incredible.

Saudi Arabia was a guilty group, but they were hardly the only force behind the entire operation. For that, we must turn to the next guilty group, the neocons.

911 Guilty Group #2: Neocons

911 was an inside and an outside job. The criminal element on the inside are the neocons or neoconservatives which came to power with George Bush Jr. in 2000. Many neocons are Jewish or Zionist and share a lust for enforcing American supremacy at the point of a gun.

Prominent neocons include Dick Cheney, Donald Rumseld, I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, Jeb Bush, Robert Kagan (whose wife Vicky Nuland was heavily involved in the George Soros-funded Ukrainian coup of 2014) and Paul Wolfowitz (author of the Wolfowitz doctrine which advocates the US do everything it can to maintain its sole superpower status).

All of these neocons were in key positions in the Bush administration during the 911 attacks, especially Dick Cheney, who told NORAD to stand down. Many of them were also part of PNAC (Project for a New American Century), whose paper Rebuilding America’s Defenses contained this oft-quote piece of 911 foreknowledge:

“This process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

The neocons were the necessary group on the inside who allowed the attacks to happen, by refusing to take action at key moments that should have been taken to prevent it.

To pull off an op like this, you need people on the inside preventing those not in the know from doing their jobs – that’s why there were 46 drills on the day of 911 to confuse the hell out of everyone!

The neocons were up to their necks in crime, but the deepest level of the conspiracy can be found by examining the 3rd guilty group of 911: the Zionist regime of Israel and its spy agencies like the Mossad.

The PNAC neocons got their new Pearl Harbor with 3000 American deaths on 9/11. 
We got the fake War on Terror.

911 Guilty Group #3: Israel

As I covered in the article 9/11 was an Inside and Outside Job: Remembering the Israel 9/11 Role, Israel was deeply involved in planning and pulling off the 911 attacks. The evidence is damning and piles up high.

Here is a brief selection of it:

– Right after the incident, Israeli PM Netanyahu said the 911 attacks were “very good”, that they had “swung American public opinion in our favor” and that “we are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq” according to the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv;

– Trump said there were 5 dancing Muslims celebrating the 911 attacks, but actually there were 5 dancing Israelis on the rooftop who claimed they had been sent there “to document the event”;

– The Israeli military agency Mossad using a front company Urban Moving Systems to blow up bombs and frame Muslims (their van just so happened to have a mural decoration on the side of a plane going into the WTC!);

– The Israeli company ZIM vacated their WTC lease just a week before 9/11, incurring a $50,000 fine to do so;

Israeli backdoor technology penetrated the U.S. Government’s Telecom System and compromised national security;

– Over 100 Mossad agents were arrested before and after 911, but quietly sent back to Israel;

Mossad agents driving around New York with highlighted maps, fake passports, boxcutters, cash and explosives;

Mossad trying to frame Palestinians with a truck bomb; and

Mossad agent and cousin of 911 hijacker busted by the Lebanese authorities.

There is plenty more evidence than the above, which is just a small sampling.


They have a long, long history of deceit and criminality.

Conclusion: The 911 Attacks Were Carried out by a Troika of Conspirators

Reporter Wayne Madsen refers to the 3 guilty parties as the troika of 911 conspirators. Many of the events in today’s world are not simply carried out by the “New World Order“; they are both the result of warring factions and the intermingling of interests.

The false flag 911 attacks were obviously a huge operation and it is therefore unsurprising that so many groups were involved in its orchestration, facilitation and execution.

Hopefully on this 15th anniversary of 911, people will take a renewed interest in this grand deception and further spread the truth about it.

By Makia Freeman,

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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at (FaceBook here), writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.


Mary Johnson September 11, 2016 - 12:26 pm

Do you really doubt that Islam is not a problem wherever it grows?

bluewater September 11, 2016 - 2:36 pm

The wackiest “911 conspiracy theory” of all
The theory goes like this: On September 11, 2001, 19 arabs with box cutters and plastic knives conspired to board 4 airliners without ever showing up on the flight manifests. All 4 airlines were successfully hijacked by these conspiring arabs with mere plastic knives, and at most 1 inch metal blades, and flown by failed cessna pilots like experts into 3 of the targets, while the 4th airplane hit a field and left a crater but no debris.
The attack came as a total surprise to the Air Force and Norad, who never saw it coming, and remained blind to it all for a full hour until all planes hit their targets, with the final target being the greatest military command headquarters in the world. Norad suddenly could not see airplanes if their transponders were switched off, thus proving active radar does not work after all.
Somehow, despite being fully rated to take a full speed impact from the similarly sized and faster flying 707, both world trade center towers fell into their own footprints (rather than off to the side in one direction) because Arabs are magic and Allah was with them. And out of sympathy, while mourning for the loss of it’s two big brothers, WTC 7 which never got hit by an airplane at all, cried itself to death and fell down too.
And we know this is a true story, because despite never having seat back phones or any satellite uplink available, cell phone calls were made from the planes after they were hijacked, and we know it is true because after Cee Cee Lyle’s call ended, her coach told her she did a great job, and if she did not do a great job, the entire Arab plan would have failed. And if you don’t believe how GREAT CeeCee did, just listen to her boss tell her how great she did! Her boss would never lie!
So there you have it – the wackiest 911 conspiracy story of all!
The entire 911 story hinges on CeeCee Lyle’s phone call from flight 93.
911 Flight 93 phone call busted. CeeCee Lyle read her arab incriminating yet fully scripted phone call from the ground, in a call center, and if you listen to the call, you can hear her coach say “that was great!” after she finishes speaking. You can also hear a coach or manager say “allright” in the background of the enhanced version, and AFTER THAT you can hear her coach say “sorry” for saying “that was great” too loud and possibly having it be audible in the message. CeeCee Lyle flight 93 911 phone call enhanced and original This kills the entire arab/911 meme, obviously the calls were faked. September 9 2016


George September 11, 2016 - 4:24 pm

The so-called “Israelis,” and international Jewry / Banksters do seem to be an alien race of their own — with neither conscience nor soul — who do seem intent on toppling the Human race through Perpetual War, suffering, torture, shooting of children and the unborn, as well as stealing live human organs for their own physical existence because their blood is not obviously human (“By their fruits ye shall know them” — Matthew 7:16):

bluewater September 11, 2016 - 5:53 pm


We KNOW that the official story of 9/11 is a Globalist-Zionist monster-lie, proves that many predictive signs (some of them outrageous in scope) were indeed deliberately placed in front of our collective faces. Evidently, these Satanic psychos derive some perverse kick out of this ghoulish game of demonic deceit.

Noting that the Zionist-Globalist influence in the world of Comic Books, Hollywood Films, TV Shows, Advertising, Video Games, and Music is immense – let us now review, in reverse chronological order, a comprehensive collection of the hints and ‘predictive programming’ of the pivotal event which has since altered the course of world history like no other event since Pearl Harbor.

April, 1967 / Newsweek Magazine (Just before construction on the towers began)
Front cover: David Rockefeller, who pushed for the towers to be built, wearing a watch with hands on the “9” and the “11”
Back cover: Cigarette ad depicts towers and speaks of “a fight worth fighting”
complete review

bluewater September 11, 2016 - 7:01 pm

Carl Cameron’s BANNED 2001 911 Fox News Report linking Israelis to 911
Here is the best I have for 911. This has been, for many people, myth. Resurrected from the dead:

This series by Carl Cameron,which Fox News released in 2001 was supposed to have 12 parts. Only 4 parts ever got broadcast, and all 4 are in this ONE MP3. Even these 4 parts should be enough to wake your sleeping zombie sheep, they prove Israel is raping the U.S. and was heavily involved in 911 And it all went out on FOX NEWS, IT IS ALL HERE, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!
Note: Much of the super damning stuff is in the second half.
This was broadcast on Fox News Carl Cameron’s expose THIS IS A MUST LISTEN, IT TOTALLY BLOWS ISRAEL OUT OF THE WATER and after seeing this I can’t believe Fox News ever got this published.
Key points:
1. After 911, Israeli companies tipped off perpetrators of 911 to when the FBI, CIA an other American intelligence was onto them, so they could immediately change their identities and prevent the investigations from proceeding. Additionally, once the investigations started, the perpetrators were given the ability to wire tap all of the investigator’s phones and other communications via Israeli owned companies and spy infrastructure, to totally circumvent capture. If this does not by itself prove Israel did 911, I do not know what possibly could.
2. Israeli companies tip off Israeli drug dealers to when American investigation efforts have pinned them down, and like the perpetrators of 911, the Israelis then provide even drug dealers with wire taps on the investigators in pursuit of them, to help them completely evade capture.
This Fox News report is SO DAMNING I wonder if Carl Cameron is even alive. This series was shut down 8 out of 12 segments early, because it NAILED THE TRUTH. Much can be extrapolated from even these 4 segments, they prove Israel is America’s ENEMY NUMBER ONE, ARCHIVE AND POST!
I really want people to consider this, I am not joking about it
Take a look at this picture of the very large aircraft hitting the bridge in Taiwan. From this photo below
I want you to again take a look at the road and the guard rail in the next photo. There is no trace of any damage anywhere else on the bridge whatsoever, so I want to once again ask a serious pointed question toward the Dimona tribe:
Take your pick with what you believe I guess, but as I see it, there is NO DAMN WAY a normal Boeing did that damage to the WTC.
If airplanes did the WTC, they would had to have had armor plated steel wings or they would have had to have had their wings packed with explosives from wing tip to wing tip, the size and flight parameters of the Taiwan plane were too close to the 911 planes to have no damage to that bridge other than to a plastic piece on top of the guard rail if the 911 planes really were as stated. Obviously they were not when the Taiwan plane did absolutely no damage to anything solid on that bridge and the 911 planes cut super strong solid steel beams in half and pulverized concrete to boot. I CALL B.S. ON THE PLANE IMPACTS, THOSE WERE NOT AMERICAN AIRLINES PLANES, THEY WERE EITHER ENTIRELY FAKE AND GREEN SCREENED IN OR THEY WERE HEAVILY FORTIFIED WITH IRON ARMOR PLATE AND WING LOADED EXPLOSIVES.
Airplanes really do come apart like aluminum foil when they hit anything solid at all, they fly because they are light and dainty and engineered to handle ONE THING: AIR, with which concrete and steel have no common traits. Even a bird can crash a jumbo jet for Gods sake!
I have a boat load of other 911 stuff I could put up, but why bother? Either you know 911 was a false flag psy op, or you are too stupid to be saved. I have all of it – building 7, the micro nuke stuff, explosives in the building yada yada yada but other people have that too, what I put up here is what I have that can’t easily be found elsewhere. Anyway, if Hillary is allowed to scam her way in, 911 won’t mean jack anyway.

bluewater September 11, 2016 - 7:44 pm

False Flags going back to JFK
Napolitano Exposed The Government And Was Fired! Now Obama, DOJ, Hillary, Lynch, Comey!
5 minute dissertation on the reality of the American government, judicial, and political system.

bluewater September 11, 2016 - 9:02 pm

Today at 9/11 memorial at WTC

‘The Satanic Witch Goes Down # Hilary Is Dying’

Sarah Jenkins September 11, 2016 - 11:46 pm

Follow the money; part of the $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon’s budget that Rumsfeld referred to on 9/10/01:

“The 9/11 Attacks and the Black Eagle Trust Fund

“On that fateful day [9/11], the Securities and Exchange Commission declared a national emergency, and for the first time in U.S. history, invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) easing regulatory restrictions for clearing and settling security trades for the next 15 days. These changes would allow an estimated $240 billion in covert government securities to be cleared upon maturity without the standard regulatory controls around identification of ownership.
The September 11th attacks were likely meant as a cover-up for financial crimes being investigated by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), whose offices in the Pentagon were destroyed on September 11th. [1] The attacks … were intended to cover-up the clearing of $240 billion dollars in securities covertly created in September 1991 to fund a covert economic war against the Soviet Union, during which ‘unknown’ western investors bought up much of the Soviet industry, with a focus on oil and gas.

The 9/11 attacks also served to derail multiple Federal investigations of crimes associated with the 1991 covert operation. Hundreds of billions of dollars of government securities had to be destroyed. A critical mass of brokers from the major government security brokerages in the Twin Towers had to be eliminated to create chaos in the government securities market. A situation needed to be created wherein $240 billion dollars of covert securities could be electronically “cleared” without anyone asking questions – which happened when the Federal Reserve declared an emergency and invoked its “emergency powers” that very afternoon. “[4]

bluewater September 12, 2016 - 12:20 am

[FULL]Hillary Clinton “FAINTS” At 9/11 Ceremony || RAW FOOTAGE
Sunday, September 11, 2016
Overheated Clinton’s Deplorable Responders – Crown Corinthia 9/11 Crash
United States Marine Field McConnell
September 11, 2016

1. Abel Danger (AD) claims that the former junior U.S. Senator from New York Hillary Clinton, left a ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks before it concluded after apparently “overheating” in the company of the friends and family of the deplorable first responders who died in mass casualty events during the alleged controlled demolitions of the Twin Towers.

3 videos
9/11 FireFighters – THREE Explosions After Plane Hit WTC
Ed Rollins: Clinton can’t walk back ‘deplorable’ remarks
Hillary Clinton Booed in N.Y.C

Geoff Turner September 12, 2016 - 11:16 am

Double Thumbs UP!

bluewater September 13, 2016 - 7:42 pm

Hillary Suicide? Soros Death Deal (Clinton To Vanish)!


bluewater September 13, 2016 - 8:29 pm

A video clip of WABC-TV Channel 7 “Eyewitness News” in New York City opened last night with Anchorman Joe Torre saying “more on Hillary Clinton’s Death.” The opening line, however, seems edited-OUT of the video archive!
Did Hillary die after leaving the 9-11 Ceremony in New York . . . and the information is being concealed? A whole slew of irregularities have cropped-up indicating that may actually be the case!
Here is the video segment from the 11:00 PM “Eyewitness News” broadcast of September 11, 2016 in which Anchorman Joe Torre seems to say Hillary Clinton is DEAD:

A short time later, a person ALLEGED to be Hillary, is seen leaving the East 26th Street home of Chelsea Clinton, but there are problems with this person.
First, the person who was allegedly Hillary Clinton, looked about thirty pounds lighter in body weight than the Hillary who was at the 9-11 ceremony! Here’s the video of “Hillary” leaving Chelsea Clinton’s home on East 26th Street:
Notice the body weight? Clearly, this person is significantly thinner than Hillary appeared just two hours earlier at the 9-11 memorial ceremony. Moreover, the gait of this person is dramatically different than the gait of Hillary Clinton seen just two hours earlier. It’s almost as though this “Hillary” is ten years younger, with a strong, assured stride, versus the slower, meandering walk usually displayed by the real Hillary.
Oh, and did you see her embrace the small child on the street? How nice . . . . wait . . . . she has Pneumonia and she’s embracing a kid? Way to spread the Pneumonia germs

bluewater September 15, 2016 - 8:14 pm

Most Americans aren’t ready to hear this
For anyone with ears to hear, this video sums it up.
Most Americans aren’t ready to hear this

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

Sarah Jenkins September 19, 2016 - 9:12 pm

Sept 18, 2016

“UNITED States of America – It can now be reported that the patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers are ready to declare a ‘National Emergency’ in order to prevent the Bush-Clinton-Obama-CIA-NSA NAZI Paperclip occupation U.S. government from staging a massive FALSE FLAG PSY OP aka a massive attack on the American People, which will lead to a final declaration of MARTIAL LAW, which will cancel the U.S. presidential election and allow the TREASONOUS NAZI Paperclip administered Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to begin a round up and imprisonment of U.S. citizens.
The patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers are now working directly with the Russian Federation and now have ‘smoking gun’ evidence linking the U.S. CIA to the funding and arming of ISIS terrorists aka CIA, Israeli Mossad and British Intelligence manufactured and scripted “crisis actors”.

U.S. Treasury officials are now in possession of financial evidence tying Nazi German Deutsche Bank, HSBC of Englewood, Colorado, along with Bank of America and Wells Fargo, to secret ISIS accounts involving the sale of black market oil.

Note: All of the aforementioned banks have been given NAZI Paperclip NSA technology to illegally spy on their own customers accounts.
The patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers and the Russian Federation now have direct proof that yesterday’s CIA and Israeli Mossad bombing of Syrian soldiers was to prevent the Syrian army from attacking ISIS terrorists who were operating in Syria.

Note: Patriotic Congresswoman and Iraq War veteran, Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat of Hawaii, is now in possession of this evidence and will call for a full Congressional investigation of this TREASON, which will lead all the way back to the TREASON committed on 9/11, which, of course, triggered the creation of the modern day U.S. martial law state.

We can now also divulge that yesterday’s terrorist Psy Op in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota were triggered by the NAZI Paperclip Department of Homeland Security (DHS) after news that a pending emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council was about to begin in which the evidence of the U.S. government’s collaboration with the ISIS terrorists would be presented to the UN Security Council by the Russian Federation.”

bluewater September 21, 2016 - 2:46 pm

Sarah is 100% correct,but there is more surprises in the works for OCTOBER and NOVEMBER.
That is just one faction at the top of the pyramid ..they are in fighting amongst themselves for control of the planet. The mafia families are at war with each other. The Rothschilds/Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton Criminal Cabal are desperate for their World War 3 but are losing to other factions for control of the planet. It remains to be seen who will win and if the Rothschilds will agree to other proposals. Will the Psychopaths listen or be destroyed? It is definitely the end for some.

Marvin Sandnes October 30, 2016 - 5:52 pm

Ehud Barak resigns as PM of Israel to go to work for a software co. in Texas, 10 months before 9/11. Seems like a strange career move. Shows up on BBC TV at noon EDT to announce the “War on Terror”.

George Miele August 24, 2017 - 4:54 pm

Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand article on this topic

Scott Lemons March 19, 2018 - 4:51 pm

9/11 is the biggest loss for USA. Whenever i thing about this incident my goosebumps clearly shown on my body. it was so horrible incident for me.

Billie B. Moore April 27, 2018 - 5:25 pm

This was horrible for me even when i want to try think 9/11 my goosebumps clearly shown my body…

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