2012 Apocalypse – The Revealing of Humanity’s True Self


The 2012 apocalypse is not what you think.

People new to this theme may well ask: what is so special about 2012? And what is this so-called “2012 apocalypse”? First of all, it’s important to view 2012 as a period, not a specific date or year. Many traditions (the Maya, Hopis, Aztecs and Egyptians to name a few) have highlighted this era as a key time in human evolution. There is also modern-day evidence that something profound is going on. For instance, David Wilcock used NASA’s own measurements to show that every single planet in our Solar System is either getting warmer, getting brighter, having more storms, expanding its magnetic field and/or increasing its atmospheric pressure! There have even been crop circles (intricate geometrical patterns, symbols and codes designed in fields of crops, made by advanced ETs as way of communicating with humanity) depicting the exact position of all the planets on December 21st, 2012! When you see the same information coming from various independent sources unrelated to each other, it’s normally a sure sign you’re onto the truth.

All in all, it is the ancient Maya who have the most astounding information about 2012. The Mayan calendar is no ordinary calendar. It’s based on galactic cycles, and the Mayans are said to have created this calendar to monitor the light coming from the center of the galaxy and how it affected our DNA. The Mayan calendar does more than track time – it tracks consciousness! It has charted the evolution of human consciousness since the beginning of the universe, mathematically.

The Mayan Calendar indicates that our level of consciousness is related to our journey through the stars – which brings us to the grand Galactic Alignment we are about to experience. On December 21st, 2012, both the Earth and the Sun (the ecliptic) will line up with the center of our Milky Way galaxy (the galactic core) – an incredibly rare alignment only happening once about every 25,800 years! The universe is holographic, meaning each part reflects the whole; as above in the celestial realm, so below in the sub-atomic realm. The spiral of our galaxy and the spiral of our DNA develop according to the same divine blueprint, and when we cross over the galactic equator to a new part of the galaxy, we may experience extraordinary changes to our DNA – and hence our consciousness too. Some researchers have suggested that the galactic core may influence our DNA by turning on dormant genes and activating latent genetic codes – a massive cosmic boost to our spiritual evolution (if we use it).

The Mayan Calendar also teaches that evolution is cyclical, and each successive cycle contains the same amount of growth as the previous one – but in much less time. This explains the phenomenon, perceived and experienced by many, that time is accelerating. Einstein proved that time was relative, not absolute. We are cramming in incredible change in a very short period. Life is intensifying. The occurrences of extreme weather, solar flares, earthquakes and other natural disasters are increasing all the time (some of which are being artificially caused by geoengineering, chemtrails and HAARP, but not all). Governments are becoming ever more tyrannical. Citizens worldwide are feeling the effects of all this and have started to rise up in massive numbers, be it in Egypt, Greece, Iceland or the US. There is a war going on against human consciousness, and the battle is escalating.

It is wise not to confuse the acceleration of time, however, with the so-called “end of time”. The Controllers (who are masters of manipulation and know exactly how to exploit weaknesses in human psychology) have jumped upon this idea and twisted it to suit their agenda. The result is Hollywood movies like “2012” which send the doomsday message that giant calamities are inevitable and you are powerless.

This deceptive idea that “the end of the world is near, there’s nothing you can do, so don’t even try” has been around awhile. You can see it in the superstitious religious doctrines of Armageddon and the Rapture, which appear as polar opposites, but are essentially the same made-up belief at their core. In the Armageddon scenario, the world is destroyed and there’s nothing you can do; in the Rapture scenario, the chosen ones are whisked up into the air to meet Jesus and there’s nothing you can do (well, there is one thing you can do – believe in this fairy tale and delude yourself into thinking you’ll be among the lucky ones to be whisked off).

Sadly, this disempowering belief has even infected some New Age thinkers, who believe something along the lines of “everything is perfect love and light, don’t focus on or even mention the darkness, we are all enlightened, so why try?” It’s a philosophy of half-truths that has fallen into the trap of denial. The point is that the darkness must be spoken about, confronted and ultimately integrated for us to evolve further or to truly become enlightened. Any belief system which contains the fatalistic element of “this thing is unavoidable so there’s no point trying” or “we’re all going to be saved so there’s noting to do” is inherently disempowering because it removes your motivation to act. This trick has been used time and time again by tyrants, who want to disable your power by getting you to think that their agenda is inevitable. The truth is that nothing is set in stone – no global catastrophe, no NWO plan. We always have the power to change it.

The Mayan Calendar culminates in an “Apocalypse” during the 2012 period, but it doesn’t mean the “end of time” as is commonly thought. The actual definition of Apocalypse is a “revealing, uncovering”. What is being revealed, you may ask? The answer: you are! We are witnessing the revealing of our Self, our true divine self as opposed to our egoic self, and the uncovering of all masks, falsehoods and “personas” (from which we get the fictional corporate “person” – see “How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man” for more details). That’s what Enlightenment is: the return to Selfhood, the blossoming of the awakening which has been steadily gathering pace throughout the years, the coming to fruition of all the hard work and growth we have been doing to regain control of our Selves, our society and our planet. More than ever, the 2012 period is showing us that we can’t procrastinate any longer, that humanity is at the fork in the road and that we all must choose, individually and collectively, either Enlightenment or Destruction. Nothing less than the fate of our species depends on our choice.

The so-called “end of time” provides us with a blank slate on which to create a new, more enlightened future. The magical thing about all of this is that we live in a holographic universe where all possible futures already exist, encoded in the cosmic fabric. It is up to us to activate the one which best serves humankind. The 2012 period represents a convergence of timelines, running the gamut from catastrophic to peaceful, and it all comes down to our choice.

Getting in touch with your true Self is the only way to make the best choice. This means moving through fear and converting into awareness. It means taking responsibility for your life situation, whatever it is, and realizing that you played a part in creating it, on some level. This is the process of moving through denial into power, since when you realize you were powerful enough to create something undesirable, you realize you can use that same power to create something you prefer instead! Using your intent (thoughts and beliefs) charged by the energy of your emotions, you can consciously create whatever circumstance or timeline you wish. Our genetic code allows us to do this. As Alex Collier reminds us, this is the exact reason humanity is so powerful, why the Andromedans regard us as royalty and why parasitic entities are trying to control us.

As Michael Tsarion notes, the words “sanity” and “sanitation” come from the same root. The world is being run by madness, and in order to be sane and make healthy, rational choices, we need to cleanse ourselves of all toxins – mental, emotional and physical. This catalog contains numerous resources to help you detoxify on all levels, including the amazing super foods and supplements.

In conclusion, the 2012 period is about transformation, not termination. This period is crucial because we have the chance to “graduate”, to become more responsible, powerful and spiritually mature. At your fingertips, you have all the awareness, knowledge and tools you need to start living a life of conscious creation – to start living as the divine and infinite being you truly are. Use the accelerating time as a chance to boost your evolution forward! The Earth and all of humanity cannot fully blossom without your active participation. Step into your power and choose your timeline. Remember, 2012 is not the end of the world – it’s just the beginning.