20 Declassified Files that Prove Governmental Crime and Conspiracy – Part 2


Governmental crime & conspiracy is everywhere, but some still refuse to believe it. These 20 declassified files prove it.

Declassified files reveal the black-and-white facts

of governmental collusion, corruption, crime and conspiracy. They show the shocking extent to which groups of people, using and hiding behind the concept of “government”, have committed egregious acts of injury, harm and murder. However, thanks to the internet and the spread of information, we can access and verify what happened, and break through the denial. Here is part 2 (click here for part 1) of a list of 20 declassified files (most from the US Government) proving the crimes that have been perpetrated against humanity.

Declassified Files: Forced Sterilization Programs

The United States Government has a long and sordid history of using its own people as guinea pigs and unwitting subjects for experimentation, much of which was done without their knowledge or consent. Some of this came in the form of forced sterilization programs. This article describes a particular program aimed at Native American Indian women:

“During the late 1960s and the early 1970s, a policy of involuntary surgical sterilization was imposed upon Native American women in the United States, usually without their knowledge or consent, by the federally funded Indian Health Service (IHS), then run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). It is alleged that the existence of the sterilization program was discovered by members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) during its occupation of the BIA headquarters in 1972. A 1974 study by Women of All Red Nations (WARN), concluded that as many as 42 percent of all American Indian women of childbearing age had, by that point, been sterilized without their consent. A subsequent investigation was conducted by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO), though it was restricted to only four of the many IHS facilities nationwide and examined only the years 1973 to 1976. The GAO study showed that 3,406 involuntary sterilizations were performed in these four IHS hospitals during this three-year period. Consequently, the IHS was transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services in 1978.”

You can read the declassified files here.

Declassified Files: Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

One of the darkest episodes in the history of the US Government, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment was a nefarious clinical study conducted by the US Public Health Service which began in 1932 and lasted all the way to 1972. The point was to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in rural African American men who thought they were receiving free health care from the government. It involved knowingly giving the men syphilis without their knowledge, telling them they just had “bad blood”, then watching them as the disease progressed. The researchers (or perhaps better put, sadists) deliberately didn’t treat the men with penicillin which was found in the 1940s to be an effective cure for syphilis. Meanwhile, numerous men in the study died of syphilis, 40 of their wives contracted the disease and subsequently 19 children were born with congenital syphilis. If you feel angry reading about this, or shake your head in disbelief at the sheer level of evil involved, I don’t blame you.

You can read the declassified files here.

Declassified files: the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.

Declassified Files: Operation LAC and Operation Dew

Human experimentation has not just been limited to the injection of diseases and sterilization. There have also been tests upon the population which have involved spraying entire areas with pathological agents (sometimes natural, sometimes manmade biological warfare agents). Two examples of this are Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage) and Operation Dew, both carried out by the US Army Chemical Corps in the 1950s, both of which involved dispersing tiny zinc cadmium sulfide (ZnCdS) particles (which were fluorescent) and plant spores (lycopodium) from an aircraft over much of the country. The goal was to ascertain the dispersion and geographic range of the sprayed agents. The Government said it was safe at first, but Wikipedia states that “according to the National Library of Medicine’s TOXNET database, the EPA reported that Cadmium-sulfide was classified as a probable human carcinogen.”

You can read some of the declassified files here.

Declassified Files: Project Sunshine

Body snatching and experimentation upon dead bodies (cadavers) is also a documented fact when it comes to governmental crimes. During the 1950s, the US AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) and US Air Force conducted a study on the global health effects of fallout from nuclear weapons testing. The AEC wanted to learn more about how strontium-90 (a radioactive isotope of strontium) affected human tissue and bones, so they secretly collected (stole) over 1500 tissue samples from the bodies of dead babies and young children from around the globe – without consent. Project Sunshine was declassified in 1959.

Declassified Files: Operation Popeye

All those who are still in denial over the reality of chemtrails, cloud seeding and geoengineering programs may want to take a look at this. Operation Popeye was a weather modification program in Southeast Asia (mainly Laos and Vietnam) from 1967 to 1972. The purpose was to aid US efforts in the Vietnam War. Specifically, it was a cloud seeding operation which aimed to extend the monsoon season (targeted over areas of the Ho Chi Minh Trail) by inducing rain over the “infiltration routes in North Vietnam and southern Laos” and therefore to “interdict or at least interfere with truck traffic between North and South Vietnam” – as written in this memo from the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (Kohler) to Secretary of State Rusk. Remember, this was the 1960s. Imagine what they can do today with HAARP and geoengineering.

Declassified Files: Iran Flight 655

The US and Iran have been on tense terms for a long time. In 1953, the US decided to target Iran with one of its now famous regime change programs to overthrow the democratically elected Mossadegh and replace him the puppet dictator Shah who was happy to give the US and UK a cut of the Iranian oil profits. Then, during the Iraq-Iran War of the 1980s, the US took the side of Iraq against Iran. Towards the end of the 1980s (July 3rd, 1988 to be exact), Iran Air Flight 655 (a commercial flight) was travelling along a standard flight path through Iranian airspace on the way to Dubai. Just a few minutes after taking off, it was shot down by the US Navy, killing all 290 people on board.

The Navy lied and stated they thought Flight 655 was an attacking fighter plane, and that they had attempted radio contact but received no response. However, declassified documents (here) reveal a different story. The truth was that the US only used emergency radio frequencies but not air traffic control frequencies, and also that the Navy cruiser registered the plane was climbing at the time, not descending as an attacking plane would be. Some of the files were declassified in 1988 and others in 1993.

Declassified Files: Unit 731

This one is another shocking event in the annals of governmental crime, although in the case the perpetrator was the Japanese Government. Unit 731 refers to a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Japanese Army located in China during World War II. Under the command of General Ishii, the Japanese committed war crimes and lethal human experimentation upon around 300 people, mostly Chinese victims (though there were some Mongolian, Russian, Korean and Allied POWs too).

At the end of the war, the Japanese were caught, but in a familiar tale, the US traded immunity for data (a common theme which also happened with Project Paperclip). The Unit 731 researchers were secretly given immunity by the US in exchange for the data they gathered through human experimentation. Wikipedia quotes Hal Gold on Douglas MacArthur (Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces), who wrote to Washington that “additional data, possibly some statements from Ishii probably can be obtained by informing Japanese involved that information will be retained in intelligence channels and will not be employed as ‘War Crimes’ evidence.”

You can read some of the declassified files here.

The infamous Gulf of Tonkin false flag incident that started the Vietnam War.

Declassified Files: Gulf of Tonkin Incident

It was the war of a generation. It was a war of failure. It was a war that should never have been. It was a war that awoke a mass of peace activists across the US and the world. It was a war that produced swathes of soldiers suffering from PTSD. It was a war that killed millions.

The Vietnam War was brutal, and so was the deception that started it. LBJ, fresh from his role in the Kennedy assassination, decide to plunge the US into war in 1964 by “making shit up.” He claimed that the US ships were being fired upon int he Gulf of Tonkin, but it was an utter lie. In 2005 and 2006, NSA documents were declassified showing that the second Gulf of Tonkin incident, which was used as a justification for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (which led to the Vietnam War), never happened.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident is in many ways the epitome of government crime. The whole thing was entirely fabricated (lying, deceit). Although there was no enemy ship, it was designed to frame the enemy (false flag operation). It was only invented to start a war the New World Order already wanted (pretext for war). Then, the truth was hidden afterwards for decades and decades until finally it was decided that enough of the people involved were old, well out of office/power and dead, so that the truth could finally be revealed in 2005 (classifying the truth for 40+ years). The same is going on with other great crimes such as the JFK assassination and 9/11, although perhaps we will have to wait 100 years for all the files to be released with those events.

Declassified Files: Project Stargate

So much for human experimentation, war crimes and weather modification. For the last 3 declassified projects, we delve deeper down the rabbit hole into strange and mysterious operations, which although far out, are nonetheless proven to have taken place. Project Stargate was the codename for a secret US Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and SRI International (a California contractor). The goal was analyze psychic phenomena (remote viewing, ESP, clairvoyance, astral travel, etc.) and see if they could be weaponized for military and intelligence purposes. The original founders of the program were Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann – nicknamed the “Psi Spies” by the late Jim Marrs. The Project had various predecessors and offshoots (such as Gondola Wish, Grill Flame, Center Lane, Sun Streak and Scanate) until 1991 when they were consolidated and renamed under the umbrella term Stargate Project. At one point, the late Major General Albert Stubblebine was in charge, the same one who was outspoken in exposing the 9/11 false flag op, and who was the husband of health and nutrition activist Dr. Rima Laibow.

The CIA terminated Project Stargate in 1995, deeming that it had provided no use. You can read the declassified files here.

USAF declassified files of plans for a supersonic flying saucer. Image credit: National Archives

Declassified files: Project 1794. Image credit: National Archives

Declassified Files: Project 1794

There are some who can accept many parts of the worldwide conspiracy, but simply “can’t go there” when it comes to UFOs and ETs. If you or someone you know is such a person, take a look at this. Project 1794 is black-and-white proof that the US military, specifically the USAF (US Air Force), was developing UFOs or flying saucers. In 2012, the USAF revealed that its Aeronautical Systems Division had plans to produce a UFO craft in the 1950s. The craft vehicle was designed to reach speeds of Mach 4, an altitude of 100,000 feet and have a range of over 1,000 nautical miles. The project was abandoned in 1961.

You can read some of the declassified files here.

An authentic MJ12 document written by Allen Dulles (former CIA chief and JFK assassination mastermind).

Declassified Files: Majestic 12 or MJ 12

Finally, we come to one of the biggest and most exciting bunch of declassified documents – those of Majestic 12, also known as MJ-12 or MJ 12. This shadowy group was allegedly given the task of overseeing the “alien question” during the aftermath of WWII, the start of the Cold War and the aftermath of the 1947 UFO Roswell crash. Many researchers and whistleblowers have drawn the conclusion that MJ 12 was the core group within other groups that controlled access to extraterrestrial technology. Some of its members included famous people such as Vannevar Bush, who was also instrumental in the development of weather manipulation programs (as exposed by Peter Kirby in his research on what he calls The New Manhattan Project).

Respected UFO researcher Bob Wood (together with his team including son Ryan Wood, UFO researcher Nick Redfern, UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, Timothy Cooper, Jim Clarkson and the late Jim Marrs) has made a website with many Majestic docs available. You can read these MJ12 files here. They have they own system of rating the documents for authenticity.

Conclusion: Declassified Docs Prove Governmental Complicity and Criminality

Some governmental crimes are difficult to prove conclusively. We have a pretty good idea of what happened in the JFK assassination and on 9/11, but it’s difficult to prove every detail, since so many agents were involved and so many docs are still classified. However, there is little arguing with the declassified docs presented above. They are part of the record of historical fact. Therefore, they are a great thing to show skeptics and those stuck in denial. They are also very important pieces of evidence for those mysteries we are still yet to uncover. They function as clues pointing us in the right direction. If the Government was willing to kill its own innocent citizens to start a war with Cuba (Northwoods), to entirely fabricate an incident that never happened to start a war with Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin) and to experiment on its own citizens no matter what harmed it caused them (MK Ultra, Midnight Climax, Tuskegee, forced sterilization, etc.), what lengths is it not willing to go to? Are there any limits at all on its behavior or capacity to harm?

Giving deep thought to that last question alone may help those wallowing in the Matrix to free themselves from the cognitive dissonance which entraps them.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.

















bluewater August 17, 2017 - 1:34 am

I have always admired you Makia on your Excellent research. You are up there with Kerry Cassidy and a few others..
Everyone is expendable if they do not fit into the AGENDA. Hillary is the prime example..
To understand the U.S. political situation people must be willing to understand that AMERICANS DO NOT VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT, nor for many other high offices when not convenient to our owners. At least one of these arrogant bastards, several decades ago made the unguarded, because true, statement: “AMERICANS ARE TOO STUPID TO ELECT THE PRESIDENT, WE DECIDE WHO WILL BE PRESIDENT.” Until you face this simple fact you cannot understand politics because you are forever searching for what exactly it was that got this person the vote and not that person.

Note carefully the following: IN THIS COUNTRY (and undoubtedly most others) THE PARTIES ARE NOW OWNED OUTRIGHT BY THE ROTHSCHILD CABAL SEATED IN ITS CITY OF LONDON. NO ONE CAN BE NAMED ON A BALLOT WHOM THEY DO NOT OWN. ALL “VIABLE” CANDIDATES ARE THEIR PROSTITUTES. ALL, NO EXCEPTIONS. Is everyone too brain dead to see that no matter who is put in what office the direction of the politics NEVER CHANGES?
It is no minor detail that Hillary had been promised this office by that cabal for decades. Have all forgotten that early on in the last election this woman, who could not fill a small room with supporters, was being handed a fake “landslide” victory? The lying media was handing her states almost before the voting began.

As opposition to her, the tactic decided upon, and publically acknowledged, had been someone who would spout “right wing fanaticisms” as, believing their own deceitful lies or else their success in selling them, the people would surely be turned off by this noise. It should be obvious how that succeeded from the huge audiences Trump attracted while Hillary had to resort to depraved but highly promoted entertainment to fill a room.

Then there was an odd election day happening. Someone or some group, real unsung heroes in some ways, began dumping to the public extremely damaging information about Hillary and Co. involvement in child trafficking, child sex, child sacrifice to the devil. ALL VERY TRUE.

This leading UP THE LADDER OF WORLD CONTROL, not down it. To an extend that the cabal, the central promoter of this satanic hell, realized they may all shortly be hanging from lamp posts in their various nations if they did not stem the exposures which they had to know concerned their No 1 Satanic choice as president. They were actually forced to change their choice, a first since they grabbed power.

THEN THERE WAS A SUDDEN REVERSAL OF THE MEDIA “VOTE COVERAGE” and those states so happily handed to Hillary were grudgingly pulled back and became “not sure” and finally given to Trump.


Why waste time, energy and resources on a president, any president, who will never be YOUR CHOICE unless you work to get rid of the Rothschild cabal. The number one requirement for this to happen is TO FORCE YOUR GOVERNMENT TO CREATE AND CIRCULATE REAL MONEY AS THE NATION’S MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE INSTEAD OF THE INSANE BORROWING OF NON-EXISTENT “CREDIT” FROM THE ROTHSCHILD FRANCHISES SUCH AS THE FEDERAL RESERVE, the real seat of the satanic power of this cabal..
henry makow

Olga September 3, 2017 - 5:01 pm

Henry Makow is brilliant as always!

bluewater October 17, 2017 - 11:29 pm

Yes Olga ..a good jewish man who tells it like it is.
It takes a great man to see that he has been fooled by those that everyone BeLIEves in,and admit it.
THAT IS VERY ADMIRABLE in today’s world Also AARON RUSSO another jewsih man who did not want any part of THE ROCKEFELLER’S NEW WORLD ORDER we are seeing UNFOLD at this moment with

The International System of depopulation/globalization explained

shane October 17, 2017 - 4:34 am

Do you have any other writings???

bluewater October 17, 2017 - 11:38 pm

Yes…and when they get censored on other sites like THE DAILY SHEEPLE or BLACKLISTED NEWS and others..well it tells me it must be the TRUTH since I do not use any profanity or anything obscene,why would they do that..well many sites are controlled by AI to make sure I am tampered with. the most important info I can give you is information I am receiving and I post it every week here(on the first POSTED ARTICLE ) and other places on THURSDAY,which is given to me from a couple of sources(one from The Netherlands which is a huge CESSPOOL of THE ILLUMINATI)and one from the USA and one from London.

bluewater August 17, 2017 - 8:57 pm

The Vatican’s 3 crowns

Unam Sactam, The 1st Trust of the world.
Triple Crown of Ba’al, aka the Papl Tiara and Triregnum.

The First Crown: In 1455, All Land is claimed as “crown land”. Cestui Que Vie Trust, is created when a child is born. It denies our rights to enlightenment and rights of the land.

The Second Crown: In 1537, The “Crown of Aragon”,returned to Spain, Crown of Spain in 1605, a trust that was created when a child is born and, by the sale of the birth certificate as a Bond to private servitude, as a Roman person, or slave.

The Third Crown: In 1537, was secretly granted to England in the collection and “reaping” of lost souls. Due to a bankruptcy, the Crown was granted to the Temple Bar, or simply the Bar Association. It has been administration and collection of Baptismal certificates represent the souls collected by the Vatican and Stored in its vaults. This is the 3rd Cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is baptized. The parents are granting the Baptismal certificate, title to the soul, to the church or Registrar.

Since we have no legal title over our soul, we will be denied legal standing and will be treated as “things” without a soul. This is how the BAR court systems are legally able to enforce Maritime law.

Follow your heart and lead yourself into freedom. The only way the human race will be FREE, is if we stand together as one and reclaim our sovereignty, souls and domain. It’s time to bring about some real change and quit falling for scams, red flag events,and illegal laws that were perpetrated on the human race.
FROM A SOURCE: Nothing Will happen In Korea…to be continued

bluewater August 19, 2017 - 11:59 pm

The CIA Synthetic Telepathy Mental Rape Seeker Game Exposed


bluewater August 18, 2017 - 12:35 am

you can take that to the Bank…IT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED…..

THINK POSITIVE..stop thinking negative
NEGATIVITY…FEAR is the only thing holding you down.
BE IN THE DIVINE..forgive others and you are in harmony with others..as I always say LOVE IS THE ANSWER..do not be a VICTIM but be in HARMONY!!!!!

bluewater August 19, 2017 - 7:12 pm

MUST-WATCH: Some cold hard truth from this brave woman…

From Red Pill Black: https://youtu.be/4S2TZOdXAtQ

bluewater August 23, 2017 - 3:00 pm

UFOs near the Sun on a solar eclipse day on NASA images – August 21, 2017

A huge UFO flew from the portal to the Sun before the solar eclipse – August 20, 2017

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